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Effect of them is Worse, for it tends to

no other Issue (to the publick) than this, I viz. to Harden Men in their fins by the

Means of Impunity. For the only End of publick Justice is to Correct ill Men, and make them do Right whether they will or no; to bring Criminals to Repentance, and meliorate the World by the Example of their Punishment : Whereas All those Artifices through which Men aim at Impunity, directly frustrate this Good End, and render Men secure in the purfuic of their ill Inclinations : which they must stand Accountable for who might have hinderd ir.

IV. The last Position was this, That the Sentence of Judgment is God's Sentence : i.e. It is espoused by God, and taken into his own Account, and shall be so Impured at the Judgment which shall be Üniversal. And this Consideration may serve as Effectually to disca ver the Folly of perverting Judgment,


The Traveller when overtaken by a Storm gets himself to a Tree, and when he is there, he pleases himself with the Commodiousness of his Shelter ; but if the Shower happen to be so strong as once to break through the Boughs, then he finds to his disappointment that the Standing, wherein he lately pleased himself, is Now become more insufferable

any part of the Open Road: And just so it happens when any Man meets with Protection or. Covert from any Unjust or Misguided Sentence of Judgment; when either his False Titles are Confirmed, or his Injuries Concealed by any Favour or Misrepresentation of the Court: The Foolish Litigant hugs himself, that now he is safe, because he has a Verdict on his fide; because his Penny is saved, or his Credit unexposed, by reason of those Practices which have past on his behalf; But he thinks not in the mean time, that by and by the Storm will ceartainly beat through the Covert, and then his Station

will be able to afford him no safety ; Then he will complain of that Success,

which now he calls his Good Fortune ; i and wish that either Force had brought i him to Right, or Shame to Repentance ; < that so he might have taken Refuge under some more Durable Shelter.

You therefore, whosoever pretend to have Favour for Any, whose Faults have made them Obnoxious to the Laws,

shew your Friendship in this, Help to I clear them against the Great Asize; Help

to bring them to Repentance and Satisfaction, and Remember that it is abso. lute Cruelty to asist a Man from being Just


and Good.

And You (My Lords ) give me Leave to offer you one Advice, which is this, That You would look

Your Jelves and Your Assistants as the most Lively Resemblance that the World affords, of our Saviour Christ coming in the Clouds with his Holy Angels : Be pleased therefore but to think this of Your selves, and to act in Contemplation of this Refem. blance ; And then we doubt not but All You do will tend to the publick Wel. fare, and to the Glory of Him for whom You are to Judge:


To whom be Glory and Thanksgiving for ever and ever. Amen.






Dislenting Brethren.



Preached before the


St. John XVI. 31, 32. Do ye now believe ? Behold the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scat,

. tered, every man to his own, and Mall leave me alone.

HIS Day in the Kalender of the

Church bears the name of Rogation Sunday, as being the Head of a Sea




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