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The bible to use , Lest flocks should be wise as their guide.


'Twas a woman at first,

(Indeed she was curst) In knowledge that tasted delight;

And sages agree ,

The laws should decree To the first possessor the right.


Then bravely , fair dame,

Renew the old claim,
Which to your whole sex does belong,

And let them receive,

From a second bright Eve, The knowledge of right and of wrong.

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But if the first Eve

Hard doom did receive ,
When only one apple had she,

What a punishment new
Shall be found out for

you, Who tasting, liave robb’d the whole tres ! SUMMARY of the CONTENTS



Letters of My Lady MONTAGUE.

Letter I. from Rotterdam.

VOYAGE to Helvoetsluys-general view

of Rotterdam remarks on the female dresses


Letter IV. from Colign. Journey from
Nimeguen to Cologi.--the Jesuits's church

the sculls of the eleven thousand virgins.

Letter V. from Nuremberg. Difference between the free towus and those under absolute princes -- tlie good effects of sumpfuary laws-humorous remarks on relicks , and the absurd representations in the churches al Nuremberg.

voys at the dict

Leiler Vi. froin Ratisbon. Ridiculous disputes concerning punctilios among the en

- the churches and relicks - silver image of the Trinity.

Letter VII. from Vienna. Voyage from Ratisbon down the Danube-general description of Vienna ---- the houses---furniture ---entertainments ---- the Fauxbourg - count Schoonbourn's villa.

Leiter VIII. Vienna. Opera in the garden of the Favorila — playhouse and representation of the story of Amphitryon.

Letter IX. Vienna. Dress of the ladies

Lady Mi's reception at court ----person of the Empress customs of the drawingroom— the Emperor -- Empress Ameliahow seated at table - maids of honour, their office and qualifications - dressers--audience of the Empress Mother - her extraordinary piety mourning dress of the ladies at Vienna -- audience of the Empress Ameliashooting match by ladies.

Letter X. Vienna. Vienna a paradise for old women--different acceptation of the word ropulation, at London and at Vienna neither coquets nor prudes at Vienna every lady possessed both of a nominal and real husband ---gallant overture to Lady M. to comply with this custom.

Letter XI. Vienna. Phlegmatic disposition of the Austrians humorous anecdote of a contest upon a point of ceremony widows not allowed any rank at Vienna --pride of ancestry--marriage portions limited - dif ferent treatment of Ambassadors and Envoys at couri.

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