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155 PLACITA DE QUO WARRANTO, temp. Edw. I., II., III., in Curia Receptæ Scaccarii Westm. asservata, folio, with Indices and a facsimile, hf. bd. uncut, out of print,

1818 These are Pleadings in Quo Warranto to try by what right parties held or claimed manors, liberties, privileges, etc. These chiefly had reference to the Inquisitions previously taken, called Rotuli Hundredorum, which latter were delivered to the Justices in Eyre for the purpose of holding pleas upon the claims stated therein. 156 IRELAND. Reports from the Commissioners respecting the Public Records of

Ireland, with Supplements and Appendixes, 1810-15, 21 plates, 13 being facsimiles of MSS., 8 elevations and plans, 1819.-The 11th-15th Reports, 1821-25, with Indices of Names.--2 vols. folio, one hf. bd. and the other boards, uncut, 7s 60

1819-25 157 REPORTS from the Commissioners respecting the Public Records of the Kingdom,

with the Appendices, 1800-19, 2 vols.; one vol. consisting of 1 plate of Alphabets, and 86 large engraved facsimiles of old MSS., exhibiting numerous SEALS AND COATS OF ARMS, with explanatory text, 1820.-General Report of the Commis. sioners on the Public Records, 1831-7, with Appendix and Index-together 3 vols. fol. (pub, at £5. 13s) 2 vols. hf. bd. and one in cloth, uncut, £2.2s 1820-37

The Reports, 1819.31, are not published. 158 CALENDARS of the Proceedings in Chancery in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, to

which are prefixed examples of earlier proceedings in that Court from Rich. II, to Elizabeth, from the originals in the Tower, 3 vols, fol. with Indices of names and places, (pub. at £3. 38) hf. bd. uncut, 30s

1827-32 Vol. 2. is out of print.

These Calendars contain the names of the plaintiffs and defendants ; the objects of the the suit; the premises, and the county in which the lands were situated ; and are arranged in alphabetical order under the names of the plaintiffs. The specimens of earlier Chancery proceedings prefixed to these volumes present most valuable information on the state of society, the manners and customs, language, family connections, and, in short, on every point of interest to the antiquarian and historian in the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. 159 ROTULI LITTERARUM CLAUSARUM in Turri Londinensi asservati, acc. T. D. Hardy,

Vol. 1, A.D. 1204 to 1224, with general Introduction and Indices, stout fol. (pub. at £3. 3s), hf. bd. uncut, 15s

1833 The second volume, 1224-1227, can be supplied new in cloth for 188.

These Close Rolls are Mandates, Letters, and Writs addressed in the King's Name to individuals for special and particular purposes, and were folded or closed up, and sealed on the outside with the Great Seal. It is chiefly in these particulars that they differ from Letters Patent, which were addressed to all the King's liege subjects, and not folded up, but had the Great Seal attached at the bottom. Information on almost every subject is to be obtained from these important Rolls. For further particulars see the General Introduction to the Work. 160 ROTULI LITTERARUM PATENTIUM in Turri Londinensi asservati, acc. T. D.

Hardy, Vol. 1, pars 1, A.D. 1201-1216, all published, folio, with the Itinerary of
King John, Introduction and Index, (pub. at £1. lls 6d) cloth, 158

1835 During the reigns of the Plantagenets, the Letters Patent are of a very diversified and interesting nature, relating principally to Prerogatives of the Crown ; Revenue ; Judicature ; Treaties; Truces ; Correspondence and Negotiations with Foreign Princes and States ; Letters of Protection, of Credence, and of Safe Conduct; Appointments and Powers of Ambassadors : indeed there is scarcely a subject connected with the History and Government of the Country which may not receive illustration from the Patent Rolls. In addition to the class of documents which may properly be denominated public, there is another relating more especially to the internal policy, &c. of the Kingdom, such as Grants and Confirmations of Liberties, Offices, Privileges, Lands, Wardships, Letters of Incorporation, Licences for Election of Bishops and other Ecclesiastical Dignitaries, Restitutions of Temporalties, Presentations to Churches, Vicarages, and Chapels, Creations of Nobility, Special and General Pardons, Special Liveries, Licences and Pardons for Alienations, Proclamations, and all manner of Commissions, etc

See the Introduction to the work ; which can be had separately, in royal 8vo. cloth, price 98. 161 ROTULI CHARTARUM in Turri Londinensi asservati, acc. T. D. Hardy, Vol. 1,

pars 1, A.D. 1199-1216, all published, folio, with Introduction, Index and facsimile, (pub. at £1. 10s) cloth, 20s

1837 These are Royal Grants of Lands, honours, dignities, hereditary offices, liberties and other Estates of Inheritance to the nobility and commonalty; and of lands, liberties, privileges, immuni. ties, and other estates in mortmain to ecclesiastical, eleemosynary, and lay corporations, etc.

162 CAERNARVON. Registrum vulgariter nuncupatum, “The Record of Caernarvon,"

e Codice MSto. Harleiano 696 descriptum, folio, with Introduction by Sir H. Ellis, and Indices, (pub. at £1. lls 6d) cloth, 21s

1838 The first portion of the above record of Caernarvon contains a collection of Extents of Manors, taken chiefly in 26 Edw. III., in the Counties of Caernarvon and Anglesey. A second portion contains other Extents of Commons and Manors, including the Lands of the Bishopric of Bangor, A third portion contains Records under the title “ Leges et Consuetudines Walliæ." A fourth portion is a collection of Inquisitions and Pleadings in Quo Warranto, before the Justices Itinerant in North Wales, Petitions, &c. The next portion contains particulars of the Taxation of the Spiri. tual and Temporal Possessions of the Clergy of the Diocese of Bangor, followed by an Extent of the Temporalities of the See, 22 Ric. II. After which follows a collection of smaller Records.

These valuable volumes are recommended to all Antiquaries and Students of Mediæval History, Genealogy, etc. 163 ANCIENT Laws and Institutes of ENGLAND, comprising Laws enacted under the

Anglo-Saxon Kings, from Æthelbirht to Cnut, with an English Translation of the Saxon; the Laws called Edward the Confessor's; the Laws of William the Conqueror, and those ascribed to Henry the First; also Monumenta Ecclesiastica Anglicana, from the 7th to the 10th century; and the Ancient Latin version

of the Anglo-Saxon Laws, with a compendious Glossary, etc. folio, cl. £2. 1840 163*_ The same, 2 vols, royal 8vo. cloth, 30s

1840 This is a portion of the works intended to be collected as materials for the History of Britain, under the title of “ Anglo-Saxon Laws." 164 ANCIENT Laws and Institutes of WALES, comprising Laws supposed to be enacted

by Howel the Good; modified by subsequent Regulations, under the native Princes, prior to the Conquest by Edward the First; and anomalous Laws, consisting principally of Institutions, which, by the Statute of Ruddlan, were admitted to continue in force: with an English Translation of the Welsh Text: to which are added a few Latin Transcripts, containing Digests of the Welsh Laws, principally of the Dimetian : with Indices and Glossary, folio, cloth, £2. 4s

1841 164* the same, 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 368,

1841 This is a portion of the works intended to be collected as materials for the History of Britain, under the title of “ Welsh Laws." 165 JONES's (Edward) Index to Records, called, the Originalia and Memoranda,

2 vols. folio, hf. bd. uncut, 10s Priced, 1845-8, Payne and Foss, russia, £2.58. These volumes, although not published by the Commission, form a necessary adjunct. 166 Publications of the Record Commissioners, royal 8vo. in all 26 vols. (pub. at about £20.) cloth, many of the volumes out of print, £10. 1833

CONTENTS. Magnum Rotulum Scaccarii vel Magnum Rotu- , with his Barons, viz., “ Placita de terris datis et

lum Pipae, de anno 3lo. Hen. I. (ut videtur); occupatis occasione turbacionis in regno Ang. edidit J. Hunter, out of print

1833 Annual Acconnts of the Exchequer. Palgrave (Sir F.) An Essay upon the Authority Rotulus Cancellarii vel Antigraphum magni Ro of the King's Council, 8vo. out of print 1834

tuli Pipae, de tertio anno regni regis Johannis, Hunter (Rev. Jos.) Introduction to the Valor 4 facsimiles, out of print

1833 Ecclesiasticus of King Henry VIII., map The Chancellor's or Duplicate Roll of An. showing the distribution in dioceses 1834 nual Accounts of the Exchequer.

Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy CounReport concerning Mr. Bayley's publication of cil of England, commencing 10 Ric. II. to 33 the Calendars of the Proceedings in Chancery, Hen. VIII. (1386-1542), edited by Sir H. 8vo. only 25 copies printed for private use Nicolas, 7 vols. (pub. at £4. 188) 1834-7

1833 Rotuli Curiae Regis : Rolls and Records of the Rotuli Selecti ad Res Anglicas et Hibernicas Court held before the King's Justiciars or

spectantes ex Archivas in Domo Cap. West Justices, 6 Ric. I.-1 John, edited by Sir F. mon. deprompti, cura J. Hunter, out of print Palgrave, 2 vols. facs. (pub, at £1. 88) 1835

1834 Fines, sive Pedes Finium : sive Finales ConcorThis Miscellaneous volume contains :-1. diae in curia Domini Regis, 7 Ric. I.-16 A Patent Roll of 7 John; (1205-1206). 2. John (1195-1214), in Counties, Vol. 1 (pub. Transcripts of all Letters Patent and Annuities at 88 6d)

1835 which had been granted by any Lieutenant or These are Fines of Lands; a full descripJustice of Ireland, from the day of the Corona | tion of which will be found in Blackstone's tion of Hen. V. to the 12th of Hen. VI. 3. | Commentaries. Vol. 2 can be supplied new for Six Rolls, relating to the affairs of Hen. III. 2s 6d


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Rotuli de Oblatis et Finibus in Turri Londinensi | Excerpta e Rotulis Fipium in Turri Londinensi

asservati, tempore Regis Johannis, acc. T. D. | asservatis, Hen. III. rege, 1216-1272, cura C. Hardy (pub. at 188)

1835 Roberts, 2 vols. (pub. at £1. 128) 1835-6 These are oblations or fines paid to the King These are selections from the Fine Rolls for for the enjoyment of honours, offices, lapds, li. the purposes of Genealogy. The Fine Rolls conberties, and privileges.

tain a great variety of matter relating to deaths; Rotuli Normanniae in Turri Londinen si asser succession of heirs ; descent, division, and alien

vati, A.D. 1200-1205, also 1417-18, acc. T. ation of property ; custody of lands, and of D. Hardy, Vol. I, all published, (pub. at heirs; liveries ; marriages of heiresses and wi123 6d)

1835 dows ; assignments of dower; forfeitures and These Norman Rolls contain such letters pardons; aids and tallages ; affairs of the Jews ; and grants of the Kings of England as almost etc. exclusively relate to the provinces over which, ANCIENT KALENDARS (The) and Inventories whilst annexed to the English Crown, our mo of the Treasury of his Majesty's Exchequer, narchs exercised the same authority as in this together with other documents, illustrating kingdom.

the History of that Repository, edited by Sir Patent Rolls : Hardy (T. D.) Description of the F. Palgrave, 3 vols. (pub. at £2. 28) 1836

Patent Rolls in the Tower of London ; to Scotland.- Documents and Records, illustratwhich is added an Itinerary of King John ing the History of Scotland, and the Transac(pub. at 98)

1835 tions between the Crowns of Scotland and Papers relative to the Project of building a Ge. England, preserved in the Treasury of her neral Record Office, 8vo. 3 plans 1835 Majesty's Exchequer, edited by Sir F. Pal.

grave, Vol. 1, all published (pub. at 188) 1837 167 SADLER'S State Papers and Letters, edited by A. Clifford ; with Life and His

torical Notes, by Sir Walter Scott, 2 vols. 4to. (pub. at £5. 5s in bds.) portraits and facsimiles, hf. russia, £2. 2s

Edinburgh, 1809 Priced calf gilt, 1840, Jas. Bohn, £3. · "This Collection consists of four separate sets of Letters, relating almost entirely to the affairs of Scotland : the first, on the negociation for disuniting that kingdom from France, and for the family Alliance against England; the second, on the Scottish Reformation ; the third, on the Rebellion in the North of England, in 1569; and the last, on the subject of Queen Mary. In these transactions, Sir Ralph Sadler, as Ambassador from England, bore an important part, and displayed great abilities as a statesman. His Letters, illustrated by the Memoir, and the historical Notes from the distinguished pen of Sir Walter Scott, throw a strong light on one of the most interesting periods of British History."-Edinburgh Review. 168 SHENSTONE's Works, verse and prose, 2 vols. 12mo. frontispieces and vignettes, old calf gilt, 7s 6d

Dodsley, 1765 168*SMITH'S (Sydney) Works, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 27s

1839 169 Songs. CALLIOPE, or the Musical Miscellany; a select collection of the most

approved English, Scots, and Irish Songs, set to Music, 8vo. calf, 158 1788 170 CHARMER (The), a Choice Collection of Songs, Scots and English, 12mo. third edition, bds. 3s 6d

Edinburgh, 1765. 171 SOUTHEY'S (R.) Expedition of Orsua and the Crimes of Aguirre, 12mo. half

1821 COMMON PLACE BOOK, comprising his readings and collections in History, Biography, Manners and Literature, Voyages and Travels, &c. edited by J. W. Warter, 4 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 359

1849-51 173 SPECTATOR (the), with Preface and Notes, 8 vols. 12mo. half calf, a pretty set, 158

1823 174 SPENSER, the Fairy Queen, with GLOSSARY, remarks and Life of Spenser, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, old calf, 7s 6d

1758 175 STATE PAPERS (Miscellaneous) from 1501 to 1726, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd. russia, neat, 32

1778 176 STATE TRIALS and Proceedings for High Treason and other Crimes and Mis

demeanors, from the reign of Richard II. to the Reign of George II. edited by Emlyn, 6 vols.-Supplement, or State Trials from the reign of Edward VI. to the present time, 1735, 2 vols.- Proceedings for High Treason, 1746, 1 vol.; together 9 vols. folio, calf, £3. 10s

1735-46 Priced, 1844, F. Macpherson, £4. 48 ; fetched, 1854, russia, Sir S. Graham's copy, £5. 10s. 177 SURTEES' (Rob.) History of Durham, Vol. 4, folio (including the additional sheets), with Memoir of the Author by G. Taylor, uncut, 30s

1840 This volume is often wanting.


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178 SURTEES' Society, vol. 34: The Acts of the High Commission Court within the Diocese of Durham, 8vo. cloth, 10s

1858 179 Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, or Godfrey of Bulloign, done into English in the

reign of Elizabeth by Fairfax, fourth edit. with Glossary, stout 8vo. cf. 4s 1749 180 Tour through the whole Island of Great Britain, giving a particular and entertaining account of whatever is curious, 4 vols. 12mo. olă calf, 6s

1753 181 UNIVERSAL HISTORY (Ancient and Modern) from the earliest account of time, with Chronological Tables, 65 vols. 8vo. maps and plates, old calf, £7. 1747-69

This set is marked as having cost £16. 168. 182 VIRGIL.—The thirteen Bukes of Eneados of the famose Poete Virgill, translated

out of Latyne Verses into Scottish Metir, bi the Reverend Father in God, Mayster Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkel and Unkil to the Erle of Angus, every Buke having hys perticular Prologe, Black letter, 4to.

Imprinted by Willyam Copland, 1553 Priced, 1829, Thorpe, russia, £10. 108 ; 1836, Thorpe, mor. 810. 108. 183 VIRGIL'S ÆNEIS translated into SCOTTISH Verse by the famous Gawin

DOUGLASS, Bishop of Dunkeld, with a large GLOSSARY and Account of the Au

thor's Life and Writings, folio, good sound copy in calf, 32s Edinb. 1710

“This translation, which includes the XIII. book by Maph. Vegius, was begun in January, 1512, and finished in July, 1513, at the request of Henry, Earl of Saintclair. The completion of such a poem in eighteen months, at a time when no metrical version of a classic (excepting Boethius) had yet appeared in English, is really astonishing; for the work is executed with equal fidelity and spirit, and is further recommended by many beautiful specimens of original poetry, which, under the name of Prologues, are prefixed to each of the XIII. books."Ellis. 184 WEBER'S Illustrations of Northern Antiquities, with Additions by Jamieson

and Sir Walter Scott, impl. 4to. (pub. at £3. 3s) bds. 258 Edinburgh, 1814

A valuable work, comprising translations from the earlier Teutonic and Scandinavian Romances, being an abstract of the Book of Heroes, and Nibelungen Lay, with translations of Metrical Tales from the Old German, Danish, Swedish and Icelandic Languages. 185 WILSON (Dan.) the Archaeology and pre-historic Annals of Scotland, impl. 8vo. many woodcuts, cloth, 28s

Edinburgh, 1851 With the Author's autograph. This valuable work is out of print.

IRELAND, 186 BETHAM's (Sir W.) Irish Antiquarian Researches, with the appendix, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. plates of facsimiles of Irish MSS. calf gilt, 20s

Dublin, 1826-7 187 CARVE'S ITINERARY: Itinerarium Thomæ Carve, Tipperariensis Sacellani Ma

joris Anglorum, Scotorum et Hybernorum sub exercitu Cæsareæ Majestatis militantium, cum historia facti Butleri, Gordon, Lesly et aliorum ; nova editio, tres partes in uno volumine complectens, ad fidem optimorum exemplarium accurata, imagineque auctoris adornata; cui accedunt paucula quædam de vita Itinerantis, necnon Index generalis, 3 vols. in 1, small 4to. xxiv. and 432 pp. portrait, half morocco, uncut, 30s

Quaritch, 1859 188

the same, PRINTED UPON VELLUM, 4to. hf. morocco, uncut, £7.

Only Two copies were printed upon vellum. Only 100 copies are printed, and more than half of them are dispersed. This is a reprint of an excessively rare and curious book, whose intrinsic and historical value has not been sufficiently appreciated. It narrates the author's wanderings through Europe, and his marches in company with an Irish regiment in the Imperial service; and contains a contemporary and curious record of the troubles of that momentous epoch, when the THIRTY YEARS' War was desolating Germany, and crowning with glory the brilliant achievements of Gustavus Adolphus, Wallenstein, Bernard of Weimar, Banner, Torstensohn, Piccolomini, Königsmark, John of Werth, and other great leaders on both sides of the struggle; when Richelieu and his successor Mazarine were at the head of government in France, and the great Condé was already advanced on his splendid career ; and when those civil troubles that ended in the death of Charles I. were convulsing the British isles. At page 16, there is an interesting description of London and its sights : The Tower, Westminster, Whitehall, the Exchange, London Bridge, Old St. Paul's, etc. all of wbich Carve visited, and here records his admiring impressions of.

The work has seldom been met with, complete, even by the most laborious collector of rarities; 80 that this reprint, with the addition of a GENERAL INDEX and a short ACCOUNT OF THE AUTHOR, will, it is hoped, be found a valuable accession to a library, whether it be considered as a curious book or one valuable to the historical student. From this author the historian Harte has taken his principal material for detail of the pomp

and power of Wallenstein; and Coxe, in the History of the House of Austria, acknowledges his obligations to Carve, whose work he styles equally scarce and curious. Indeed the powerful enmity which Carve provoked by his writings caused their destruction and suppression (in the Itinerarium, particularly of the last part); and this circumstance gave to them that character of excessive rarity which they have retained for more than a century and a half.

The following is Carve's own account of the circumstances under which the Itinerary was written : “ Not in the quiet chamber of study has it been composed, but beneath the tents of war, where my busy pen found no peace from the ominous clangour of the hoarse trumpet and the loud roll of the battle-drum ; where my ear was stunned by the dreadful thunder of the cannon, and the fatal leaden hail hissed around the paper on which I was writing."

“Mr. Kerney has made an excellent use of the very limited materials which exist for his biographical preface. The work is brought out in a most creditable manner."-J. R. JOLY, DUBLIN.

"In the formation of a British historical library no department can with more difficulty, or at greater expense, be supplied than that which relates to Ireland, whether the biography of her natives, or the ecclesiastical and general annals of their country are concerned. This arises from the excessive rarity of the volumes that treat of such subjects; these having mostly been printed abroad in a dead language, owing to political circumstances at home, and been destroyed in the tumults and revolutions that have during the last three centuries swept the surface of the continent of Europe ; while of the few that have escaped perdition, copies are solely to be found, for the most part, on the shelves of the British Museum, the Grenville collection (richest of all), the library of Bodley or Trinity College. Among books of this class of high scarcity, the Itinerary of Thomas Carve, or Carew, holds a foremost place, its value consisting not so much in the fact of its seldom occurrence, as in the matter of its text. Hence it is that the present handsome reprint-limited as the impression is to one hundred copies, and two upon vellum only-is peculiarly acceptable. Commenced about sixteen years ago by worthy Mr. Pickering, to whose taste and judgment English Literature is so largely indebted, the sheets, by untoward events, lay neglected in a warehouse until they fortunately became the property of one fully qualified to appreciate their value, by whose care and enterprise the book is now perfected. Mr. Quaritch therefore, has rendered good service to the learned world. In his selection of an editor Mr. Quaritch has been singularly fortunate. The attention bestowed by Mr. Michael Kerney over the re-impression of the last twelve sheets, the completeness of his index, and his concise yet adequately comprehensive prefatory observations, entitle him to much commendation.”Tablet, May 28, 1859. 189 CARVE (Tho. Tipperariensis) LYRA sive Anacephalæosis Hibernica, in qua de

Exordio, seu origine, Nomine, Moribus, ritibusque Gentis Hibernicæ succincte tractatur ; cui quoque accesserunt Annales Hiberniæ, ab anno 1148, usque ad annum 1650, sm. 4to. portrait, map and plates, very fine copy, morocco elegant, gilt leaves, by C. Smith, rare, £4.

Sulzbaci, 1666 At page 443 is a brilliant impression of the fortrait of the author.

Priced, 1829 and 1836, Thorpe, £7.78 ; 1829, J. Bohn, £9.98 ; 1832, Payne and Foss, £7.78; 1842, Thorpe, £9.98 ; 1847, Thorpe, £6. 68. Copies have been sold by auction as follows: Roxburgh's, £4. 68 ; Bindley's, £12. 128; Hibbert's, £6. 10s. 190 LODGE'S Peerage of Ireland, revised, etc. by Mervyn Archdall, 7 vols. 8vo. plates, 36s

Dub. 1789 191 MACCURTIN (H.) Discourse in Vindication of the Antiquity of Ireland, containing

an account of the Gadelians from the earliest period to 1171, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. 6s 6d

Dublin, 1717 192 MAGEOGHEGHAN, Histoire de l'Irlande, ancienne et moderne, 3 vols. 4to.

6 maps, fine copy, old french calf gilt, with the book-plate of Jean De Bry, 18s

Paris, 1758-63 193 MACMAHON (Hugonis, Armacani totius Hiberniæ Primatis) Jus Primatiale

Armacanum, in omnes Archiepiscopos, Episcopos, et Universum clerum totius Regni Hiberniæ, etiam Prosecutio ejusdem Argumenti pro Primatu Armacano contra Anonymum, 4to. very fine and perfect copy, with both the leaves of errata, original calf neat, EXTREMELY RARE, £3.

Anno Dom. 1728 Few copies possess the second errata ; Thorpe says he never saw another but the one he had, 1842, priced £5. 58.

See Carte's Ormond, vol. II, p. 27. 194 MASON (W. Monck) The History and Antiquities of the Collegiate and Cathe.

dral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin, from its foundation, 1190 to 1819; comprising a topographical account of the Lands and Parishes appropriated to the community of the Cathedral, and Biographical Memoirs of its Deans; collected chiefly from sources of original record, 4to. viii, 478 and 98 pp. ; with 7 beau. tiful copper engravings ; viz., a full View of the Cathedral; View of the Choir ;

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