Select Constitutional Documents Illustrating South African History, 1795-1910

G.Routledge & sons, limited, 1918 - 582 páginas

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Página 29 - I, AB, do swear that I do from my heart abhor, detest, and abjure as impious and heretical, that damnable doctrine and position that princes excommunicated or deprived by the pope, or any authority of the see of Rome, may be deposed or murdered by their subjects, or any other whatsoever. And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, preeminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm...
Página 209 - Letters Patent and of such Commission as may be issued to him under Our Sign Manual and Signet, and according to such Instructions as may from time to time be given to him, under Our Sign Manual and Signet, or by Our Order in Our Privy Council, or by Us through one of Our Principal Secretaries of State, and to such Laws as are or shall hereafter be in force in Our said Dominion.
Página 30 - ... and wine into the body and blood of Christ at or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever; and that the invocation or adoration of the Virgin Mary or any other saint and the sacrifice of the mass, as they are now used in the Church of Rome, are superstitious and idolatrous.
Página 189 - Know ye, therefore, that we, of our especial grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, have given and granted, and by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, do give and grant...
Página 558 - Parliament, or by Proclamation, shall annul the law from the day when the disallowance is so made known.
Página 38 - An Act for the Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Colonies, for promoting the Industry of the manumitted Slaves, and for compensating the Persons hitherto entitled to the services of such Slaves...
Página 29 - I AB do sincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful, and bear true allegiance, to their Majesties King William and Queen Mary: So help me God.
Página 191 - Council, or shall take any Oath or make any Declaration or Acknowledgment of Allegiance, Obedience, or Adherence to any Foreign Prince or Power, or shall do, concur in, or adopt any Act whereby he may become a Subject or Citizen of any Foreign State or Power, or...
Página 44 - Whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to the legal condition of aliens: Be it enacted by the governor of the Cape of Good Hope, with the advice and consent of the legislative council and house of assembly thereof, as follows: 1.
Página 210 - An Act to amend the Law relating to Promissory Oaths"; and likewise the usual Oath for the due execution of the office of Governor and for the due and impartial administration of justice; which Oaths the said Chief Justice or...

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