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and been more loth to come out of a prison, than they were to go in! If you did but see your supports, and the comforts that fouls ordinarily meet with in their troubles for Christ, you would not look on them as such formidable things.

9. Rule. View the issue and reward of sufferings by an eye of faith : this also will ftrongly abate the horror and dread of

them, Heb. X. 34. Upon this account it is the faints have fo - flighted and contemned them, Rom. viii. 18. 2 Cor iv. 16,

17. But then see that you act your faith, (1.) Upon the certainty of it: look at it as a moft real and substantial thing, Heb. xi. 1. (2.) Viewit as a great and glorious reward: And, (3.) As near at hand : And then say to thy soul, come on my foui, come on ; feeft thou the joy set before thee! the crown of glory ready to be set on thy head by the hand of a righteous God. Oh, what compare is there betwixt those sufferings, and that glory!

10. Rule. Propound to yourselves the best patterns and ex. amples. Keep your eye upon the cloud of witnesses; these are of special use to beget holy courage, Heb. xii. 1. James v. 10. Who would be afraid to enter the lifts, and grapple with that enemy that he hath seen so often foiled, and that by a poor weak Christian ? See how the enemy, with whom you are to grapple, hath been beaten hand to hand, and triumphed over by poor women and children; they had as great infirmities, and you have as gracious assistances as those that are gone before you.

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wound to youre the cloud leb. xii. s.

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5. Who wohat he hath seen the enemy,

CH A P. X.

Discovering the necessity of an heart mortified to all earthly and

temporal enjoyments, in order to the right managing of a Suffering condition : with several directions for the attaining


THE next thing wherein your actual readiness for bonds,

I or death conlisteth, is in the mortification of your af. fections to all earthly interests and enjoyments ; even the best and sweetest of them : Till this be done, in some measure, you are not fit to be used in any such service for the Lord, 2 Tim. i. 21. The living world is the very life of temptations: the travailing rains of death are stronger and sharper upon none, than those that are full of sense and self. As you see


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in nature, what conflicts and agonies strong and lively per. fons suffer when they die; when others, in whom nature is decayed and spent before-hand, die away without half that pain, even as a bird in a fnell. Corruption in the saints, is like the fap in green wood, which relistech the fire, and will not burn well, till it be dried up. Prepared Paul had an heart mortified in a very high degree, to all the honour and riches of the world, accounting them all but trifles, Gal. vi. 14. 1 Cor. iv. 3, 4.

The need of this will be evinced by these five confiderations.

1. Unless the heart be mortified to all earthly enjoyments, they will appear great and glorious things in your eye and estimation; and if so, judge what a talk, you will have, to deny and leave them all in a suffering hour. It is corruption with in, that puts the lustre and glory upon things without : it is the carnal eye only that gazes admiringly after them, 2 Cor. r. 16. and hence the luft is put to express the affection, i John ji. 16. because all that inordinate affection we have to them, arises from our high estimation of them, and that estimation from our lufts, that represent them as great and glorious. Therefore, certainly, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to deny them, till they have lost their glory in your eye; and that They will never do, till those lusts within you, that put that beauty and necessity upon them, be firft crucified. As for inftance, what a glory and necessity doth the pride of men puf upon the honour and credit of the world, fo that they will s2• ther choose to die, than survive it? But to a mortified soul it is a small matter, 1 Cor. iv. 3. So for riches, how much are they adored, till our lusts be mortified ? and then they are esteemed but dung and dross, Phil. iii. 8. It is our corruptions that paint and gild over these things : when these are crucified, those will be lightly esteemed. .

2. Mortification of corruptions is that which recovers an healthful state of foul : fin is to the foul, what a disease is to the body; and mortification is to fin, what physic is to a dilcafe. Hence those that are but a little mortified, are in a com. parative sense called carnal, 1 Cor. iii. 3. and babes, ver. 2. in respect of weakness. Now, suffering work being some of the Christian's hardest labour and exercise, he cannot be fitted for it, until his foul be in an healthful state: a sickly man cannot carry heary burdens, or endure hard labours and exercises ; the fick soldier is left behind in his quarters, or put into the hospital, whilst his fellows are dividing the spoils, and obtain. ing glorious victories in the field. To this sense some expound

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uns: V. 3.

Rom. viii. 13. “ If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die; but if * ye, through the Spirit, mortify the deeds of the body, ye « shall live.” Whereas death is put to note a languishing state of soul, whilft mortification is neglected; fo life is put to express an healthful and comfortable state ; vivere pro valere ; so that upon this account also the necessity of it appears. ;

3. Your corruptions must be mortified, else they will be rag. cing and violent in the time of temptation, and, like a torrent,

sweep away all your convictions and resolutions. It is sin un5 mortified within, that makes the heart like gun-powder ; so that

when the sparks of temptation fly about it, (and they fall thick in a suffering hour) they do but touch and take. Hence the corruptions of the world are said to be through luft, 2 Pet. i. 4.

With these internal unmortified lufts, the tempter holds corre- spondence ; and these be the traitors that deliver up our souls into his hands.

4. Unless you be diligent and successful in this work, though you should suffer, yet not like Christians; you will but dif.

grace religion, and the cause for which you suffer ; for it is not : simple suffering, but suffering as a Christian, that reflects cre.

diton religion, and finds acceptation with God. If you be envious, fretful, difcontented, and revengeful, under your sufferings, what honour will this bring to Christ? Is nor this altogether unlike the example of your Lord ? Ifa. liii. 7. and the behaviour of suffering saints ?' i Cor. iv. 13. Yet thus ic will be, if your pride, passion, and revenge, be not first subdued: for what are the breakings forth of such distempers of spi

rit, but as the flushes of heat in the face from an ill-affected · liver ? Moft certain it is, that all these evils are in your naturés,

and as certain it is, they will rise like mude and filth from the bottom of a lake, when some eminent trials Thall rake you to the bottom; Natura vexata prodit feipfam.

5. Lastly, Mortification must be studied and plied with dili. gence ; else you will find many longings and hankerings after earthly enjoyments and comforts, which will prove a fnare tơ you: what is fin, but the corrupt and vitiated appetite of the creature, to things that are earthly and sensual, relishing more sweetness and delight in them, than in the blessed God? And what is

fanctification, but the rectifying of these inordinate affections, ; and placing them on their proper object? A regenerate and

mortified Christia:1 tastes not half that fweetness in forbidden fruits that another doth: set but money before Judas, and fee kow eagerly he catches at it " What will ye give me,

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« and I will betray him?" Set but life, liberty, or any such Second
bait before an unmortified heart, and how impotent is he to mented
withstand them, as offered in a temptation ? Ob those unmor al res
tified lufts! how do they make men hanker, long, and their
lips water (as we use to fay) after these things? This makes Third.
them break prison, decline sufferings, though upon the baseft - you
terms: whereas a mortified Christian can see all these things
set before him, yea, offered to him, and refuse them, Heb. x. Sed hic
35. It is with them much as it was with old Brazillai, 2 Sam. puts tha
xix. 35. When nature is decayed, they find but little pleasure
in natural actions, Eccles. xii. i. And look as the body of fint out in
decays and languishes, so do these longings also : It weans the
foul from them all, and enables it to live very comfortably Ldes of
without them, Pfal. cxxxi. 1. Phil. iv. 12. There needs no "for et
more to be said to evince the necessity of niortification, and dis.
cover what influence it hath into a Christian's readiness for store o

It remains therefore, that I open to you some of the prins
cipal corruptions, about which it mostly concerns you to be
stow pains ere sufferings come. Now look as there are four
principal enjoyments, in which you are like to be tried, vis.
Estate, name, liberty, life; so the Christian work in suffering
times lies in mortifying these four special corruptions, viz.
First, The love of the world. Secandly, Ambition. Thirdly, In-
ordinate affectation of freedom and pleasure. Fourthly, Exces.
five love of life.

1. For the love of this world, away with it, crucify it, cru. bath to cify it : down with this idol, and let it be dethroned in all that but de intend to abide with Christ in the hour of temptation : how else will you take the spoiling of your goods? How will you be able to part with all for Christ, as these blessed fouls did? It grieves my heart to see how many professors of religion are carried captive at the chariot-wheels of a bewitching world. Oh! good had it been for many professors, if they had never tasted so much of the sweetness of it. Sirs, I beg you, for the Lord's sake, down with it in your estimations, down with it in your affections, else temptations will down with you ere long. I shall offer five or fix helps for the crucifying of it. -- First, Consider your espousals to Christ, and how you have chosen and professed him for your Lord and husband : there. fore your doating upon the world is no less than adultery 2gainft Christ, James iv. 4. If Christ be your husband, he must be, a covering to your eyes; an unchafte glance upon the world wounds him.

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the libera Secondly, The more you prize it, the more you will be torthermented by it; did you prize and love it less, it would disquiet zim and vex you less: it is our doating on it, that makes it draw hente blood at parting. ole mingit Thirdly, Get true fcripture-notions of the world, and rechotify your judgments and affections by them. If you will have

the true piEture and reprefentation of it drawn by the hand of

God himself, see 1 John ii. 16. it is nothing else but luft that Lutputs that luftre upon it: It hath but a phantastic glory, and www.that also pafseth away. What is become of them that ruffled

it out in the world but one hundred years ago? What could the world do for them? Are they not all gone down to the

fides of the pit ? « But he that doth the will of God abideth Live for ever." 1. Fourthly, Study and contemplate Christ, and the things 2.00 above more: this would veilf, all its glory, and kill it at

the root, Phil. iii. 18, 19. Just as a man that hath been

gazing upon the fun, when he takes off his eye from that cu kot bright and glorious creature, and looks to the earth, there is 6a veil of darkness overspreading the face of it, that he can see mok 2. nothing. I wonder how such as pretend to live above, and ke 1* enjoy communion with God, can ever relish such sweetef. Po ness in the world, or have their hearts enticed and captivated il cor by it. more Fifthly, Remember always, that by your love and delight in E. worldly things, you furnish the devil with the chiefest bait he

hath to catch and destroy your souls. Alas! were your hearts 1, CH2 but dead to these things, he would want an handle to catch

hold on. What hath he more to offer you, and tempt you off reme from Christ with, but a little money, or some such poor tem

poral rewards ? and how little would that soul be moved by such

a temptation, that looks on it all but as dirt ? Fors (1 Sixthly, Lastly, Take notice of the approaches of eternity : mert remember you are almost at the end of time: and when you

come to launch out into that endless ocean, how will these bir y. things look then? It seems glorious, whilft you are in the

chace and pursuit of it; but upon a death-bed, you will overErb pl. take and come up with it, and then you will see what a deceitof reful and vain thing it is : stand by the beds of dying men, and dren hear how they speak of it. Oh! the difference betwixt our an. ' Enghay prehensions then, and now! Thus labour to wean off your af. they are fections, and crucify them to the world. Bilbab 2. Mortify your ambition and vain affectation of the re. Eupen pute and credit of the world : Oh stand not on so vain a

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