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our condemnation. This, therefore, is the principal thing, to copy after his spirit. And allowing that in some points we must be content to admire what we cannot imitate; yet in many others we may, through the same free grace, be partakers of the same blessing. Conscious then of your own wants, and of His bounteous love who "giveth liberally and upbraideth not,” cry to Him that worketh all in all, for a measure of the same precious faith; of the same zeal and activity; the same tender-heartedness, charitableness, bowels of mercies. Wrestle with God for some degree of the same grateful, friendly, affectionate temper ; of the same openness, simplicity, and godly sincerity! “Love without dissimulation.” Wrestle on, till the Power from on high works in you the same steady courage and patience; and above all, because it is the crown of all, the same invariable integrity !

7. Is there any other fruit of the grace of God, with which · he was eminently endowed, and the want of which, among the children of God, he frequently and passionately lamented ? There is one, that is, Catholic Love; that sincere and tender affection, which is due to all those, who, we have reason to believe, are children of God by faith ;-in other words, all those, in every persuasion, who " fear God and work righteousness." He longed to see all who had “ tasted of the good word,” of a true catholic spirit; a word little understood, and still less experienced, by many who have it frequently in their mouth. Who is he that answers this character ? Who is a man of a catholic spirit ? One who loves as friends, as brethren in the Lord, as joint partakers of the present kingdom of heaven, and fellow-heirs of bis eternal kingdom, all, of whatever opinion, mode of worship, or congregation, who believe in the Lord Jesus; who love God and man; who, rejoicing to please, and fearing to offend God, are careful to abstain from evil, and zealous of good works. He is a man of a truly catholic spirit, who bears all these continually upon his heart; who, having an unspeakable tenderness for their persons, and an earnest desire of their welfare, does not cease to commend them to God in prayer, as well as to plead their cause before men; who speaks comfortably to them, and labours, by all his words, to strengthen their hands in God. He assists them to the uttermost of his power, in all things, spiritual and temporal; be is ready to “spend and be spent” for them; yea,

to lay down his life for his brethren." 8. How amiable a character is this ! How desirable to


every child of God! But why is it then so rarely found? How is it that there are so four instances of it ? Indeed, supposing we liave tasted of the love of God, how can any of us rest till it is our own ? Wly, there is a delicate device, whereby Satan persuades thousands that they may stop short of it and yet be guiltless. It is well if many here present are not in this “sware of the Devil, taken captive at bis will." ‘O) yes,' says one, I have all this love for those I believe to be children of God; but I will never believe he is a child of God, who belongs to that vile congregation! Can he, do you think, he a child of God, who holds such detestable opinions; or be that joins in such senseless and superstitious, if not idolatrous worship?' So we may justify ourselves in one sin, by adding a second to it! We excuse the want of love in ourselves, by laying the blame on others ! To colour our own devilish temper, we pronounce our brethren children of the Devil! O beware of this !-and, if you are already taken in the snare, escape out of it as soon as possible! Go and learn that truly catbolic love, which is not rash," or hasty in judging; that love which “thinketh po evil ;” which “believeth and hopeth all things ;” which makes all the alloirances for others, that ire desire others should make for us! Then we shall take knowledge of the grace of God which is in every man, whatever be his opinion or mode of worship: then will all that fear God be near and dear uuto us in the bowels of Jesus Christ."

9. Was not this the spirit of our dear Friend? And why should it not be ours ? O thou God of love, how long shall thy people be a by-word among the heathen? How long shall they laugh us to scorn, and say, “ See how these Christians love one another ?" When wilt thou roll away our reproach? Shall the sword devour for ever? How long will it be, ere thou bid thy people return from “ following each other?” Now, at least, “let all the people stand still, and pursue after their brethren no more!” But whatever others do, let all of us, my brethren, hear the voice of him that, being dead, yet speaketh! Suppose ye hear bim say, “Now, at least, be ус

followers of me as I was of Christ! Let brother no more lift up sword against brother, neither know ye war any more!' Rather put ye on, as the elect of God, bowels of mercies, humbleness of mind, brotherly kindness, gentleness, longsuffering, forbearing one another in love. Let the time past sudlice for strife, enty; contention; for biting and devouring one another. Blessed be God, that ye have not long ago been consumed one of another! From henceforth hold ye the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”

10. O God, with thee no word is impossible! Thou doest whatsoever pleaseth thee! O that thou wouldest cause the mantle of thy Prophet, whom thou hast taken up, now to fall upon us that remain ! “Where is the Lord God of Elijah ?” Let his Spirit rest upon these thy servants ! Show thou art the God that answerest by fire! Let the fire of thy love fall on every heart! And because we love thee, let us love one another with a " love stronger than death!” Take away from us "all anger, and wrath, and bitterness; all clamour and evil speaking !” Let thy Spirit so rest upon us, that from this hour we may be “kind to each other, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven us!

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He leaves the corn belund, To his triumphant Head at last

Inseparably join'd Showtill thi hosts above,

Ilhas de mis saith, Well done!" Ind signs his corvant's faith to approve,

ind vats him on the throne!

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