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Treaty of Sultan Selim, with Vortices of sand, dreadful

the Mamluks, II. 117. Re in Egypt, I. 47

flections on, II. 121 Vowels, (the seven) recited
Typhon, the evil Genius of as a hymn by the ancient

the Egyptians, II. 414. Egyptians, II. 8. were the
Animals consecrated to, II. fymbols of the seven pla-
415. Statue of, insulted

nets, II. 471
on certain occasions, ibid.
Of what the symbol, II.

416. Fable of, how to be Wind, burning one of Egypt,
explained, II. 420. Fic-

II. 70, 217
tions of the Greek and Wine held in abhorrence by
Latin poets concerning, the Egyptians, II. 327

Women, Egyptian, manner

of living of; I. 162. Em-
Varieties of feed-time and

ployment, I, 168, Diver-
harveft in different provin fions, I. 169. Visits, I.

ces of Egypt, II. 206 173. Manner of addressing
Venus, mythological signifi.

them, I. 174
cation of, II, 306
Venus Aphacitis, II. 307.
Visiting, manner of, in Egypt, Zain Eddin, I. 462

Zephta, I. 285
Universal History, Authors Zoufeti, I. 277

of reprehended, I. 259

II. 422

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1. 140


Τ Η Ε Ε Ν D.

VOL. I. 105, 1. 4, for Hadgi, read Hadge.

189, 1. 64, et alibi paffim, for Cheik, read Sheik.

275, for Charakhania, read Sharakania.
VOL. II, 393, 1, 17, for Nicopolis, read. Nilopolis.

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