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per food of, ii. 500-obedience due 91, 219-matter pervaded by the, ii.
from, to their parents, ii.505-remarks 574-heat of, whed returning from the
upon the dress of, ii. 510—the be-

sun, i. 176
queathment of property to, i. 630 Comfort, promised to Christian Mourn-
China, the empire of, ii. 574

ers, i. 258
Xpr.several, explained, i. 269

Comparative Divinity, beautiful view of,
Christ, the person of, ii. 816—the true ii. 465, 469

God, ii. 305—the Creator and Pre. Communion, duty of constant, ii. 553
server of all things, ii. 305-eternal Commandments, guilt and doom of those

life, ii. 308-condescension of, ii. 386 who teach men to break them, i. 314
Christian, a, altogether, i. 15—character Commutation of duties, not allowed by
of a, described, ii. 613

God, i. 263
Christian's joy, ground of, i. 136 Compliments, the term censured, ii. 448
Christian Perfection, what, ii. 291. See Concupiscence, what, ii. 672

Condemnation, believers free from, i. 83
Christian world, state of the, ii. 158 Condition of Justification, what, i. 55
Christian Church, state of, in different Conference, debate in the, on leaving the
ages, ii, 207, 569

Church, ii. 582
Christian Revelation, overthrown by the Conformity to the world, what, il. 420

doctrine of absolute predestination, Conscience, defined, i. 130; ii. 593, 739
ii. 7

--several sorts of, ii. 597-rule of,
Christians, character of real, ii. 660, 675 i. 131-good, the same

-two orders of, from the beginning, science void of offence, i. 132
ii. 432—real, the special care of divine Constantine, injury done to Christianity
Providence, ii. 199-character of, in by, ii. 141, 431, 569
Jerusalem, ii. 135—in the Turkish | Contemplation, holy, not the whole of
dominions, character of, ii. 158-pro- religious worship, i. 304

fessed, wicked lives of, ii. 144 Contempt of inferiors, produced by riches,
Christianity, in its native form, i. 291- ii. 627

essentially a social religion, i. 295– Contests about religion, described, i. 232
difference between, and heathenism, Conventicle Act, put in force against the
i. 562-different from morality, ii. Methodists, ii. 617
747—causes of the inefficacy of, ii. Convents, origin of, ii. 528
677–existing in individuals, i. 32- Conversation, uncharitable, Christians
spreading from one to another, i. 36 guilty of, i. 156
-covering the earth, i. 39

Conversation, advice respecting, ii. 437
Church, peculiar meaning of the term, i. Conviction of sin, described, i. 96--11.745
620—the, ambiguity of the term, ii

. --produced by the Law, i. 411 --man-
270—who constitute the true, ii. 274, Der in wbich it is generally produced,
275—unity of, ii. 274-wby denomi- i. 195—why often ineffectual, i. 610
nated holy, ii. 279-state of, in the Convincing speech, singular instance of
earliest ages, ii. 136, 584-state of, in the power of, ii. 456
modern ages, ii. 142—glory of, in the Conviction, of demerit and helplessness
latter day, ii. 166

in believers, i. 165
Church of England, what, ii. 276-re-Correction, necessity of, in regard to

marks on attending the service of, ii. children, ii. 495
581— several of the members of, know Corrupting the word of God, means of,
nothing of the imputation of Christ's ji 754
righteousness, i. 241-attachment of Corruption of the heart, described, i. 76
the first Methodists to, ii. 22

Courteousness, enforced, ii 550
Church of Rme, idolatry of, ii. 315 Covenant of Works, what, i, 64
Cicero, remarkable saying of, ii, 148~ Covenant of Grace, difference between,
quoted, on Providence,

i. 193

and the Coveoant of Works, i. 64.
Clarendon, Lord, refusal of, to employ Coveloumen, described, n. 755-in the
spies, ii. 829

beart of a believer, i. 156
Clarke, Dr. Adam, bis account of one of | Copley, quoted, 11. 424, 743
Mr. Wesley's Sermons, i5. 757

Creatum, the work of Christ, il 305-
Clergy, the character of, in different ages, original state of the, ii 87

ii. 584—uogodly, ministry of, ii. 546 Cross, taking up the, what, i. n-ne
Clergymor, wicked, folly of a, ii. 897 cessity of, i. 609
Circumcision of the heart, defined, i. 200 Culworth, William, separation of, from
Circumstances which will precede and follow

Mr. Whitefield, ii. 23
the general judgment, i. 169

Cure of Fril-speaking, what, 1. 616
Collier et Kingwud, remarkable account Cusum, the Pharira na governed by,
of a, ü. 319

Cemets, cor ignorance of their nature, n.' Cyprian, *., tentimony of concerning the

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Church, ii. 584, 141, 570-striking | Diseases, sometimes occasioned by Satan,
thought of, ii. 73, 576

ii. 258

Dissimulation, what, ii. 447-censured,
Daily bread, what, 335

ii. 548
Dancing, remarks upon, ii. 439

Dissipated mm, character of a, i, 327
Darkness, spiritual, the nature of, i. 577 Dissipation, what, ii. 325, 667

-the causes of, i. 580—widely differ- Dissolution of the universe, i. 175
ent from heaviness, i. 601-not need - Distillers of spirituous liquors, murderers
ful, i. 601--not profitable to the mind, general, i. 628
i. 589—consequent upon an evil eye, Distraction of mind, wbat, ii. 325

i. 362 ; ii, 694—the cure of, i. 584 Diversions, remarks upon, ii. 438–
Daughters, remarks on the education public, the evil of, ii. 807
of, ii. 188

Doctrines, erroneous, beld by the Uni-
Davill, sin of, described, i. 225, 227– versity of Oxford, ii. 758

sin of, in numbering Israel, ii. 821- Aoxu, explained, ii. 336, 445
grief of, at the sickness of his child, Doxology, of the Lord's Prayer, i. 340
ii. 768

Dream, what, ii. 713—a singular, ii. 361
Daris, Sir John, quoted, ii, 736 ; i. 461 Dress, costly, to be avoided, ii. 422-
Day of Judgment, will probably last solemn charge concerning, ii. 520-of
many thousand years, i. 170

children, remarks upon the, ii. 510
Deaco!, Dr., opinion of, concern Lu- Drowned persons, apparently, instances
natics, ij. 725

of, restored, ii. 538
Dean, a courtly, preaching at Whitehall, Drunkard, instance of a, reclaimed, ü.
ii. 421

Dear, impropriety of the term, when Drunkenness, habit of, may be overcome,
applied to Christ, ii. 689

ii. 182
Death, nature of, ii. 98, 633-certainty Dryness, spiritual, sometimes occasioned

of, ii, 100—the penalty of sin, i. 567 — by the want of self-denial, i. 611
of a wicked man described, ii. 375–
of a good man described, ii. 375– Early rising, recommended, ii. 434
certainty of, ii. 382-spiritual, con- Earlh, original state of the, ii. 87-our
sequent upon sin, 151- final destruc- ignorance of many things belonging to
tion of, ii. 174-of beloved relations, the, ii. 220–inherited by the meek, i.

a cause of spiritual heaviness, i. 596 261-future state of, ii. 173-new,
Deceit, a disease of human nature, ii. 494 what, ii. 173
Deceitfulness of the heart, what, ii. 734 Earthen vessels," described, ii. 740
Decrees of God, what, ii. 107

Earthquake, in Sicily, ii. 37-in Jamaica,
Deist, the faith of a, ii. 003—misery of ii. 37-in Lima, ii. 40

a, ii. 607—objection of a, to the Bible, Earthquakes, proved to be the works of
ii. 693

the Lord, i. 35
Dersts, extollers of reason, ii. 231 Eastern Church, state of the, ii. 678
Δελεαζομενοι, explained, i. 230

Education, design of, ii. 448, 492–prac-
Demerit of believers, benefit of the con- tical errors in, ii. 493
riction of the, i. 165

Ellwards, Mr., success of his ministry, ii.
De Renty, deep experience of, ii. 85– 26

conduct of, in affliction, ii. 362 Effeminacy, produced by riches, ii. 418
Desire of the flesh, what, ii. 316, 318, Egyptians, ancient, character of, ii. 366

411, 625, 606, 671, 753—of the eye, ExBaois, explained, ii. 360
what, i. 151, 561s ii. 317, 313, 373, Exavouevos, explained, ii. 365
411, 625, 666, 671,753

Election, the sense in which some contend
Desire, evil, danger of indulging, i. 582 for, ii. 2
Desire of case, produced by riches, ii. 112 Eneryxos, explained, i. 33; ii. 662
Desiring to be rich, the evil of, i. 367

Ελενχος πνευματος, what, i. 22, 546
Despair, danger of, ij. 393-backsliders Elements, future state of the, ii. 170
destroyed by, ij. 394

Ei, sons of, their character, ii, 582
Devil, his


rin the world, i. 478 Elijah, translation of, ii, 100
Devils, the existence of, discovered by Eloquence, sometimes substituted for

faith, ii. 637-in what sense they may love, ii 454-vanity of, without lore,
be cast out, i. 476

ii. 456
Darotwn, should be solemn, ii. 690 Employment, the choice of an, ij. 696
Differences, among Christians, i. 482– Enil, of man's creation, ii. 633, 670
causes of the, i. 236

Ενεργειν, τo, what, ii. 387
Discipline, Methodist, described, ii. 616 Eyepyornern de ayern, what, i. 495

-neglect of, by Mr. Whitefield in Enlightened, whal, i. 299
America, ii.27

Ench, translation of, ii, 100
Liiceruth, shot, il. 117

Exoxos, explained, i. 77, 262

Enthusiasm, a word of uncertain etymo. the remedy of human folly, ii, 76-a
logy, i. 466-defined, i. 467

medium of divine light, ii. 663-does
Enthusiasts, different sorts of, i. 468, 470, not supersede the necessity of holiness,

473-vilify reason, ii. 230-admo- i. 450--not produced by reason, ii. 235
nisbed, i. 469

--sometimes substituted for love, ii.
Emuxia, what, ii. 517, 624

455—insufficiency of, without love, ii.
Epiphanius, quoted, ü. 683

458_supplies the defect of sense, ii.
Epitaph, on an Infidel and Gamester, ii. 636—the discoveries of, ii. 636, 721–

walking by, what, ii. 660-attacked by
Emilia, explained, ii. 672

Satan, i. 536-often injured by riches,
Επιθυμιας ανοητος, what, i. 367

ii. 416, 622_impaired by the neglect
Error, incideat to the best of men, ii. 155 of self-denial, i. 611-implied in the
Eternal life, how Christ is, ii. 308

circumcision of the heart, i. 201-im-
Eternal world, discovered by faith, ii. 637 plied in the service of God, ii.482-

- entrance of the soul into the, ii. 715 designed to re-establish the law of
Eternily, what, ii, 69, 72

love, i. 460-tried by spiritual hea-
Eternity of God, ii. 69, 668—incompre- viness, i. 599—weakened by inter-
hensible to man, il. 218

course with ungodly men, ii. 348-the
Euru Ons, explained, ii. 517, 624

loss of, precedes the commission of
Evaporidpov, explained, ii. 325

outward sin, i. 230-the loss of, i. 577
Europeans, general state of, in regard -of adherence and assurance referred
to religion, ii, 225

to, i. 547-necessary for public re-
Eutpaweia, what, i, 12

formers, i. 658-the exercise of, en-
Eve, sentence of God upon, ii. 98

forced, ii. 46, 229
Evil, the origin of, explained, ii. 95, 150 Faith and repentance answer each other, i.
Evil, penal, produced by God, ii. 804 163
Evil angels, the nature of, ii. 251 -united Faith, the, of a child of God, it. 606, 639

under a common head, ii. 253—their -of a servant of God, ii. 606, 639 of
employment, ii. 253-temptations the Apostles before the death of Christ,
from, ii. 359

i.3-of a Protestant, ii. 605--of a Ro-
Evil eye, what, i. 362; ii. 694

man Catholic, ii. 605-of a Jew, ii. 602
Evil passions, excited by Salan, ii. 256 --of a Mabometan, ii. 604--of a Deist,
Evil speaking defined, i. 394,614

ii. 603-of a Materialist, ii. 603-of a
Evil spirits, probable employment of, in Heathen, i. 2; ii. 602, 604-of a
a separate state, ii. 725

Devil, i. 2, 211
Evil tempers, perfect Christians freed Faith in Christ, the only foundation of
from, i. 517

good works, i. 206-a consequence of
Evil thoughts, the effect of Satan's in- the fall, 113

fluence, ii. 256-how far perfectClirist- Fall of man, what, i. 48; ii, 96, 566, 633,
tians are freed from, i. 516

736-circumstances of, explained, ii.
EĞcAxo usvos, explained, i. 230, 339
Ežejuxtapisov, explained, ii. 649 Fall in Adam, nature of our, ii. 813--ad.
Expenditure, useless, the sin of, i. 630; vantages of, to mankind, ii. 112

ii. 754-how to be regulated, í. 633 False prophets, wbo, i. 412-the garb in
Experience, confirms the doctrine of ori- which they appear, i. 414-how Christ-
ginal sin, i. 557

ians should beware of, i. 416-admo-
Experience, Christian, confirms the doc. nished, i. 418

trine of the witness of the Spirit, i. 122 False religion, described, ii. 672
Experience of believers, proves that there Familiarity with God, irreverent, cen-
is sin in them, i. 144

sared, ii. 690
Extroversion, what, ii. 330

Families, dispensations of Providence
Eye, desire of, ii. 317. See Desire. towards, ii. 226
Eye, single, what, i. 360; ii. 692 Family religion, importance of, ii. 481

Fasting, the nature of, i. 343-the
Faith, defined, i. 33, 54, 202, 546; ii. grounds of, i. 346-the manner in

274, 602—the true Christian, i. 16, which it should be practised, i. 355-
211; ii. 606-the, through which we neglect of, among the Methodists, ii.
are saved, i.3; ii. 605—the, by which 683—to what extent practised by the
we are sanctified, i. 551-why ap- Pharisees, i. 319
pointed the condition of justification, Fasts of the Jewish Church, i. 345--of the
j. 57-in what sense we are justified Christian Church, i. 345 ; ii. 683-in
by, i. 547-in what sense imputed for Scotland, how observed, ii. 684
righteousness, i. 452-in what sense Father, in what respects God is a, i. 331
we are sanctified by, i. 548-effects of, -an ancient, striking quotation from,
ii. 746—produces power over sin, i. ii. 383
211-produces peace of mind, i. 213— | Fathers, in Christ, who, il. 641


Fear of God, not natural to man, i. 559 Give all they can, the duty of Christianis
-enforced, ii. 43

to, i. 632 ; ii. 681, 755
Fear, religious, what, ii. 338

Glorified, what, ii. 108
Field-preaching, origin of, among the Glorious body, what, ii. 786
Methodists, ii. 17

God, discovered by faith, ii. 637
Fiery darts of the Devil, how they may be God, how seen by the pure in heart, i.
retorted, i. 539

Fire, a described, ii. 806-by which the Gidiy sincerity, wbat, i. 135

universe sball be dissolved, i. 176– Good, the object of Christian zeal, ii.
unquenchable, what, ii. 261-stolen 463
from heaven, what, ii. 740

Gooil conscience, what, ii, 579
Fish, the creation of, ii.91

Good works, reinarks upon, ii. 535–
Fixed stars, referred to, ii. 575-our sometimes substituted for love, ii. 455
ignorance of their nature, ii. 219

- prevented by costly dress, ii. 124–
Flattery, consequences of, ii. 626

destroyed by the doctrine of absolute
Flesh, scriptural meaning of the term, predestination, ii. 6—50 called, what,

ii. 297-desire of, what, ii. 316—(See i. 423
Desire)-crucified in them that be- Goods, gift of all our, what, ii. 799–
lieve, i. 82

worldly, folly of laying up, ii. 104
Fleshly wisdom, insufficiency of, i. 135 Gospel, closely connected with the Law,
Fletcher, Rev. Joha, sketcii of his life i. 312—universal spread of, ii. 159

and death, ii. 50-deep piety of, ii. 65 Government of all things, the, ascribed
-bis doctrine of the dispensations to Christ, ii. 307
mentioned, ii. 602

Grace, the necessity of, ii. 390—myste-
Floods, the, by which Christians are rious operations of, ii. 226-assistance
tried, i. 126

of, i. 136—free in all men, ü. lfree
Folly, worldly, described, ji. 700—of for all men, ii. 2-abounds more than

trusting to the Righteousness of the the sin of man, ii. 103—sometimes
Law, i. 65

irresistible, ii. 160
Fonding expressions in devotion, censured, Gruces, passive, exist in consequence of
ii. 691

the fall, ii. 116
Fooil, a blessing to be asked upon, ii. Grandmotnets, generally spoil children,

436—proper quantity of, ji. 437, 421 ii. 500
Foolish and hurtful desires, what, ii. 410 Greenwood, Rev. Parson, management of
Forbearsome, what, ii. 279-mutual, his children, ij. 497

obligations of Coristians to the exer- Grief, unprofitableness of, ii. 769
cise of, i. 243

Giering the Holy Spirit, what, ii. 790
For kuwledge of God, what, ii. 106 Grile, what, ii. 444
Forgireness, what, i. 238-condition on Gui!t, conviction of, described, i. 252

wbich God will grant it, i. 338 Guiltıness of believers, how to be under-
Forneof godionaus, what, i. 12-10t ap- stood, i. 159

parent in Oxford, ii. 762
Former tolles, nor berter than these, ii. | Hades, what, ii. 631, 722

Haliburton, Mr., lamentation of, i.
Fur, George, censure of, upon the whole

christian world, ii. 143—virulence of, Haman, misery of, ii. 381
11. 205

Happiness, what, ii. 310, 673_valy en-
Fire agihan rail, ii. 107, 191, 197 joyed by real Christians, ii. 311-im-
Frica 29 otth the world, what, ii. 333 plied in true Religion, i.7 4only to be
French ...tie's, visit the hospitals, ii. 521 enjoyed in God, ii. 671-increased in
Frugatult, enforced, i. 630

consequence of the fall, ii. 113—DOS
Fratiisie Sport, not to be separated produced by reason, ii. 238—not to

from ive witness of the Spirit, i. 12- be found in riches, i. 369—not en-
Fires, false prophets distinguished by joyed by those who hare an evil eye,
their, i. 113

ii. 695_destroyed by the doctrine oí

absolute predestination, ii. 1 false,
Gain all ikey car, the dute of Christians described, ii, 315-address to those
to, i. 070; ii. Os1,730

who are seeking, ii. 321
6.tiny 17 ta, ut, ii. 322

Hardened CONSCIEnce, what, ii. 598
Gir derme", recommeaded, ii. 139

Harmlessness, what, i. 423-sometimes
Cordes, Dr., quoted, ii. 160

substituted for holiness, ii. 710
(reneral entitytanien, described, i. 175 Hatred, inconsistent with Christian zeal,
Giarnets, mentioned, ii. 304

ü. +67
6:2004. Bishop, remark of, ii. 14, 107 Health, injured by too much sleep, ii.
(Wis will it Sports, extraordinary, ii. 17+

Heart, the, to be true to God, ï. 441-


wickedness of, ii. 731-deceitfulness | Homilies of the Charch of England, quoted,
of, ii. 734

i. 55, 237 ; ii. 611
Heathen, the faith of a, ii. 604

Honour, desire of, *. 373-to be ren-
Heathen morality ends where Christianity dered to all men, ii. 550
begins, i. 253

Huoper, Bishop, unworthy dispute of,
Heathen honesty, whai, i. 11

with Ridley, ii. 468
Heathens, ignorance of, ii. 385--not left Hope, implied in the circumcision of the

ia total darkness, ii. 662--character heart, i. 202-& mark of the New
of, ii. 157- acknowledge a Providence, Birth, i. 214-uot produced by reason,
ii. 193-believed in the existence of ii. 236-nfluence of, upon the Christ-
angels, ii. 241-should not be iadis- ian's conduct, i. 202-confirmed by
criminately doomed to bell, ii. 747– temptations, i. 599_impaired by
conversion of the, ii. 165

riches, ii, 416
Heaven, liappiness of, i. 177 ; ii. 73, Hopkni and Phinehas, character of, ii. 582

175, 717-discovered by faith, ii. 638 Horse-races, evil of, ii. 808
-new, what, ii. 196

Hottentots, state of the, ii. 224
Heavenly gift, what, i. 299

Humane Society, account of the, ii. 536
Heavenly-mindedness, lost by worldly Hume, Mr., his ignorance of human
company, ii. 350

nature, ii. 736-held the doctrine of
Heaviness, spiritual, what, i. 591-the necessity, i. 731-taught practical

design of God in permitting it, i. 598 Atheism, ii. 674
-widely different from darkness, i. Huntility, no word for, in the language
601- sometimes needful, i. 601

of Pagan Greece, or Rome, i. 253-
Heirs of Salvation, ministry of angels to described, i. 251, 255—implied in the
the, ii. 246

circumcision of the heart, i. 200-a.
Hell, meaning of the term, ii. 651, 722 fruit of love, ii. 453—d property of

discovered by faith, ii. 638—the pu- zeal, ii. 464-necessary for public re-
nishment of, ii. 263, 376, 718-the formers, i. .660- often injured by

torments of, endless, ii. 74, 269, 722 riches, ii. 416, 623—motives to, ii.
Hell-fire, singers under the sentence of, 277-enforced, ii, 228, 549
i. 77

Hungering and thirsting after righteous-
Help, not to be found in riches, i. 368 ness, what, i. 265
Helpnessness, of fallen man, described, i. Hatcheson, Professor, his view of con-

78–of believers, i. 159-conviction of science, ii.595-writings of, censured,
their, i. 165

ii. 442-taught practical Atheism, ii.
Helps, enjoyed by the Methodists, ii. 595, 608, 674, 732, 736

Hutchinson, Mr., opinion of, referred to,
Herbert, quoted, ii. 437, 421, 543, 830 ii. 219, 307-an abusive writer, ii.
Heresy, what, ii. 283

Hesiod, quoted, ii. 242

Huygens, opinion of, concerning the
Hervey, Rer. James, quotation from, i.

moon, ij. 578
241-his doctrine of imputed right- Hymns, amorous character of some, ii.
eousness, ii. 707

Hidden man of the Heart," injured by Hypocrisy, not essential to the character
gay apparel, ii, 427

of a Pharisee, i. 320
Hinderances to true religion, i. 265, 392
Historians, ancicat, referred to, ii. 565 Ideas, clear, not absolutely necessary to
Hoadley, Bishop, his scheme of devotion salvation, ii. 747
censured, ii. 691

Idleness, immorality of, ii. 764-of the
Hobbes, Mr., saying of, in death, ii. 236 Americans, ii. 29
Holiness, what, ii. 711, 761-oecessity Idolatry, what, ii. 671---natural to man,

of, ii. 709–increased in consequence i. 559-sometimes substituted for bo-
of the fall, ii. 113-increased by trials, liness, ii. 709-produced by riches, ii.
i. 600-th: beauty of, i. 292--never 625
found but in connexion with a single Idols, what, ii. 314
eye, ii. 693--not the condition of a Ignorance, Christians not free from, i.
sinner's justification, i. 52–injured 503—the effect of an evil eye, ii. 694
by riches, ü. 622—destroyed by the -a cause of spiritual darkness, i. 583
notion of absolute predestination, ii. 4 Ill-nature, to be avoided, ii. 546
Holiness of God, described, ii. 669 Image of God, what, i. 566; ii. 149
Holiness of Angels, what, ii. 244

Immensity of God, incomprehensible to
Holy Ghost, desiga of his coming, i. 32

man, ii. 218
-operations of, ii. 818-how grieved, Impatience, inconsistent with christian
ii. 791

zeal, ii. 468
Holy things, not to be given to dogs, i. Imputation of Christ's Righteousness, how

to be understood, i. 236

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