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2875 DOZY, Catalogus Codicum Orientalium Bibliothecæ Academiæ Lugduno Batavæ,

Vol. I. 8vo. containing extracts from Arabic MSS. sd. 68 Lugd. Bat. 1851 2876 - Dictionnaire des Noms des Vêtements chez les Arabes, 4to. Large Paper, bds. 18s

- 1845 Ouvrage couronné et publié par l'Institut Royal des Pays-Bas. 2877 EBN EL FAREDH. Commentaire du Divan d’Ebn El Faredh, célèbre poète

arabe commenté par Hassan el Bourini (sous le rapport scientifique) et par Abd Elghani Nabulsi (sous les rapports scientifiques, selon les opinions de la secte des Sofis), en Arabe, impl. 8vo. 602 pp. sd. 158

Marseille, 1854 2878 EDRISI. De geographia universali hortus cultissimus, mire orbis regiones,

provincias, etc., earumque dimensiones et orisonta describens, arabice, Romae, 1592–Geographia Nubiensis, id est accuratissima totius orbis in septem Climata divisi descriptio, praesertim exactam universae Asiae et Africae explicationem continens, ex Arabico in latinum versa, Paris, 1619—the 2 vols. in 1, russia, 28s

1592-1619 2879 - - Geographia Nubiensis, latine, sm. 4to. morocco, gilt edges, 21s Paris, 1619 2880 ENIS EL-DJELIS, ou Histoire de la Belle Persane, conte des Mille-et-une Nuits, Arabe et Français, par Kazimirski, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d

Paris, 1846 2881 ERPENII Grammatica Arabica, cum fabulis Lokmani, excerptis Anthologiae quae

inscribitur Hamasa Abi Temmam, Arabice et Latine, notis, etc. ed. à Schultens, stout sm. 4to. calf, 6s

Lugd. Bat. 1749 2882 – - Rudimenta Linguae Arabicae : florilegium sententiarum Arabicarum

ut et clavium dialectorum, ac praesertim Arabicae adjecit A. Schultens, sm. 4to. hf. vellum, 78 6d

Lugduni Batav., 1770 2883 - Grammatica Arabica, accedunt Locmani fabulae, etc. 8vo. hf. bound, 58

Romæ, 1829 2884 EUCLID, Elementorum libri XIII. studio Nasidirini Tusini, nunc primum Arabice impressi, folio, 453 pp. Diagrams, calf neat, 30s

Romae, 1594 2885 the same, folio, LARGE PAPER, calf neat, 36s

1594 2886 FARHAT (Germanos Maronite) Dictionnaire Arabe, augmenté par R. de Dahdah, 4to. (pub. at £5. 58) hf. calf neat, £2. 108

Marseilles, 1849 2887 - another copy, 4to. calf neat, £2. 16s

1849 This valuable and rare Dictionary is a new edition of the Kamoos, with all the useless matter left out, and many words, particularly those occurring in Christian works, added. 2888 FARIS' ARABIC GRAMMAR: a Practical Grammar of the Arabic Lan

guage, with Interlineal Reading Lessons, Dialogues, and Vocabulary, by FARIS EL-SHIDIAC, a Native of Mount Lebanon, Syria ; formerly Professor of Arabic at the University of Malta; Translator of the whole Bible into Arabic ; Author of “ An English Grammar for Arabs," and of the Arabic work called “ The Fariyac," 1 vol. 12mo. cloth, 5s

1856 The only cheap and good Arabic Grammar. This little Manual will be of the greatest assistance to beginners of that difficult but very important Language.

Arabic is spoken by all the Syrian and Egyptian troops of the Porte; Northern India abounds with Mahommedans, who speak Arabic ; Arabic is the foundation of Turkish and Persian, and finally Arabic Literature is as valuable and important as Greek and Latin.

Such are the claims of this elaborate Language of Poets, Romancers and Historians, Mohammed, Harriri, Abulfeda, Macrizi, the authors of the Arabian Nights' Entertainments, etc. upon Scholars and, I may be allowed to point out) upon the British Government, to be adopted as one of the indispensable languages, as a study in Public Colleges and particularly in all the Military Academies.

Preston Rectory Suffolk, Nov. 8th, 1855. Dear Sir,-- I think the little Arabic Grammar you are about publishing will be welcomed by those who have been hitherto deterred from commencing the study of the language. The high character of Mr. Faris for Arabic learning will be a sufficient guarantee for its accuracy, while, I trust, the alterations as to arrangement and other details made at my suggestion when the MS. was submitted to me, will be found to have improved it. The dialogues, I am sure, will supply a defect I have long observed. I should not hesitate to recommend the volume as a most useful and simple compendium of Arabic Grammar.

Yours faithfully, To Mr. Quaritch.

HENRY G. WILLIAMS, And now allow me to thank you for the book. I have looked it through, and it is by all means the best manual of the kind I ever saw. I only wish I had had something of the kind during my travels in the East. It would have saved me much unnecessary trouble.

Believe me, Sir, yours faithfully,
Broadwindsor, Jan 20, 1856.


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3. MR. MÜLLER begs to thank Mr. Quaritch for the copy of the Arabic Grammar by M. Faris. He is sorry he did not know of it in time to mention it in the List of Grammars in the second edition of the Languages of the Seat of War, as it is evidently a work which could be strongly recommended to Officers and Travellers on account of its practical and compendious character.

TAYLOR INSTITUTION, Oxford, Jan. 8, 1856. 2889 FREYTAGII Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, præsertim ex Djeuharii Firuzbadique

et aliorum Arabum operibus desumtum, adhibitis Golii quoque et aliorum libris, confectum; accedit Index Vocum Latinarum locupletissimus, 4 vols. 4to. (pub. at £5. 58) hf. bd. £2. 12s

Halis, 1830-38 2890 - the same, 4 vols. in 2, 4to. calf, £2. 16s

1830-37 2891

Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, ex opere suo majore in usum tironum excerptum, 4to. 694 pp. (pub. at 36s) sd. 188

Halis, 1837 2892 FUTAWA Alumgiri; à collection of opinions and precepts of Mohammadan

law, compiled by Sheikh Nizaum, Arabic, Vol. 4, 5, 4to. sd. 20s Calcutta, 1832-34 2893 Futawa Ålumgeeree: Treatises of Mahommedan Law, in Arabic, thick 8vo. calf,

Calcutta, A.H. 1228 2894 FUTAWA QAZEE KHAN on the Institutes of Aboo Huneefa, in Arabic, lithographed, 4 vols. 8vo. sd. 158

Calcutta, 1835 2895 GERMANI (D.) Fabrica linguæ Arabicæ, cum interpretatione Latina et Italica, et indicibus, folio, 1238 pp. double columns, vellum, i5s

Romæ, 1639 Priced, 1858, £2. 28. 2896 GIGGEI Thesaurus Linguæ Arabicæ, 4 vols. folio, fine sound copy, hf. bound russia, £2. 108

* Med. 1632 Sold by myself before for £3. 38. " This excellent work is a translation of the Kamoos, which, being entirely written in Arabic, few but proficients in the language can derive any benefit from, and on this account the work of Giggeus is peculiarly valuable."--Clarke. « Quoiqu'en grande partie effacé par les lexiques Arabes qui l'ont suivi, cet ouvrage renferme un assez grand nombre d'interprétations que jusqu'à ces derniers temps on eût cherché vainement ailleurs ; vend. 80 fr. Soubise; 130 fr. Langlès ; 76 fr. Debure; 36 fr. br. en 1840."- Brunet. 2897 GOLII LEXICON ARABICO-LATINUM contextum ex probatioribus Orientis Lexico.

graphis, ac Index Latinus copiossissimus ; fol. old binding, £2. Lugd. Bat. 1653

Priced, 1822, Thorpe, £7.78; 1832 and 1837, Payne and Foss, £10. 108; 1839, Dondé. Dupré, 300 francs ; 1848, Payne and Foss, £8. 88; Klaproth's copy sold for 161 fr. ' “ This is an invaluable work, and the best on the subject ever published.”_ Clarke. “Ce dictionnaire est un livre classique indispensable à tous ceux qui étudient et meme qui savent l’Arabe."-Bibl. Elzev. Golius' Arabic Lexicon is preferred by many Arabic Scholars to Freytag. 2898 HALEBI. Selecta ex historia Halebi, Arabice et Latine, cum notis ed. Freytag, 8vo. cloth, 6s

Paris, 1819 2899 HAMAKER. Inverti auctoris liber de Expugnatione Memphidis et Alexandriae,

vulgo adscriptum Abou Abdallae Mohammedi Omari filio, Arabice, cum notis, ed. Hamaker, 4to. hf. calf, 4s

Lugd. Bat. 1825 2900 HARIRII eloquentiae arabicæ principis, tres priores CONSESSUs, cum notis ab A. Schultens, arabice et latine, sm. 4to. vellum, 10s

Franequerae, 1731 2901 HARIRI (Aboo Moohummudin) Adventures of Aboo Zyde, in fifty Stories, in Arabic, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, 128

Calcutta, 1809-12 2902 — the same, with Arabic-Persian Dictionary by Mouluvee Jaun Alee, in 3 vols. 4to. bds. 30s

Calcutta, 1809-14 Les trois volumes coûtaient £4. 148 6d. Vend. 180 fr. Langlès. 2903

- Séances de, en Arabe, avec un commentaire par Silvestre de Sacy, 2me

édition, par Reinaud et Derenbourg, 4 parts in 2 vols. Ato. £3. 10s Paris, 1847-53 2904 -- the same, Vol. II. part I. 4to. sd. 58

1853 C'est, après le Coran, le chef-d'oeuvre de la Littérature Arabe."--Brunet. 2905 HERBIN, Principes de la Langue Arabe moderne, suivis d'un recueil de phrases,

de traductions interlinéaires, des Proverbes Arabes, 4to. with 11 plates of penmanship, half calf, 58

Paris, 1803 2906 HIDAYAH, with its Commentary, the Kifayah, in Arabic, by Hukeem Moulvee Abdool Mujeed, Vol. I. 4to. cloth, 20s.

Calcutta, 1834 2907 the same, Vols. 3 and 4, 4to. calf neat, 30s

Calcutta, 1831-32 2908 the same, Vol. 4 only, 4to. 650 pp. sd. 10s.

1832 2909 HOOGVLIET, diversorum scriptorum loca de Regia Aphtasidarum Familia et de Ibn Abduno Poeta, Arabice et Latine, 4to. sd. 2s 6d

Lugd. Bat. 1839

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2910 HUMBERT, Anthologie Arabe, ou choix de poesies arabes inédites, en Arabe,

Français et Latin, avec des notes, additions, etc. 8vo. calf gilt, 9s Paris, 1819 2911 IBN BATOUTAH, Voyages, texte Arabe et traduction française, par C. Defremery et le Doct. B. R. Sanguinetti, 4 vols. 8vo. 28s

Paris, 1853-8 2912 the same, Vols. I.-III. 8vo. sd. 16s

1853-55 2913 IBN DOREIDI Poemation, Arabice et Latine, cum scholiis Chaluwiae et Lachumæi, ed. Aggæus Haima, 4to. LARGE PAPER, calf, 158

Franeq. 1773 2914 IBN MALIK, Alfijjah, carmen grammaticum, cum Commentario Ibn Akil, Ara. bice, ed. Dieterici, sm. 4to. 420 pp. hf. morocco, 10s

Lipsiæ, 1851 2915 KAMOOS, OR THE OCEAN-AN ARABIC DICTIONARY, by Mujd-ood deen Moo

hummud-oobno Yakoob of Feerozabad, collated with many MS. copies, and corrected by Shykh Ahmudoobno Shirwanee, in the Arabic department of Fort William, 2 vols. folio, LARGE PAPER, a superb copy in russia extra, marbled edges, very rare, £21.

Calcutta, 1817 No copy has been sold by auction for years. The Kamoos is the best Arabic Dictionary, ex. plained in Arabic, every word with the vowel points. 2916 KASIMIRSKI, Dictionnaire arabe-français, contenant toutes les racines de la langue

arabe, leurs dérivés dans les idiomes vulgaire et littéral, les dialectes d'Alger et de Maroc, complete in 2 vols. large 8vo. new, £4. 48

Paris, 1846-60 2917 - Vol. I. only, royal 8vo. cloth, 218

1846 2918 KORAN. Alcorani textus universus, Arabice et Latine, ed. MARRACCIUS, cum

vita Mahumeti, Prodromo, notis, etc. stout folio, vellum, 36s Patavii, 1698 2919 the same, folio, a fine copy in russia, £3. 38

1698 2920 KORAN, the Arabic text, with the vowel points, edited by Flügel, 4to. bds. 158

Leipsic, 1841 2921 — the same, 4to. slightly wormed, bds. 10s 6d

Lips. 1841 2922 KORAN, in Arabic, with Commentary, sm. folio, 478 pp. and 6 pp. of Tables, beau.

tiful edition, with the vowel points, hf. calf neat, very rare, £3. 10s Kazan, 1816 2923

another, very similar edition, in Arabic, with all the vowel points, folio. 478 pp. and 6 pp. of Tables, red morocco, gilt edges, £3. 12s (? Kasan, ca. 1830)

There is a variation in some matters of Typography in these two editions. 2924 KORAN, in Arabic, various editions, 12mo. lithographed, Oriental binding, 10s

(? Lucknow) 1854 2925 - the same, impl. 8vo. bound, wormed, 78 6d

1854 These editions of the Koran are neatly executed in lithography, and published in some town of Northern India. Orthodox Mussulmen used formerly only MSS., there are now 7 different Indian editions of the Koran before me, showing the progress of civilization. 2926 KORAN, in Arabic, with an extensive Persian Commentary, Vol. I. 4to. 940 pp.

lithographed, the Arabic text in the centre of each page is very boldly executed, with all the vowel points, the Persian commentary surrounding the text is beautifully lithographed in smaller letters, sewed, 28s

(? Calcutta, 1850) 2927 KORAN (The) commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed, translated with notes by Sale, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 8s 6d

1801 2928 KORAN (le), traduction par Kasimirski, 12mo. 2s

Paris, 1841 2929 SELECTIONS from the Koran, with an interwoven commentary ; translated from

the Arabic, with notes and introduction by E. W. LANE, 8vo. cloth, 58 1843 2930 KOSEGARTENII Chrestomathia Arabica, cum adscriptis vocalibus et lexico, 8vo. 552 pp. hf. russia, 10s 6d

Lipsia, 1828 2931 LOCMANI Fabulae, edidit G. W. Freytag, Arabicè, 8vo. sd. ls 6d Bonnae, 1823 2931*LOGHAT-I-TURKI, in Arabic, royal 8vo. half russia, 2s 6d Calcutta (P 1830) 2932 LUMSDEN'S ARABIC GRAMMAR, Vol. I. all published, stout folio, hf. Òd. calf neat, RARE, £2.

Calcutta, 1813 2933 the same, folio, fine tall copy, £2. 10s

1813 2934 the same, sm. folio, poor copy, no title, hf. bd. 158

1813 2935 MAKKARI, Analectes sur l'Histoire et la Littérature, des Arabes d'Espagne,

publiés en Arabe, par Dozy et Wright, Vol. I. par W. Wright, 4to. alt published, sd. 58

Leyde, 1855 2936 MARCEL, Vocabulaire Français-Arabe des dialectes vulgaires Africains ; d'Alger,

de Tunis, de Marok, et d'Egypte, stout 8vo. MS. notes, hf. bd. 78 6d Par. 1837

2937 MAULANA SUDEED KAZROONEE, commentatio absoluta: Ashshurh-Ool Moognee.

A commentary on the Moojuz-Ool Kanoon, known by the Sudeedee, on physic and the materia medica, edited by Hukeem Mouluvee Abdool Mujeed, Ārabic, 4to. sd. 15s

Calcutta, 1832 2938 MAURED ALLATAFET, Jemaleddini filii Togri-Bardii, seu Rerum Ægyptiacarum

Annales, Arabice et Latine, cum notis, ed. Carlyle, sm. 4to. bds. ls 6d 1792 2939 — the same, 4to. half calf, 2s

1792 2940 MEHEMET, Arabic grammar, by Shayk Mehemet, and commented by Shayk

Mustapha, son of Hamza, 8vo. and 267 pp. eastern binding, 5s Constpl. A. H. 1219 2941 MOALLAKAT, or seven Arabian poems, in roman letters, with translation, and arguments, by Sir W.JONES, 4to. portrait, sd. ods. 3s 6d

1783 2942 MOALLAKAT, with a Commentary, in Arabic, roy. 8vo. bds. 78 Calcutta, 1823 2943

Caabi ben Zoheir, with a Treatise on Prosody, in Arabic, sm. 4to. 150 pp. russia extra, 6s 2944 MOONTUKHUB-OOL-LOGHAUT, or a Dictionary of Arabic Words, with a

Persian translation, according to the authority of the Kamoos and other Lexi.

cons, by Molovee Daud, with Preface by Lumsden, 4to. calf, 258 C alc. 1808 2945 MOTENEBBI, der grösste Arabische Dichter, zum ersten Mahle ganz übersetzt, von Joseph von Hammer, 8vo. hf. bd. uncut, 10s

Wien, 1824 2946 OMAR ALKHAYYAMI, Algèbre, en Arabe et en Français, accompagnée d'extraits

. de MS. inédits, par Woepcke, impl. 8vo. 5 plates of diagrams, sd. 3s 6d Par. 1851 2947 POCOCKE (E.) Specimen historiae Arabum, cum notis ; accessit historia ve

terum Arabum ex Abul-feda cura A. J. Sylvestre de Sacy, edidit J. J. White, Arabice et Latine, small 4to. portrait, calf neat, 20s

Oxonii, 1806 2948 QUATREMÈRE, Notice d’un Manuscrit Arabe, contenant la description de l'Afrique, 4to. calf, 58

Notices and Extraits, vol. xii. 2949 RASMUSSEN, Historia præcipuorum Arabum Regnorum ante Islamismum, Arabice et Lat. sm. 4to. half calf, 2s 6d

Haun., 1817 2950 RICHARDSON's Grammar of the Arabic Language, sm. 4to. calf, 78 London, 1801 2951 -- the same, new edition, 4to. cloth, 12s

1801 2952 Ruphy, Dictionnaire François-Arabe, pour le Levant, 4to. 227 pp. double columns, hf. calf neat, 2s 6d

Paris, 1802 2952 SXCY (A. J. S. de) Grammaire Arabe, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 32 Paris, 1810 2953

Grammaire Arabe, SECONDE ÉDITION, corrigée et augmentée, à la quelle on a joint Un Traité de la Prosodie des Arabes, 2 vols. 8vo. plates of Facsimiles, calf, very rare, £5. 58

1831 2955 - - the same, 2 vols. 8vo. second edition, plates, £5.

1831 “An immortal work, which consigns to obscurity, by its superior lustre, all previous works of the same nature; and which has thrown more light upon the forms of words, the idiom, and the syntax of the Shemitish languages than has been cast before for many centuries. By this work, which contains 674 pages of Syntax, Gesenius has been substantially aided in the compilation of his Hebrew Grammar; and a multitude of things pertaining to the grammar and idiom of the Hebrew (though they may be learned by the diligent student without the aid of this work, so as to be useful to him), are seen, without a knowledge of De Sacy's Arabic syntax, only as through a glass, darkly. De Sacy has placed them in the meridian sun. That a work, which was not designed to have the most remote bearing upon the Hebrew Scriptures, should be thus made to contribute in a signal manner to their illustration, ought surely to be matter of gratitude to the Great Disposer of events, who can overrule the designs of men to the accomplishment of his own purposes."

Stuart's Dissertations on studying the original lanyuages of the Bible, p. 84. 2956 SACY, Chrestomathie Arabe, ou Extraits de divers écrivains Arabes, en prose

et en vers, SECONDE ÉDITION, corrigée et augmentée, Arabic and French, 3 vols. 8vo. fine copy, morocco extra, rare, £3. 78

Paris, 1826-27 2957

the same, 3 vols. large 8vo. PAPIER VÉLIN, cloth, uncut, £3. 18s 1826-27 2958 SAVARY, Grammaire de la Langue Arabe, avec un Recueil d'exercices, contes, et

chansons, en Arabe et Français, par Langlès, 4to. hf. calf, 58 Paris, 1813 2959 Schier, Grammaire Arabe, 8vo. a Grammar of the literal or Ancient Language, hf. calf, 10s .

Dresde, 1849 2960 SCHNURRER, Bibliotheca Arabica : Grammatica, Historica, Poetica, Christiana.

Biblica, Koranica, et Varia, sm. 8vo. calf neat, 58 Halæ ad Salam, 1811 2961 SCHULTENS (H. A.) Anthologia sentiarum arabicarum, cum scholiis Zamachsjarii, Arabice et Latine, sm. 4to. hf. bd. 2s 6d

Lug. Bat. 1772

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2962 SOORAH (The) an Arabic Dictionary explained in Persian, by Jumal, being a

translation of a celebrated Arabic Dictionary entitled the Sihah, revised accord. ing to the authority of the Qamoos, etc. 2 vols. in 1, impl. 4to. a good sound copy, hf. bd. russia, 36s

Calcutta, 1812-15 Usually sold for three guineas; 1839, Madden, £4. 48 ; 1847, Bohn, £2. 128 6d.

“ Ce Dictionnaire a coûte £4. 48, mais il a été vendu jusqu'à 180 fr. Langlès." -- Brunet. 2963 STEWART (D.) Practical Arabic Grammar, 8vo. (pub, at 16s) cloth, 9s 1841 2964 TABERIŠTÁNENSIS, i.e. Abu Dschaferi Mohammed Annales Regum atque

Legatorum Dei, Arabice et latine, edidit Kosegarten, Vols. I. and III. 4to. 24s

1831-53 2965 UYLENBROEK, Iracae Persicae descriptio, Arabice et latine, Ibn Haukali Geogra| phia, Ato. f. bd. 28 6d

Lugd. Bat. 1822 2966 VOCABULAIRE français- Algérien, 18mo. ls 6d

1830 2967 WILLMET, Lexicon Arabicum-Latinum in Coranum, Haririum et vitam Timuri, 4to. hf. calf, 78 6d

Lugd. Bat. 1784 2968 — the same, 4to. calf neat, 9s

1784 “ Ouvrage estimé.”—Brunet. A good Dictionary for Classical Arabic. 2969 MISCELLANEOUS ARABIC WORKS : Lindgren, de lingua Neo-Arabica, 4to. Upsal.

1829; Kitab-ul-Janayat, or book of Criminal Law, Arabic, 8vo.; Bidpai, Kalilah wa Dumnah, Arabic, 4to. impft.; Grammatica Araba; Iracae Persicae descriptio edidit P. J. Uylenbroek, Arabic and Latin, 4to. Lugd. Batav. 1822 ; Fragments of Arabic MSS. and 3 other volumes in Arabic, contents not known, the lot,

cheap, 6s 2970 ARMENIAN AGOB, Puritas Linguae Armenicae, 4to. half bound,

Roma, 1674 2971 - Puritas Haygica seu GRAMMATICA ARMENICA-Grammatica Latina Armenice explicata, puritas linguae Armenicae-3 vols. in 1, 4to. half russia,

Romae, 1674-75 2972 AUCHER and BRAND's Armenian-English and English-Armenian Dictionary, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. hf. russia, 258

Venice, 1821-5 2973 the same, Vol. 1, English-Armenian, 7s 6d

1821 2974

Dictionnaire Français-Arménien-Turc, impl. 8vo. the Turkish in Armenian characters, hf. morocco, uncut, 14s

Venise, 1840 2975 - Armenian-English Grammar, sm. 8vo. hf. calf, 6s

Venice, 1819 2976 BELLAUD, Essai sur la langue Arménienne, 8vo. sd. 28 6d

Paris, 1812 2977 GOSCHE, de Ariana linguae gentisque Armeniacae indole prolegomena, 8vo. ls 6d

Berlin, 1847 2978 DICTIONARIUM Latino-Armenum, per D. Nierszesouicz, stout small 4to. half bound, 4s

Rome, 1695 2979 EUSEBII Pamphili Chronicon bipartitum, Armenice, graece et latine, cum notis ed. Aucher, 2 vols. in 1, royal 4to. hf. russia, uncut, 258

Venet. 1818 2980 GRAMMAR of the ancient Armenian language, in Armenian, 8vo. 328 pp. hf. bd. 2s

Shooshee, 1833 2981 GRAMMAR of the English Language, in Armenian, 12mo. bd. 2s Smyrna, 1847 2982 Moisis CHORENENSIS Historia originis Armenae Nationis, ejusque Rerum, in

fidem Christi conversionis, etc. Armenice, stout 12mo. calf, 10s (? Venetiis), 1695 2983 LIBER Philosophiæ, Armenice, sm. 4to. curious Initials, black morocco, 38 1711 2984 SCHROEDER (J. J.) Thesaurus linguae Armenicae, antiquae et hodiernae, small 4to. calf, 58

Amstel. 1711 2985 VARTAN, Choisi de fables, Armenien et Français, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Paris, 1825 2986 VILLOTTE, Dictionarium Novum Latino-Armenicum, ex præcipuis Armeniæ

Linguæ Scriptoribus concinnatum, accessit tabula chronologica Regum et
Patriarchum utriusque Armeniae, folio, calf neat, 20s

Romæ, 1714 Priced 1824, Rivington, £3. 38 and £4. 48 ; 1845, Rodd, hf. bd. 258 ; 1847, H. Bohn, bds. 248. 2987 ASSYRIAN. LASSEN, Altpersische Keil-Inschriften von Persepolis. 8vo. 2s 6d

Bonn, 1836 2988 LAYARD (A. H.) ASSYRIAN INSCRIPTIONS in the Cuneiform Character, recently

discovered and now in the British Museum, impl. folio, 98 plates, bds. 20s 1851 2989 LICHTENSTEIN, Palæographia Assyrio-persica, 4to. with 4 plates, boards, 3s 6d

Helmst. 1803 2990 - -- the same, 4to. hf. russia, 6s


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