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Enthousiası, a word of uncertain etymo- the remedy of human folly, ii, 76_a
logy, i. 466-defined, i. 467

medium of divine light, ii. 663-does
Enthusiasts, different sorts of, i. 468, 470, not supersede the necessity of holiness,

473—vilify reason, ii. 230-admo- i. 450--not produced by reason, ii. 235
nished, i. 469

-sometimes substituted for love, ii.
ETTEIXIQ, wbat, ii. 517, 624

455—-insufficiency of, without love, ii.
Epiphanius, quoted, ii. 683

458—supplies the defect of sense, ii.
Epitaph, on an Infidel and Gamester, ii. 636—the discoveries of, ii. 636, 721-

walking by, what, ii. 660-attacked by
Emilujua, explained, ii. 672

Satan, i. 536-often injured by riches,
Eriduplas avontus, what, i. 367

ii. 416, 622_impaired by the neglect
Error, incident to the best of men, ii. 155 of self-denial, i. 611-implied in the
Eternal life, how Christ is, ii. 308

circumcision of the beart, i. 201-im-
Eternal world, discovered by faith, ii. 637 plied in the service of God, ij. 482-

-entrance of the soul into the, ii. 715 designed to re-establish the law of
Eternily, what, ii, 69, 72

love, i. 460-tried by spiritual hea-
Eternity of God, ii. 69, 668—incompre- viness, i. 599-weakened by inter-
bensible to man, il. 218

conrse with ungodly men, ii. 348—the
Eumuons, explained, ii. 517, 624

loss of, precedes the commission of
Evaporedpov, explained, ij. 325

outward sin, i. 230—the loss of, i. 577
Europeans, general state of, in regard --of adherence and assurance referred
to religion, ii, 225

to, i. 547-necessary for public re-
Eutpanila, what, i. 12

formers, i. 658-the exercise of, en-
Eve, sentence of God upon, ii.98

forced, ii. 46, 229
Evil, the origin of, explained, ii. 95, 150 Faith and repentance answer each other, i.
Evil, penal, produced by God, ii. 804 163
Evil angels, the nature of, ii. 251 -united Faith, the, of a child of God, it. 606, 639

under a common head, ii. 253_-their -of a servant of God, ii. 606, 639-of
employment, ii. 253-lemptations the Apostles before the death of Christ,
from, ii. 359

i.3-of a Protestant, ii. 605--of a Ro-
Evil eye, what, i. 362 ; ii. 694

man Catholic, ii. 605-of a Jew, ii. 602
Evil passions, excited by Salan, ii. 256 --of a Mabometan, ii. 604--of a Deist,
Evil speaking defined, i. 394,614

ii. 603-of a Materialist, ii. 603--of a
Evil spirits, probable employment of, in Heathen, i. 2; ii. 602, 604-of a
a separate state, ii. 725

Devil, i. 2, 211
Evil tempers, perfect Christians freed Faith in Christ, the only foundation of
from, i. 517

good works, i. 206-a consequence of
Evil thoughts, the effect of Satan's in- the fall, 113

Auence, ii. 256-how far perfectChrist- Fall of man, what, i. 48; ii. 96, 566,633,
tians are freed from, i. 516

736-circumstances of, explained, ii.
Etiaxouusvos, explained, i. 230, 339

Eğljuxtapisov, explained, ii. 619

Fall in Adam, nature of our, ii. 813-ad-
Expenditure, useless, the sin of, i. 630; vantages of, to mankind, ii. 112

ii. 754-how to be regulated, i. 633 False prophets, wbo, i. 412—the garb in
Experience, confirms the doctrine of ori- which they appear, i. 414-how Cbriste
ginal sin, i. 557

ians should beware of, i. 416-admo-
Experience, Christian, confirms the doc.

nished, i. 418
trine of the witness of the Spirit, i. 122 False religion, described, ij. 672
Experience of believers, proves that there Familiarity with God, irreverent, cen-
is sin in them, i. 144

sored, ii. 690
Extroversion, what, ii. 330

Families, dispensations of Providence
Eye, desire of, ii. 317. See Desire.

towards, ii. 226
Eye, single, what, i. 360; ii. 692

Family religion, importance of, ii. 481

Fasting, the nature of, i. 343—the
Faith, defined, i. 33, 54, 202, 546; ii. grounds of, i. 346--the manner in

274, 602--the true Christian, i. 16, which it should be practised, i. 355–
211; ii. 606-the, through which we neglect of, among the Methodists, ii.
are saved, i. 3; ii. 605—the, by which 683—10 what extent practised by the

are sanctified, i. 551-why ap- Pharisees, i. 319
pointed the condition of justification, Fasts of the Jewish Church, i. 345--of the
j. 57-in what sense we are justified Christian Church, i. 345 ; ii. 683-in
by, i. 547-in what sense imputed for Scotland, how observed, ii. 684
righteonsness, i. 452-in what sense Father, in what respects God is a, i. 331
we are sanctified by, i. 548-effects of, -an ancient, striking quolation from,
ii. 746—produces power over sin, i. ii. 383
211-produces peace of mind, i. 213— | Futhers, in Christ, who, ii. 641



Fear of God, not natural to man,

i. 559 Give all they can, the duty of Christians
-enforced, ij. 43

to, i. 632 ; ï.681, 755
Fear, religious, what, ii. 338

Glorified, what, ii. 108
Fielil-preaching, origin of, among the Glorious bouly, what, ii. 786
Methodists, ii. 17

God, discovered by faith, ii. 637
Fiery darts of the Devil, how they may be God, how seen by the pure in heart, i.
retorted, i. 539

Fire, it described, ii. 806—by which the Gidiy sincerity, wbat, i. 135

universe sball be dissolved, i. 176- Good, the object of Christian zeal, ii.
unquenchable, what, ii. 261-stolen

from heaven, what, ii. 7-10

Guod conscience, what, ii, 579
Fish, the creation of, ii.91

Goord works, reinarks upon, ii. 335–
Fired stars, referred to, ii. 575---our sometimes substituted for love, ii, 155
ignorance of their nature, i. 219

- prevented by costly dress, ji. 121-
Flattery, consequences of, ii. 626

destroyed by the doctrine of absolute
Flesh, scriptural meaning of the term, predestination, ii. 6—so called, what,

ii. 297- desire of, what, ii. 310- (See i. 423
Desire) --crucitied in them that be- Goods, gift of all our, what, ii. 199–
lieve, i. 82

worldly, folly of laying up, ii. 101
Fleshly wisdom, insufficiency of, i. 135 Gospel, closely connected with the Law,
Fletcher, Rev. Joh:, sketcii of his life i. 312-universal spread of, ii. 159

and death, ii. 50--deep piety of, ii. 65 Gorernment of all things, the, ascribed
bis doctrine of the dispensations to Christ, ii. 307
mentiined, ii. 602

Grace, the necessity of, ii. 390-myste-
Flowels, the, by which Christians

rious operations of, ii. 226-assistance
tried, i. 126

of, i. 130-free in all men, i. I--free
Fully, worldly, described, ii. 700—of for all men, ii. ?-abounds more than

trusting to the Righteousness of tile the sin of man, ii. 103—sometimes
Law, i. 65

irresistible, ii, 160
Foruin g c.rpressions in derolion, censured, Gruces, passive, exist in consequence of
ii. 691

the fall, i. 116
Fooit, a blessing to be asked upon, ii. Grandmolnets, generally spoil childrea,

43ti--proper quantity of, ii. 437, 421 ii. 500
Foolish and hurtful desires, what, ii. 410 Greenwood, Rev. Parson, management of
Forleanshe', what, ii. 279--utual, his children, ij. 497

obligations of Coristians to the exer- Griet, unprotitableness of, ii. 769
cise of, i. 213

Gricring the Holy Spirit, what, ii. 790
Fore kurcledge of God, what, ii. 106 Graile, what, ii. 444
Forgpreness, what, i. 233-condition on Guilt, conviction of, described, i. 252
Which God will grant it, i. 33

Guiltıness of belierets, how to be under-
Fircolgantesis, what, i. 12-not ap- stood, i. 159

parent in Oxford, ii, 762
Furuder waas, not better than these, ii. | Harles, what, ii. 631, 722

Halshurion, Mr., lamentation of, i.
finr, George', censure of, upon the whole 673

christian world, ii. 143---virulence of, Haman, misery of, ii. 381

Happiness, wbat, ii. 310, 673—ooly en-
Fitas de Vit? 17!, ii. 107, 191, 197 jyed by real Christians, ii. 311-im-
Frauen 9 rout! I've lorld, what, ii. 333 plied in irue Religion, to be
Birini . ! 18's, visit the la spitals, ii. 521 enjoyed in God, ii. 671-increased in
Frisgrati't. enforced, i. 630

consequence of the fall, ii. 113-DOS
Frui!!se Sport, no: to be separated | produced by reason, ii. 238-ot to

from o'p witness of the Spirit, i. 12- be found in riches, i. 369—not en-
Fires, fetise priphers distinguished by jored by those who hare an evil eye,
their, i. 113

ii. 693-destroyed by the doctrine oi

absolute predestination, ij. false,
0.001 allikever, the dute of Christinos described, ii. 315-address to those
to, i. 020; i. 01.03

who are seeking, ii. 321
ti s on, but.i;. 372

Hardened CONSCIEnce, what, ii. 598
0711"dring, recomie det, ii. 134

Harnessness, what, i. 423—sometimes
(3. des, Dr., quorod, ii. 100

substituted for holiness, ii.710
(r. Erol imunitar...'n, descrild, i. 15 Hatred, inconsistent with Christian zeal,
Grounds, mentioned, 1. ioie

ii. 187
Go'sh, Bishop, remark of, ii. 14. - Health, injured by too much sleep, ii.
(Isa ito Sport, extraordinary, ii. 474

Hearl, the, to be true to God, ü. 414-

wickedness of, ii. 731_deceitfulness | Homilies of the Church of England, quoted,
of, ü. 734

i. 55, 237 ; ii. 611
Heathen, the faith of a, ii. 604

Honour, desire of, ä. 373---to be ren-
Heathen morality ends where Christianity dered to all men, ii. 550
begins, i, 253

Huoper, Bishop, unworthy dispute of,
Heathen honesty, whai, i, 11

with Ridley, ii. 468
Heathens, ignorance of, ii. 385-not left | Hope, implied in the circumcision of the

ia total darkness, ii. 662--character heart, i. 202-a mark of the New
of, ii. 157-acknowledge a Providence, Birth, i. 214-ot produced by reason,
ii. 193–believed in the existence of ii. 236—influence of, upon the Christ-
angels, ü. 241-should not be indis- ian's conduct, i. 202-confirmed by
criminately doomed to bell, ii. 747– temptations, i. 599_impaired by
conversion of the, ii. 165

riches, ii, 416
Heaven, happiness of, i. 177; ii, 73, Hophni and Phinehas, character of, ii. 582

175, 717-discovered by faith, ii. 638 Horse-races, evil of, ii. 808
-new, what, ii. 196

Hottentots, state of the, ii. 224
Heavenly gift, what, i. 299

Humane Society, account of the, ii. 536
Heavenly-mindedness, lost by worldly Hume, Mr., his ignorance of human
company, ii. 350

nature, ii. 736-held the doctrine of
Heaviness, spiritual, what, i. 591-the necessity, ii. 731-taught practical

design of God in permitting it, i. 598 Atheism, ii. 674

- widely different from durkness, i. Humility, no word for, in the language
601---sometimes needful, i. 601

of Pagan Greece, or Rome, i. 253—
Heirs of Salvation, ministry of angels to described, i. 251, 255—implied iu the
the, ii. 246

circumcision of the heart, i. 200-a
Hell, meaning of the term, ii. 651, 722 fruit of love, ii. 453—d property of

-discovered by faith, ii. 638-the pu- zeal, ii. 464-necessary for public re-
nishment of, ii. 263, 376, 718-ihe formers, i. 660 often injured by

torments of, endless, ii. 74, 269, 722 riches, ii. 416, 623—motives to, ii.
Hell-fire, sinners under the sentence of, 277-enforced, ii, 228, 549
i. 77

Hungering and thirsting after righteous-
Help, not to be found in riches, i. 368 ness, what, i. 265
Helpnessness, of fallen man, described, i. Hatcheson, Professor, his view of con-

78—of believers, i. 159-conviction of science, ii. 595-writings of, censured,
their, i. 165

ii. 442-taught practical Atheism, ii.
Helps, enjoyed by the Methodists, ii. 595, 608, 674, 732, 736

Hutchinson, Mr., opinion of, referred to,
Herbert, quoted, ii. 437, 421, 543, 830 ii. 219, 307-an abusive writer, ii.
Heresy, what, ii. 283

Hesiod, quoted, ii. 242

Huygens, opinion of, concerning the
Hervey, Rer. James, quotation from, i.

moon, ij. 578
241-his doctrine of imputed right- Hymns, amorous character of some, ii.
eousness, ii. 707

Hidden man of the Heart," injured by Hypocrisy, not essential to the character
gay apparel, ii. 427

of a Pharisee, i. 320
Hinderances to true religion, i. 265, 392
Historians, ancient, referred to, ii. 565 Ideas, clear, not absolutely necessary to
Hoadley, Bishop, his scheme of devotion salvation, ii. 747
censured, ii. 691

Idleness, immorality of, ii. 764--of the
Hobbes, Mr., saying of, in death, ii. 236 Americans, ii. 29
Holiness, what, ii. 711, 761-oecessity Idolatry, what, ii. 671-natural to man,

of, ii. 709-increased in consequence i. 559--sometimes substituted for ho-
of the fall, ii. 113-increased by trials, liness, ii. 709-produced by riches, ii.
i. 600-th: beauty of, i. 292-never 625
found but in connexion with a single | Idols, what, ii. 314
eye, ii. 695-110t the condition of a Ignorance, Christians not free from, i.
sinner's justification, i. 52–injured 503—the effect of an evil eye, ii. 694
by riches, ii. 622—destroyed by the -a cause of spiritual darkness, i, 583

notion of absolute predestination, ii. 4 | Ill-nature, to be avoided, ii. 546
Holiness of God, described, ii. 669 Image of God, what, i. 566 ; ii. 149
Holiness of Angels, what, ii. 214

Immensily of God, incomprehensible to
Holy Ghost, design of his coming, i. 32

man, ii. 218
-operations of, ii. 818—how grieved, Impatience, inconsistent with christian
ij. 791

zeal, ïi. 468
Holy things, not to be given to dogs, i. Imputation of Christ's Righteousness, how

to be understood, i. 236

Imped rightrousness, remarks upon, ii. | Joy in the Lord, attacked by Satan, i.

Incorruptible body, what, ii. 784

Joy of a Christian, the ground of, i. 136
Independence, spirit of, natural to fallen Judas, the case of, ii. 527

man, ii. 733-general desire of, among | Judging, a hinderance to religion, i. 392
the Americans, ii. 29—assumption of, Judgment, does not take place immedi-
by the Americans, ii. 31

ately after death, i. 643
Indian Chief, keen remark of, ii. 144~ Jugment, general, i. 644-discovered by

remarks of, on Providence, ii. 193 faith, ii. 638-circumstances which
Indifference to congregations, not a catho- will precede the, i. 168-circumstances
lic spirit, i. 500

which will follow the, i. 174
Indifferent things, not the objects of Justification, defined, i. 50, 544 ; ii. 108,
Christian zeal, ii. 468

388-ground of the doctrine of, i. 43
Individuals, dispensations of Providence distinct in its nature from Sanctif-
towards, ii. 226

cation, i. 50_extensive sense in which
Indostan, wretched state of the inhabi- the word is sometimes used, i. 5
tants of, ii. 224

Justification by Faith, objections to the
Industry, an important part of christian

doctrine of, answered, i. 6-abandoned
duty, i. 629

by the University of Oxford, ii. 759–
Infirmilies, Christians not free from, i. a doctrine of the Church of England,

ii. 611-the doctrine of, destructive of
Ingham, Mr., inconsistency of, ii. 22

Pupery, i. 9
Injuring our neighbour, to be avoided, i. Justin Martyr, his character of Socrates,

ii. 237
Injustice, a disease of human nature, ii. Juvenal, quoted, ii. 729

495-a sin of Great Britain, ii. 829
Inquisition, Romish, tortures of, ii. 360

Kames, Lord, a Materialist, ii. 603-beld
Insects, creation of, ii.92-our ignorance the doctrine of necessity, ii. 731
of, ii. 222

Kannadvortos, explained, i. 457
Instruction, to be given to children, ii. Kempis, quoted, ii. 752_opinion of, con-

cerning hell, ii. 267
Intemperance, produced by too much | Kenn, Bishop, quoted, ii. 246, 727
sleep, ii. 475

King George the Second, reply of, re-
Intention, purity of, necessary, i. 359 ; specting the Methodists, ii. 617
ii. 692

King, sliould not be deprived of his
Intercourse with the world, necessary to lawful customs, i.627

the practice of Christianity, i. 296- King of France, anecdote of, ii. 437
with unloly men, evil of, ii. 337, Kingdom of God, what, i. 71, 254-com-

ing of, how to be understood, i. 334-
Introversion, what, ij. 330

to be sought, i. 385
Inward defects of Christians, i. 159 knowing Christ after the flesh, what, ii.
Ireland, state of religion in, ii. 679

Irreverent devotion, censured, ii. 690 Knowledge, desire of, natural to man, ii.
Joayyedor, explained, ii. 172

217-Christians not perfect in, i.
Israelite indeed, character of an, ii. 444 503-sometimes substituted for love,
Itinerancy, advantages of, ii. 615

ii. 455-insufficiency of, without lore,

ii. 456-human, exceedingly limited,
Jamaica, earthquake in, ii. 37

-ii. 218–uncertainty of, i. 611
Jehu, bis proposal to Jehonadab, i. 491 knowledge of God, what, ii. 205-pot
Jenypus, Soame, blasphemous opinion natural to man, i. 558
of, refuted, ij. 93

Knowledge of Angels, what, ii. 243
Jesus Christ, the Representative of all knowledge of a disembodied spirit, ii. 726

men, i. 49-leaching of, described, i. Koivavia, what, i. 374
219~-appointed to judge the world, i.

Latitudinarianisn, not a catbolic spirit,
Jro, the faith of a, ii. 604

i. 499
Jeu's, conversion of the, ii 163

Law of God, its spiritnal meaning, i. 96
Joab, expostulation of, with David, con- --the origin of, i 434-the nature of,

cerning numbering Israel, ii. 825 1.435--holy, i. 437-just, i. 438--goad,
John the Baptist, the faith of, ii. 602, 605 i. 439-convinces men of sin, i. 441-
Johnson, Dr., the manners of, ii. 566 brings men to Christ, i. 441-prepares
Jonaslub, charge of, to his children, ii. believers for increased degrees of holi-

ness, i. 442-in what seose believers
Joy in the Holy Ghost, what, i. 71-an are not under the, i. 452-fulfilled by

effectual means of sanctification, i. 589 Christ, i. 311-shall not pass away, i.
the loss of, described, i. 578

311-closely connccled with the Gos.

pel, i. 312-how established, i. 457, formers, i. 659-increased by trials,
460,462-how made void, i. 447,450, i. 599 - necessary in giving reproof, ü

179-destroyed by the doctrine of ab-
Law, ceremonial, repealed by Christ, i. solute predestination, ii. 4-quenched

by riches, ii. 416, 623-enforced, in.
Law, Mr. William, quotation from, ii. 548-the loss of, described, i. 578

ii. 476, 492—denied the imputation of Love, brotherly, characteristics of, i.
Christ's righteousness, i. 240—bis 268 ; ii. 451, 800-springs only from
writings mentioned, ii. 611-his “Se- the love of God, ii. 452

rious Call," recommended, ii. 692 Love of our neighbour, connected with the
Laws of nature, present, not immutable, love of God, i. 217-what, i. 15-in-
ii. 266

creased in consequence of the Fall,
Lay-preaching, defended, i. 485

ii. 115-injured by riches, ii. 623-de-
Laying up treasures on earth, in what sense ficiency of, in believers, i. 155—how
forbidden, i. 364

to be manifested, i. 290
Lasarus, the case of, ii, 650

Love to the Redeemer, a consequence of
Learning, importance of, to religion, ii. the Fall, ii. 144

Love of God to man, peculiarity of the, ii.
Liberality, insufficiency of, without love, 115-to fallen man, ii. 103

ii. 459-recommended, ii. 440 Love of money, what, ii. 409
Liberty, moral, what, ii. 149, 632—not Love of the world, natural to man, i. 560
destroyed by grace, ii. 160

-a disease of human nature, ii. 494,
Lie, the nature of a, ii. 446

499—in the heart of a believer, i. 154
Lies, different kinds of, ii. 446

Lowliness, what, ii. 277
Life, human, the great importance of, i: Lowther, Sir James, property of, it. 749
647—resemblance of, to a dream, ii. Lunacy, remark of a Physician concern-
715-the shortness of, ii. 575, 704, 713 ing, ii. 258
-uncertainty of, ii. 382

Lunatics, conjecture concerning, ii. 725
Life of God in the soul of a believer, what, Aurn, what, i. 593
i. 230

Aural, explained, i. 316
Light, given by, Christ to them that Lust, produced by gay apparel, ii. 424.

awake from the sleep of sin, i. 26–Lust of the flesh and of the eye, explained,
first shining upon the mind of man, i. i. 205. See Desire.

Luther, a saying of, quoted, i. 233; ii.
Light, consequent upon a single eye, i. 162-Reformation of, ii. 208–did not
360; ii. 692

separate from the Church, ii. 589
Light of Christians, to shine before men, complaint of, ii. 569
i. 307

Luxury, sin and danger of, ii. 654, 830
Light, natural, our ignorance of the -of the Americans, ii. 29
nature of, ii. 220

Lying, to be avoided, ii. 547
Lima, earthquake in, ii. 40
Linum Asbestum, account of the, ii. 266 Macarius, quoted, i. 545
Locke, his Essay mentioned, ii. 231 Madness of Englishmen, during the Ame-
Aayi fira, explained, i. 271, 395, 517 rican war, ii. 826
Long suffering, explained, i. 27 — an effect

Magistracy, benefits of, i. 178
of love, ii. 454

Magnitude of the universe, no argument
Lord, Lord," what the saying of, im- against Providence, ii. 576
plies, i. 422

Mahometan, the faith of a, ii, 604
Lord's Prayer explained, i. 331, 431– Mahometans, character of, ii. 157–con-
poetical paraphrase upon, i. 340

version of, ii. 164–should not be in-
Lord's Supper, a means of grace, i. 191 discriminately doomed to hell, ii. 747

duty of constantly attending, ii. 553 Mammon, what, i. 378
-unworthy receiving of, ii. 283 Man, what, ii. 721-the origin of, dis-
Love, divine, in the human heart, what, covered by faith, ii. 636—the design

j. 204; ii. 799-not natural to man, i. of God in the creation of, ii. 633, 670
558—not produced by reason, ii. 238 -the original state of, i. 48—the fall
implied in the circumcision of the of, ii. 633—in what respect differenced
heart, i. 204-a mark of the New from brutes, ii. 124-greatness and
Birth, i. 216-necessity of, ii. 456- littleness of, ii. 738—magnitude of, ii.
peculiar excellency of, i. 60--ren- 574-duration of, ii. 575
dered all things cominon among the Manifestation of the Son of God, ii. 152
first Christians, ii. 136-essential to a Marks by which the children of God are
Christian, i. 15—the more excellent distinguished, i. 112
way, ii. 432—included in the service Marriage, remarks upon, ii. 489, 697-
of God, ii. 483-Christian Righteous- does not cancel filial obligations, ii.
ness, i. 73-necessary for public re- 505_sanctity of, i. 278-not to be

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