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Mr. jo HN F L A V E L,

Late Minister of the Gospel at Dartmouth in Deven.

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An Alphabetical Table of the principal Matters con-

tained in the Whole.

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Pag. people, yet he fometimes exposeth them to great and grieo"ous sufferings ; with a brief account why, and how he calls them thereunto,

. 300 C H A P. III. Shews, that it is usual with God to premonish his people of

approaching trials and sufferings ; with fame account of
the manner how, and the reason why he so forewarns
them, ;

Demonstrating the excellency of a prepared heart for the

worst of fufferings ; and what a blessed thing it is to be ready to be bound, or to die for Chrift, as Paul here was, 312

CHAP. V. Evincing the necesity of à found, and real work of grace - upon the heart, to fit a man for fuffering for Christ, 322

C-H A P. VI.
Wherein the nature of this work of grace, in which our

habitual fitness for suffering lies, is briefly opened, and
an account given of the great advantage the gracious
perfon hath for any, even the hardest work thereby, 328

Ć H À P. Vil.
In which the necessity of getting clear evidences of this

work of grace in us, in order to our readiness for suf-
ferings, is held forth; the nature of that evidence o-
pened; and divers things, that cloud and obscure it,
removed out of the way,

335 CHA P. ' VII. Discovering the necessity of an improved faith for the

right management of sufferings, and direcling to some Special means for the improvement thereof, - 341

Wherein the necessity and usefulness of Christian fortitude

in order to sufferings is evinced, with a brief account
of its nature, and the means of attaining it,

18 il,

348 C H A P. X. • Discovering the necessity of an heart mortified to all earthly .

and temporal enjoyments, in order to the right managing of a suffering condition : with several direclions for the attaining thereof,

353 | c H A P. XI. Wherein is opened the singular advantage that suffering

faints have by their skill and insight into the methods and mysteries of Satan's temptations ; some of those wiles of

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