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" If you will have a young man to put his travels into a little room, and in short
time to gather much, this you must do : first, as was said, he must have some entrance
into the language before he goeth; then he must have such a servant or tutor as
knoweth the country, as was likewise said ; let him carry with him also some card,
or book, describing the country where he travelleth, which will be a good key to his
inquiry ; let him also keep a diary."-Bacon.



18 5 8.

203, c. 173.

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With pleasant recollections of the Author's fellow

voyagers: Whether, as some, they have since manfully fought the

battle of life, and having acquired power and repute,

are now moulding the destinies of future empires;Or, as some, are laboriously toiling among the heathen,

teaching the pure truths of Christianity, and living

its bright exemplars;Or, as others, have passed away, leaving on the mind a

tranquil image of their existence, as the memory of

a happy dream: In honor of the sea he loves ;To present, as in a phantasmagory, to dwellers at home,

by their own firesides, pictures of the world beneath

their feet ;That youthful sea travellers may know the ways of


Is this small book written.

The little bark being thus launched, may the favouring gale of public approval waft it gently onward down the stream of time.

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