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Children's Hymns. 418

P.M. The children singing Hosanna.

Matt. xxi, 15, 16. Luke xix, 40.
1 WHEN, his salvation bringing,

To Zion Jesus came,
The children all stood singing

Hosanna to his name;
Nor did their zeal offend Him,

But, as He pass'd along,
He bade them still attend Him,

And smiled to hear their song.
Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Hosanna to Jesus! we'll sing. 2 And since the Lord retaineth

His love for children still,
Though now as King He reigneth

On Zion's heavenly hill;
We'll flock around his banner,

Who sits upon the throne,
And cry aloud-Hosanna

To David's royal Son!
Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Hosanna to Jesus! we'll sing.
For should we fail proclaiming

Our great Redeemer's praise,
The stones, our silence shaming,
Would their hosannas raise:

Children's Hymns.

But shall we only render

The tribute of our words?
No! while our hearts are tender,

They too shall be the Lord's.
Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Hosanna to Jesus, our King! 4 [For this, Lord! grant thy Spirit

To melt each heart of stone,
That, resting on the merit

Of Jesu's blood alone,
We may ascend to glory

With all who love thy Name,
And sing aloud before Theem

Salvation to the Lamb.
Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Hosanna to Jesus, our King!] 419

Christ the Friend of children.

Prov. viii, 17. Mark x, 14.
1 Thou Guardian of our youthful days!

To Thee our prayers ascend;
To Thee we'll tune our songs of praise,

To Thee, the children's Friend.
2 From Thee our daily mercies flow,

Our life and health descend :
Lord ! save our souls from sin and woe;

Be Thou the children's Friend.

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Children's Hymns. 3 Teach us to prize thy holy word,

And to its truths attend;
Thus shall we learn to fear the Lord,

And love the children's Friend. 4 Lord! draw our youthful hearts to Thee;

From every ill defend;
Help us in early life to flee

To Thee, the children's Friend. 5-Oh! may we taste of Jesu's love;

To Him our souls commend;
For Jesus left the realms above

To be the children's Friend. 7
6 Let all our hopes be fix'd on high,

And, when our lives shall end,
Then may we live above the sky

With Thee, the children's Friend.


7. 6.

Bread cast upon the waters.

Ps. cxxvi, 5, 6. Eccles. xi, 1.
1 UPON the stormy waters

The bread of life we cast,
With cheerful trust believing

It shall be found at last:
We see it but a moment,

Far drifting o'er the main;
But, deathless, undecaying,

It shall be found again.

Children's Hymns.
2 [One eye shall ever watch it -

The eye of Him, who sees
The smallest seedling scattend

By summer's passing breeze;
That eye which sees the coral

As year by year it grows,
And counts the myriad crystals

Of never-melting snows]

3 Sometimes with bitter weeping

The seed of life is sown,
With well-nigh hopeless pleading,

To Jesus only known:
With hope deferr'd, the mother

Oft looks upon her child;
No plant of heaven is springing

Where weeds grow rank and wild.

4 But on the stormy waters

We cast the bread of life;
Vain are the surging billows;

Vain is the tempest's strife:
His never-failing promise

Jehovah will fulfil;
And fruits of joy be gather'd

When those proud waves are still. 498

HYMNS. School and

Children's Hymns. 421

C. M.
The Shepherd and his little flock.

1 Sam. i, 28. Isa. xl, 11.
I SEE, Israel's gentle Shepherd stands

With all-engaging charms!
Hark! how He calls the tender lambs,

And folds them in his arms!
2 Permit them to approach, He cries,

Nor scorn their humble name;
For 'twas to bless such souls as these

The Lord of angels came. -
3 We bring them, Lord! by fervent prayer,

And yield them up to Thee;
Joyful that we ourselves are thine,

Thine let our offspring be!
4 Ye little flock, with pleasure hear;

Ye children, seek his face;
And fly with transport to receive

The blessings of his grace.
5 If orphans they are left behind,

Tby guardian care we trust;
That care shall heal our bleeding hearts,

If weeping o'er their dust.

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