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III. The Wisdom of Fearing God.

Job 28.28.

p. 76

IV. The Blessedness of Humility.

St. Matt. 5. 3

p. 105

V. The Church-Governour's Pattern.
2 Tim. 1. 6.

p. 144

VI. The Origin and Right of Humane

2 Chron. 19.6.

p. 182

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p. 217

VII. A Friendly Call to our Dissenting

St. John 16. 31,32.
VIII. The Magistrates Charge in Re-
Spect of Religion.

1 Tim. 2, 2.

P. 262

IX. The Practical Confideration of God's

p. 306.

Heb. 4. 13.

X. The Do&trine of the Resurre&lion ap-
ply'd to its proper Use.

i Thefl. 4. 18. p. 343
XI. The safe way to Happiness, both

Present and Future : in Two Ser-
mons on Pfal. 37. 4.

p. 376

XII. Second Sermon.

p. 412


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Preached before the LORD MAYOR, &c.

February the 17th 1677.

PSALM LII. 7. Lo this is the man that took not God for his

strength, but trusted unto the multitude of his riches, and strengthened himself in his twickedness. T is an Observation as true as com mon, that no man was ever ex

treamly wicked upon a sudden ; a hardy finner must be a work of time, a Creature of industry and coil, of confiets and repulses: And that because




m Na

Nature, however depraved, has yet left such strong guards upon Vertue, that no man can break through them wichout doing violence not only to his Rea. son, but his very complexion too. It is no easie thing to overcome the shame that naturally attends all dishonest Actions, and makes those that commit them to love darkness. It is no easie thing to overcome the fear that naturally haunts the guilty Conscience, and makes darkness it self to be no fecurity: much less is it easie. to dare to live at enmity with God, after conviction that he is all knowing, and just, and his wrath a consuming fire. And

yet notwithstanding all this, since woful experience puts it out of question that men do daily arrive at this desperate pitch ; that how dangerous soever the precipice be; thi. ther they venture; and being there, bear their danger with less concern than others can behold it : It may be worth our while to enquire how, and by what


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