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4234 SANTA CRUZ de Marzenado (Marquis de) Reflexions Militaires et Politiques, traduites de l'Espagnol par Vergy, 11 vols. 12mo, calf, 58

. Paris, 1738 4235 SARRAZÍN, Histoire de la Guerre d'Espagne et de Portugal, 1807-14, 8vo. map,

calf, 2s 6d 4236 Histoire de la Guerre de Russie et d'Allemagne, 1812-13, 8vo. map, calf, 4s

1815 4237 SCHELS (J. B.) Beiträge zur Kriegsgeschichte und Kriegswissenschaft, 6 vols. 18mo. half calf, 58

Wien, 1828 4238 SCAMETTAU (F. W. C. Graf von) über den Feldzug der Preussischen Armee in Böhmen, 1778, 4to. map, sd. 2s 6d

Berlin, 1789 4239 SCHOELL, Recueil de Pièces Officielles, destinées à detromper les François, sur les événemens passés, 9 vols. 8vo. French calf gilt, 258

Paris, 1814-16° These official Documents relate principally to Napoleon's campaigns; they were written to give to the French nation the real facts respecting those campaigns. 4240 SEGUR, Histoire de Napoleon et de la Grande Armée, in 1812, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and portraits, calf extra, 78 6d

1826 4241 SIBÓRNE'S History of the War in France and Belgium, in 1815, containing

minute details of the Battles of Quatre-Bras, Ligny, Wavre and Waterloo, 2 vols. 8vo. portraits, with large atlas of 11 plans, cloth, 308

1844 4242 SILVA (Marquis de) Pensées sur la Tactique et la Stratégique, ou vrais Principes de la Science Militaire, 4to. plates, bds. 2s

Turin, 1778 4243 SIMES (T.) Military Course for the government and conduct of a Battalion, 8vo.

plates of the various plans, coloured, red morocco, gilt edges, fine copy, 128 1777 4244 SIMMONS, Effect of Heavy Ordnance directed against Ships of War, hollow Shot, and loaded Shells, 8vo. bds. 2s 6d

- 1837 4245 SOYER, Exercices et Manoeuvres d'Infanterie, folio, with 36 plates, sd. 58 1846 4246 SPECTATEUR (le) Militaire, recueil de Science, d'Art et d'Histoire Militaires, Vols.

XXIV-XÀX., 7 vols. 8vo. maps and plates, hf. calf neat, 20s Paris, 1838-41 4247 STRAITH's Treatise on Fortification, with observations on the increased effects of . Artillery, 8vo. with oblong folio Atlas of 15 plates, hf. cf. 78 6d Croydon, 1833 4248

Treatise on Fortification and Artillery, 8vo. 4th edition, cloth, 6s 1846 4249

Atlas of 15 plates, separately, ob. 4to. sd. 2s 6d Croydon, 1833 4250 - Introductory Essay to the study of Fortification, 8vo. cloth, with small folio Atlas of plates, (pub. at 13s) sd. 68

1855 4251 Í HALY's Fortress of Komarom (Comorn) during the War of 1848-49, translated by Rushton, 8vo. plan, cloth, ls 6d

1852 4252 THIEBAULT, Operations militaires du Siège et du Blocus de Gènes, 8vo. map and Tables, calf, 2s

1801 4253 THORN (Wm.) Memoir of the War in India under Lord Lake and the Duke of Wellington, 4to. map and plans, bds. 78 6d

1818 4254 TIELCKE (J. C.) Geschichte des Krieges von 1756 bis 1763, 6 vols. sm. 4to. plates, half calf, 3s 6d

Freyberg, 1797 4255 TORRENS (Gen. Sir H.) Field Exercise and Evolutions of the Army, 8vo. 12 plates, russia, gilt edges, 2s 6d

1824 4256 TURENNE. DE RAMSAY, Histoire du Vicomte de Turenne, Maréchal Général,

portrait and plans of Sieges and Battles, 2 vols. 4to. cf. gt. 12s Paris, 1735 4257 Du Buisson, la Vie du Vicomte de Turenne, Maréchal-Général des Camps, etc. 12mo. calf, 3s 6d

Cologne, 1686 4258 HISTORY of that great Captain Viscount de Turenne, by Spence, 8vo. calf, 7s 6d

1686 4258*HISTOIRE du Vicomte de Turenne, Maréchal-Général des Armées du Roi, 2 vols. 12mo. portrait and plans, calf, 78 6d

La Haye, 1736 4259 TURPIN DE CRISSÉ, Essai sur l'Art de la Guerre, 2 vols. 4to. plans of military operations, old French calf gilt, 5s

Paris, 1754 4260

the same, a SUPERB COPY, 2 vols. 4to. pale olive MOROCCO, extra gilt edges, Arms on sides, 258

1754 4261 — Essay on the Art of War, by Otway, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. plates, calf, 4s 6d

1761 4262 UNIFORMS. H. VERNET et E. LAMI, Collection des Uniformes des Armées

Françaises, de 1791 à 1814, impl. 8vo. 99 coloured plates, with text, calf gilt, gilt edges, £3. 3s

Paris, 1822

4263 VERE's (Sir Francis) Commentaries, being diverse pieces of Service, wherein he

had command, written by himself in way of commentary, sm. folio, with 3 maps, 2 plates of battles, and plan of Ostend, but wanting 3 portraits and plate of a monument, hf. bd. 78 6d

Cambridge, 1657 Priced, 1825, Wheatly, russia, £5. 58 ; 1834, Bryant, £1. 78; 1840, Js. Bohn, £3. 38; 1840, Payne and Foss, £3. 38; 1848, £2. 128 6d ; fetched, 1854, Gardner's sale, morocco, £2.; 1854, Loscombe's, £19.; Priced, Large Paper, 1848, Payne and Foss, morocco, £12. 128 4264 VERNON (Gay de) Traité Élémentaire d’Art Militaire et de Fortification, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. plates, calf, 2s 6d

1805 4265 VICTOIRES, Conquêtes, Revers et Guerres civiles des FRANÇAIS, depuis les

Gaulois jusqu'en 1823, together 34 vols. 8vo. with plans, hf. cf. £3. 10s 1821-25 4266 WALLENSTEIN's (Albrecht von) Briefe an Arnheim, Aldringer, Gallas, Piccolo

mini, 1627-34, herausg. von Forster, 3 vols. 8vo. facsimiles, sd. 58 Berlin, 1828-29 4267 WARD'S (Robert, Gentleman and Commander) Animadversions of Warre; or,

a Militarie Magazine of the truest rules, and ablest Instructions for the manag. ing of Warre ; composed of the most refined discipline and choice experiments that these late Netherlandish and Swedish Warres have produced; with divers new inventions, folio, engraved frontispiece by Marshall, 3 plans and numerous curious woodcuts, calf, rare, 308

London, Jno. Dawson, 1639 Not mentioned by Lowndes. Collation : Frontispiece ; Title ; 7 preliminary leaves beingdedications, and Latin and English verses ; Table of Contents, 6 leaves ; Pages 1-394 ; Title to Book 2; Pages 1-101; Table of the quantitie of Paces, 3 leaves. 4268 WATERLOO. Campagne de la Belgique, 8vo. plans, cloth, 3s Brux. 1816 4269 WATERLOO. Relation de la dernière Campagne de Buonaparte, terminée par la bataille de Mont-Saint-Jean, 8vo. plans, calf, 38

*1816 4270 WELLESLEY'S (Marquess) Dispatches, Minutes and Correspondence, during

his Administration in India, edited by Montgomery Martin, 5 vols. 8vo. por. trait, maps, plans, etc. (pub. at £6. 10s) bds. rare, £4,

1840 “ Lord Wellesley's letters are admirable compositions ; they are evidence of a highly-gifted mind and this collection of historical facts cannot but be highly appreciated.Naval and Military Gazette.

As a body of authentic facts, and of sound views on Indian policy, this will be an indispens. able literary work."-Asiatic Journal.

“The despatches may truly be called national records, of which England may justly be proud.”—Metropolitan Magazine.

" A publication of peculiar and extraordinary interest."- Edinb. Revien. 4271 WELLINGTON'S (Duke of) Despatches, during his various Campaigns in

India, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, the Low Countries, and France, from 1799 to 1818, published by Col. Gurwood; complete, with General Index, 13 vols. 8vo. BEST EDITION, (pub. at £13. 10s) calf, £10. 108

1837-39 Priced, 1840, Jas. Bohn. bds. £12, calf, £16; 1848, Payne and Foss, russia, £14, 148 ; 1844, White, calf, £12. 128 ; 1853, Dr. Hawtrey's copy fetched, calf, £11. 158

“For the Duke of Wellington's character as a statesman, let every one read his wonderful Despatches, which found a fame far loftier even than the triumphs of the warrior.”—Ld. Brougham.

*“ Let us rejoice that the Campaigns of the Duke of Wellington have, in our days, been as dis. tinguished for their humanity, forbearance, and even kindness towards our enemies, as for their military glory. In this combination of the generous with the martial virtues, Wellington has excelled the Black Prince, and presented a noble example for the instruction and animation of Europe."--Turner. 4272 WELSH (Col. J.) Military Reminiscences in the East Indies, 2 vols. 8vo. plans and plates, cloth, 3s 6d

1830 4273 A MILITARY LIBRARY :-Acciones en la Peninsula ; Arago ; Austerlitz; Bilbao;

British Campaign in 1794-5; Campagne en Italie, 1796-7 ; Campaign of 1792 Campaigns in Italy and Germany, 1796-9; Contest in Spain, 1840; Clauzel; Delaistre, Encyclop. de l'Ingénieur ; Dresde et Kulm, 1713; Dumas, Evenemens Militaires, 3 vols. ; Dussieux, Russie ; Evenemens Militaires, 1799, 4 vols.; Guerre de la Péninsule; Gardiner, Artillery ; Guerre de la Révolution, 1792-4, 2 vols.; Haxthausen; Hyginus et Polybius; Jomini; Jourdan; Legrand Battle of Leipzig, 1813 ; Labaume ; Ligny; Maurice; Memorie Militari Italiane ; Moore's Campaign in Spain; Müller; Picton; Rocca ; Silva, Tactique ; Tielke ; War in Spain and Portugal; Witzleben ; Xylander ; and 30 other modern works on the Wars in Algiers, the Crimea, India, etc., on modern military tactics, fortification, etc.; in all, 86 vols. and tracts, 4to. and 8vo. in. cluding many maps, a bargain, 20s


NAVAL SCIENCE. 4274 CAMPBELL’s Lives of the British Admirals, containing also a new and accurate

Naval History from the earliest periods, continued to the year 1779, by Dr. Berkenhout, new edition, revised, corrected, and brought down to the present time by Henry Redhead Yorke, 8 vols. 8vo. portraits, (pub. at £4. 16s) bds. 24s

Lond. 1812 "Campbell's Lives of the Admirals is an admirable work, and I would advise your Lordship to redeem your pledge to the Duke on some rainy day. You do not run the risk from the perusal which my poor mother apprehended. She always alleged it sent her eldest son to the Navy, and did not see with indifference any of her younger olive branches engaged with Campbell except myself, who stood in no danger of the cock.pit or quarter-deck.”—Letter of Sir Walter Scott to Lord Montague on the Education of the Duke of Buccleugh. 4275 GLASCOCK (Capt. W. N.) The Naval Service; or Officer's Manual for every grade in H. M. Ships, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 21s) cloth, 5s

1836 4275* LEDIARD'S Naval History of England, 1066-1734, 2 vols. in 1, folio, calf, 158 1735 4276 REEHORST's Mariner's and Merchant's Polyglot Technical Dictionary, in 10 Languages, obl. 8vo. half calf, 9s

1850 4277 RUSSIAN NAVY: Tathoe Polozhenie, a valuable volume of Statistical Tables

connected with the Russian Navy, large folio, 376 pp (317-18 wanting), and 66 plates of Sails, hf. bd. 158

1840 4278 VOCABULARY (A) of Sea Phrases and Terms of Art, used in Seamanship and Naval Architecture, 2 vols. in 1, 18mo. hf. morocco, 58

1799 POLITICAL ECONOMY, JURISPRUDENCE, DIPLOMACY 4279 ABBOTT (Sir Charles) Tratado sobre as Leys relativas a Navios mercantes, e Mainheiros, 8vo. bds. 28 6d

Liverpool, 1819 4280 AFAN DE RIVERA, Considerazioni su i Mezzi da restituire il valore proprio a'

doni della natura del regno delle Due Sicilie, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, sd.58 Napoli, 1833 4281 ANNAES das SCIENCIAS, das Artes e das Letras, por huma Sociedade de Portuguezes, Tom. I.-XVI. 8vo. plates, hf. calf neat, 368

Pariz, 1818-22 4282 ARNOULD, de la Balance du Commerce et des Relations Commerciales Exterieures

de la France, particulièrement de 1716-88, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. cf. 2s 6d Paris, 1791 4283 AUDOUIN, du Commerce Maritime, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 4s

Paris, 1801 4284 AZUNI (D. A.) Dizionario della Giurisprudenza Mercantile, 4 vols. 4to. hf. bd. 78 6d

Nizza, 1786-88 4285 - Dizionario della Giurisprudenza Mercantile, 4 vols. 4to. seconda edi. zione, portraits, calf neat, 25s

Livorno, 1822 4286 - Droit Maritime de l'Europe, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, 78 6d Paris, 1805 4287 BAILY's Tables for purchasing and renewing Leases, 8vo. bds. 2s 6d 1807 4288 Bavoux, des Conflits, ou Empiètement de l'Autorité administrative sur le Pouvoir Judiciaire, 2 vols. 4to. sd. 7s 6d

Paris, 1828 1289 BERDUGO, Reducciones de Plata y Oro, valores, etc. 16mo. calf, 4s Mexico, 1752 -4290 BERRI, Commentaires sur les coutumes des Pays et Duché de Berry, par G. T. de la THAUMASSIERE, folio, calf gilt, 7s 6d

Bourges, 1701 4291 BERROYER et DE LAURIERE, Bibliothèque des Coutumes, 4to. old calf neat, 5s

Paris, 1699 4292 CAMUS, Profession d'Avocat: Bibliothèque choisie des Livres de Droit, qu'il

est le plus utile d'acquerir et de connaître, quatrième édition, par Dupin, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 12s

Paris, 1818 4293 nouvelle édition, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 12s

1832 4294 CANCIANI (Fr. P.) Barbarorum Leges Antiquæ, cum notis et Glossariis, 5 vols. folio, cloth, uncut, £4. 4s

Venet. 1781-92 Vol. 1. Edicta Regum Ostrogothorum ; Leges Langobardicæ ; Capitularia Princ. Beneventi; Constitutiones Regni Siculi; 2. Pactus Legis Salicæ ; Antiquæ Leges Austrasiæ ; Assisiæ Regni Hierosol. cur. infer. ; 3. Leges Frisionum, Angliorum, &c. ; Capitularia Regum Francorum ; Formulæ Veteres; Consuetud. Romaniæ in dit. Venet. et Franc. ; 4. Leges Burgundionum; Leges Wisigothorum ; Leges in Anglia conditæ, &c. ; Codex Legis Romanæ in Italia, Barbaris regnantibus; 5. Monumenta Legalia Italiæ : Assisiæ Regni Hierosol. cur, super. ; Constitutiones Siculie sub Arabibus; Capitularium Nauticum Venetum, 1255 ; Lex Salica Antiquior.

Priced 1832, Payne and Foss, £8. 88; in 1837, £5, 58 ; in 1840, 46. 68 ; 1847, H. Bohn, £3. 10s, and £5. 15s 6d.

“Recueil très-precieux."-Camus. 4295 CHABOT, Commentaire sur la Loi des Successions, 3 vols. 8vo. calf,78 Par. 1815

4296 CODES.-France. CODES (les huit) annotés Corps de droit français, ou recueil de tous les codes, etc. avec des annotations, thick sm. 8vo. 8d. 2s 6d

Paris, 1832 4297 Mexico. Codigo de Comercio de Mexico, 8vo. sewed, 2s Mexico, 1854 · 4298

Mexico : Collecção das Leis do Imperio de Brasil, 1822-32, 5 vols. in 4, very sm. 4to. half calf, rare, 30s Ouro Preto, and Rio de Janeiro, 1829-34 4299 the same, 1852-53, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 4,

Rio de Janeiro, 1853 4300 New York. The Code of criminal procedure of the State of, 8vo. sd. 38

Albany, 1850 4301 Norway. Thaulow's Strafgesetzbuch für Norwegen, 8vo. hf. calf, 28" 1834 4302 Codex Legum Suecicarum, receptus et approbatus in comitiis Stockholmensibus anni 1734, latine ed. König, small 4to. calf, 78 6d

Holmiae, 1743 4303 CUJACII Opera omnia, cum Indice generali et novis Additionibus, 11 vols.

Promptuarium Operum Cujacii, auctore Dom. Albanensi, 2 vols.-together 13 vols. folio, best edition, calf gilt, fine set, £10. 10s

Neapoli, 1768-63 " Le célèbre jurisconsulte Cujas est, sans contredit, le premier des interprètes du droit romain. Il introduisit une nouvelle manière de traiter et de commenter le droit romain avec plus d'élègance, un meilleur style et un fonds de littérature ; la jurisprudence romaine desint elegantior, et Nettlebladt (page 268) nous apprend que cette jurisprudence, mieux cultivée, plus polie, fut nommée Jurisprudentia Cujaciana."Dupin. 4304 CURTIS [Geo. T., of Boston, N.A.] on the Rights and Duties of Merchant Seamen, 8vo. cloth, 38 od

Boston, U.S. 1841 4305 D'AGUESSEAU (Chancelier) Euvres complètes; nouvelle edition par Pardessus, 16 vols. 8vo. sd. 278

Brux. 1829 4306 DAVENANT, Discourses on the Publick Revenues and on the Trade of England,

2 vols. 1698; Xenophon, Revenue of the State of Athens, translated, 1679; in 2 vols. 8vo. bd. 68

London, 1697-98 4307

- Essay upon the probable methods of making a People Gainers in the Ballance of Trade, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d

1699 4308 the same, second edition, 8vo. bd. uncut, 3s 6d

1700 4309 - Discourse upon Grants and Resumptions, 8vo. calf, 2s

1700 4310 the same, third edition, 8vo. bd. uncut, 3s 6d

1704 4311

- Essays upon, I. The Ballance of Power; II. The Right of making War, and Peace, and Alliances ; III. Universal Monarchy, 8vo. bd. uncut, 38 6d

1701 4312 DEPPING, Histoire du Commerce entre le Levant et l'Europe depuis les Croisades

jusqu'à la fondation des Colonies d'Amérique, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 4s Paris, 1830 4313 DUPIN (Ch.) Mémoires sur la Marine et les Ponts et Chaussées de France et d'Angleterre, 8vo. calf, 38

Paris, 1818 4314 DUPIN, Essais sur l'Organisation progressive de la Marine et des Colonies, 8vo. sewed, 4s

1834 4315 ECONOMISTI ITALIANI : Scrittori classici Italiani di Economia politica, Parte

Antica, 7 vols.-Parte Moderna, 41 vols.-Supplimento ed Indici, 2 vols. together 50 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. contents lettered, £6.

Milano, 1803-16 The Italians have a great many Economical works, especially with reference to money. The best of these works were published in a chronological Series (the above), a publication which does honour to Italy."--Macculloch. 4316 ELLIOT's Diplomatic Code of the United States of America, embracing a collection of Treaties from 1778-1827, large 8vo. calf, 58

W ashington, 1827 4317 EXAMEN du Livre intitulé Reflexions Politiques sur les Finances et le Commerce,

2 vols. 12mo. LARGE PAPER, citron morocco, gilt edges, 98 La Haye, 1740 4318 EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE DE 1851 (de Londres). Travaux de la Commission

Française sur l'Industrie des Nations, publiés par l'ordre de l'Empereur, Vol. 3, 2me partie à Vol. 8; 6 vols. stout 8vo. 14 plates, sd. 12s

Paris, 1854-6 Contains reports by the most eminent scientific Frenchmen on the following subjects of the Great Exhibition of 1851:- Arts de la Marine et de la Guerre, Arts Agricoles, Arts Mathématiques, Arts Chirurgicaux, Horlogerie, Musique, Fils et Tissus, Cotons, Soieries, Lins, etc. Cuirs, Sellerie, Papiers, Imprimerie, Tissus Teints, Dentelles, Broderies, Tapisseries, Produits vestiaires, Coutellerie, Métaux, Verres, Arts Céramiques, Papiers de Teinture, Meubles, Matériaux de Construction et de Décoration, Matières Vegétales, Objets de Parure, etc., Application des Beaux-Arts à l'Industrie. 4319 FÉLIX-BEAUJOUR, Tableau du Commerce de la Grèce, 2 vols. 8vo, 2s Paris, 1800


4320 FLASSAN (M. de) Histoire générale et raisonnée de la Diplomatie Française, 6 vols. 8vo. sd. 38 6d

Paris, 1809 4321 FREITAS (J. J. F. de) Bibliotheca historica, politica e diplomatica da Nação, Por. tugueza, Tomo I. 8vo. sd. 2s 6d

Londres, 1830 4322 FUEROS del Reyno de NAVARRA, desde su creacion hasta 1685, por CHAVIER, folio, calf, 12s

Pamplona, 1686 4323 GEE (Josh.) the Trade and Navigation of Gt. Britain considered, 8vo. cf. 3s 6d 1731 4324 GENOVESI, lezioni di Commercio o sia d'Economia Civile, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. 3s 1803 4325

the same, 2 vols. 8vo. half bound, 4s 6d Mil. Sor. di Evers. Pol. 1803 4326 GIOJA, Nuovo Prospetto delle Scienze Economiche, Idee teoriche e pratiche, in

ogni ramo d'Administrazione privata e pubblica, 6 vols. 4to. original edition, uncut, 27s

Milano, 1815-17 4327 - Trattato del Merito e delle Ricompense, 2 vols. 4to. sd. 58 1818-9 4328 the same, 2 vols. 4to. half bound, 6s 6d

Milano, 1818-9 4329 GOGUET, de l'Origine des Lois, des Arts, et des Sciences, et de leurs progrès

chez les Anciens peuples, 3 vols. 8vo. plates, an excellent work, sd. 58 Par. 1809 4329* sixième edition, 3 vols. 8vo. plates, calf, 78 6d

1820 4330 GORANI, Recherches sur la Science du gouvernement, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. 3s 6d 1796 4331 GORDON'S (T. F.) Digest of the Laws of the United States, stout 6d 1827 4332 GRAHAM (Sir James) Corn and Currency, 8vo. third edition, bds. 58 4332* - new edition, 8vo. bds. 5s 6d

1828 A most important work. 4333 JACOB's historical inquiry into the Production and Consumption of the Precious Metals, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 24s) bds. 8s 6d

1831 4334 JOURDAN. Recueil général des Anciennes Lois Françaises, depuis l'an 420

jusqu'à la Révolution de 1789, par JOURDAN, DECRUSY, et ISAMBERT, avec une Table generale, 30 vols. 8vo. sd. £3. 38

Paris, 1822, &c. Priced, 1845, Bossange, £5. 10s. 4335 KOCH et SCHOELL. Histoire abrégée des Traites de Paix entre les Puis.

sances de l'Europe, depuis la paix de Westphalie, par C. G. de Koch ; entièrement refondue augmentée et continuée jusqu'au congrès de Vienne et aux traités de Paris de 1815, par F. Schoell, 4 vols. royal 8vo. double columns, sewed, 28s

Bruxelles, 1837-38 4335*

Another copy, 4 vols. royal 8vo. Morocco, £2. 2s “ This work is not only valuable for its rich collection of facts recorded with clearness and precision, but is also distinguished for the most scrupulous impartiality, and that philosophical order which presents every event in the most interesting point of view. This work has procured the author (C. G. de Koch) a deserved place among our classics."-.Barbier's Bibl. vol. iii. p. 290. 4336 LEIBNITII Codex Juris Gentium diplomaticus, 2 vols. in 1, folio, vell. 12s 1693 4337 MACPHERSON'S (D.) Annals of Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries, and Naviga.

tion, with brief Notices of the Arts and Sciences connected with them ; contain. ing the Commercial Transactions of the British Empire, and other Countries : with a large Appendix, containing Chronological Tables of the Sovereigns of Europe, the Prices of Corn, Alterations of Money, etc., and a Commercial and Manufacturing Gazetteer, 4 vols. 4to. (published at £8. 8s) bds. £1. 1805

Priced, 1829, J. Bohn, 'bds. £3. 38; 1843, bd. €2. 128 6d. “ This must be allowed greatly to exceed any work of the kind which we before possessed, in regard to the quantity and accuracy of information which it contains. It will worthily occupy a place in the library of the statesman and scholar, of the private gentleman and the merchant." Monthly Review. 4338 Malthus on the Principle of Population, 3 vols. 8vo. russia, 78 6d 1817 4339 MARTENS, Nouveau recueil de traités, par F. Murhard, Tom. IX. Actes de docu. ments pour 1846, 8vo, sd. 2s 6d

Gottingue, 1852 4340 MARTENS et De Cussy, Recueil de Traités, Conventions et autres Actes diplo

matiques, sur lesquels sont etablis les relations existant entre les divers états souverains, dépuis 1760, 7 vols. 8vo. sd. 28s

Leipzig, 1846-57 4341 MAXIMES du Droit Public françois, 2 vols. 4to. in 1, calf, 5s

Amst. 1775 4342 MEYER (J. D.) Esprit, Origine et Progrès des INSTITUTIONS JUDICIAIRES des principaux pays de l'Europe, 5 vols. 8vo. calf, 25s

Paris, 1823 The same book appeared first, 6 vols. 8vo. La Haye, 1819. 4343 MILTITZ ( Manuel des Consuls, 2 tomes in 5 vols. £2. 10s 1837.42

Tome 1. Tableau du développement des institutions judiciaires et administratives creées pour

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