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Accompany the song divine,
And in th' eternal chorus join.

Thus Thee they always worship, all
Thee God of sacred sabbath call.
For Thou hast been of holy rest,
Froin vast eternity, poffeft.
When all in yon created mass
Does but appear, and move, and pass;
All moves, all fluctuates without end,
* But spirits that on thee depend.
Yon glorious worlds that floating lye
In the profound abyss of sky,
In matter's stormy gulph are tost,

Till'in a flaming wreck they're lost.
We that so far with angels ken can trace
Thy godlike works along the boundless space,
See nought from endless agitation free,
But Thee, the great, th' eternal mover, Thec.
Even we are inov’d, even we are toft
In blisful rapture almoft loft;

Even we sometimes almost complain

Of transports that are near to pain,
Which without Thee we never cou'd luftain.

Thou mov'st us all, yet ever blest
Alone enjoy'lt perpetual rest :
Thy great all-seeing eyes ne'er sleep ;
And yet for everlasting days,
They sabbath, sacred fabbath, keep ;

The wond'rous subject of our praise.
But who, tho' mounted on an angel's wing,

Can ever hope to raise his flight
· "To such a tow'ring, such a godlike height,

As Thee with equal fong to fing?
Thee over all the worlds supreme,
Who must not flag beneath th' almighty theme.
Where e'er at utmost stretch we cast our eyes,
Thro’the vast frightful spaces of the skies,
Even there we find thy glory, there we gaze
On thy bright Majesty's unbounded blaze:


Ten thousand suns, prodigious globes of light,
At once in broad dimensions strike our light.
Millions behind, in the remoter skies,
Appear but spangles to our wearied eyes:
And when our wearied eyes, want farther strength,
To pierce the void's immeasurable length,
Our vigorous tow'ring thoughts still further fly,
And still remoter flaming worlds descry :
But even an angel's comprehensive thought
Cannot extend so far as thou haft wrought ;.
Our vast conceptions are by swelling brought,
Sveallow'd and loft in infinite to nonght.

The MESSIAH. A facred ECLOGUE, composed of

several Pasages of Ifaiah the Prophet. . By Mr. Pope.

Written in Imitation of Virgil's POLLIO.)

V E nynphs of Solyma, begin the song:

I To heav'nly themes sublimer strains belong.
The mossy fountains and the silvan fhades.
The dreams of Pindus, and th’ Aonian maids
Delight no more. thou my voice inspire
Who touch'd Ifaiahs hallow'd lips with fire!
Rapt into future times the bard begun,
A virgin shall conceive, a virgin bear a son..
From Jele's root behold a branch arise
Whose sacred flow'r with fragrance fills the skies,

Th' etherial spirit o'er its leaves shall move,
And on its top descends the mystic dove.
Ye heav'ns ! from high the dewy nectar pour,
And in soft silence shed the kindly show'r: *
The sick, the weak, the healing Plant shall aid,
From storms a shelter, and from heat a shade..
All crimes shall cease, and ancient fraud shall fail,
Returning justice lift aloft her scale ;
Peace o'er the world her olive wand extend,
And white-rob’d innocence from heav'n descend.



Swift fly the years, and rise th' expected morn ;
O spring to light ! auspicious babe be born.
See nature haltes her earliest wreaths to bring,
With all the incense of the breathing spring :
See lofty Lebanon his head advance ;
See nodding forests on the mountains dance:
See spicy clouds from lovely Saron rise,
And Carmel's flow'ry top perfumes the skies } !
Hark ! a glad voice the lonely desart chears ;
Prepare the way, a God, a God appears ;
A God, a God, the vocal hills reply,
The rocks proclaim th' approaching Deity.
Lo earth receives him from the bending skies!
Sink down ye mountains, and ye valleys rise :
With heads declin'd, ye cedars homage pay ;.
Be smooth ye rocks, ye rapid floods give way;
The Saviour comes! by ancient bards foretold;
Hear him ye deaf, and all ye blind behold!
He from thick films shall purge the visual ray,
And on the fightless eye-ball pour the day.
'Tis he th' obstructed paths of found shall clear,
And bid new music charin th’unfolding ear.

The dumb shall fing, the lame his crutch forego,
And leap exulting like the bounding roe.
No sigh, no murmur the wide world shall hear,
From ev'ry face 'h'll wipe off ev'ry tear.
In adamantine chains shall death be bound,
And hell's grim tyrant feel th' eternal wound.
As the good shepherd tends his fleecy care,
Seeks freshest pasture and the purest air,
Explores the lost, the wand'ring sheep directs,
By day o'ersees them, and by night protects :
The tender lambs he raises in his arms,
Feeds from his hand, and in his bosom warms.
Thus shall mankind his guardian care engage,
The promis's father of the future age.
No more shall nation against nation rise,
Nor ardent warriors meet with hateful eyes,
Nor fields with gleaming steel be cover'd o’er,
The brazen trumpets kindle rage no more ;


But useless lances into scythes shall bend,
And the broad faulchion in a plow-fhear end.
Then palaces shall rise; the joyful fon
Shall finish what his short-liv'd fire begun;
Their vines a shadow to their race shall yield,
And the same hand that sow'd shall reap the field.
The swains in barren desarts with surprise,
See lillics spring, and sudden verdure rise,
And start amidst the thirsty wilds, to hear
New falls of water murm'ring in his ear ;
On rifted rocks, the dragons late abodes,
The green reed trembles, and the bulrush nods.
Waste sandy vallies, once perplext with thorn,
The spiry fir, and shapely box adorn;
To leafless shrubs the flow'ring palms succeed,
And od’rous myrtle to the noisome weed.
The lambs with wolves fhali graze the verdant mead,
And boys in flow'ry bands the tyger lead;

The fteer and lion at one crib shall meet,
And harmless serpents lick the pilgrim's feet.
The smiling infant in his hand shall take
The crested basilisk and fpeckled snake,
Pleas'd, the green lustre of the scales survey,
And with their forky tongue and pointless sting shall play,
Rise, crown'd with light, imperial Salem rise,
Exalt thy tow'ry head, and lift thine eyes !
See a long race thy spacious courts adorn!
See future fons and daughters yet unborn,
In crouding ranks on every side arise,
Demanding life, impatient for the skies!
See barb'rous nations at thy gates attend,
Walk in thy light, and in thy temple bend !
See thy bright altars throng'd with prostrate kings,
And heap'd with products of Sabaan springs !
For Thee Idume's spicy forests blow,
And seed of gold in Ophir's mountains glow.
See heav'n its sparkling portals wide display,
And break upon Thee in a flood of day!
No more the rising sun shall gild the morn,
Nor ev'ning Cynthia fill her filver horn;
D 3

· But

But loft, diffolv'd in thy fuperior rays,
One tide of glory, one unclouded blaze
O'crflow thy courts : the light himself shall shine
Reveald, and God's eternal day be thine!
The seas shall waste, the skies in smoke decay,
Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt away ;
But fix'd his word, his faving pow'r remains,
Thy realm for ever lasts, thy own Messiah reigns.


TT must be done, my soul, but 'tis a strange,

1 A dismal, and mysterious change !
When thou shalt leave this tenement of clay, .
And to an unknown somewhere wing away;
When time shall be eternity, and thou
Shalt be thou know'st not what, and live thou know's not



Amazing state! no wonder that we dread
To think of death, or view the dead ;
Thou’rt all wrapt up in shades, as if to thee
Our very knowledge had antipathy :
Death could not a more fad retinue find,
Sickness and pain before, and darkness all behind.

Some courteous ghost tell this great secrely,
What 'tis you are, and we must be.
You warn us of approaching death, and why?
May we not know from you what 'tis to die?
But you having shot the gulph, delight to see
Succeeding souls plunge in with like uncertainty.

When life's close knot, by writ from destiny,
Disease shall cut, or age untye;
When after some delays, fome dying strife,

The soul stands shiv’ring on the verge of life,
With what a dreadful curiosity
Does Mhe launch out into the sea of vast eternity.

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