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God is in heav'n, and man below,
Be short our hymns, our words be few;
A solemn rev'rence checks our songs,
And praise sits silent on our tongues.

Hymn 38. L. M.
TERNAL Beam of light divine,

Fountain of unexhausted love,
In whom the Father's glories shine

Through earth, and heaven above,
Jesu, the weary wand'rer's rest,

Give me thy easy yoke to bear ;
With steadfast patience arm my breast,

With spotless love and lowly fear,
Thankful I take the cup from thee,

Prepar'd and mingid by thy skill, Though bitter to the taste it be,

Pow'rful the wounded soul to heal. Be thou, O Rock of Ages ! nigh,

So shall each murm'ring thought be gone, And grief, and fear, and care shall fly,

As clouds before the mid-day sun. Speak to my warring passions, “ Peace;"

Say to my trembling heart, “Be still;" Thy pow'r my strength and fortress is,

For all things serve thy sov'reign will. O death! where is thy sting? Where now

Thy boasted victory? O grave! Who shall contend with God? or who

Can hurt whom God delights to save ?

Hymn 39. P. M. FAT ATHER of lights, from whom proceeds,

Whate'er thy every creature needs:
Whose goodness, providently nigh,
Feeds the young ravens when they cry:
To thee I look,


Suggest and hearken to my pray'r.
Since by thy light myself I see
Naked, and poor, and void of thee ;
Thine eyes must all my thoughts survey,
Preventing what my lips would say:
Thou seest my wants; for help they call,
And, ere I speak, thou know'si them all.
Thou know'st the baseness of my mind,
Wayward, and impotent, and blind;
Thou know'st how unsubdu'd my will,
Averse to good, and prone to ill;
Thou know'st how wide my passions rove,
Nor check'd by fear, nor charm'd by love.
Fain would I know, as known by thee,
And feel the indigence I see ;
Fain would I all my vileness own,
And deep beneath the burden groan,
Abhor the pride that lurks within,
Detest and loathe myself and sin.
Ah! give me, Lord, myself to feel,
My total misery reveal;
Ah! give me, Lord, I still would say,
A heart to mourn, a heart to pray ;
My business this, my only care,
My life, my ev'ry breath be prayer..

Hymn 40.

L. M.


load of sin were goue ! O that I could at last submit, At Jesu's feet to lay it down,

To lay my soul at Jesu's feet. Rest for my soul I long to find :

Saviour of all if mine thou art, Give me thy meek and lowly mind,

And stamp thine image on my heart. Break off the yoke of inbred sin,

And fully set my spirit free:
I cannot rest till pure within,

Till I am wholly lost in thee.
Fain would I learn of thee, my God,

Thy light and easy burden prove,
The cross, all stain'd with hallow'd blood,

The labour of thy dying love. I would—but thou must give the pow'r,

My heart from every sin release; Bring near, bring near the joyful hour,

And fill me with thy perfect peace. Come, Lord, the drooping sinner cheer,

Nor let thy chariot wheels delay; Appear, in

my poor


appear: My God, my Saviour, come away.

Hymn 41. L. M.
EFORE Jehovah's awful throne,

Ye nations bow with sacred joy,
Know that the Lord is God alone,
He can create and can destroy.

His sov reign pow'r without our aid,
Made iis of clay and form’d us men;
And when like wand'ring sheep we stray'd,
He brought us to his fold again.
We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs,
High as the heav'ns our voices raise ;
And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,
Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise.
Wide as the world is thy command,
Vast as eternity thy love ;
Firm as a rock thy truth must stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move.

Hymn 42. L. M. THE spacious firmament on high,

And spangl'd heav'ns, a shining frame,
Their great original proclaim.
Th’unwearied sun from day to day,
Does his Creator's pow'r display,
And publishes to ev'ry land,
The work of an Almighty hand,
Soon as the ev'ning shades prevail,
The moon takes


her wondrous tale,
And nightly to the list’ning earth
Repeats the story of her birth ;
Whilst all the stars that round her burn,
And all the planets in theirturn,
Confirm the tidings as they roll,
And spread the truth from pole to pole.
What though in solemn silence all
Move round this dark terrestrial ball ?


What though no real voice or sound,
Amid their radiant orbs are found ?
In reason's ear they all rejoice,
And utter forth a glorious voice,
For ever singing as they shine,
“ The hand that made us is divine."

Hymn 43.

L. M.
REAT Sov'reign of the human heart,

Thy mighty energy impart,
Which penetrates the heart of steel,
And makes the harden'd conscience feel.
Let sinners tremble at thy word,
Struck with the terror of the Lord ;
And, while they tremble, let them flee
For pardon, life and peace to thee.

Hymn 44. P. M. O

GOD of wisdom! God of might!

Who out of darkness brought forth light, Whose truths are hid from prudent eyes, But make the babes and sucklings wise ; Help every darken'd sinner, Lord, To hear and understand thy word. Reveal the scriptures to our mind : Here let us heav'nly treasures find; Those sacred pages now unfold, That we may there thy grace behold; O let thy Spirit teach us still, To comprehend thy blessed will. Direct us, lest we judge amiss, Lest error cloud the bidden bliss :

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