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2230 APOLLONII RHODII Argonauticon. E Manuscriptis codicibus, adhibitis suis

etiam et doctorum virorum conjecturis, emendavit et descripsit R. F. P. Brunck, Argentorati die xxi Martii, 1775, large 4to. MS. upon vellum. It is in the autograph of the learned editor Brunck, and exhibits a remarkable instance of beautiful and uniform penmanship in Greek, an art so rarely combined with pro

found learning, £5. 2231 ÅRITHMETIĆ. Instruction dans l'Arithmétique, folio, a beautifully executed

French MS., interspersed with some curious Verses in French, with numerous ORNAMENTED CAPITALS, and many cleverly executed Designs of Birds, Flowers, and other figures in colours, ruled throughout with red lines, an unpublished work, vellum, 24s

circa 16—. 2232 ASTROLOGY: An Ancient German Handbook of Astrology and Astronomy,

and Rules of Life throughout the year, by Hanns Glockengieser, folio, 352 pp. most carefully written, with 25 pen and ink drawings of very rude execution, in very fine preservation, bound in a quaint leather cover, somewhat in the oriental style, £4. 108

(ca. 1500) 2233 ATHANASII Alexandrini contra Gentiles Libri II per Ambrosium Monachum

Florentinum e Græco in Latinum traducti, 4to. manuscript on vellum, by an Italian Scribe, having a border and the two Initial Letters richly illuminated in gold and colours, £5. 58

Sæc. XV. A very elegant specimen of Italian Morocco binding of the XVth century, the sides richly ornamented. 2234 BERNARDI (S.) Opusculum de Laudibus Virginis Matris ; Sermones LXV et

Institutio quomodo canere et psaltere debeamus, 4to. MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM, with the INITIAL LETTER, containing portrait of the Saint, illuminated in gold

and colours, in the original oak bds. in a fine state of preservation, £4.4s Sec. XV. 2235 BERNEGGERI (Matthæi) Notationum Partes tres, quibus Proportionum Instrumenti Fabrica et Usus explicantur, 4to. 74 pp. 58

Sec. XVIII. Although without the name of the author, this is the original manuscript, with many autograph alterations and corrections of the instructions added by Bernegger to his translation, printed Argen, torati, 1635, in 4to., of the work of his friend the great Galileo : Le Operazioni del Compasso Geometrico, etc. This work of Bernegger was afterwards translated into Italian, and printed amongst the Opere di Galileo. 2236 BIBLIA SACRA LATINA, MS. on VELLUM, 12mo. 469 leaves, very neatly written,

with illuminated Capitals, in old Venetian morocco, richly tooled, £8.8s Šæc. XIV. 2237 BIBLIA SACRA LATINA, cum Interpretatione Nominum Hebræorum, small

4to. Manuscript of the XIV th Century, upon vellum, written in double columns, and extending over many hundred pages, the initial letters in colours, blue mo

rocco, gilt sides, morocco joints, and gilt edges, £7. 108 2238 BURY (X.) Latitudinarius Orthodoxus; accesserunt Vindiciæ Libertatis Christianæ

Ecclesia Anglicanæ et Arthuri Bury, contra Ineptias et Calumnias P. Jurieu, 8vo. MS. on paper, old russia, 3s 6d

Londini, 1697 2239 BYROM (John) Universal English Short Hand, 420 pp. half bound, 15s

Sæc. XVIII (1768) Evidently prepared for a new edition, with a preface respecting the perfection of Mr. Byrom's method; half the volume consists of old white paper. 2240 CAMBRIDGE. Statuta Collegii Reginalis, 4to. MS. on paper, trans. by J. Sharpe, Butler of the College, 2s 6d

: 1172 2241 CASTILLO (Diego Enriquez del, “ Coronista Capellan y de su Consejo") Coronica

del quarto Don Enrique de Gloriosa Memoriae, fol. 480 pp. vellum, 25$ Sec. XVI.

This Chronicle was not published until 1787, and the manuscripts contain many interesting variations from the printed text. 2242 CELADENI (Alexii, “ Episcopi Gallipolitani") Libri III. Consolationis ad Maxi.

milianum Augustum de Obitu Filii deque ipsa Morte in genere, 4to. 204 pp. bds. 5s

Sæc. XVI. We do not find the name of this writer mentioned by any author that we have perused. 2243 CHAMBERLAND DE LA FAY (Avocat au Parlement de Paris) La Medicine uni

verselle avec les Règles et l'Ordre à observer pour la Manipulation, 4to. 156 pages, calf, 7s 6d

Septembre, 1767 An autograph manuscript on Alchemy.

2244 CHARLES 1.-INVENTORIES of the PICTURES, Plate, Jewels, Statues,

with their valuations, as possessed by King Charles I. and appraised during the Commonwealth and K. Charles II. a well written OFFICIAL MS., folio, 61 pp. and MS. Index, half bound, £7.78

(ca. 1681) Highly interesting for the History of Art in England. CONTENTS : Goods inventoried in Ludlow Castle belonging to the late King, Oct. 31, 1680– Paintings from Wimbleton House-Goods at Holmby House-Goods in Carisbrook Castle, appraised Oct. 17, 1680 - Goods at Somerset House, etc. and various other establishments-Contracts made of the late King's Goods between the contractors of the sale thereof and the respective byers (sic), setting forth the numbers of the persons, to whom sold, and for what above the appraisement, as also the time when sold (from 1649-1653). The valuation was £62017., the surplus about £2000.-The Tower Jewell House-The Regalia from Westminster-Goods at Wimbleton, ap. praised 7th June, 1649—Pictures in Greenwich- Pictures out of the Beer Gallery and Privy Lodgings at Whitehall— Pictures at Oatlands, appraised 13 Sept., 1649–Pictures at Nonsuch, Sept. 22, 1649–Inventory of the Pictures at Hampton Court, appraised Oct. 5, 1649–Pictures at St. James's, etc. etc. including even many very small items of Goods in the hands of Institutions and private Individuals. 2245 CHRYSOLORUS' Greek Grammar, followed by the Creed, the Lord's Prayer,

and the Hail Mary, A GREEK MS. ON VELLUM, 12mo. 78 pages, half bound, £2.

Sæc. XVI. 2246 CONTARENI (Gasparis Cardinalis) de Magistratibus et Republica Venetorum Libri V. 4to. 140 pages, bds. 58

Sæc. XVI. 2247 CORSINI (Monsignore: Clemente XII?) Avvertimenti e Ricordi Politici-Docu

menti Politici e Morali (Favole) del Dott. Annibal Lomeri di Siena Accad. Filomato detto il Satirico-Avvertimenti bellissimi per la Corte del Sig. Conte di Verrua Amb. Residente di Savoia in Roma, folio, 232 pages, boards, 21s

Sec. XVII-XVIII. An interesting collection. The political Favole of Lomeri are very singular. We cannot find any mention showing that these works were printed. 2248 CRAMER (Gabriel) Cours de Mathématique, folio, 340 pages, half red morocco, 30s

Sæc. XVIII. In the autograph of Soubeyran, the Genevan engraver, and apparently a course of lectures given by the celebrated Professor Cramer, author of the “ Analyse des Lignes Courbes." At the beginning there is an interesting autograph letter by M. Al. Monteil (the author of well-known works on French history) dated 10 Sept. 1836. 2249 CRUCIFIXIÓN. An ancient GREEK OIL PAINTING on canvass of Christ

crucified between two thieves, in the back ground is the temple of peculiar architecture, on the cross is the SLAVONIC abbreviation for Christ, and on the top of the picture is “the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ,” in SLAVONIC

letters; measuring 23 inches by 18, £2. 2s

A Sebastopol relic taken by one of Her Majesty's officers from a private house there. The old worm-eaten frame in which it was hung, crumbled to dust the moment it was touched. It is a singular specimen of early Graeco-Russian Art, the expression of the three faces, that of the Redeemer as well as of the penitent and impenitent thief being curiously recorded. 2250 DIPLOMATA VIII. Pactum Venditionis Ceppato, 1244-Pactum Emphiteosis,

Pisis, 1375–Sententia Curiæ Reipublicæ Florentinæ, pro Filiis Grassolini, 1440 - Contractus Matrimonii Gianotti de Calis, cum Alexandra de Taiolis, 1497Confirmatio Emphiteosis (Breve Pontificis), Pisis, 1568-Procurationes duæ 1562 et 1595— Attestatio qualificans Personam Familiamque Petri Bucchianti nobilem di S. Gemignano, 1577, eight original deeds on vellum, with signatures,

etc. 12s 2251 DISPHILO (Giovan Carlo, “ Cognomento, Pittore Cesenate") Poesie Pastorali, 12mo. 76 pp. bds. 78

Sec. XVI. (28 Dec. 1507) As a poet, as well as a painter, the name of Giovan Carlo Disphilo is quite unknown in Italian literature. 2252 DUPRÉ DE SAINT-MAURE (Nicolas-François) sur les Mesures des Anciens, folio, 312 pp. vellum wrapper, 258

Sæc. XVIII. An Autograph Manuscript of the very learned author of the “ Essai sur les Monnoies," “Recherches sur la valeur des Monnoies et sur le Prix des Grains," and other works. It seems never to have been published. 2253 ELUCIDARIUS RERUM REALIUM, sive Erklärung der wirklichen Dinge, fol. an

early German MS. of 324 pp. on Natural History, shewing the Mediæval knowledge on Zoology, Mineralogy and Botany, bds. £3. 10s Written in Vienna, ca. 1365

2254 ENGLAND. An interesting collection of Documents (mostly original) generally relating to England and France, folio, 20s

Sec. XVI. and XVII. Amongst these papers there is a Memoir on an intended invasion of England; The capitulations for English and Irish levies for French service; Prisonniers de Guerre (Anglais) faits à Denain ; Inventaire des chartes u Trésor (Angleterre et Ecosse); Relation du combat naval de 1692; Remonstrance au Roy d'Angleterre ; Various treatises and political memoirs relating to England in its relations with France; Titres de la maison d'Hamilton sur le Duché de Chatelherault, &c. 2255 ENGLISH ARMORIAL. A curious MS. of 376 pages, comprising a Dic

TIONARY OF NOBLE ENGLISH FAMILIES, A-Y, in three parallel lines: 1, Names in alphabetical order; 2, Counties and Towns of which the families are inhabitants ; 3, the Coats-of-Arms fully described; the remainder of the volume is filled with other Heraldic information, sm. 4to. hf. bd. from the libraries of A. C. Foote è Coll., Exôn., Oxôn., and Lieut. Col. Chas. Hamilton Smith, with

their autographs, £7.78 2256 EPISTOLARIS Institutio, 4to. 28 pp. 3s 6d

Sæc. XVII. . A very learned Treatise on Letter-writing, with full directions for their construction, &c. 2257 EUCLIDE, Libro secondo dimostrato per Analisi, Geometria Pratica e Trattato delle Sezzione Coniche, 4to. 212 pp. ods. 58

Sec. XVIII. 2258 EUCLID's Elements, Book I. to VII. XI. and XII., with Diagrams, 2 vols. 4to. 368 pp. hf. bd. 58

Sec. XVIII. 2259 FABRITII (Sebastiani, “ Tigurini") De Compositione Astrolabii Liber unus a D.

M. Vito Ardijseo Rheto publice Basileæ nunc privatim a D. Samuele Pellicano traditus et auctus 1551. “Astrolabii quoque usus (qui multiplex est) hoc libro continetur—COMPOSITIO et usus sphæræ a planetis pretusæ (a Jos. Simlero)FABRICATIO Spherae-FABRICATIO horologiorum-DE QUADRANTIBUS-ComPENDIUM geographiæ-BESCHRIBUNG des Wellt-Spiegel, with 112 illuminated figures (including map of America), 4to. 164 pp. limp vellum wrapper, £5.

Sæc. XVI. (1551) An autograph manuscript of S. Fabritius. On one of the pages is the following inscription : * Finivit scribere Seb. Fab. 24 die Septembris, cum D. Josias Simlerus nuptias cum Bullingeri filia celebrabat, 1551.” We do not find any mention of Seb. Fabricius, Pellicanus, or V. Ardijseus in Lalande's Bibliographie Astronomique. This important collection, full of volvelles and figures of ancient astronomical instruments, is very interesting. At the beginning of the Compositio Sphæræ we find written by another hand, “D. Nicolaus Copernicus in Prüssen.” Simler was the son-inlaw of the celebrated Henry Bullinger, whose life he wrote, as well as a Treatise de Principiis Astronomiæ, and other works relative to Switzerland, one of which, the Vallesiæ Descriptio, has often been reprinted. No notice has been taken of this work on the Sphere by any of his numerous biographers, and as it is not mentioned by Lalande, who quotes the De Principiis, we may safely presume it to be unpublished. 2260 FERNANDEZ (D. Bernardo, “Naturale della Citta di Malaga") Astriloquio Uni.

versale. Chiromanticum Opusculum. Metoposcopia, 4to. 228 pages, vellum, 36s

Sæc. XVII. This work of Fernandez relates to meteorology, navigation, astronomy, &c. The Opusculum contains a great number of well-executed drawings of heads, by an Italian artist of the seventeenth century. All three works seem to be unpublished. 2261 FIESCHI. Congiura del Conte Gian Luigi Fieschi dell' Anno MDXLVII..

small 4to. ON PAPER, very neatly written, morocco, 12s

The narration appears to have been very carefully compiled from authentic sources, 2262 FINANCES. Sur l'Exportation des Espèces; Sur l'Etablissement du Crédit public en France, &c. folio, 3s 6d

Sec. XVII. 2263 FLORA: A classified Dictionary of PLANTS, with their descriptions, synonyms,

and with original remarks, 2 stout vols. 4to. 396 pages, very neatly written, interleaved, with a few additions in pencil by a different hand, also an Index of 74 pages, from the library of the late Thomas Horsfield, 12s

ca. 1825 2264 FUCK FAMILY. Armorial of the Ancient German Family of the FUNCKS

of SENFFTENAU (Bavaria), also with Coats of Arms of those Families with whom they intermarricd, such as the NUTTINGERS, etc. in all 133 BEAUTIFULLY EMBLAZONED COATS OF ARMS, 4to. in an extraordinary fine specimen of MEDIÆVAL BINDING, the style of MAJOLI, elaborate tooling on the obverse and reverse sides, filled in with red, white, and green colours, the sides sunk in, to protect the tooling and ornamentation from friction, gauffré edges, £7.

2265 GERMAN THEOLOGY. An early Theological MS. in Low German, comprising a

complete body of the Roman Catholic Doctrines, small 4to. 147 leaves, remarkably well written in Gothic letters, old vellum, 20s

Sæc. XV. A curious MS. written before the Reformation; it is divided into about 200 chapters, amongst which are the following: the CONFESSIONAL, a long account of the usual sins, which ought to be confessed; whether the Evil spirit can foretell future events; whether a wizard can do harm, and a great variety of Superstitions; Gambling; Lying, Dancing, etc. 2266 GIGLI (Girolamo) “Sanese" L'Osita; Madama Ciana ; il Virtuoso per forza; Commedio Senza titale, folio, 220 pp. 18

Sæc. XVIII. Except “ Madame Ciana," which was printed at Venice in 1744, all these plays were unknown to Allacci, and his continuator. At the end of L'Osita (who is represented as the daughter of Fritewald, King of England,) it is stated that this play was left unfinished by Gigli. It is doubtful whether the other plays are from the pen of the same humourous writer. 2267 GUERRE (La) et la paix du prebstre et du Bourgeoys, 12mo. 182 pp. old vellum, 358

Sæc. XVI. A curious dialogue written in old French. This manuscript is of the beginning of the sixteenth century. In this work the Bourgeoys does not spare the gens d'Eglise. The priest introduces himself as about to proceed " au Pays des Indes Nouvelles" (America), where God, the Church, and the Sacraments are still held in honour. 2268 HARTLIEB.-Hir hebt sich an das Puch Ovidij von der Lieb zu erwerbenn ;

Auch die Lieb zu versmehen; Als Doctor Hartlieb von Latein zu Tewtsch bracht hat, durch pete und gescheft eins Fürestenn von Ostereich-Die Histori von dem posin Dracol der vil wunders und übels begangen hat, folio, MSS. on paper, old monastic binding, with clasps, rebacked, £4. 108

Sæc. XV. This is not a translation of Ovid, as it would seem, but a free version of the Tractatus Amoris et De Remediis Amoris of Andreas Capellanus, by Dr. Hartlieb, the author of a celebrated work, executed with wooden blocks, entitled DIE KUNST CIROMANTIA.

He dedicates this work to the Archduke Albert, grandfather of the Emperor Maximilian. It is remarkable that Hartlieb calls the author Albertanus, and makes him address it to a Briton named Walthearius. One curious chapter has the following Rubric

Was Lieb und mynne die Munch suchen Soll.For further particulars respecting this curious work, See Lambecius Biblioth, Vindobon, T. ii. p. 263. Von Murr Memorabil. Bibl. publ. Norimb. et Altorff, T. iii. p. 125. Spangenberg Die Minnehöfe des Mittelalters, Leips. 1821, p. 204. Von Aretin Aussprüche der Minnegerichte, München, 1804. Millin, Voyages en France, T. ii. p. 263.

In the same volume is a MS. translation into old German of Valerius Maximus ; with two early printed works,“ Die Güldin BULLE UND Künigelich REFORMATION, with curious woodcuts, coloured at the time, Strasb. 1485," and the celebrated “ DoctrinALE FÜR DIE LAYEN." 2269 HAWKEENS (John) his Cyphering Book, small 4to. very neatly written calcula. tions, calf, 2s 6d

1730-35 2270 HEMRIČOURT (Jacques de) Le Miroir des Nobles de Hesbain (sic) et la guerre

d'Awans et de Waroux, par moy Jacques de Hempricourt, manant en la cité de Liège, frère et chevalier a present delle ordre de l'Hospital Sainct Jehan de Jherusalem; commence l'an delle Nativite de Nostre Seigneur 1353 conclus

l'an 1399, folio, half blue morocco, £6. Manuscript of the XV1th century, with all the blazoning and arms of the families of that country (Pas de Liége) painted in colours. This manuscript belonged lately to the family de Liederkerke, and may be considered as the very genuine text from which a first edition was published in the year 1673. 2271 HIERONMYI Presbyteri Sanctissimi Transitus incipit feliciter, 4to. 240 pp.;

MANUSCRIPT on VELLUM, with the following inscription at end : “ Pro clariss.
D. Lamb. M. Federicus Veteranus Urbinas transcripsit VI Idus Decemb.
MCCCLXXXVIIII (immo MCCCCLX....) the first page is surrounded by
an elegant border, containing Arms, which, as well as the initial Letter, is illu-
minated, a VERY ELEGANT SPECIMEN of Italian binding of the XVth century, in
MOROCCO, having the sides covered with elaborate gold and blind tooling, £5. 58

Sæc. XV. F. Veteranus was a celebrated caligrapher, and the librarian of the Dukes of Urbino during the XVth century (see Dennistoun Memoirs, vol. II. p. 138, etc.) The date (146 . . ) at the end has been evidently altered by some stupid possessor of this precious volume in order to make it appear older than it really is. 2272 HIERONYMI Epistolæ, folio, MS. of the XVth Century, upon VELLUM, with

illuminated capitāls, in a beautiful state of preservation, bds. £2. 2s


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2273 HOADLEY (Bishop of Bangor) Grant of Arms, attested by Sir John Vanbrugh,

Clarencieux King of Arms, and Peter Le Neve, Esq..Norroy King of Arms,

with their Seals, upon vellum, in a very curious stamped leather case, 16s 1715 2274 HORÆ B. Mariæ Virginis, cum Calendario, Belgice, 4to. M$. of the XVth Cen

tury, upon VELLUM, with numerous CAPITAL LETTERS, beautifully illuminated in • GOLD and COLOURS, red velvet, gilt edges, £4. 10s

Sec. XV. 2275 HORÆ B. Mariæ Virginis, 4to. a fine MS. upon VELLUM, executed in ENGLAND in

the bold style of the early part of the Fifteenth Century, with 10 large Initials in gold and colours full size of the page, bcsides the small capitals, original binding, £4. 48

Saec. XV. The various early possessors have inscribed family and other memoranda on the fly-leaves ; eight pages of them are filled with these interesting notices. The most legible memorandum states the day of the marriage of Thomas Turk, in St. Dunstan's Church, London, 1457; most dates are 2276 HOROLOGIUM Magnum et Troparium, Horas Officii Divini continens Graece,

exquisite Manuscript of the FIFTEENTH CENTURY upon Bombyx paper, dated 1470, a thick sm. 4to. vol. (meas. 8 inches by 53), in the original binding, having a

portion of one leaf torn off, £10. 10s

This most beautiful specimen of Greek Calligraphy is mentioned in Mr. Coxe's Report to H. M. Government on Manuscripts in the Levant. 2277 HUME's History of England, an Abridgment, from A. D. 827 to 1803, by the

learned Mr. Platt, prepared for the use of Schools, together with a Summary of the History of France and of Europe from 1783-1810, the whole in 1 vol.

folio, upwards of 250 leaves written in a plain neat hand, bds. 20s (1840) Mr. Platt is known in the literary world as a learned Oriental scholar, by his translations from the Ethiopic, and into the Amharic. He united with his Oriental learning a deep reading in English and general history ; privately he was often consulted by his friends on account of his impartial judgment and great learning in general historical matters. 2278 ISIDORI Hispaniensis Episcopi Differentiarum Patris, Filiiet Spiritus Sancti Liber.

Item de Differentiis Verborum, 4to. 228 pp. red mor. gilt edges, 20s Saec. XV. We see in Fabricius that the second work is that which Barthius intended to publish from a manuscript. 2279 JUSTINIANI Imperatoris Institutiones Civiles, 8vo. 726 pp. old vellum gilt, gilt edges, 10s

Saec. XVII. 2280 KOLLI, Memoires historiques et politiques sur VALENÇAY, offerts aux Souverains

de l'Europe et écrits par le Colonel Baron de Kolli, qui en 1810 a été chargé d'une mission importante par le Gouvernement Britannique près S. M. C. Ferdinand VII. Roi d'Espagne, alors prisonnier à Valençay; les pièces authentiques à l'appui de ces memoires; celles qui emanent des Rois, des Princes, et autres. Les details de la captivité de l'auteur au Donjon de Vincennes, pendant les années 1810-13, sa translation au chateau de Saumur en 1814, sa liberté, et sa seconde captivité en 1815, 2 vols. 8vo. very neatly written, portrait of Ferdinand VII. in Indian ink, red morocco, gilt edges, from Lord Wellesley's library, £2. 2$

1820 2281 LANZONI (Dottor Guiseppe) Opusculi diversi raccolti di Girolamo Baruffaldi, folio, 356 pp. bds. 258

Sec. XVII. et XVIII. (1697-1716) Au autograph manuscript, evidently prepared for publication, and containing works that were edited as well as those never published, including his curious Treatise,“ del Formaggio." Amongst the dissertations that are most worthy of perusal are these : “ De Giuochi puerili antichi, dei VASI ANTICHI, se sia possibile far Oro per Alchimia, dell' Origine della Pittura, &c. &c.” Lanzoni is an excellent authority on subjects of Antiquity and Art. Concerning this learned man, see Tiraboschi and Lombardi. 2282 LATINÆ GRAMMATICÆ Compendia, 4to. Manuscript on vellum, with the Initial, Capital illuminated in gold and colours, £4. 4s

Saec. XV, In the original Italian binding of the XVth century, with sides ornamented with gold tooling. This Manuscript is without the name of the author, and commences" Vox est Aer tenuissimus ictus.” Spaces throughout have been left for filling in the Greek quotations. This abridgment, which seems to have been made from the original work in XVI. books, concludes with the following lines:

“ Cum legeris nostri compendia parva laboris

Dicere non pudeat gratia magna tibi :
Nam quæ vix poteras multis ediscere in annis
Mensibus hæc paucis nunc meminesse potes."

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