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Come, visit ev'ry pious mind,
Come, pour thy gifts on human kind;
From sin and error set us free,
And make us temples worthy thee.
Thriee holy fount, thrice holy fire,
Our souls with heav'nly love inspire;
Plenteous in grace, descend from high,
Rich in thy heav'nly energy
Refine and cleanse our earthly parts ;
O purge and sanctify our hearts !
Chase from our minds th' infernal foe,
And peace, the fruit of love, bestow ;
Make us eternal truths receive ;
Aid us to live as we believe ;
And, lest our devious feet should stray,
Protect and guide us on our way.
Immortal honour, endless fame :
Attend th’ Almighty Father's name;
The Saviour Son be glorified,
Who for mankind's redemption died;
And equal adoration be,
Eternal Comforter, to thee.

Hymn 29.

L. M. For Trinity Sunday. B LESS'D be the Father, and his love,

To whose celestial source we owe Rivers of endless joys above,

And rills of comfort liere below. Glory to thee, great Son of God,

From whose dear wounded body rolls A precious stream of vital blood,

Pardon and life for dying souls.

How great his pow'r is, none can tell,

Nor think how large bis grace ;
Not men below, nor saints that dwell

On high before his face.
Not angels that stand round the Lord,

Can search his secret wilt ;
But they perform his heav'nly word,

And sing his praises still.
Then let me join this holy train,

And my first off'rings bring;
Th' eternal God will not disdain

To hear an infant sing.
My heart resolves, my tongue obeys,

And angels shall rejoice,
To hear their mighty Maker's praise

Sound from a feeble voice.

Hymn 33.

L. M.
For the Charity Children.
BY thee, O God! the orphan's cry

Was never pass'd unheeded by:
Nor will the pray'r neglected be,
That gratitude uplifts to thee.
To thee with humble hearts we sing,
From whom our various blessings spring;
To thee with reverential fear,
We shed the sadly pleasing tear.
From thee our patrons here on earth,

是 Have learnt to raise dejected worth ; To hush the orphan's piteous moan, And sigh for sorrows not their own.

To raise the child of want and woe,
To cheer its suff’rings here below,
Teach it with awful fear and love,
To hymn its Maker's name above.
For them, O Lord !-delightful task!
Thy choicest blessings now we ask:
For us, for them, for all we kneel,
Whose pow'r can bless, whose hearts can feel.
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise him, all creatures here below;
Praise him above, ye heav'nly host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

[blocks in formation]

OW long, O Lord ! shall I complain,
Canst thou thy face for ever hide,
And I still pray and be deny'd ?
Shall I for ever be forgot,
As one whom thọu regardest not?
Sull shall my soul thine absence mourn,
And still despair of thy return?
How long shall my poor troubl'd breast
Be with these anxious thoughts opprést,
And satan, my malicious foe,
Rejoice to see me sunk so low?
Hear, Lord, and grant me quick relief,

death conclude
If thou withhold thy heav'nly light,
I sleep in everlasting night.

Before my

my grief:

How will the pow'rs of darkness boast,
If but one praying soul be lost!
But I have trusted in thy grace,
And shall again behold thy face.
Whate'er my foes or fears suggest,
Thon art my hope, my joy, any rest;
My heart shall feel thy love, and raise
My cheerful voice to songs of praise.

Hymn 35, L. M. My God, permit me not to be

A stranger to myself and thec : Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove, Forgetful of my highest love. Why should my passions mix with earth, And thus debase my heav'nly birth? Why should I cleave to things below, And let my God, my Saviour, go? Call me away from flesh and sense, One sov'reign word can draw me thence ; I would obey the voice divine, And all inferior joys resign. Be earth, with all her scenes, withdrawn, Let noise and vanity begone; In secret silence of the mind My heav'n and thee, my God, I find.

[blocks in formation]

The seventh trumpet speaks him near'; His light'nings flash, his thunders roll How welcome to the faithful soul !

From heav'n angelic voices sound;
See the almighty Jesus crown'd;
Girt with omnipotence and grace ;
And glory decks the Saviour's face.
Descending on his azure throne,
He claims the kingdoms as his own ;
The kingdoms all obey his word,
And bail him their triumphant Lord.
Shout all the people of the sky,
And all the saints of God most high ;
Our Lord, who now his right obtains,
For ever and for ever reigns.

Hymn 37. L. M. ETERNAL Pow'r whose high abode,

Becomes the grandeur of a God; Infinite lengths beyond the bounds, Where stars revolve their little rounds.

Thee, while the first archangel sings,
He hides his face beneath his wings,
And ranks of shining thrones around,
Fall worshipping and spread the ground.
Lord, what shall earth and ashes do?
We would adore our Maker too;
From sin and dust to thee we cry,
The Great, the Holy, and the Highi.
Earth from afar hath beard thy fame,
And worms have learnt to lisp thy name ;
But oh! the glories of thy mind
Leave all our soaring thoughts behind.

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