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Southern or eastern sceptre downward hurld,
Gave north and west dominion o'er the world ;
The point of time, for which the world was built,
For which the blood of God himself was spilt,
That dreadful moment is arriy’d.

Aloft the seats of bliss their pomp display,
Brighter than brightness, the distinguish'a day;
Less glorious, when of old th' eternal Son.
From realms of night return’d with trophies won;
Thro' heav'n's high gạtes, when he triumphant rode,
And shouting angels haild the victor God.
Horrors beneath, darkness in darkness, hell
Of hell, where torments behind torments dwell ;
A furnace formidable, deep and wide,
O'erboiling with a mad sulphureous tide,
Expands its jaws, most dreadful to survey,
And roars outrageous for the destin'd prey.
The sons of light scarce unappal'd look down,
And nearer press heav'n's everlasting throne.

Such is the scene, and one short moment's space Concludes the hopes and fears of human race. Proceed who dares I tremble as I write ; The whole creation swims before my light; I see, I see the Judge's frowning brow; Say not 'tis distant, I behold it now; I faint, my tardy blood forgets to flow, My soul recoils at the stupenduous woe ; 'That woe, those pangs, which from the guilty breast, In these, or words like these, Mall be exprest.

" Who burst the barriers of my peaceful grave? • Ah ! cruel death, that would no longer save, • But grudg'd me ev’n that narrow dark abode, • And cast me out into the wrath of God; " Where shrieks, the roaring flame, the rattling chaing, And all the dreadful eloquence of pain, • Our only song ; black fire's malignant light, • The sole refreshment of the blasted light.

• Must all those pow'rs heav'n gave me to supply & My soul with pleasure, and bring in my joy, - Rise up in arms against me, join the foe, • Sense, reason, memory, increase my woe !

And shall my voice, ordain'd on lymns to dwell, - « Corrupt to groans, and blow the fires of hel ?

"Oh! must I look with terror on my gain,
• And with existence only measure pain ? .
• What! no reprieve, no least indulgence giv'n,
• No beam of hope from any point of heav'n !

Ah! mercy! mercy! art thou dead above ? Is love extinguish'd in the source of love ?

• Bold that I am, did heav'n stoop down to hell? " Th’expiring Lord of life my ransom seal ? • Have I not been industrious to provoke? • From his embraces obstinately broke ? • Pursu'd and panted for his mortal hate, . Earn'd my destruction, labour'd out my fate?

And dare I on extinguish'd love exclaim ? • Take, take full vengeance, rouze the flack’ning flame; « Just is my let. but, Oh! must it transcend "'The reach of time; despair a distant end?

With dreadful growth shoot foreward, and arise, " Where thought can't follow, and bold fancy dies !!

Never! where falls the soul at thy dread sound? « Down an abyss how dark, and how profound ?

Down, down (I still am falling, horrid pain.!) • Ten thousand thousand fathoms yet remain;' "My plunge but still begun--and this for sin o Cou'd I offend, if I had never been,

But still increas'd the senseless happy mass, " Flow'd in the stream, or flourish'd in the grass ? • Father of mercies! why from filent earth • Did'lt thou awake, and curse me into birth?

Tear me from quiet, ravish me from night, • And make a thankless prefent of thy light? • Push into being a reverse of thee,

And animate a clod with misery a' The beasts are happy, they come forth and keep « Short watch on earth, and then lye down to sleep. • Pain is for man; and oh! how vast a pain « For crimes which made the Godhead bleed in vain ? « Stifled his groans, as far as in them lay, . « And Aung his agonies and death away? 6. As our dire punishment for ever strong, 6 Our constitution too for ever young,

6 Curs'd

* Curs'd with returns of vigour, still the same,
• Powerful to bear, and satisfy the flame.
« Still to be caught and still to be pursu'd !
( To perish still, and still to be renew'd!

And this, my help! my God! at thy decree ? « Nature is chang'd, and hell should fuccour me.

And can'lt thou then look down from perfect bliss, • And see mc plunging in the dark abyss, • Calling thee father in a sea of fire,

Or pouring blafphemies at thy desire ? . With mortals anguish wilt thou raise thy name, ' And by my pangs omnipotence proclam?

" Thou, who can't toss the planets to and fro, • Contract not thy great vengeance to my woe; • Crush worlds; in.hotter flames fall’n angels lay ; ; 6.On me almighty wrath is cast away. :6 Call back thy thunders, Lord, hold in thy rage, • Nor with a speck of wretchedness engage:

Forget me quite, nor stoop a worm to blame, . But lose me in the greatness of thy name. • Thou art all love, all mercy, all divine, • And shall I make these glories cease to shine ? • Shall finfull man grow great by his offence, • And from its course turn back omnipotence ?

'Forbid it ! and oh! grant, great God, at least
• This one this sender, almost no request;
• When I have wept a thousand lives away,
6 When torment is grown weary of its prey,
" When i have wav'd ten thousand years in fire,
Ten thousand thousands, let me then expire.'

Deep anguish ! but too late; the hopeless soul,
Bound to the bottom of the burning pool,
Though loth, and every loud blaspheming owns
He's justly doom'd to pour eternal groans ;
Enclos'd with horrors, and tranfix'd with pain,
Rolling in vengeance, struggling with his chain :
To talk to fiery tempests, to implore
The raging flame to give its burnings o'er,
To tofs, to writhe, to pant beneath his load,
And bear the weight of an offended God.

'I he favour'd of their judge in triumph move To take possession of their thrones above ;


Satan's accurs'd defertion to supply,
And fill the vacant stations of the sky;
Again to kindle long extinguish'd rays,
And with new lights dilate the heav'nly blaze:;
To crop the roles of immortal youth,
And drink the fountain-head of sacred truth;
To swim in seas of bliss, to strike the string,
And lift the voice to their almighty king;
To lose eternity in grateful lays,
And fill heav'n's wide circumference with praise.

But I attempt the wond'rous height in vain,
And leave unfinish'd the too lofty strain ;
What boldly I begin, let others end;
My strength exhausted, fainting I descend,
And chuse a less, but no ignoble theme,
Dissolving elements, and worlds in flame.

The fatal period, the great hour is come,
And nature shrinks at her approaching doom;
Loud peals of thunder give the sign, and all
Heav'n's terrors in array surround the ball ;
Sharp lightnings with the neteors blaze conspire,
And darted downward set the world on fire ;!
Black rising clouds the thicken'd æther choke,
And spiry fames shoot thro’ the rolling smoke,
With keen vibrations cut the fullen night,
And strike the darken'd sky with dreadfull light;
From heav'n's four regions, with immortal force,
Angels drive on the wind's impetuous course,
T'enrage the flame ; it spreads, it foars on high,
Swells in the ftorm, and billows thro' the sky.
Here winding pyramids of fire ascend,
Cities and defarts in one ruin blend;
Here blazing volumes wafted overwhelm
The spacious face of a far distant realm :
There, undermin'd, down rush cternal hills,
The neighbouring vales the vaft destruction fills.

Hear'st thou that dreadful crack, that sound which broke
Like peals of thunder, and the centre shook ?
What wonders must that groan of nature tell?
Olympus there, and mightier Allas fell,
Which seem'd above the reach of fate to stand,
A tow'ring monument of God's right-handa


Now duft and smoak, whose brow so lately spread
O’er shelter'd countries its diffusive shade.

High ʼmidst the clouds the boiling ocean rores,
And looks far down on his decreasing shores;
Leviathans in plantive thunder cry,
In distant, disinal pants the long-liy'd echoes die.

Shew me that celebrated spot, where all
The various rulers of the sever'd, ball
Have humbly sought wealth, honour and redress,
That land which heav'n seem'd diligent to bless,
Once call's Britannia: Can her glories end!
And can't surrounding seas her realms defend!
Alas! in flames behold surrounding feas!
And all their waters but augment the blaze.

Some angel say, where ran proud Asia's bound,
Or where with fruits was fair Europa crown'd?
Where stretch'd waste Lybia? where did India's store
Sparkle in diamonds, and her golden ore?
Each lost in each, their mingling kingdoms glow,
And all dissolv'd, one fiery deluge flow:
Thus earth's contending inonarchies are join'd,
And a full period of ambition find.

And now whate'er or swimns, or walks, or flies,
Inhabitants of fea, of earth, or skies;
All on whom Adam's wisdom fix'd a name,
All plunge and perish in the conquering flame.

This globe alone would but defraud the fire,
Starve its devouring rage: the flinkes aspire,
And catch the clouds, and make the heavens their prey;
The sun, the moon, the stars all melt away,
And leave a mighty blank: Involv’d in flame,
The whole creation finks! the glorious frame,
In which ten thousand worlds, in radiant dance,
Orb above orb, their wondrous course advance,
By that o'er-ruling hand, which kindled all
The stars, and rounded in its palm the ball,
Is crush'd and loft; no monument, no sign,
Where once so proudly blaz’d the gay machine.
So bubbles on the foamiog stream expire,
So fparks that scatter from the kindling fire;
The devastations of one dreadful hour,
The great Creator's six days work devour.



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