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2991 LOFTUS (W. K.) Inscriptions on the Columns and Bricks dug out amongst the

Ruins of Susa, oblong folio, a Series of 19 large plates, hf. bd., UNPUBLISHED, 12s

1852 Plate 7 exhibits the “Characters or Marks on glazed composition Bricks, Ruins of Susa."

The learned Mr. Loftus was sent by the Assyrian Excavation Fund and afterwards by the Trustees of the British Museum (with a salary of £500. per annum), to attend, under Sir Henry Rawlinson, to the important discoveries made at Susa. The above Series of Inscriptions contains careful facsimiles of the Inscriptions; the reading of them must be left to the ingenuity of gifted philologists. The copy at the Department of Antiquities, British Museum, consists also of 19 plates. I believe that was the only copy issued by the late Mr. Loftus. 2992 Rich (C. J.) second memoir on Babylon, 8vo. 3 plates of Cuneiform inscriptions, hf. hd. 3s 6d

1818 2993 RAWLINSON'S (Sir H.) the Persian Cuneiform Inscription at Behistun,

Assyrian and English, with a memoir, 3 parts, 8vo. (being Vol. X. of the
Journal of the R. Asiatic Society) many large folding plates of Inscriptions, an
Alphabet, etc. (pub. at 158) sd. 15s

1846-47 2994 CHINESE. Almanac for the 7th year of Kea King, A.D. 1802; the same

for the 11th year of Kea King, A.D. 1806, 2 copies ; in Chinese, 3 parts in 1 vol.

sm. folio, 188 pp. hf. morocco, from Klaproth's library, 6s 2995 BIOT, Dictionnaire des noms anciens et modernes des Villes et Arrondissements

de l'Empire Chinois, Chinois et Français, avec un tableau comparatif des sons Chinois, stout 8vo. map of China by Klaproth, uncut, 9s

Paris, 1842 2996 BUDDHIST Book of Prayers, in Chinese, printed in white on a black ground, one very large sheet, folded in a narrow folio size, 58

A curious specimen of Chinese Typography. 2997 CALLERY, Systema phoneticum scripturæ Sinicæ (Dictionnaire chinois-latin-français) 2 vols. in 1, royal 8vo. 30s

Macao, 1841 Priced, 1845, Bossange, 60 fr. 2998 CHINESE MANUAL: Recueil de Phrases Chinoises expliqueés en Français et en Anglais, sm. folio, 75 pp. entirely lithographed, cloth, 78 6d

1854 A useful little work, with the pronunciation of every Chinese word interlined; printed at the private expense of the Honorable Henry Stanley, and edited by the late Mr. Prevost. Mr. Alabaster, the intelligent companion of the late Yeh to Calcutta, has praised the “ Chinese Manual." 2999 CONFUCİUS'S Works ; containing the original Chinese text, with an English

translation, and a dissertation on the Chinese language and character, by J. MARSHMAN, Vol. I. (all published) 4to. calf, 30s

Serampore, 1809 3000

Sze Shoo, in Cñinese, 8vo. hf. russia, 78 6d 3001 - SZE Shoo ching wan, the four books of Confucius, 5 vols. complete,

8vo. wormed, 58 3002

the same, Vols. I.-IV. and VI., together 5 vols. in 4, royal 8vo. not uniform, 2s 6d 3003 DAVIS (J. F.) Hein Wun Shoo: Chinese moral maxims, translated, affording

examples of the grammatical structure of the language, 8vo. bds. 7s 6d 1823 3004

Chinese novels, translated, with PROVERBS and moral MAXIMS, with observations on the language and literature of China, 8vo. cloth, 58 1822 3005 DE GUIGNES, Dictionnaire Chinois français et latin, thick folio, hf. russia,

Paris, 1813 3006 the same, royal folio, Large Paper, hf. russia, 32s

1813 3007 KLAPROTH, Dictionnaire Chinois ; le Supplement au Dictionnaire de Glemona par De Guignes, roy. folio, uncut, 108

Paris, 1819 3008 Lettre de Pekin sur la langue Chinoise, et leur écriture symbolique com

parée avec celle des Egyptiens, avec l'extrait de deux ouvrages de Guignes,

29 plates of characters, facsimiles, hieroglyphics, 4to. hf. . 6s 6d Brux. 1773 3009 DU PONCEAU, on the nature and character of the Chinese system of Writing,

with Cochinchinese Vocabularies, roy. 8vo. ods. 78 6d Philadelphia, 1838 3010 EDKIN's (J.) Grammar of the Chinese colloquial language, commonly called the Mandarin Dialect, 8vo. 15s

Shanghae, 1857 3011 E TSUNG KIN ZEEN : the Medical Profession's Golden Mirror, a celebrated

Treatise on Medicine, 38 vols. high 4to. (wanting vols. 12, 14, 17), with many

very curious cuts, in 4 blue cases, wormed, £2. Compiled by order of the Emperor Keen Lung. One hundred persons were employed for four years upon it. All the existing treatises on Medicine were collected by the Government for the purpose of being examined by the editors of this work, in order that it might be made as complete as possible. It is, perhaps, the most complete epitome of Chinese Medical Science extant.


3012 E TSUNG KIN ZEEN-Ten volumes of another edition of the same work, 108

Although only a part of the work, it appears to be complete in itself. The figures representing the diseases which are chiefly skin affections are curious. The volumes are numbered from one to ten, and the class and names of the diseases treated upon in each volume, are enumerated on the edge and covers. 3013 FAN TANG YEU Foo, a Novel, 10 vols. 12mo. COMPLETE, wormed, in a case, 5s 3014 FOURMONT, Meditationes Sinicæ, 1737– Linguæ Sinarum Grammatica duplex,

cum exercitationibus, etc.—Sinicorum Regiæ Bibliothecæ librorum Catalogus,

cum notis et characteribus Sinicis, 1742–in 1 vol. fol. hf. calf, 9s Par. 1737-42 3015 GONCALVES, Diccionario China-Portuguez e Portuguez-China, 3 vols. in 2

· stout vols. sm. 4to 2048 pp. double columns, hf. calf neat, £3.3s Macao, 1831-33 3016 – - the same, 3 vols.—Arte China, constante de Alphabeto e Grammatica,

com modeles das composiçoens, 1 vol.- together 4 vols. sm. 4to. hf. morocco neat, gilt top, uncut, £6.

Macao, 1829-33 3017

Grammatica Latina ad usum Sinensium, 16mo. hf. mor. 58 Macao, 1828 3018 - the same, 16mo. old binding, 2s 6d

1828 3019 Habson's Treatise on Astronomy, in Chinese, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Whampoa, 1850 3020 HEN TANG SHE TSEIR: the Hen Tang Collection of Poems, in Chinese, 3 vols.

8vo. in case, 5s 3021 JULIEN, Examen critique de quelques pages de Chinois relatives a l'Inde, avec de discussions grammaticales, 8vo. Is Od

Paris, 1841 3022

Espose d'un fait honorable dénaturé dans un libelle récent de M. Pauthier, 3 treatises, 8vo. sd. ls 6d

1841-42 3023 - Exercices pratiques de Syntaxe et de Lexigraphie Chinoise, 8vo. sewed, 5s

1842 3024 KAN KEEN YIH CHE. History of China from the earliest times to the end of

the Ming dynasty, A.D. 1644, in Chinese, 35 vols. Vol. I. wanting, 12mo. in four

cases, 20s 3025 KLAPROTH'S Verzeichniss der Chinesischen und Mandshuischen Bücher und

Handschriften der Bibliothek zu Berlin, folio, hf. bd. uncut, 12, 6d Paris, 1822 3026 Lao-TsEU-TAO-TE-KING, Livre de la Voie et de la Vertu, en Chinois et en Française, avec un Commentaire, par Julien, roy. 8vo. sd. 6s

Paris, 1842 3027

Premier livre du Tao-Te-King de Lao-Tseu, chinois et français, par Julien, 8vo. 80 pp. sd. ls 6d

- s. d. 3028 MARSHMAN'S Chinese Grammar, with a dissertation on the Characters and

Colloquial Medium of the Chinese, and an Appendix containing the Ta-Hyoh of Confucius, with Translation, 4to. 368

Serampore, 1814 3029 MEDHURST (W. H.) Chinese and English Dictionary, containing all the words

of the Chinese Imperial Dictionary, arranged according to Radicals, 2 vols. 8vo. stained, £3. 153

Batavia, 1842 3030 - English and Chinese Dictionary, in 2 vols. 8vo. stained, £3. 15s ib. 1847 3031

Dictionary of the Hok-Keen dialect of the Chinese Language, according to the reading and colloquial idioms, 924 pages, 4to. £3. 10s Macao, 1832

--- Dictionary of the Favorlang dialect of the Formosan Language, by Gilb. Happart, written in 1650, translated, 12mo. 78 6d

Batavia, 1840 3033 - Ancient China. The Shoo King, or Historical Classic, being the most

ancient authentic record of the Annals of the Chinese Empire, illustrated by later commentators, 8vo. 148

Shanghae, 1846 3034 - Dissertation on the theology of the Chinese, with a view to the elucida

tion of the most appropriate term for expressing the Deity, 8vo. 10s Shang. 1847 3035 - On the true meaning of the word “Shin," in the Imperial Thesaurus, .called the Pei-Wun-Yun-Foo, 8vo. 3s 6d

Shanghae, 1849 3036 MENG TSEU, vel Mencium, ingenio, doctrina, nominisque claritati Confucio

proximum, Sinice et latine, cum commentario illustravit St. Julien, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. russia, 24s

Lutetiae, Paris, 1824-26 3037 MING KE TSANG TUNG, the History of the Ming Dynasty, 6 vols. sm. folio, com

plete, 20s

The Ming dynasty was overthrown by the present Tartar race in 1644. Those pretended Christians, “ the Rebels,” profess to aim at the re-establishment of that dynasty. 3038 MORRISON, Chinese Grammar, 4to. hf. russia, rare, £2. Serampore, 1815

3039 MORRISON'S Dictionary of the Chinese Language, divided into 3 parts, I.

Chinese and English, arranged according to the Radicals, 3 vols.: II. Chinese and English, arranged alphabetically, 2 vols. ; III. English and Chinese, 1 vol. forming together 6 vols. roy. 4to. £9. 10s

Macao, 1815-22 Priced, 1847, bds. £14. ; Bunsen's copy, calf, I bought for £14. 158 ; Earl of Munster's copy, calf, fetched, 1855, £12. 158.

** This laborious production includes all the characters comprised in the famous Chinese Dictionary in 32 volumes, folio, published in 1716. It has already become a rare book, the num. ber printed having been comparatively small. The type is no longer extant, and cannot be reproduced but at great cost; and the patient, self-denying labour requisite for a new edition, mere pecuniary outlay cannot command. 3040 _ Philological View of China, a sketch of its chronology, geography,

customs, &c. for the use of persons studying Chinese, 4to. (pub, at 21s) 12s 1817 3041 - Translations from the Chinese-Davis, San-Yu-Low: or the three dedicated rooms, a tale, translated-in 1 vol. 8vo. bds. 38

Canton, 1815 3042 - Vocabulary of the Canton dialect, English-Chinese and Chinese-Eng

lish, 3 parts, 8vo. the third part containing Chinese words and phrases, in Chinese and Roman characters, with translations, 30s

Macao, 1828 3043 - the same, Parts 1 and 2 in 1 vol. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, calf neat, 20s 1828

This is the first copy of this book I ever saw on Large Paper, and is probably the “ Only Bookever printed on Large Paper in China. 3044 - Chinese Miscellany, consisting of extracts from the Chinese, with ex

planations, translations, and 12 plates of specimens ; and essays on their literature, 1825–Allgemeine Litteratur-Zeitung, No. 29, 30, containing Klaproth's Review of Morrison's Chinese Dictionary, 1818–Klaproth's Inquiry into the origin of ancient nations, 1812—Tracts by Goulianof, Rémusat, Amyot, Williamson, and others, etc.; in all 26 Tracts in 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf, very curious, 20s

1775-1827 3045 -- Chinese Miscellany : consisting of original extracts from Chinese

Authors, in the native character; with translations and philological remarks, and essays on their literature, roy. 4to. 52 pp. with 12 plates of Chinese writing, sd. 3s 6d

1825 Few copies of this useful work have come into the market, it was printed for the London Missionary Society. In 1839, Klaproth's copy fetched 34 fr.

This volume is recommended to all who wish to have a general idea of the structure of the Chinese Language and the genius of its Literature. 3046 PHILOLOGIE CHINOISE : Montucci, the Title-Page reviewed, London, 1801

Kurz, über einige der neuesten Leistungen in der Chinesischen Litteratur,
Paris, 1830—Montucci, de studiis Sinicis, Berolini, 1808—Celliez, historique
de l'instruction du Chinois, Blois, 1822-MOURIER, 18 original letters to M.
KLAPROTH upon CHINESE PHILOLOGY, in German, MS. Copenhagen, 1800-4
all in 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf, 12s

1800-30 3047 PREMARE's Chinese Grammar : Notitia Linguæ Sinicæ, 4to. 36s Malacca, 1831

« Premare is the only Philologist whose mode of treating the subject will be found peculiarly advantageous to those who have acquired even a slight knowledge of the language, as they are thus enabled to imbibe notions of its general literature which they could otherwise procure only by laborious study of the best Chinese authors for many years."— Remusat. 3048 RÉMUSAT, clémens de la grammaire Chinoise, ou principes du Kou-Wen ou style antique, et du Kouan-Hoa, 8vo. hf. russia, 78 6d

Paris, 1822 3049 - -- Élémens de la Grammaire Chinoise, ou Principes du Kou-Wen le style

antique et du Kouan-Hoa la langue commune de la Chine, nouvelle edition, augmentée d'une table des principales Phonétiques Chinoises, par LEON DE Rosny, royal 8vo. new, 10s

Paris, 1858 3050 San Kwo Cho, a celebrated Novel, 20 vols. sm. 8vo. vols. 14 and 15 wanting, in

two cases, 5s 3051 San Kwo CHE: Annals of the three nations, in Chinese, a much esteemed histo.

rical romance, 20 vols. 12mo. sd. in 2 cases, 15s 3052 Shih Chui Tse Shoo Hwa Poo: a Chinese work on Drawing, Plants and

Flowers, in Chinese, Parts 1, 3-9, 1216, together 13 parts, royal 8vo. many

coloured engravings of flowers and fruits, &c. sd. 78 6d 3053 TA TSING SEU LE, the Laws of the present Tartar dynasty, in 24 vols. roy. 8vo.

the 23rd wanting, much wormed, in two cases, 5s

3054 TCHAP-Soo, a Chinese vocabulary, explanatory of 461 small figures of birds,

plants, animals, utensils, etc. which head the pages, 30 pp.-Tsoon-Poon, a Chinese Instrument for Calculation of numbers, money, etc. figures, with explanation; its uses stated in English by a MS. note attached, 11 pp.-Map of Tien, the Heavens or Firmament-Map of China-Names of Confucius' disciples, etc.

in all 56 pp. with numerous engravings, 58 3055 THOMs, Chinese Courtship, in verse, Chinese and English, royal 8vo. Large Paper, bds. 4s 6d

Macao, 1824 3056 TOPOGRAPHY of China: a work in Chinese, describing the traveller's Compass,

the provinces bordering the River Yang Tsze Keang, and the province of Che

Keang, 3 vols. royal 8vo. illustrations, plans of routes, etc. sd. 58 3057 URH YA Too, a Vocabulary of Ancient Terms, compiled about 200 B.c. with

comment by Kwo-Po, in Chinese, Vols. 1 and 2, (out of 3), folio, numerous fine large woodcuts of scenes, figures, groups, ornaments, houses, trees, plants, flowers, etc. sd. 368

1801 A valuable work; the first volume comprises Astronomy, Music, spirited Hunting scenes, etc. the second contains the Botany and Entomology of China. 3058 WILLIAMS's (S. Wells) English and Chinese Vocabulary, in the Court Dialect, 8vo. 30s

Macao, 1844 3059 Yı1 TUNG CHE, a Statistical Account of the whole of the Chinese Empire, in 36

vols, royal 8vo. COMPLETE. The numbers on the volumes refer to the sections or

chapters of the work, 258 3060 MISCELLANEOUS CHINESE BOOKS: De Mas, l'Angleterre, la Chine et l'Inde, 8vo.

1858; Staunton, the word Bast“ God” in the Chinese language, 1849 ; Klaproth, les caractères chinois au Japon, 1829; Meng Tseu edidit St. Julien, 8vo. Paris, 1824, impft.; l'Ecriture Chinoise, 8vo. Paris, 1829; Medhurst Ruach and Pneuma, 8vo. Shanghae, 1850; Callery, Chinese language, 8vo. 1842 ; Mang-Tsze Shang, Sections 1, 2, 3, in Chinese; Yih King, 2 vols. in Chinese ; Sykes (Col.) Chinese Buddhistical Works ; Morrison's Embassy to China, 1816, 1819; Langdon, Chinese collection, 1842; Ambassades étrangères envoyées en Chine, traduits par G. Pauthier, Paris, 1843 ; Reports of the Anglo-Chinese College,

1827, 31 ; and other pamphlets in 4to. and 8vo.—the lot, a bargain, 6s « Our great want is interpreters. It would appear that there are only three English interpreters available for our use in all China. Mr. Wade and Mr. Parkes are worked beyond all reason, and, what is more to the purpose, they toil in vain to overtake the exigencies of the public service. Mr. Alabaster, a young man of some acquirements in Chinese, is in attendance upon Yeh. There is a Chinaman named Wang, and a Portugueze named Lozario. These are the only mouths through which we can communicate with this people. All the other Chinese scholars are, I suppose, engaged in their consular or their missionary labours. Where are the students' who are sent out with a salary to learn Chinese? Some say the experiment is yet so young that they have not had time to earn; others affirm that they are taken from their studies to do clerks' duties as soon as they arrive in China, and therefore never will have time to learn ; and there are others who say that, notwithstanding the King's College examination, the choice is made with so little discrimination as to aptitude for learning languages that they never can learn. As to the cause I am not confident, but the effect is certain--they are not available in any number proportionate to the demand for their services,

• Where are the interpreters who were to be supplied by the Bishops' College, an institution that I believe has for some years received £250. annually for this purpose ? It has never yet turned out one Chinese scholar. In the destitution which exists, I understand that some of the pupils of this College have been employed to interpret in the Police-Court, I can testify that their performance is most distressing to witness. A question from the magistrate is followed by a five minutes' wrangle between the interpreter and the witness or prisoner. I am told that their Chinese has the greatest possible degree of remoteness from resemblance to Mr. Davies's English, and it would certainly puzzle a jury of sphinxes to understand the English they extract from Chinese.

" If we are to have an extensive intercourse with China we must have a large staff of interpreters, who should be confined to their duties as interpreters."

Times' Correspondent, Canton, January 28, Times, March 24, 1858. 3061 COCHIN-CHINESE, RHODES (Al. de), Dictionarium Annnamiticum

Lusitanum, et Latinum, cum Indice Latino, sm. 4to. hf. calf, 5s Romae, 1651 3062 COPTIC. COLUTHUS (S. Martyr) de Miraculis S. Coluthi et reliquiis acto

rum S. Panesniu Martyrum, Fragmenta præit dissert. Card. Borgiæ, Coptice et Latine, curâ Georgii, stout 4to. red morocco, gilt edges, Pontifical Arms on the sides, a noble copy, 20s

Romæ, 1693 3063 Peyron, Lexicon linguae Copticae, 4to. 470 pp. sd. 30s

Taurini, 1835

3064 ROSSII (Ig.) Etymologiae Aegyptiacae, royal 4to. calf extra, gilt leaves, very rare, £2. 2s

Romae, 1808 3065 SCHOLTZ (Ch.) Grammatica Aegyptiaca_ utriusque dialecti, edidit Woide

LA CROZE (M. V.) Lexicon Aegyptiaco-Latinum, edd. Ch. Scholtz et Woide, pp. ix-xii in MS., royal 4to. hf. russia, top gilt, 78

Oxonii, 1775-78 3066 SEYFFARTH, Rudimenta Hieroglyphices, accedunt explicationes speciminum

Hieroglyphicorum Glossarium atque Alphabeta, 4to, with 36 plates of Hieroglyphics, bds. 7s 6d

Lipsiae, 1826 3067 TATTAM, Lexicon Aegyptiaco-latinum, ex veteribus linguae Aegyptiacae monumentis, stout 8vo. cloth, 24s .

Oxon. 1835 3068

Grammar of the Egyptian Language, of the Coptic and Sahidic dialects, with Appendix of a Dictionary of the ancient Egyptian, lithographed in

the Enchorial character, by Young, 8vo. (pub. at 18s) bds. rare, 218 1 839 3069 TUKI (R.) Rudimenta linguae Coptae sive Aegyptiacae, sm. 4to. hf. russia, 3s 6ď,

Romæ, 1778 For Hieroglyphics see ante, under“ Egypt." 3070 Ethiopic. BELLARMINO, Dottrina Cristiana, Araba, Etiopica ed Italiana, 4to. parallel columns, with cuts, hf. russia, 5s

Roma, 1786 3071 DILLMANN's Grammatik der Aethiopischen Sprache, 8vo. 15$ Leipzig, 1857 3072 DORN (J. A. B.) De Psalterio Aethiopico commentatio, 4to. bds. 2s 6d Lips. 1825. 3073 HUPFELD, Exercitationes Aethiopicae, 4to. sd. 2s

Lips. 1825 3074 LUDOLFI (J.) GRAMMATICA Aethiopica, accedit prosodia, cum appendicibusLEXICON AETHIOPICO-LATINUM, 2 vols. in 1, folio, hf. russia, VERY RARE, £4.4s

Francofurti, 1699-1702 For LUDOLF's History of Ethiopia—see Nos. 2523-4 3075 MUSEUM BRITANNICUM: Catalogus Codd. MSS. Orientalium Musei Brit. pars III. Codices Aethiopici ed. A. Dillmann, folio, bds. 7s 6d

1847 3076 Georgian. KLAPROTH, Vocabulaire Georgien-Français et Français-Georgien, 8vo. sd. 58

Paris, 1827 3077 MAGGIO (F. M.) Syntagmaton linguarum orientalium quae in GEORGIAE regionibus audiuntur, libri II. folio, hf. russia, 78 6d

Romae, 1670 3078 Gipsey. BORROW (Geo.) The Zincali, or Account of the Gipsies of Spain, ? vols.8vo. 12s

1843 Volume 2 contains the Vocabulary with numerous Etymologies, 3079 HEBREW: Aramaean, Chaldee, Syriac. ALCHESIBI's Didactic Poem, in Hebrew, sm. 8vo, 158 pp. hf. calf, 7s 6d

ca. 1710 3080 BAUER, Chrestomathia e paraphrasibus Chaldaicis et Talmude delecta, 12mo. hf. bd. 4s

Norimb. 1792 3081 BUXTORFII (J.) Lexicon Chaldaicum Talmudicum et Rabbinicum, stout folio, old binding, 368

Basil. 1639 A most important work, the fruit of 30 years untiring labour, containing all the Chaldee, Talmudical and Rabbinical words, occurring in the Chaldee Parapbrases of the Old Testament, both the Talmuds and the Cabbalistic Writers. 3082

Tiberias, sive Commentarius Masorethicus, sm. 4to. hf. rus. 7s 6d ib. 1620 3083 -- Catalecta Philologico-Theologica, 12mo. vellum, 2s Basilea, 1707 3084 BYTHNER (V.), Lyra prophetica Davidis ; sive analysis critico-practica psalmorum, sm. 4to. calf, 3s 6d

1679 3085 CABAITE Works. Miscellaneous Pieces in Hebrew, sm. 4to. 272 pp. 78 1800

Printed in the Crimea. 3086 CARMINA Samaritana, edidit G. Gesenius, Samaritice et Latine, 4to. facsimile, sd. 3s 6d

Lipsiae, 1824 3087 CASTELLI Lexicon Syriacum, cura Michaelis, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. boards, 12s

Goettinge, 1788 3088 CASTRO (Jo. Rodriguez de) Bibliotheca Espanola ; I. Noticia de los Escritores

Rabinos Espanoles desde la Epoca conocida de su literaratura hasta el presente ;
II. Noticia de los Escritores gentiles españoles y la de los Christianos hasta al
S. XIII. de la Inglesia ; 2 vols. folio, hf. bd. 278

Madrid, 1781-86 - the same, Tomo I. Los Escritores Rabinos Españoles, folio, hf. russia, uncut, 5s

1781 Priced, 1822, l'horpe, £4. 48. “ The Biblioteca Espanola of Rodriguez de Castro ;-an important work, whose author was


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