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4857 FORSKÄL, Descriptiones Animalium, Avium, Amphibiorum, Piscium, Insectorum,

Vermium ; quae in Itinere Orientali observavit. edidit C. Niebuhr. adjuncta Materia Medica Kahirina, 4to. with some Arabic synonyms, map of the Red Sea, half calf, 78 6d

Hauniae, 1775 4858 FORSTER (G.) Florulae Insularum Australium prodromus, 8vo. bds. 58 6d 1786 4859 FORTUNATUS A BRIXIA, Philosophia sensuum mechanica methodice tractata, 4 vols.

in 2, 4to. numerous engravings, fine copy, stamped hogskin, 10s Brixiæ, 1751-2 4860 FRANCOEUR, Technologie ou Description des procédés des Arts, 8vo. 464 pp. plates, 2s 6d

Paris, 1833 4861 FRANKLIN (Benjamin) Experiments and Observations on Electricity made at

Philadelphia, to which are added Letters and Papers on Philosophical Subjects, 4to. 7 plates, first edition, good copy, in old calf, rare, 20s

1769 4862 FRASER. ZOOLOGICA TYPICA, by Louis Fraser, Naturalist to the NIGER EXPE

DITION, complete in 14 parts, forming 1 vol. folio, 70 large and beautifully COLOURED plates of New and Rare Mammals and Birds, described in the Pro. ceedings or exhibited in the Collections of the Zoological Society of London (subscription price £7.78), £4. 4s

London, published by the author, 1849 Very few copies of this valuable work have come into the market. 4863 FRIES (Elias) Systema Mycologicum, sistens Fungorum Ordines, Genera et Spe

cies. Introductio 60 pp. ; Vol. 1, 520 pp. ; Vol. 2, 622 pp. ; Vol. 3, 524 pp.; Index, etc. 206 pp.; 3 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 10s

Gryphiswaldiae, 1821-9 4864

Lichenographia Europaea reformata, 8vo, cloth, 105 Lundae, 1831 4865 FRISCH'S (J.L.) GERMAN ORNITHOLOGY : Vorstellung der Vögel Deutschlandes

und beiläufig auch einiger Fremden, in Kupfer gebracht von F. H. Frisch (Representation of the Birds of Germany, and occasionally of some Exotic Birds), folio, 241 COLOURED plates of BIRDS, with their names in German, Latin, and French, accompanied by text and an Index, a beautiful copy in russia, £6.68 1763

The colouring of the plates is most artistically done; the Birds are mostly life size. 4866 FRISII (Gemma) Arithmetica practica, 12mo.mended, bds. rare, 12s Vitebergae, 1547 4867 FRITZSCHE, über den Pollen, 4to. 13 coloured plates, sd. 9s St. Petersb. 1837 4868 FUESSLY (J. G.) Archives de l'Histoire des Insectes, 4to. 54 coloured plates, hf. bd. calf, 12s

Winterthour, 1794 4869 FUSINIERI (A.) Memorie sperimentali di MECANICA MOLECOLARE, e di una Forza repulsiva, 4to. plates, sd. 9s

Padova, Autore, 1844 4870 GALEOTTI, Mémoire sur la Constitution Géognostique de Brabant, 4to. 194 pp. 2 coloured geological maps and 4 plates, sd. 78 6d

Brux. 1837 4871 GALITZINE (Princesse) de l’Analyse de la Force, 8vo. privately printed, hf. morocco, uncut, 7s 6d

Paris, 1845 4872 GARTEN ZEITUNG (ALLGEMEINE) herausgegeben von F. Otto und A. Dietrich für 1841-2, 1849-52, 6 vols. 4to. plates, hf. cloth, 5s

Berlin, 1841-52 4873 Gauss und Weber, Atlas des Erdmagnetismus, 4to.with 18 plates,bds. 4s Leip.1840 4874 GAVARD, Notice sur le Diagraphe, 8vo. with 4 plates, ( 15 fr.) sd. 2s Par. 1839 4875 GEOFFROY, Histoire des Insectes, 2 vols. 4to. with 22 COLOURED plates, calf neat, rare, 18s


enlarged and amended by Thomas Johnson, folio, brilliant impression of the frontispiece containing the portrait by Payne, and numerous woodcuts, a good copy in calf, £2. 108

1633 Priced, 1829, J. Bohn, mor. £4. 148 6d; 1836, J. Bohn, russia, £3. 38; 1847, H. Bohn, russia, £4. 108 ; calf, £2. 58 ; 1854, Dr. Hawtrey's copy, russia, fetched £2. 138. Praised and constantly quoted by Sir James Smith, in his English Flora. 4877 GERSDORF's Beobachtungen der atmosphärischen Elektricität, 4to. 15 plates of electrical experiments, 2s 6d.

Görlitz, 1802 4878 GHENT. ANNALES de la Société Royale d'Agriculture et de Botanique de

GAND, 5 vols. impl. 8vo. several hundred very finely COLOURED plates, half calf .extrà, £4.

Gand, 1845-49 4879 GILIUS, Agri Romani Historia Naturalis, Part I. Tom. I. : ORNITHOLOGIA Romana, sm. 4to. 24 plates of Birds, vellum, 3s 6d

Romae, 1781 4880 GMELIN (J. G.) Flora Sibirica, sive Historia Plantarum Sibiriæ, 4 vols. 4to. with 299 plates, old calf gilt, 21s

Petropoli, 1747-69 Previously priced £3. 13s 6d ; a copy was marked 1817, bds. £1. 118 6d.

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LONDON, established May 13, 1807, from the commencement, FIRST SERIES, 5 vols. in 9, COMPLETE, plates, 1811-21-SECOND SERIES, Vols. I. to VII. part 3, plates, 1822-46—together the 2 Series in 27 parts, 4to. many plates, bds. un. cut, £18.

1811-46 Complete sets are very scarce. A few odd volumes now in stock are sold separately to com. plete sets.

The first Series is entirely out of print. The second Series is sold at these reduced prices to the Fellows; the publishing price being about 25 per cent. higher.

£ 8. d.
Vol. I. out of print

Vol. V. part 1
Vol. II. part 1 .
1 4 0 - part 2

- part 2

18 01 - - part 3
- part 3 .

. 0 9 0
- part 3

Vol. VI. part 1

. 0 5 6 - Supplement

--- part 2

. 0 9 6 Vol. III. part 1 .

Vol. VII. part 1

0 3 6 - part 2 .

part 2

0 3
part 3 .
0 2 6 - part 3

0 7 0
Vol. IV. part I .
0 2 9 - part 4 .

0 10 0
- part 2 .

1 18 0 J 4882 PROCEEDINGS, from 1826 to 1842; Nos. 1-90, 98, 103—Abstracts of the Pro

ceedings, 1856-9, Nos. 1-31.–3 vols. 8vo. cloth, and 29 Nos. 258 1834-59

The Proceedings were published from 1826 to 1845, Vol. I. 48 6d ; Vols. II. 28 6d, and JII. 28 6d; Vol. IV. out of print, only imperfect to be had at the Society. 4883 QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON, from

the beginning, Vols. 1.—XV. 8vo. plates, QUITE COMPLETE (pub. at £12.), 13 vols. neatly hf. bd.-russia, Nos. 53-60 in parts, Dr. Horsfield's copy, £8. 158

1845-59 Price to Fellows, 138 6d per volume in cloth. 4884 - another set, Vols. J.—XI., 1845-55 complete, and Nos. 48, 49, 50, 51, 57, 58, 8vo. plates, ( £11.) clean, in parts, £6. 6s

1845-59 4885

another set, Nos. 1-17, 19-25, 29-31, 33, 35, 40-44, Vols. I.—XI. not consecutive, 8vo. plates, (pub. at £5.) three vols. hf. calf gilt, the remainder sewed, £2. 16s

1845-55 4886 CLASSIFIED INDEX to the Transactions, Journal, &c. by Ormerod, new, 4s 4887 GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY of FRANCE: MÉMOIRES de la Société Géologique de

France, 5 vols. in 10 parts, complete from the commencement, 4to. geologically coloured, plates, sd. uncut, Dr. Buckland's copy, £5.

Paris, 1833-45 4888 GEOLOGICAL Survey of Great Britain, Memoirs of, Vol. I.; Vol. II. part 1, roy. 8vo. maps, cloth, 158

1846-48 4889 GODARD et DUPONCHEL, Histoire naturelle des LEPIDOPTÈRES ou Papillons

de France : Diurnes, 2 vals.-Crepusculaires, 1 vol.- Nocturnes, 6 vols. - Supplément, 4 vols.-Iconographie des Chénilles, 1 vol.-Catalogue méthodique des Lepidoptères, 1 vol.- together 15 vols. 8vo. of Text, in 13–4 vols. hf. mor. 9 un. bound, with 8vo. Atlas of 645 coloured plates, in cases, £9. Paris, 1821-44 COLLATION OF THE PLATES.

Nocturnes : Bombycites Planche explicative . .

Pseudo-Bombycites Diurnes: Vol. I. .

- - plates redesigned

Vol. II.

Crepusculaires, Plates 13-22 .

Hadenides Nocturnes

· 314


Lithosides Diurnes.

Xylinides Crepusculaires :



Diurnes : Papillonides, Nymphalides, Hes-

Endromides pérides Crepusculaires : Sphingides . . 111


• 645 4890 GOEDARTI1 Metamorphosis et Historia Naturalis Insectorum, cum comment. Jo

annis de Mey, 63 curious plates; Appendix D. Johannis de Mey ; Appendix II, de Cometis ; Metamorphoseos et Hist. nat. Insectorum pars III. cum Appen. dice, 21 coloured plates; in 2 vols. 12mo. hf. mor. 4s 6d Medioburgi, (1662)

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4891 GOEPPERT (H. R.) Abhandlung über Steinkohlen, 4to. 23 geological plates, bds. 188

Leiden, 1848 4892 Monographie der FossilEN CONIFEREN, 4to. 58 plates, partly coloured, (pub. at £2. 2s) ods. 32s

Leiden, 1850 Each of the above works gained respectively in 1846 and 1849, a prize of a gold medal and 150 gulden. 4893 GÖTTINGEN TRANSACTIONS: COMMENTARII Societatis Regiae Scientiarum

Gottingensis, 1751-54, 4 vols.-Novi COMMENTARII, 1769-76, 7 vols.-COM.
MENTATIONES, 1778-99, 14 vols.-together 25 vols. 4to. plates, hf. bound, £2.

Gottingae, 1752-1800 This rare collection contains many valuable Physical, Mathematical, Philological, Historical, and Archaeological Treatises by Haller, Hollman, Gesner, Michaelis, Kaestner, Wismuth, Blumenbach, Gatterer, Meiners, Tychsen, Lichtenberg, Heyne, and others. 4894 Gouan, Histoire des Poissons, latin en françois, sm. 4to. plates, calf gilt, 78 6d

Strasbourg, 1770 4895 GOULD'S (J.) MAMMALS OF AUSTRALIA, Parts I. to X., impl. folio, with 150 COLOURED plates, (pub. at £31. 10s) bds. Colonel Hamilton Smith's subscription

1875.58 4896 Monograph of the Macropodidae, or Family of Kangaroos, 2 parts, impl. folio, 30 coloured plates, (pub. at £6. 6s) bds. £3, 38

1841-42 4897 GRABA, Reise nach Färö, 1828, 8vo. hf. morocco, 2s 6d - Hamburg, 1830 4898 GRAY (G. R.) THE GENERA OF BIRDS, comprising their generic characters, a

notice of the habits of each Genus, and an extensive List of Species referred to their several Genera, 50 parts forming 3 vols. folio, with Appendix and Index, illustrated by about 350 superb plates, THE BIRDS FULLY COLOURED, the details plain, by D. W. Mitchell, (subscription price £26. 58, now selling for £31. 10s) £22. 108

1844-49 The scientific merit of Gray's text, and the artistic beauty of Mitchell's plates render the above a most desirable work for any library. Very few copies ever turn up under the present price of 30 guineas. The most Scientific work on Ornithology published in Great Britain, more complete and equally accurate as the costly works of Gould. 4899 GRAY (G. R.) List of the Genera of Birds, 8vo. 90 pp. cloth, ls 6d

1840 4900 - - the same, 2nd edition, with an Index, 8vo. 128 pp. cloth; Appendix, 16 pp. inserted, 3s

1841-2 4901 --- Illustrations of Indian Zoology, consisting of plates of new or hitherto

unfigured Indian Animals, Part XI. royal folio, containing 10 fine large coloured plates, with Index, sd. 58

1832 4902 GRAY (Asa) Plantae Wrightianae Texano-Neo-Mexicanicæ : an account of a

Collection of Plants, made by C. Wright in an Expedition from Texas to New

Mexico, 2 parts, impl. 4to. with 14 plates, sd. 78 6d W ashington, 1852-53 4903 GRAY (J. E.) Catalogue of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British

Museum, 4to. Part 1, Papilionidae, 84 pp., 1 plain and 14 coloured plates, bds. 10s

1852 4904 GRAY (Maria Emma) Figures of Molluscous Animals, etched by herself (with

explanations by Dr. J. E. Gray), 4 vols. 8vo. proof portrait of the authoress, and fine impressions of 342 plates, cloth, presentation copy to Dr. Horsfield, with

' his autograph on the title-pages, 30s 4905 GRIFFITH'S (W.) Indian BOTANICAL Works, arranged by John Maclelland :

Posthumous Papers, bequeathed to the Hon. East India Company. A. 8vo, Text: Journal of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bootan, Affghanistan, etc.

portrait of Griffith, and 16 plates, Calcutta, 1847– Vol. 2. Itinerary Notes of

Plants collected in the Khasyah and Bootan Mountains and in Affghanistan, • 1837-41, map and 3 plates, ib. 1848–Notulae ad Plantas Asiaticas ; part 1,

Development of Organs in Phanoerogamous Plants, ib. 1847-Notulae, part 2, on the higher Cryptogamous Plants, ib. 1849—Notulae, part 3, Monocoty.

ledonous Plants, ib. 1851-Notulae, part 4, Dicotyledonous Plants, ib. 1854 B. 4to. Plates : Icones Plantarum Asiaticarum, part I, Development of Organs

in Phanoerogamous Plants, 62 coloured plates, 1847 ; part 2, Cryptogamous Plants, 1849, plates 63-138; part 3, Monocotyledonous Plants, 1851, plates 139-174, 243-359 ; part 4, Dicotyledonous Plants, 1854, plates 360-661

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• C. folio. Plates : Palms of British East India, complete, 1 vol. royal folio, plates

175-242 B. The 3 series complete—together 6 vols. 8vo. 4 vols. 4to. and 1 vol. folio, bds. A COMPLETE SET, £10. 10$

Calcutta, 1848-54 4906

- the same, the 3 series, wanting Notulae, part 4, 8vo. in all 5 vols. 8vo. 4 vols. 4to. and 1 vol. folio, boards, Dr. Horsfield's copy, £8. 10s Cal. 1848-54 4907 GRIFFITH (W.) Icones Plantarum Asiaticarum, part II. impl. 4to. with plates 63-138, bds. 10s

Calcutta, 1847-49 These important works have been privately distributed by the East India Company. 4908 GRONINGEN. ANNALES ACADEMIÆ GRONINGANÆ, 1815 to 1837; Acta Sae. cularia Academiæ Groninganæ, 1814-together 23 vols. 4to. uncut, £2. 108

Groningae, 1814-39 4909 GUERIN-MÉNEVILLE, Magasin de Zoologie, année VIII. troisième section :

animaux articulés ; Deuxième Serie, année VII. (année 1845)—together 3 vols. 8vo. with numerous coloured plates of COLEOPTERA, hf. russia, uncut, 16s

Paris, 1838, 39, 49 4910 GUICHENOT, Histoire naturelle des Reptiles et des Poissons de l'Algerie, atlas 4to. with 8 superbly coloured plates, bds. 7s 6d

Paris, Impr. Nat. 1850 4911 GUILLEMIN,Icones plantarum Australasiae rariorum, fol. 20 plates, 3s 6d Par. 1827 4912 GUMPACH's Practical Tables for the Reduction of Mahometan Dates to the Chris.

tian Kalender ; with an Introduction, including some special remarks on the Turkish Kalendar, 4to. (pub. at 7s 6d) cloth, 5s

1856 . An extremely useful set of Tables, computed with great accuracy for the use of Astronomers, Chronologers, Historians, Diplomatists, Political and Consular Agents, Merchants, Travellers, and Sojourners in the East. 4913 GUNNERI (J. E.) Flora Norvegica, Pars prior, folio, with 3 plates, half bound, 5s

Nidrosiae, 1766 This curious work was printed at Trönhiem, in the North of Norway. 4914 - Idem, Nidrosiae, 1766_Pars posterior, Hafniae, 1772, 9 plates (No. 3 if published, wanting), in 1 vol. folio, half bound, 20s

1766-72 4915 GYLLENHALL, Insecta Suecica, Classis I.: Coleoptera sive Eleuterata, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, '20s

Scaris, 1808-13 4916 Hahn und Herrich-Schäffer, die Wanzenartigen Insecten, Vols. I. to III. part 1, in 13 parts, 8vo. 78 coloured plates, 9s

Nürnberg, 1831-35 4917 HALL (Jas.) Palæontology of New York, 2 stout vols. 4to. with near ž00 plates, cloth, £4.4s

New York, by Authority, 1847.52 4918 HALLER (Alberti von) Icones Plantarum Helvetiæ, ex ipsius historia Stirpium

Helveticarum recusæ, cum descriptionibus, etc. royal folio, 52 plates, half mor. gilt top, uncut, 18s

Bernæ, 1795 4919 - Bibliotheca Botanica, 2 vols. 4to. bds. 108

Lond. 1771 A very useful and most carefully written Bibliography of all Botanical Works. 4920 HAMILTON's (Francis) Account of the Fishes, found in the River Ganges, and its

branches, 4to. and Atlas of 39 fine plates, 2 vols. (pub. at £5. 58) bds. 258 1822 4921 another copy, 2 vols. 4to. hf. calf neat, 28s

Edinburgh, 1822 4922

the same, folio, the Atlas only, hf. bd. 10s
Priced, 1843, J. Bohn, bds. £1. 168 ; fetched, 1855, Sotheby's, £1. 78.

A very valuable contribution to the knowledge of the Ichthyology of the East. 4923 HARLAN (D. R.) Fauna Americana: a Description of the Mammiferous Animals

of North America, 8vo. x and 320 pp. hf. calf neat, presentation copy to Dr. Horsfield, 7s 6d

Philadelphia, 1825 4924 — American Herpetology, or Genera of North American Reptilia, 8vo. 88 pp. bds. 3s 6d

Philadelphia, 1827 4925 HASSALL (A. H.) History of the British Freshwater Algae, 2 vols. 8vo. with 103 plates (pub. at £2. 5s) cloth, 30s

1845 4926 HASSKARL, Catalogus Plantarum in horto botanico Bogoriensi cultarum alter, 8vo. bds. 12s

Bataviae, 1844 4927 HAWORTH (A. H.) Lepidoptera Britannica, sistens Digestionem novam Insec

torum quæ in Magna Britannia reperiuntur, 4 parts, 8vo, complete, boards, rare, £2. 2s

1803-28 • This valuable work is rarely complete. Collation : Parts 1-4 bave xxxv; and 610 pp. To the first part are appended: Miscellanea naturalia, sive dissertationes sex, 206 pp.


4928 HEBERT ET RENEVIER, Fossiles du Terrain nummulitique supérieur des environs

de Gap, des Diablerets, etc. de la Savoie, 2 plates, sd. 58 Grenoble, 1854 4929 HEDWIG (Jo.) OPERA:

DESCRIPTIO et Adumbratio microscopico-analytica MUSCORUM FRONDOSORUM, nec

non aliorum Vegetantium e Classe Cryptogamica Linnæi, novorum dubiisque, vexatorum, 4 vols. folio.

Lipsiæ, 1787-99 Vol. j. Pages 109. Plates, coloured, 40. - ii. 112.

- 40. - iii. - 100.

40. iv.

40. Priced, 1824, Wood, £12. 128 ; 1844, Baillière, £8.; 1855, Weigel, 32 thalers ; Hibbert's copy fetched £4. 188. FUNDAMENTUM Historiae naturalis Muscorum Frondosorum, 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. 20 coloured plates, calf

ib. 1782 SPECIES Muscorum frondos. descr. ed. a. F. Schwaegrichen, 4to. with 77 coloured plates, calf

Lips. 1801 Priced, 1846, Williams and Norgate, £3. 38. -- Supplementa II. III., in 8 parts, 4to. comprising the plates numbered 101-300, all coloured, bds, the missing portions can be supplied new ib. 1823-30

Priced, Suppl. I.-IV., iu 16 parts, 325 plates, Lips. 1811-42, in 1846 by Williams and Norgate, £16. 168 ; 1854, Koehler, 402 pl. 60 thalers; in 1855 reduced to 56 thalers ; 1855, Friedländer, 50 thalers ; 1856, reduced to 39 thalers ; 1856, Koebler, 36 thalers ; 1857, Brockhaus, 52} thalers. The above set, as described, from the library of the late Mr. R. Brown, £6. 6s

Lips. 1787-1830 4930 HEDWIG, Theoria Generationis et Fructificationis Plantarum Cryptogamicarum, 4to. 37 plates, calf, 2s 6d

Petropoli, 1784 4932 HERBAL. Tractatus de Virtutibus Herbarum, cum prefatione Arnoldi de Nova

Villa Avicenna, very small 4to. 150 cuts, cloth, rare, 58 s. a. e. l. (? 1490) 4933 - Idem, sm. 4to. with 158 woodcuts, vellum, in good preservation, 208

Venet. Alex. de Bindonis, 1520 4934 HERNANDEZ (Franc.) Rerum Medicarum Novae Hispaniae Thesaurus, seu

Plantarum Animalium et Mineralium MEXICANORUM historia, a N. A. Reccho collecta ac in ordinem digesta, a J. T. Lynceo, notis illustrata ; cum Indice, et Historiae Animalium et Mineralium libro, stout folio, with several hundred

woodcuts, remarkably fine sound copy, calf, very rare, £2. 2s Romæ, 1651 4935

Opera cum edita, tum inedita, ad Autographi fidem et integritatem expressa, impensa et jussu Regio, 3 vols. high 4to. Španish calf neat, £2.12s 1790

These 3 vols. contain the Historiæ Plantarum Novæ Hispaniæ Libri xxiv. much enlarged from the Author's Manuscript ; the Minerals, Animals, and Notes have not been reprinted. 4936 HEROLD (Dr.) Entwickelungsgeschichte der Schmetterlinge, 4to. 158 pp. 33 anatomical plates, partly coloured, hf. calf neat, 78 6d

Cassel, 1815 4937 HERRMANNSEN (A. N.) 'Indices generum Malacozoorum primordia, Vol. I., II., fasc. 1 to 9, 8vo. sd. 10s

Cassell, 1846-47 4938 HEUFLER, Flora Cryptogamiae vallis Arpasch, Carpatae Transylvani, impl. folio,

with 7 fine plates, executed by the nature-printing process, 12s Viennae, 1853 4939 HIERONYMI Liber de Arte distillandi et de simplicibus : das Buch der rechten

Kunst, fol. many woodcuts, coloured at the time, old stamped binding, 10s 1500 4940 HOLMSKIOLD. (Theod.) Fungi Danici, cum Expositione, Lat. et Dan. folio, Fine Paper, with 32 coloured plates, bds. 308

Hauniæ, 1790 4941 HOOKER (Sir W.J.) BRITISH JUNGERMANNIÆ, being a History and Descrip

tion, with coloured figures, of each species of the Genus, with Microscopical Analysis of the parts, royal 4to. 88 finely coLOURED plates, with a Duplicate Set of the plates, mostly proofs, together with several of the ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, and Dr. Hooker's Paper on Andræa, autograph letter of the author, and portrait from a private etching by Mrs. D. Turner, and a portrait of D. Turner, from a private lithographic drawing by Miss H. S. Turner, inserted, russia extra, borders of gold on sides, marbled edges, £6.6s

Yarmouth, 1816 4942 - BRITISH JUNGERMANNIÆ, being a History and Description, with co

loured figures of each species of the Genus, and Microscopical Analysis of the parts, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, 88 coloured plates (including the four supplemental ones), russia extra, borders of gold on the sides, £6.68 Yarmouth, 1816

Only 10 copies were printed on Large Paper.

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