Taxation of the British Empire

E. Wilson, 1833 - 264 páginas

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Página 11 - My charges upon record will outlast The brass of both his epitaph and tomb.' 'Repent'st thou not,' said Michael, 'of some past Exaggeration?
Página 6 - Bentham, Jeremy. Plan of Parliamentary Reform, in the Form of a Catechism, with Reasons for each Article. With an Introduction, Shewing the Necessity of Radical, and the Inadequacy of Moderate, Reform.
Página 34 - Mind, mind yourselves ! why should the vulgar man, The lacquey, be more virtuous than his lord ? Enjoy this span of life ! 'tis all the gods afford.
Página 7 - THE PRODUCING MAN'S COMPANION; An ESSAY on the PRESENT STATE of SOCIETY, Moral, Political, and Physical, in ENGLAND...
Página 27 - No fewer than seven different Languages, exclusive of English, are here put in requisition, to illustrate our Conjugators, but most particularly SHALL and WILL, with their derivatives, SHOULD and WOULD, which have hitherto proved such stumbling blocks to the Foreigner. It is presumed that this work will much encourage strangers to learn our language, as its chief difficulties are now explained in that clear and familiar manner, for which the author is so distinguished.
Página 233 - English industry, while many thousands of the natives of that country, who a short time ago derived a livelihood from the growth of cotton and the manufacture of cotton goods, are without bread in consequence of the facilities afforded to the produce of America, and...
Página 23 - UTILITY OF LATIN" DISCUSSED, For the Consideration of Parents, or those who have Influence in the Choice or Direction of Juvenile Education. In this little treatise, the important subject of classical utility is placed in an original and highly interesting point of view, and entirely free from the prejudices that are usually brought in aid of such discussions. i BY JUSTIN BRENAN, Author-of " Composition and Punctuation," $c. " We are happy in having another opportunity of complimenting the author...
Página 201 - I admit, that if unlimited foreign import, which the war had suspended, were now again allowed, bread might be a little, though a very little cheaper, than it now is, for a year or two. But what would follow ? The small farmer would be ruined ; improvements would every where stand...
Página 21 - Tables, for ascertaining the Value of any quantity of Coals at any price; also, Discount and Scorage Tables. By WILLIAM DRABWBLL, Accountant.
Página 10 - HEALTH WITHOUT PHYSIC, OR, CORDIALS FOR YOUTH, MANHOOD, AND OLD AGE: Including Maxims Medical, Moral, and Facetious, for the Prevention of Disease, and the attainment of a long and vigorous Life. BY AN OLD PHYSICIAN.

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