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2164 FLEURY (Claude) HISTOIRE ECCLESIASTIQUE (jusqu'en 1414), avec la Con

tinuation (jusqu'en 1595, par le P. Jean-Cl. Fabre et Goujet), et la table générale des matières, par Rondet, 37 vols. 4to. fine copy in old French calf, full gilt backs, £5. 158

Paris, 1722-38-74 Priced, 1840, Jas. Bohn, £15. 158; 1840, Payne and Foss, mor. £28. 78.

“ Fleury's History of the Church is the best that has been written, and the preliminary discourses are even better than the history." - Voltaire.

“ Readers, whether Catholic or Protestant, who are solicitous to form a right judgment concerning the disputes of ancient times, cannot be thought to do their duty without the perusal of the excellent discourses of the Abbé Fleury."'--Sir Jas. Mackintosh.

" Bad, except the dissertations prefixed to several of his volumes, and which ought to be pub. lished separately.”-Dr. Arnold. 2164*GEMMA (Fulgenzio) Ritratto della Principessa CATERINA di TOSCANA, Duchessa

di Mantova e di Monferrata, poi Governatrice di SIENA, 4to. vellum, 78 6d 1737 2165 GELASII CYZICENI commentarius Actorum Nicaeni Concilii graece et latine,

ed. Balforeus, Scotus, Lutetiae, 1599—Gennadii Scholarii defensio V. capitam S. Coecum. Florent. Synodi, Rome, 1637—in 1 vol. 12mo, a charming volume in

old French red morocco, Cypher on back, Arms on sides, gilt edges, 25$ 2166 GIESELER (J. C. L.) Lehrbuch der Kirchengeschichte und der Dogmenge.. schichte, 6 vols. in 8, 8vo. (pub. at £3. 4s 6d) cloth, £2.

Bonn, 1831-55 2167 GÖRRES (J.) die Christliche Mystik, 4 vols. in 5, 8vo. (pub. at 30s) hf. bd. 24s

Regensburg, 1836-46 An elaborate and learned work, which treats of peculiar subjects besides Christian mystics and ecstatics, such as sorcerers, witches, spirits, demons, demoniacs, etc. 2168 GROTII (HUGONIS) ANNOTATIONES IN Novum TESTAMENTUM, 9 vols. 8vo. calf extra, marbled leaves, fine copy, £2. 10s

Groninge, 1826-34 2169 GUERICKE, Handbuch der Kirchengeschichte, 3 vols. in 2, 8vo. (pub. at 14s) half calf, neat, 9s 6d

Leipzig, 1846 2170 - Lehrbuch der christlich kirchlichen Archäologie, hf. cf. 4s 1847 2171 HARDT (H. von der) Magnum Ecumenicum Constantiense, Concilium de Uni

versali Ecclesiæ Reformatione, Unione, et Fide, 6 vols. in 2, folio, many portraits and coats of arms, vellum, 278

Helmstadii, 1700 The most complete account of the Council of Constance, with the portraits of all the leading characters, and the coats of arms of all the Clergy and Princes. 2172 HÄVERNICK (H.A.C.) Handbuch der Historisch-Kritischen Einleitung in das Alte

Testament, 5 parts in 3 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 26s 6d) hf. cf. neat, 20s Erl. 1836-49 2173 HENGSTENBERG's Commentar über die Psalmen, 4 vols. in 5, 8vo. (pub. at 23s) sd. 158

Berlin, 1844-7 2174 HEUBNER (H. L.) Praktische Erklärung des Neuen Testaments (Matt.-Johan), 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. half morocco, 6s

Potsdam, 1855-6 2175 INQUISITION. LLORENTE (J. A.) Memoria historica sobre qual ha sido la opinion

nacional de España acerca de la Inquisicion, 8vo. hf. bd. 5s Madrid, 1812 2176 LABORDE (Léon de) Commentaire Géographique sur l'Exode et les Nombres, folio, 19 maps and plans, hf. bd. 20s

Paris, 1841 A learned geographical commentary by a traveller in the Holy Land, with maps and plans from original surveys. Of the 19 maps, 9 are by the author, 8 from other works, and 2 facsimiles of ancient maps. 2177 LAMII (J.) de Eruditione Apostolorum liber singularis ; editio altera emendatior cura Vivianii, 2 vols. 4to. bds. 12

Florentiæ, 1766 One of the most learned works on the Life and times of the Apostles. 2178 LUTHER'S DEUTSCHE SCHRIFFTEN, mit Vorreden von Aurifaber und Melanc

thon, herausgegeben von Sagittarius, 9 vols. in 6, with Index, 1 vol.-together

10 vols. in 7, folio, port. and front. curious cuts, vellum, £3.58 Altenburg, 1661-64 2179 MAIMONIDES, Main Principles of the Creed and Ethics of the Jews, with English

translations, notes and glossary, by Bernard, 8vo. (pub. at 21s) bds. 12s Camb. 1832 2180 MATTER (Jacques) Histoire Critique du GNOSTICISME, 2 vols. and 1 vol. of 18 plates, 8vo. sd. 158

Paris, 1828 2181 the same, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. 158

1828 “One of the most curious works published in Paris within the last month, and distinguished for its learned research, is the Critical History of Gnosticism, &c.' by M. Matter. His work, forms two volumes, 8vo, and which has been rewarded by the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, is divided into three sections. In the first, after taking a rapid survey of the writers, ancient and modern, who have treated of the Gnostic Philosophers, the author shews the origin of their brilliant speculation, by bringing to view some of the most celebrated doctrines of antiquity.

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The second section is devoted to the comparative examination of the divers systems established by the three grand schools of Gnosticism—those of Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor. In the third section he inquires into the influence which the Gnostic doctrines, in their conciliatory position, between the other schools of Christianity and Paganism, have exercised over both parties. The work is accompanied by plates, and terminates with a general estimate of the labours of Gnosticism,"— London Magazine, June, 1828. 2181*MELANCHTHON’s Werke, auswahl von Koethe, 6 vols. in 3, 8vo. half calf, neat,

Leipzig, 1829-30 2182 MEYER'S (H. A. W.) Kritisch exegetisches Handbuch: Kommentar über das

Neue Testament, unter Mitwirkung von Dr. Lünemann and Dr. Huther, Mat

thäus-Hebräer, 14 vols. in 5, 8vo. (pub. at £2. 14s) hf. mor. nt. £2. 2s Göt. 1853-50 2183 MÜLLER (Julius) Die christliche Lehre von der Sünde, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 16s 6d) sd. 7s 60

Breslau, 1844 2184 NEANDER (Dr. A.) Allgemeine Geschichte der Christlichen Religion und

Kirche (bis zum Baseler Konzil), 6 vols. in 11, 1825-52; Geschichte der Pflan. zung und Leitung der christlichen Kirche durch die Apostel, 2 vols. in 1, map, 1838; Das Leben Jesu Christi, 1839; together 14 vols. in 13, 8vo. (pub. at £4. 4s), calf neat, £3. 38

Hamburg, 1825-52 2185 — Geschichte der christlichen Religion und Kirche, 2 vols. in 6, enthält

die Kirchengeschichte der drei ersten Jahrhunderte, und von Constantin bis auf Gregor. 8vo. half calf, 12s

Hamburg, 1852-31 2186 NICOLAS (A.) Études Philosophiques sur le Christianisme, 4 vols. 8vo. sewed, 43

Brux. 1846 2187 NITZSCH, Predigten, 6 vols. 8vo. sd. 10s

Bonn, 1855 2188 OEHLER (Fr.) Corporis Haereseologici Tom. I, continens Scriptores Haereseologicos minores Latinos, 8vo. 434 pp. sd. 6s

Berolini, 1856 2189 ELRICHS (J.) Collectio Opusculorum Historico-Philologico-Theologicorum,

8 parts–KALS, CLEMENS et KLENCKE, Dissertationes variæ, 3 parts—in 2 vols. 4to. uncut; 10s

Breme, 1768-70 2190 OLSHAUSEN'S Biblischer Commentar über sämmtliche Schriften des Neuen

Testaments fortgesetzt von Ebrard und Wiesinger, 7 vols. in 9, 8vo. (pub. at £3. 158) sd. £2. 168

Königsberg, 1837-56 This valuable work is complete as far as published, it contains : die Evangelien, Apostelgeschichte, Römer-, Korinther., Galater., Ephesier, Kolosser-, und Thessalonicher-Briefe, Briefe an die Phillipper, an Titus, Timotheus, Philemon und an die Hebräer, Briefe des Jacobus und Petrus und die Offenbarung Johannis. 2191 - Echtheit sämmtlicher Schriften des Neuen Testaments, 8vo. 1s 6d 1832 2192 PALLAVICINO (Sforza) Istoria del Concilio di Trento, 3 vols. sm. 4to. PORTRAIT, French calf gilt, 32s

Milano, 1745 A compendious and very elegantly written history, which, being in the Roman Catholic interest, is always opposed to the smaller work of Sarpi, by those who study both sides of the subject. 2193 RENAUDOTII (E.) LITURGIARUM ORIENTALIUM COLLECTIO, 2 vols. 4to. BEST EDITION, hf. bd. UNCUT, rare in this state, 24s

Paris, 1716 2194 RIBADENEYRA, Flos Sanctorum de las Vidas de los Santos, aumentado por

Nieremberg, Garcia y Guerrero, 3 vols. folio, vellum, £2. 12s Barcelona, 1790 2195 ROSENMUELLER (E. F. C.) Scholia in VETUS TESTAMENTUM, XI. parts in 23 vols. 8vo. COMPLETE, (sells £12. unbound) cloth, £10.

Lips. 1821-3 Contents :- Pentateuchus, 3 vols. ; Jesajae Vaticinia, 3 vols.; Psalmi, 3 vols.; Jobus, 1 vol.; Ezechiel, 2 vols.; Prophetæ minores, 4 vols.; Jeremiæ Vaticinia et Threni, 2 vols. ; Proverbia, Eccles. et Canticus, 2 vols. ; Daniel, 1 vol. ; Libri histor. Jos., Judices, Ruth, 2 vols. 2196 —

another copy, 23 vols.-Scholia in Novum Testamentum, Norimb. 1815-1808, 5 vols.-together 28 vols. 8vo. calf neat, £11. 10s

1808-35 2197 ROSII DE Porta historia Reformationis Ecclesiarium Raeticarum, 2 stout vols. sm. 4to. german bds. very rare, 30s

Curiae Raetorum, 1771-77 2198 Sack's Christliche Apologetik, 8vo. hf. bd. 2s 6d

Hamburg, 1829 2199 SALVADOR (J.) Jésus-Christ et sa doctrine, Histoire de l'Eglise pendant le ler siècle, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d

Paris, 1839 2199*SALVADOR, STRAUSS et GIBBON; Guillon, Examen critique de leurs Doctrines sur

Jesus-Christ, son Evangile et son Eglise : 2 vols. 8vo. 900 pp. sd. 7s 6d Par. 1841 2200 SANCHEZ, de sancto Matrimonii sacramento disputationes, quibus accedunt

Aphorismi, 3 vols. in 1, very stout folio, remarkably fine copy in stamped hogskin, clasps, 25s

Viterbii, 1754 “ Ouvrage célèbre, à cause de quelques passages singuliers qui s'y trouvent." - Brunet. The author is said to have written this work standing with naked feet on cold marble.

2201 (SARPI) (Pietro, Polano) Historia del Concilio Tridentino, 4to. vellum, 7s 6d 1629 2202 - Istoria del Concilio Tridentino, 7 vols. 12mo. hf. russia, gilt, 258 1835 2203 SCHLEIERMACHER’S sämmtliche Werke: zur Theologie, Vols. 2, 3, 4, 7, 11;

Predigten, 1–8; zur Philosophie, 2–5, together 18 vols. (published at £6. 6s) sd. €2.58

Berlin, 1834-39 2204 - Predigten, Vols. 1, 2, 4, and 7, 8vo. hf. calf, 6s

1834 2205 SCHOLZ (J. M. A.) Einleitung in die Heiligen Schriften des alten und neuen Testaments, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 18s) hf. calf gilt, 9s

Köln, 1845 2206 SCHRÖDER, Das erste Buch Mose ausgelegt mit Einleitungen, berichtigter Uebersetzung und erklärenden Anmerkungen, 8vo. half calf, 58

Berlin, 1844 2207 SCHROECKH (J.M.) Christliche Kirchengeschichte, bis zu 1517, mit dem Allge

meinen Register, 35 vols. portrait.-Christliche Kirchengeschichte seit der Reformation, bis 1648, Vols. 1-3 ;-together 38 vols. 8vo. bright old calf gilt, £2. 16s

Leipzig, 1772-1805 Priced, 1830, Black and Armstrong, 35 vols. £11. 118; fetched, 1832, Sotheby's, £5.78 6d.

The best compendious Church History, according to Protestant views, still unsurpassed by any work of similar extent. Of late it has become scarce. The “ Kirchengeschichte seit der Rea formation" ought to be 10 vols. 2208 STRAUSS, Das Leben Jesu, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 10s

Tübingen, 1838-9 2208*Tassis (M. A.), Vita di S. Grata vergine, Regina nella Germania, poi Principessa di Bergamo, 4to. portrait, vellum, 58

Padova, 1723 2209 THEOLOGISCHE STUDIEN und KRITIKEN : eine Zeitschrift für das gesammte

Gebiet der Theologie, in Verbindung mit Gieseler, Lücke und Nitzsch, herausgegeben von C. ULLMANN und F. W. C. UMBREIT, 1828-48; mit Register,

1828-37; 22 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £10. 10s) cloth, rare, £8.8s Hamb. 1828-48 2210 — the same, 1854-1856 pt. 1, and 1856 pts. 3 and 4, 11 parts, 8vo. sewed, 12s'


miensi ad annum 1717, 4 vols. folio, a good copy in calf, £20. Lond. 1837

VERY RARE, a most important library book, seldom offered at such a low price. 2212 WRIGHT's (Thos.) Early Christianity in Arabia, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d


EARLY 'LITURGICAL LITERATURE, in all LANGUAGES. 2212*BOSSNA (Fra Mattheo de) Libro intitolato Instruttione Christiana con i Miracoli

della Madonna del medessimo Autore, in Lingua Illirica e Carattere Illirico, 2 vols. in 1, stout 12mo. woodcuts, fine copy with autograph of Anquetil Duperron, EXCESSIVELY RARE, rough calf, £5. 58

Venetiis, 1611 The great rarity of these works, printed for circulation in Illyria by the Sabios and family of Aldus, is too well known to require any comment. No other copy of this work can be traced in any public sale. 2213 BREVIARIUM GRÆCUM, continens Calendarium, Rubricas, Psalterium cum Canti

cis, Horologium et Officia varia, Græce, curante Antonio Arcudio, small thick 8vo, elegantly printed in black, with the rubrics in red, by ALDUS, and probably the last book under his superintendence as it was not published till after his death, VERY RARE, £5.

Venetiis in Typographia Vaticana, 1598 Italian binding of the XVIth century. Beautiful copy, ruled, in old olive morocco, gilt edges, the sides and back ornamented, having the arms of the first owner stamped, also in gold, on each side of the cover. This work was written by order of the Pope for the use of the Greeks living at that time in Calabria and Sicily, and who, although presumed to be Roman Catholics, even still retain many of their peculiar habits, the most curious of all being the marriage of the priests ! 2214 BREVIARIUM Romanum, Deutsch mit Kalendar, numerous elegant wood

engravings, BLACK LETTER, with the rubrics in red, 4to. a good copy, without the first (a blank) leaf, newly bound in morocco, old style, gilt edges, £10.

Venedig, durch Gregorium de Gregoriis, 1518 This is perhaps one of the rarest books in existence, of which we believe no copy has ever been submitted to auction in this country. The version was printed at the expense of the Count and Countess of Frangepane, who at the time were, and had been for 53 months as prisoners of war, confined in the Gaol called Dorasel (Torcello, near Venice), and is supposed to have been entirely distributed by them in presents. In the first Woodcut are full length portraits of the Count and his Countess. The volume contains nearly 650 leaves, and its state of preservation is perfect in every respect. This is the only German book of any importance printed at Venice at that early period. Libri Catalogue.

Libri's copy fetched at Sotheby's 1859, £11. 118.

2215 BUGENHAGEN (Johann) Wat me van dem Closter Leven de holden schal,

allermeyst vor de Nunnen unde Bagynen gheschreven, uth der hilgen Schrifft,
Hamborck, Jurg Richolff, 1529, with the rare last leaf, being the printer's mark
--Der Keyserliken Stadt Lübeck christlike Ordeninge dorch J. Bugenhagen,
1531—both works in Low German, in 1 vol. 18mo. original vellum binding, very
rare, £2. 2s

1529-31 Equally interesting to the Philologist and the Student of Church History. 2216 HEURES a lusaige de Rome tout au long sans riēs requerir, avec les figures de

la vie de l'homme: et la destruction de Hierusalem, 4to. many large and small woodcuts, comprising the DANCE OF DEATH, elegant borders round each page, old

red mor. gt. edges, fine and well preserved copy, £7. Par. Gil. Hardouyn, 1513 2217 MARGARITA THEOLOGICA, in Low German : SPANGENBERG (Predeker tho

Northusen) De Hövet Articule der reinen christliken Lere, up vrage wyse gestellet, Magedeborch, dorch Hans Walther, 1544-LUTHER's viele schöne Sprüche aus göttlicher Schrifft, Wittemberg, 1548— in 1 vol. 12mo. old binding, dated

1548, 12s 2218 OFFÍCIUM B. Mariae, Pii V. jussa editum, 18mo. woodcuts, bound in silk,

beautifully EMBROIDERED WITH GOLD LACE, a medallion PORTRAIT in the centre, £2. 28

Romae, in aedibus Populi Romani, 1571 2218*OFFICIUM beate Marie virginis scdm. verum usum Romanum, cum missa

ejusdem et septem psalmis penitentialibus, cum Officio mortuorum, Horis sancte Crucis, etc. sm. 8vo. PRINTED UPON VELLUM, with woodcuts, including 15 the size of the page, the capitals coloured and gilt, large margin, original binding,

£2. 12s Paris, Egidius Hardouyn et expensis Germanni Hardouyn, 1514

The Collation is irregular, but the book is perfect. The first leaf, a blank one, is apparently wanting, but one similar to the printed book is inserted; then follows the Almanack from 1513-27, complete, being sheet A. 7 leaves ; there exists no Sign. B., (evidently not printed); the work extends from Sign. C. to 0. in eights. 2219 PASSIONAEL EFTE DAT LEVENT DER FYLLIGHEN to dude uth dem latino mit

velen nyen hystorien unde leren, etc. in Low German, stout 4to, many very rude woodcuts, a good copy in beautiful old calf gilt binding, Cyphers on back, £5.

Gheendighet un ghedrukket dorch dath beueel Steffani Arndes ynwaner un

borgher der Keyserliken stad Lübeck, ynt yaer unses heren, Mccccc un vij Very rare ; the only copy I have ever had was an imperfect one; in Thorpe's catalogues I have only traced one copy, that wanting the title. 2220 PINII Liturgia Mozarabica, tractatus hist. de Liturgia antiqua hispanica, gothica, mozarabica, toletana, mixta, folio, bds. uncut, 15s

Romæ, 1740 2221 PONTIFICALE ROMANUM, ad omnes pontificias ceremonias accomodatum, fol.

- printed in black and red, Gothic letter, with sacred music noted on four staves, and beautiful woodcuts, old Venetian morocco, 36s

Venet. 1572 2222 RITUS Ecclesiastici Augustensis Episcopatus, auctoritate D. Marquardi Epis

copi, small very stout 4to. printed in red and black, the music in four lines, stamped monastic binding, very fine copy, 21s

Dilingae, 1580 MANUSCRIPTS AND DRAWINGS:-a. EUROPEAN. 2223 ABYSSUM DUPLICATUM, cum Hieroglyphis (Unser General Regel) a very

curious German MS. on Alchemy, 2 vols. folio, 320 leaves, well written, hf. . 25s

(? 1700) 2223*ALCHEMY. Three curious old MSS.: Arcanum Arcanorum, Confession de

Henri KHUNRATH, 92 leaves, very neatly written, with Index-An old English collection of Chemical and Alchemical Receipts, mostly extracted from still earlier English, Latin and French MSS. some marked, such as “ Ex MSS. C. H. 30 martis, 1667," affixed to an English cosmetic, etc. 101 leaves ; Medicinalia, 12 leaves, Characteres, 2 leaves, in 1 vol. vellum-Chymica progymnasmata, 145 pp.; Physico-magico-medica, in 1 vol. old calf-together, the 3 vols.

18mo. 12s 2224 ALBUM OF DRAWINGS IN RICH COLOURS UPON VELLUM, Motto within a wreath

of Flowers, “ Natura e bella per la varieta,” 4to. a series of 99 Drawings of BIRDS, FLOWERS and INSECTS, mostly the three combined on one Drawing ; also a few elegant Drawings of the Female Human figure, old black morocco, gilt edges, £8. 88

XVII. S. The Ďrawings of Birds are particularly attractive ; every drawing would be very cheaply valued at half a guinea each, making a cost of £50.

2224*ALBUM of LANDSCAPES, COATS-OF-ARMs and AUTOGRAPHS, containing 4 scenes

of domestic Interiors ; 3 street views in HALLE; 3 Landscapes with Fauns and Nymphs ; the discovery of the pregnancy of Calisto whilst bathing with Diana and her nymphs; and a beautiful MINIATURE-finished figure of Apollo, holding a shield on which is emblazoned the coat-of-arms of the proprietor of the volume, all finely painted; also 3 coats-of-arms executed in gold and colours : the whole on pure VELLUM, elaborately finished, interleaved with Latin, French and German verses and mottoes, oblong 12mo. old maroon morocco, tooled back and sides, £2. 2s

Halle, 1718-20 Contains amongst others the following autographs : J. C. and Godf. Frid. Hübner, Halle, 1720 ; J.M. Hassius, Lipsiae, 1717 ; Lanthelme, sécrétaire de S. M. Britannique, à la Haye, 1720; C. G. Welser, à Halle, 1919; Heinr. Werner, Halae, 1720; F. C. G. Braun, Lipsiae, 1717; etc. 2225 ALBUM of MARC ANTONI WELSER ; A curious volume, containing Latin, Ger

man and French poetry in the autographs of many members of noble families, learned and distinguished men, his friends; interspersed with 26 COATS-OFArms, carefully finished in gold, silver and colours, oblong 12mo. old morocco,

back and sides covered with fleurs-de-lis, £4. 4s

This is an interesting memorial of a member of the noble and rich family of Welser, distinguished for their patronage of art and literature as well as for their association with the princes of Europe. It contains the following autographs, accompanied with the coats-of-arms of the writers : Carolus Emmanuel Abbas Madrusius Comes Auij et Chiallanti, 1620; Joannes S. R. Imperii Barifer Haereditarig, Baro in Walpurg, 1620; Arthurus Lake, Anglus, 1616; Sigism. Kheuenhüller, Baron d'Archlenberg, 1620; Eusebig, Baro in Froberg et Haimer, 1620; Sigismund, Baro a Scrattenpark, 1620; Edwardus Engelsand, 1621; Geo. a Rombergh, Bourges, 1618; P. P. Munka d'Eywanczicz, Siena, 1620; J. Spindler, Vienna, 1618; M. Bayer, Romae, 1620; Heuber, Florentiae, 1619; P. Lefebure de Bourges, 1618; and others : also many others without coats-of-arms. 2226 ALEXANDRI GALLI DOCTRINALE, MANUSCRIPT with an Inscription of the Scribe,

stating, Ego Agno veni in hoc claustrum Monte Beatæ Virginis, Anno Salutis MCCCCC 3.”—Grammaticæ, Pars II. MS.—Joannis de Garlandia Angli Synonimæ et Æquivoca, unpublished Manuscript of this celebrated English Poet, of whose Lines de Æquivocis only the first nine have been printed by Leyser-Composita Verba Joannis Synthis, in 1 thick vol. 4to. Manuscript in the original ornamented German binding of the beginning of the XXIth century, with clasps, 36s

Sæc. XV.-XVI. 2227 ALEXANDRI MAGNI VITA. Item Epistola Machabei Principis Judæorum ad

Alexandrum, Manuscript of this celebrated Romance of Chivalry, 4to. very dis, tinctly written, bds. 218

Sæc. XV. At the end of the Vita are the “ Versus Dotomei Phyliosophi," and other Carmina. On the last two leaves in a more modern writing, but evidently of the XVth Century, is Epistola Ferdinanda Regis Siciliæ ad Papam de Discordiis Italie," "dated “ xxi Junii, 1482." 2228 AMERICA. Decretos del concilio provincial del Peru hechos en la Ciudad de

los Reyes, 1591: Compendio y Sumario de los Synodos Limenses, 1582-4-5-6-8, 1590-2-4 hecho del Illo. P. Don S. Alph. Mogroveso, Arcobispo de los Reyes, public. en el Pueblo de Guaraz, 1596-8; Orden de castigar los Yndios, 1898, at the end is a list of Bishops and other dignitaries composing the Synod ; Sinodo Diocessano Limense de el Lcdo. Fr. de Avila en 27 de Junio, 1600, de el Licdo. Fr. de Avila, Constituciones Synodales, 1602-4; in 1 vol. 4to. 136 pages neatly written, vellum, 36s

This is one of the authentic sources that illustrate the early history of the Spanish government in America, which only rarely occur for sale and cannot be too carefully preserved. This MS. shews more particularly the ecclesiastical government; its power at this time (1598) in temporal affairs is shewn by the 211 decrees in the “ Orden de castigar los Yndios.” It is written by Ginez de Alarcon, notario secretario at CIUDAD DE LOS REYES (Peru), 1604. 2229 APOCALYPSIS. Explicit liber apochalipsis sci iohānis apli et euāgeliste cū

glo'sis magistri nicolai de lira. Est magnifici Petri Guerruci, nec non filior., eius nunc occupantiū Muriani Oppidum, quod distat a Venitiis itus Sagittæ, 4to. MANUSCRIPT ON VÉLLUM, beautifully written, having in the first initial a miniature of St. John, and the first page surrounded by a border in which are introduced the yhs and the Guerruci arms, £4. 4s

Saec. XV. A most beautiful specimen of Venetian binding of the XVth Century, the sides covered with. elaborate gold and blind tooling, the edges gilt and gaufré. This valuable manuscript is an early Italian version of N. de Lyra's Commentary, the Text of St. Jobn being only in Latin, accompanied by a Translation into Italian.

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