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5350 YARRELL'S History of British Birds : a history and a picture portrait, en

graved expressly for this work, of each species of the Birds found in Britain, Third Edition, 3 vols. 8vo. containing 550 illustrations, (pub. at £4. 14s 6d) cloth, £4. 4s

1856 5350* — History of British Fishes, second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £3. 38) cloth, £2. 2s

1841 5351

- History of British Fishes, Third Edition, with Figures and Descriptions of the additional Species, by Sir John Richardson, C.B., and with a Portrait and Memoir, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £3. 38) cloth, £2. 14s

1860 A Second Supplement, containing the additional Species, with the Portrait and Memoir, is sold separately, for the convenience of purchasers of the two former editions, 8vo. 58; royal 8vo. 108 ; impl. 8vo. 158. 5352 YOUNG (Geo.) and Jno. Bird, Geological Survey of the Yorkshire Coast, 4to. view and 19 coloured plates, (pub. at 26s) bds. 10s

Whitby, 1822 5353 ZACH (Fr. de) Tabulæ Motuum Solis et correctæ ex Theoria Gravitatis et Obser

vationibus recentissimis erutæ quibus accedit Fixarum Præcipuarum Catalogus novus ex Observationibus astronomicis, 1787-90, in Specula astronomica Gothana

habitis, cum Supplemento, stout 4to. fine paper, hf. bd. 12s Gotha, 1792-1804 5354 - Correspondance Astronomique, Géographique, Hydrographique et Statistique, 14 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £2. 10s

Gênes, 1818-26 The bottom margins of Vols. 1 and 2 are slightly stained with ink. The work treats upon all the various branches of science, and is illustrated with numerous plates, tables and diagrams. 5355 ZETTERSTEDT, Orthoptera Sueciae, 8vo. uncut, 3s

Lundae, 1821 - Insecta Lapponica: Coleoptera, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera,

Diptera, Lepidoptera, Neuroptera, cum Indice, 4to. hf. mor. 14s Lipsiae, 1840 5357 ZIMMERMAN (E. A. G.) Specimen Zoologiae Geographicae, Quadrupedum Domi.

cilia et Migrationes sistens, 4to. folding map, calf, 9s L ugd. Bat. 1777

This book is much praised by Mr. Pennant.”-MS. note by Mr. Mitford. Several pages are occupied with the Zoology of America. 5358 ZINNANI, delle Uova e dei Nidi degli Uccelli e Osservazioni sopra le Cavallette, 4to. 30 plates, hf. morocco, 7s 6d

Venezia, 1737 5359 ZOOLOGICAL Journal (the), by Bell, Children and Sowerby, from the beginning,

March 1824-1834, Vols. 1.-V., and a volume of Plates.-together 6 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, 30s

1825-35 5360 - - the same, from March 1824 to April 1826, 2 vols. 8vo. with 41 coloured plates, (pub. at £4. 4s) cloth, 25s

1825-26 5361 ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY's Gardens and Menagerie, 2 vols. 8vo. several hundred

remarkably fine Woodcuts of QUADRUPEDS AND BIRDs, very early impressions, green morocco, gilt edges, 30s

Chiswick, 1831 5362 ZOOLOGIST (the) an illustrated monthly Magazine of Natural History, from

the commencement in January 1843 to November 1858, 196 nos. in 191, 8vo. with cuts (pub. at £9. 16s) sd. £5. 10s

1843-58 5363 Agriculture. CHINESE AGRICULTURE, etc. Various Works in Chinese on

AGRICULTURE, Silk-Worms, the Taou-Choo-Kung, 4 vols.; Cha King, Literary
Housewife, or Manual of Recipes, 4 vols. with several MANUSCRIPT TRANSLA-
TIONS by G. T. Lay, H. M. Consul, a curious and important collection, in a folio

pamphlet box, from the Horticultural Society, 20s 5364 GALLO (Agostino) le Vinti Giornate dell' Agricoltura et de' Piaceri della Villa, 4to.

19 pages of engravings of agricultural works and implements, calf, 5s Venetia, 1569 5365 NESBIT'S Agricultural Chemistry, and the Nature of the Peruvian Guano, 8vo. cloth, 2s

1856 5366 STEPHENS'S (H.) Book of the Farm, detailing the labours of the Farmer,

Farm-Steward, Ploughman, Shepherd, Hedger, Cattle-Man, Field-Worker and Dairy-Maid, 3 vols. royal 8vo. 33 plates and upwards of 600 wood-engravings, including portraits of Animals, after designs by Sheriff, G. Steell and Slight, (pub. at £1. 108) cloth, £2. 16s

1844 “ This work was intended to be, and we have been assured is, a complete body of practical agriculture, embracing all the latest discoveries and improvements.”—McCulloch. 5367 TUSSER's (Thos.) Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, together with a

Book of Huswifery, &c. in Verse, New Edition, with Notes and Glossary by
Wm. Mavor, LL.D., 8vo. (pub. at. 15s) bds. 78 6d

1812 “ The farmer's daily diet may be drawn with sufficient accuracy from the curious old Georgic of Tusser ; a poem which, more than any other we possess, throws light upon the agricultural manners and customs of the age."- Drake's Shakspeare and his Times.


arranged and sold as follows: 5368 ANATOMY (COMPARATIVE) and PHYSIOLOGY. A valuable collection

of Treatises on, 50 vols. and Tracts, 4to. and 8vo. with many coloured plates, from the library of the late Robt. Brown, Esq. 158

Including: Baltzer de modo Propagationis in genere hu- | Flourens, Mémoires d'Anatomie et de Physiolomano, 8vo.

Bonnae, 1833 1 gie comparées, 4to. coloured plates 1844 Blyth (Edw.) Zoology of the Tennasserim pro Forchammer de Blennii vivipari formatione et vinces, 8vo. Calcutta, 1843 evolutione

Kiliae, 1819 - on the different Species of Orang-utan, Fraenzel de Nervorum Cerebralium Spinalium8vo.

que functionibus

Dresdae, 1833 Bory de St. Vincent, Classification des Animaux Kuhl und Hasselt, zur Zoologie und verglei. Microscopiques, 8vo.

1826 | chenden Anatomie, 4to. 7 plates Frankf. 1820 Corda, Observations Microscopiques sur les ani Prevost, de la Génération chez le Lymnée et malcules des eaux de Carlsbad, 12mo.6 pl.s.d. chez le Sechot, 4to.

1826 Cuvier, Histoire des Sciences Naturelles, publ. Robin, des Végétaux qui croissent sur l'homme

par M. de Saint-Agy, Tom. 1, 2, (jusqu'au et sur les Animaux vivants, 8vo. 3 plates 1847 17e siècle) 8vo.

1841 Sundevall's öfversigt af Idislande djuren, Linnés Elliott (w.) Catalogue of Mammalia in the Pecora, 8vo.

1844 Southern Mahratta Country, 8vo.

Valentin, Repertorium für Anatomie und Phy

(? Madras, 1830) | siologie, Band 8, pt. 2, 8vo. Bern, 1843 Eschricht, de Respiratione et Nutritione Foetus, Weber (E. H.) de Pulsu, Resorptione, Auditu 4to. Hafniae, 1837 1 et Tactu, 4to: 176 pp.

Lips. 1834 5369 ASIA, Botanical Tracts relating to, 30 vols. and tracts, folio, 4to. and 8vo. from the library of the late Robert Brown, Esq. £2. 58

Including: Batavian Academy. Verhandelingen van het | Manuscript. Flora Bengalensis; sistens Plantas

Bataviäasch Genootschap, 5de. Deel, 8vo. plurimas Bengalae, Baba, Oude et Regionum plates

Batavia, 1790 finitimarum, accurate descriptas, Characteres, Blume, Flora van Nederlandsch Indië. pts. 2, Differentias, Ordines, Virtutes, etc. Vols. 1-6, 10-12, 14, 15, 8vo.

ib. 1825-6 1200 pp. and Vols. 8, 12, 13, pp. 1291-1521, -- Javaansche Orchideën, folio, 5 tables, 2 2201-2531; together 9 vols. 4to. upwards of plates

ib. 1825 1600 pp.written in a plain legible hand (?1810) Calcutta. Report on the Hon. Company's Bo- Siebold, Flora Japonica, fasc. 1, 2, folio, 28 pp.

tanic Gardens, parts 1,5, fol. Calcutta, 1843 plates 1-10 finely coloured Lugd. Bat, 1835 Cleghorn on Calysaccion Longifolium, 8vo. 1851 Vriese, sur les Rafflesias Rochussenii et Patma, Kuhl et Van Hasselt; Orchideae et Asclepiadae folio, 2 folding plates

Leide, 1855 in Jara, impl. folio, 5 coloured plates, with Wallich, on the Mishme Teeta and Pucha Pat; descriptions

Gandavi, 1827 | Preparation and Management of Plants on a Lochner de Ananasa, sive Nuce Pinea Indica, Voyage from India

1832 4to. plates (? Nuremburg, 1760) | Wallich's Nipal Plants, folio, plates 1-10, 12, 14, 15, 17-19, 21

(Calcutta), 1826 5370 ENGLAND. ENGLISH BOTANICAL TRACTS, collected by the late Robert Brown, Esq. 50 vols. and tracts, folio, 4to. and 8vo. comprising many coloured plates 18s

Including: Allmann, Analysis of the Genera of Plants with Hooker (Sir W. J.) Description of Victoria conspicuous Stamens, 4to. 1828 / Regia, folio, 4 coloured plates

1847 Banks (Jos.) on Blight, Mildew, and Rust, 4to. Horticul. Soc. Chiswick, Catalogue of Fruits 1826 coloured plates

1805 Lindley, Orchidearum Sceletos, 8vo. 1826; Ef. Banks (Sir J.): Peter's Prophecy, by Pindar, a tects produced on Plants by the Frost, 4to. 1839

Satire, 4to. 1788 ; Cuvier, Eloge Historique Linnaei Epistolae ad B. de Jussieu, ineditae, 4to. de M. Banks, 4to.

234 pp.

American Acad. 1854 Blair-Adam, Observation on the Woods, Plan Macvicar, Germination of the Filices, 4to. 1824

tations, and Parks, 3 pts. 8vo. 1934 Manuscripts: A Bibliograpbical Catalogue of Curtis' Botanical Magazine, General Indexes, Botanical Vols. and Tracts, describing the pt. 1, 8vo.

1816 number of pages and plates, 4to. 120 pp. hf. (Donovan) on the Minute Parts of Plants, No. 1, bd.; Botanical Notes, about 50 pp. by the 4to. 5 coloured plates

1789 late Robt. Brown, Esq. Hooker (J. D.) Botany of the Antarctic Voyage Maton (Dr. Wm. Geo.) Biographical Sketch of, of the Erebus and Terror, pt. 18, 4to. co by Dr. J. A. Paris, Svo.

1838 loured plates 135.142

Morison (Rob.) Plantae Umbelliferae, folio, 201 the Author, folio, iv. and 100 pp., portrait plates Oxon. 1672 and 21 plates

1813 Orchideae, Species of the Natural Order of, Stackhouse, Nereis Britannica, Species omnes 2 coloured plates

1817 Fucorum in Insul. Brit. 4to. 20 plates 1816 Pulteney (Dr. Richard) Catalogue of the Birds, Plates, 23 various botanical, including portraits

Shells, and some of the more rare Plants of 1 of Dr. Pulteney and Linnaeus, various proofs

Dorsetshire, with Additions and Memoir ofl of the latter. 5371 ENTOMOLOGY. Minor Works on, 9 vols. and tracts, 4to. and 8vo. coloured plates,

the lot, as described below, 20s Bate, on the Carapacae and Antennae in Crusta- | Herold, Schmetterlinge, 4to. 33 coloured plates cea, 8vo.

1855 of Butterflies Haldeman, North American Coleoptera (1847) Panzer, Insekten Faune Deutschlands, 2 vols. Herold (M.) de Generatione Insectorum in Ovo, 8vo.

Nürnberg, 1805-6 fasc. I, plates coloured Frankfurt, 1835 Stephens' Illustrations of British Entomology, Hope, on the Entomology of the Himalayas and Supplement

1846 of India

1840 Villers (C. de) Nomenclator Iconum Entomo

| logiae Linn. 12 plates. 5372 GEOLOGICAL MINOR Works : London Geological Journal, Nos. 1-3, 1846-7--Dub

lin Geological Society Addresses, 1849-50-Howse, Icones Fossilium Sectiles, 8 plates-King, Permian Rocks and Fossils-Loftus, Geological map of the Turko-Persian Frontier, 1852–Nelson, Geology of the Bahamas, 1853-Owen, Remains from the Purbecks, 1854-Sopwith-Williams, Danoodah ValleyBarrande-D'Orbigny-Renevier-Herrmannsen, and others——together 27 vols. and tracts, 8vo. and 4to. with many maps and plates, from the collection of W. Loftus, Esq. 208

1842-56 5373 GERMANY: BOTANICAL TRACTS, collected by the late Robert Brown, Esq.,

many of them presentation copies, with the autographs of their respective authors, 205 Vols. and Tracts in German, Latin, and French, folio, 4to. and 8vo. numerous plates, plain and coloured, many scarce, in 4 parcels, £4.

Amongst others, include the following: Bayrhoffer, Lichenen, 4to. 4 plates Bern, 1851, Irmisch, Knollen- und Zwibelgewächse, 8vo. 10 Beinling, Verbreitung der Coniferen, 4to. 1858 plates

1850 Billerbeck, Flora Classica, 8vo. Leipzig, 1824 | Morphologie der Pflanzen, 4to. 8 plates Bischoff Kryptogam. Gewächse, pts. 1,2 1828

Halle, 1854 _ Botanische Terminologie, stout 4to. 46 Valeriana-Arten, 4to. 4 plates ib. 1854 plates

Nürnberg, 1830-33 Jessen, Prasiolae, 4to. plates Kiliae, 1848 Botanisches Archiv. Nos, 1, 2, 4to. 10 coloured Karsten, Vegetationsorgane der Palmen, 4to. 9 plates Wien. 1837 plates

Berlin, 1847 Bridel, Muscologia, 2 Tomi et Suppl. pars 1, Kunth, 3 tracts by, 4to.

1819.41 4to.

Gothae, 1797-1806 Kutorga, Infusionsthiere, 8vo. Carlsruhe, 1841 -- Methodus Nova Muscorum, 4to.plates 1819 | Lantzius, Mooskapsel, coloured plates 1847 Bruch u. Schimper, Laubmoose Europa's, pt. 1, Lindenberg, Species Hepathicarum, fasc. 1, fol. 9 plates

6 coloured plates

Bonn, 1840 Bruch, Bryologia Europaea, fasc. 2, 3, 4; 30 Link et Otto, Icones Plantarum select. Horti plates

Stuttgart, 1837 R. Botan. Berolinensis, pts. 1-5, 4to, 30 coCorda, Bau den Pflanzenstammes, 8vo. 1836 loured plates

Berlin, 1820-2 Ehrenberg, 5 tracts by

1818-44 - Klotsch et Otto, Icones Plantarum rariorum Eisengrein, Schmetterlingsblüthigen, Svo. 1836 Horti R. Botan. Berolin. ler Jahrgg. ltes. Fée (Ă. L. A.) Theorie des Rapports Botanico heft, 6 pts. ; 2er Jahrgg, plates 25-48,5 pts. Chimiques, 4to. Strasbourg, 1833 30 coloured plates

Berlin, 1840-4 Goeppert, Ueberwallen der Tannenstöcke, 4to. Martius, Plantes remarquables du Jardin du Mu. plates

Bonn, 1842 nich, Livr. 1, 2, 4to. 10 coloured plates 1829 Hamburg, Abhandl. von dem naturwissenschaftl. Martius, 3 tracts by, 12 plates 1824-40

Verein in, 4to. 1 Band, 29 plates 1846 Mohl(H.) Rauken u. Schlingpflanzen, 13 plates, Hampe, Icones Muscorum, pt. 1, 8vo. 10 plates 1827 ; Poren des Pflanzen-Zellgewebes, 4

Bonn, 1844 plates, 1828; Pflanzen-Substanz. 2 plates 1836 Hartig (Dr. Th.) 4 Treatises by, plates 1833-44 Mertens et Goldbach, Nymphaeceae, 4to. (1817) Megetschweiler, Scitamini, 4to. 7 plates 1813 Meyen (Dr. F. J. F.) Mikroskopische Abbildun

ss, Phanerogamen, 8vo. Darmstadt, 1832 gen zur Phytotomie, 4to. 14 plates, 1830 ; fman, Plantae Lichenosae, Vol. I. pts. 1, 2, Secretions Organe der Pflanzen, 4to. 9 plates, lates 1-12; Vol. II. pt. 1, plates 25-30; 1837; Pflanzengeographie, 8vo. 478 pp. and Jol. III. pt. I, plates 49-54; 4 pts. 1789 map, 1836; and 3 tracts, plates 1830-10

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Nees von Esenbeck, Bryologia Germanica, 2er Schott et Endlicher, Meletemata Botanica. fasc.

Theil, plates, cold 13-43, 1827-31; Mycetoi | 1, impl. fol. 36 pp. and plates 1-5 Vindob.1832 deae, 4to. 4 cold plates ; Gramineae

Trautvetter, Flora Russica, fasc.3,5,6, 15 plates Petermann, in Codicem Linnaeanum Index Al.

Monachii, 1844-5 phabeticus, 4to.

1840 Unger (Dr. F.) 4 Tracts by Wien. 1843-6 Presl, 6 Tracts by, plates Prag. 1833-47 Wahlenberg, Flora Carpatorum, 8vo. plates, Purkinje, de Cellulis Antberarum, 4to. 18 plates, Götlingae, 1814; de Helvetia Septent. 8vo. Vratislaviae, 1830 I plates

1813 Regensburg, Denkschriften der K.B.Botanischen Wallroth, Saulchen-Plechten, 8vo. Naumb. 1829

Gesellschaft, Vol. 3, 4to. plates 1841 Wiegmann, Bastardzeugung im Planzenreiche, Richard, de Musaceis, 4to. 12 plates Vrat. 1831

Braunschw. 1828 Roemer, Hesperides et Peponiferae, 2 vols. 8vo. Will, Akalephen, 4to. plates

1844 Vimariae, 1846 Willdenow, Phytographia, plates 1.10 1794 Schimper, folio, 18 plates

Willkomm, Globulariées, fol. 4 plates Lps. 1850 Schleiden (Dr. M. I.) 9 tracts by, plates 1839-44 Zuccarini, Deutschen Holzgewächse, pt. 1, Schnizlein, Iconographia Vegetab. pt. 1, 20 co plates 1-9 coloured, München, 1829 ; Plantae loured plates

Bonn, 1843 Herbar. Monac. Elenchus, fasc. 1, plates 12Schulze, über Robt. Brown, 4to. plates 1828 17, fasc. 3, Cacteae, 5 plates ib. 1832 5374 HOLLAND: Various Scientific publications of, viz. MORREN de Orchide La

tifolia, 4to. 6 plates, Gand, 1827—KORTHALS, Magnoliaceae en Rubiaceae van de Oostindische Kolonien, Leiden, 1838—MIQUEL, Systema Piperacearum, 2 vols. 8vo. Roter. 1843–Miquel, Cycadeae Americanae, coloured plates, Amst. 1851Jaarboek van het Nederlandsche Instituut, 1850, 51, 2 vols. Amst.-Tydschrift vor Wetenschappen, 3 vols. 8vo. Amst. 1847-50—and 21 other Tracts, mostly

4to. the lot, cheap, 108 5375 ITALY, Botanical Tracts relating to, collected by the late Robert Brown, Esq.

61 vols. and Tracts, folio, 4to. and 8vo. printed at various provincial towns in Italy, many scarce, £2.

Including, amongst others, the following :Aldini, construzione di Sampone, 6 plates 1822, Meneghini, delle Diatomee Venez, 1846 Amici, Orchidee, 8vo.

1846 Naples, Catalogus Plant. Horti. R. Neap. 1813 Caulinus, Zosterae Oceanicae, 4to. Neap. 1792 Padua. L'Orto Botanico di Padova, 8vo. 1842 Cesati (Vinc) Stirpes Italicae rariores vel no- Raddi, Agrostographia Brasiliensis, 8vo. 1823 .vae, descriptionibus Iconibusque illustratae, Re, ad Floram Pedemontanum Appendix, 4to. impl. fol. 96 pp. 24 plates Mediolani, 1840

1824 Colla (A.) Hortus Kipulensis, 4to. Taurin, 1824 Scienziata Italiani, Diario del 70. Congresso in

- (L.) sul genere Musa, impl. fol. coloured Napoli, Nos. 1, 3-8, 11, 4to. plates

Torino, 1820 Switzerland. Manuel d'Herborisation en Suisse Florence, Catalogus Plant. Horti-Botan.

et en Valais, 8vo. 412 pp. Winterthour, 1811

Florent. 1818 Tenore, 5 tracts by, 4to. folding plates Gasparrini, Pietra Fungaja, 4to. 5 plates, Na- Trevisan, Alghe del Tenere Udinese, Padova,

poli, 1841 ; Struttura degli Stomi, 4to. 1842 1844 ; Nomenclatur Algarum, T. 1. 1845 Monti, Catalogi Stirpium Agri Bononiensis Pro. Visiani, 3 tracts by

Venezia, 1844 dromuś, 4to. plates

Bonon. 1719 | Zanardini, Cellulari Marini di Venezia, 8vo. 1847 5376 NORWAY, SWEDEN, and DENMARK. A rare Collection of Tracts relating

to the BOTANY of these countries, 200 vols. and tracts, 4to. and 8vo. printed at various Scandinavian towns, the collection of the late Robert Brown, Esq. £2. 108

Including the following: Aghard, de Cellula Vegetabili Fibrillis tenuissi- | Forchhammer, Bornholmske Kulformationer, mis contexta, 4to. plates Lundae, 1852 plates

. (1830) Anderson, Conspectus Vegetationis Lapponicae, Fellmann, de Solo ex Plantis eidem insitis dig8vo. Upsal. 1846 noscendo, 4to.

Aboae, 1817 Anderson, Plantae Scandinaviae, fasc. 1, 8vo. Fries, Summa Vegetabil. Scandinaviae 1845

Holmiae, 1849 | Hornemann, indenlandske Planter, 8vo. 1836 Areschoug, Phyceae decas la. 4to. 10 plates Klint, Underrättelser öfver Bohus Bugten samt

Gothobergi, 1847 Kattegat, 4to. views of Coasts Stockh. 1807 Copenhagen Academy. K. Danske Vidensk. | Linnaeus, Egenhändiga Anteckningar, 4to. plts.

Selskabs, Naturvidensk. og Mathem. Afhandi. Upsela, 1823; Genera Morberum, 8vo. Upsa. Deel 7, 13 plates, 1836-7 ; Femte Raekke, I. lie, 1763 ; Clavis Medicinae Holmiae, 1766 II., 19 plates, 1849-51; Oersted, Oversigten, Nylander, Spic. Plantarum Fennicarum, Cent. 2, 1840, 1843-8, 7 pts. 8vo.

Helsingfors, 1844 - Skrivteraf Naturhistorie-Selskabet, Oersted, Horneman, Reinbardt, Tidskrift for Bind 6, 8vo. 6 plates Kiöbenhavn, 1836-51 Naturvidenskaberne, Nos. 1,9 Kjöbenh. 1822


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Stockholm Academy. Ofversigt af K. Veten Plantae Esculentae Patriae ; Hojer, Demonst. skaps-Akademiens Förhandlingar, 1846,7-10, Plantarum in Horto Upsaliensi, 1753; Hök, 1847, 1848, 1-3, 5-6, 10; 20 pts. 8vo. pls. Boleti, Fungorum generis, illustr. ; Löwen

Stockholm, 1846-8 adler, Botaniskt-Antiq. Excursioner; Lund: Thunberg, Prodr. Plantarum Capensium, pars 1, mark de Lavandula ; Naezen, Nova Graminum 8vo. plates, Upsal. 1794 ; Flora Capensis, Genera; Olin, dę Oleo Cajuputi ; Remedia Vol. II. fasc. 2, 8vo.

Hafniae, 1820 Guineensia, Stirpium in Guinea Medicinal. Upsal Academy. Nova Acta R. Societatis Sci Species novae, p. p. Wennberg, etc. 9 tracts ; entiarum Upsaliensis, vols. 9, 10, 4to. plates Rung, Ixia; Söderstedt, de Oleo Cajuputi ;

Upsaliae, 1827-32 Stickman, Herbarium Amboinense ; Struve, Upsal, Tracts printed at, including Afzelius et de Erica ; and others by Blumenberg, Djupe

Wadsberg, de Vegetabil. Suecanis; Afzelius, dius, Ek, Hedenberg, Kallstenius, Romanson, etc. de Rosis Suecanis, 11 tracts ; Afzelius et Salmenius, Swartz, Torner, Wahlin, WennerElgensteirna, Genera Plant. Guineensium; ström, Wiman, Wollrath, Zetzell, Ziervogel, Carlson, Flora Strengnesensis ; Colliander, de etc. 130 tracts, sm. 4to. plates, Up. 1751-1836 Moraea ; Gevalin de Protea; Haartmann, Westring, Schwedens Färbeflechten, 8vo. coPlantae Hybridae; Hartman, Genera Grami. loured plates, Norrköping, 1805 ; and others.

num in Scandinavia; Hast, Oxalis ; Hiorth, 5377 PHYSICAL SCIENCES : Minor Works on Mathematics, Mechanics and Metal

lurgy: viz. Hamilton de Sectionibus Conicis, 4to. 1758; Poncelet, Mécanique Industrielle, 2 vols. 8vo. pts. 2, 3, 8vo. 23 plates, Liège, 1839; Fragoso de Si. queira, Travaux d'Almagamation et des Fonderies de Halsbrück, 2 plates, 1800;

Müller sur la Tourmaline du Tirol, 1779; together 5 vols. 58 5378 RUSSIA, Scientific Tracts relating to, and printed in 34 vols. and tracts, 4to. and

8vo. plates, a scarce collection, chiefly relating to Botany, from the library of the late Robert Brown, Esq. £2.

1760-1845 - Including: Besser, Enum. Plant. Volbyniae, Podoliae, Bess- | Linnaei Disquisitio, 4to. Petropoli, 1760

arabiae et circam Odessam, 8vo. Vilnae, 1822 Moscow. Memoires de la Société Imp. des Brandt, Descr. et Icones Animalium Rossi. Naturalistes de Moscou, Tome 4, 7 plates,

corum Novorum, Aves, fasc. I, 4to. coloured 4to. Moscou, 1813-29; Fischer, Rapport, plates

ib. 1832 Bunge, Supplement zur Flora Altaica, 8vo. 1836 Schrenk, Enum. Plantarum novarum, 8vo. 1841 Casan Academy, Memoriae, 2 pts. Casani, 1824 Tilesius, Krusenstern's Erdumseeglung, plates, Fischer, Micromètres dans les Microscopes, 8vo. 4to.

St. Petersb. 1813 Fischer ( Dr. G.) sur le Trogonthérium,4to. 1809 Trinius, Agrostidea I. Vilfea, 4to. Petrop. 1840 Géléznoff, sur l'Embrogénie du Mélèze,8vo. 1849 Unger (Dr. F.) Bau u. Wachstum des DicotyHoffmann, Hortus Mosquensis, 4to. 1808 ledonen-Stammes, 4to. 16 pl. St.Petrsb. 1840 Horaninow, Tetractys Naturae, 8vo. 1843 Weinmann, Enum. Stirpium in Agro Petropol. Kupffer, Observations Météorologiques et Mag. 8vo. Petrop. 1837 ; Syllabus Muscorum

netiques, No. 2, 4to. St. Petersb. 1837 Frondos. in Imp. Rossico, 8vo. ib. 1845 Ledebour, Paridum, folio Dorpat, 1827 |

FINE ARTS, BOOKS OF PRINTS, PAINTING. 5379 AGINCOURT (Seroux d') Histoire de l'Art par les monuments, depuis sa déca

dence au quatrième siècle jusqu'à son renouvellement au seizième, par Seroux dAgincourt, 6 vols. impl. folio, with 325 plates, comprising representations of the most classical and important specimens of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, (pub. at 720 fr.) bds. £10.

Paris, 1823 To antiquaries and lovers of the Fine Arts, this work is indispensable ; it connects the works of Winckleman and Cicognara, and forms with them a most interesting Series. Quatremêre de Quincy says of it, “ Il n'est donc point de Bibliothèque qui ne doive le ranger au nombre des Collections Historiques les plus indispensables." 5380 AGINCOURT (Seroux d') History of Art by its Monuments from its decline in the

4th Centurj to its Restoration in the 16th, translated from the French by Owen Jones, 3325 subjects on 328 plates, 3 vols. in 1, folio, (pub. at £5. 58) half cloth, £2. 5s

1847 “ This fine work was the first in which the idea of exhibiting the progress of Art, by a series of its noblest monuments was perfectly carried out. By a series of accurate engravings from celebrated monuments, we trace the transitions of Art from the classic period to our own times. Sculpture, Painting, the Art of Illumination, and the Art of Engraving on Wood, on Gems, and on Medals, are similarly represented.” "381 ANNALS of the Fine Arts, from 1816 to 1820, 5 vols. 8vo. portrait and plates, half russia, 30s


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