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5382 ANTIQUARIAN ETCHING CLUB, Publications of the, Vols. 245, 4to. 268 plates, bds. £2. 10s

Printed for the Members of the Club, 1850-53 An interesting series of Etchings, comprising in many cases, the only existing artistic representations of Objects of Art and Antiquity, Portraits, Views of Ruins, etc. 5383 ARCHAEOLOGISCHE ZEITUNG, herausgegeben von E. GERHARD, Jahrgang

1-16, in 3 SERIES : Series I. 4 vols-Series II. 2 vols.--Series III. with the ada ditional Title : “ Denkmaeler, Forschungen und Berichte,” Vols. 1-10-together 16 vols. 4to. with 192 plates of ancient Art, (subscription price 48 Thalers) new and

clean in parts, from the library of the late W. Hamilton, Esq. £5. Berl. 1843-58 5384 ARINGHI (P.) Roma Subterranea, in qua post Bosium et alios Scriptores

Antiqua Christianorum et praecipue Martyrum Coemeteria, Monimenta, ac
Sanctorum Sepulchra illustrantur, 2 vols. royal folio, many plates of Early
Christian Art, calf, £2. 16

Romæ, 1651 5384* the same, Vol. I. folio, upwards of 100 plates, calf, 12s

1651 “ Travail curieux, rempli d'erudition."--Brunet. This edition is the same as the one dated Romæ, 1659 ; a later edition appeared, Rome, 1691.

“ Assisted by a faithful friend, Bosio spent 35 years in exploring the Catacombs of Romemaking accurate plans, copying sculptures and paintings with unwearied assiduity-and his labours resulted in the massive folios of the Roma Subterranea,' now of inestimable value, since the Catacombs being for the most part closed up and inaccessible—the tombs removed and the frescoes destroyed--they form the sole record of much that then existed in its freshness, now obliterated."

Lord Lindsay's Christian Art, Vol. I. p. 8. 5385 Armour. KOTTENHAMP und Reibisch, der Rittersaal, obl. 4to. with 62 plates

of Knights richly caparisoned, FINELY COLOURED and finished with gold and silver, cloth, 20s 1855, Bernal's copy fetched £2. 38.

Stuttgart, 1842 5386 ARNOLD's Magazine of the Fine Arts and Journal of Literature and Science,

November 1832, to July 1834, 4 vols. 8vo. including Fuseli's Lectures on Paint

ing, with 22 plates of Artists' portraits, etc. and cuts, cloth, 12s 6d 1833-34 5387 Arundel Society. The Life of Giovanni Angelico da Fiesole, translated

from Vasari, by Bezzi, with notes and illustrations, impl. 8vo. with 20 plates on India Paper, and 2 Vignettes, sd. 20s

1850 5388 GIOTTO and his Works in Padua, by Ruskin, 2 parts impl. 8vo. plates, sd. 9s 1854 5389 BARONIAL HALLS and Ancient Picturesque Edifices of England, with

Descriptions by S. C. Hall, 2 vols. folio, 71 large and finely executed plates, from Drawings by Hardinge, Cattermole, Prout, Muller, Fairholt, and other eminent Artists, new half calf gilt, £3. 38

1858 This is unquestionably one of the most interesting, as well as one of the cheapest Books ever offered to the Public. The Drawings are executed in the highest style of Art, by the most eminent Living Artists, and comprise the most ancient Castles and Mansions now existing in England. It was published at £14, 148. 5390 BARTOLI (P. S.) Picturæ Antiquæ Cryptarum Romanorum et Sepulcri Nasonum,

illustratæ a J. P. Bellorio et M. A. Causseo, 3 parts in 1 vol. folio, 24 plates of

Tesselated Pavement, and 51 plates of Sepulchral Monuments, hf. bd. 18s 1738 5391 BARTSCH, Le Peintre Graveur, 21 vols. 8vo. with the 16 extra etchings, sd. £7.

Vienne, 1803-21 This valuable work, long considered out of print, may now again be had at the above reasonable price, a few of the volumes having been reprinted.

Priced, 1848, Payne and Foss, bds. Large Paper, £16. 168. 5392 BAUR (Jo. Ġul., pictor) Iconographia, 4 vols. in 1, oblong folio, portrait, four

titles, and 146 fine plates by MELCHIOR KYSELL, comprising two series of the Life and Passion of Christ, Views, Ports, Palaces, Gardens and Miscellaneous Compositions, forming the COMPLETE WORKS, FINE IMPRESSIONS, blue MOROCCO, gilt edges, rare in this complete state, £5.

Augspurg, M. Kysel, 1682 Part I. the Passion and Resurrection of Christ, and emblematic engravings, 37 plates ; part II. the Birth, Life and Miracles of Christ, 36 plates ; part III. Views in Italy, Historical pieces, 36 plates ; part IV. Sea Ports, Gardens, Palaces, principally in Italy, 37 plates. 5393 BECKER (G. G.) AUGUSTEUM: ou Descriptions des Monumens Antiques qui se

trouvent à Dresde, 3 vols. folio, 154 plates of the STATUES in the DRESDEN GALLERY, GENUINE FIRST IMPRESSIONS, green morocco extra, gold borders, gilt edges, a handsome book (pub. at £21.) £6. 10s

Leipzig, 1804-11 “ Ce bel ouvrage a paru en 13 cahiers, et contient 154 planches. Chaque cahier a coûté 30 ou 36 francs."-Brunet.

Priced, 1847, H. Bohn, hf. mor. £8. 88; russia, £10. 10s. A re-issue of the plates is now offered for £3.

5394 BELLA (Stefana della) LE OPERE, INTAGLIATE COLL'ACQUA-FORTE: A beautiful

and extensive collection of 468 ETCHINGS executed by HIMSELF; or after this distinguished painter by SILVESTRE, MARIETTE, and others, mounted on paper and bound in 2 vols. royal fol. Lord Bute's Arms on sides, and the book-plate of “Lord Salisbury, Rûg,” inside, one cover loose, £10. 10$

circa 1640-60 This beautiful and very cheap collection of Della Bella's Etchings contains many which are VERY RARE ; it must have been formed upwards of 100 years ago, probably first by Lord Bute, from whose library the volumes were transferred to Lord Salisbury, and in July, 1859, I bought them at Rbug, Merionethshire, at the sale of the effects of the late Sir Robert W. Vaughan, Bart. A former possessor appears to have paid £16. 168 for the set. 5395 BELLORI (G. P.) Vite de' Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti moderni, sm. 4to. with the portraits of the Painters, vellum, 78 6d

Roma, 1728 5396 BIVERI, S. Oratorium piarum Imaginum immaculatae Mariae et animae creatae

ac baptismo innovatae : Ars nova, bene vivendi et moriendi, small stout 4to. 42 very beautiful plates, illustrative of the BIBLE and 15 engravings of EMBLEMS, in the style of Galle and Wierix, old calf gilt, rare, 32s

Antverp, 1634 5397 Bible Illustrations : FINDEN’S Landscape Illustrations of the Bible,

with descriptions by T. H. HORNE, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. upwards of 100 beauti. ful plates, from Drawings by Turner and others, original impressions ; brown mo. rocco, inlaid with pieces of red and green morocco, richly tooled, gilt edges, £2. 108

1836 5398 JOODSCHE OUDHEDEN : Bybelsche Wysheid, en gebruick der heilige en kerklyke

Historien, 2 vols. folio, with upwards of 100 curious and interesting plates, illustrations of the History of the Jews and Early Christians to the time of Constan tine, old calf, 12s

Amst. 1690 5399 ROMEIN DE HOOGUE: BASNAGE (M) Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau

Testament, Dutch text, folio, 139 beautifully engraved plates, by Romain de Hooge, old Dutch calf gilt, 158

Amst. 1721 See also Class “ Woodcuts,” post. 5400 BLAKE'S (W.) SONGS OF INNOCENCE ANT OF EXPERIENCE, engraved and co

loured by the Author, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. 40 must remarkable engravings, half red morocco, uncut, £8. 108

1789-94 Bound up with the volume is a scarce work, “ The World turned upside down," in 28 plates, from the designs of G. Salviati, engraved by F. C. Lewis, 1822.

A copy fetched, 1855, at Sotheby's, £12. 153. A work original and natural, and of high merit, buth in poetry and painting."-Allan Cunningham.

« Blake is a real name, I assure you; and a most extraordinary man he is, if he be still living. He is the Blake whose wild designs accompany a splendid edition of Blair's Grave. He paints in water colours marvellous strange pictures-visions of his brain, which he asserts that he has seen. They have great merit. I have heard of his poems, but never seen them. There is one to a tiger, which I have heard recited, beginning

Tiger, tiger, burning bright,

Through the deserts of the night,' which is glorious. But, alas ! I have not the book, and the man is flown, whither I know not-to Hades or a mad-house-but I must look upon him as one of the most extraordinary persons of the age."--Charles Lamb. 5401 BOLOGNA: Le Pitture di Bologna, 18mo. hf. bd. 3s 6d

Bologna, 1732 5402 BOOT (Anselme Boece de) Le parfaict Joallier, ou Histoire des Pierreries, avec

Annotations par André Toll, thick 12mo. numerous cuts, fine copy in old French mor. gt. edges, from the Malmaison Library of Napoleon I. £2.12s 6d Lyon, 1644

- another copy, thick 12mo. with portrait by Sadeler mounted and inserted, calf, 10s

ib. 1644 5403 BOTTÁRİ, Raccolta di Lettere sulla Pittura, Scultura, ed Architettura, scritte

da' piu celebri professori, dal Secolo XV al XVII, 7 vols. sm. 4to. bds. uncut, 28s

Roma, 1754-73 5404 another copy, 7 vols. sm. 4to. hf. vellum, uncut, 328

1757-73 5405 BÖTTIGER, Ideen zur Archäologie der Malerei, Theil I. 8vo. half bound, 2s 6d


détachées d'une Monographie de cette Cathédrale, par MARTIN et CAHIER : VERRIÈRES du XIIIe Siècle, complete in 15 parts, atlas folio, Exemplaire d'Etude (i.e. First Class), containing 74 very large plates of PAINTED GLASS,

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MOSAICS, Ornaments, Paintings, etc. of the XIIIth Century, most beautifully coloured (cost 30 guineas), unbound, £21.

Paris, 1841-4 Collation of the plates :

Planches de Vitraux 33
Mosaiques, A-N.
Gresailles, A-G.
Usages civiles, A. (supprimé après les 150 premiers exemplaires)

Total 74, etc.
The second-class copies want the latter 40 plates.

This work is now rare in France, and more so in England; it was priced, 1847, H. Bohn, £25., morocco, £36. 58 5407 BOTTA'S NINEVEH: Monument de Ninive découvert et décrit par Botta,

mesuré et dessiné par Flandin, 5 vols. atlas folio, with 371 magnificent plates of

Architecture, Sculpture, and Inscriptions (formerly sold for 80 guineas) hf. bd. morocco, with emblematic tooling, gilt edges, in a matchless state, £28. 1849-50 Priced, 1857, in 90 livraisons, £65.; hf. morocco, £73. 108.

This magnificent work was published by order of the French Government, and under the direction of a committee of the Institute. Contents, Vols. I. and II. ARCHITECTURE AND SCULPTURE, 168 plates ; Vols. III. and IV. INSCRIPTIONS, 203 plates ; Vol. V. Text. “To Botta is due the merit of having found the first Assyrian Monument."--Layard. The cuneiform system of letters was a species of picture writing, invented, not by the Semitic inhabitants of Babylon, but by those who preceded them. The writing was, however, reduced by the Semitic race to letters, and adapted to the articulation of their language. Their mode of writing consisted of several elements. There was the ideographic, or picture-writing, and the phonetic, which was equivalent to the letters of their language. The cuneiform inscriptions were divided into Persian, Scythic, and Assyrian. 5408 BOUTARD, Dictionnaire des Arts du Dessin, 8vo. 690 pp. sd. 3s 6d Paris, 1826 5409 - the same, 8vo. Large Paper, sd. 5s 6d

1826 A useful Dictionary of every thing connected with the Fine Arts. 5410 BREITKOPF, Ursprung der Spielkarten, und Einführung des Leinenpapieres in Europa, 4to. with 14 plates, hf. bd. 10s

Leipzig, 1784 5411 — = the same, with Vol. II. containing the History of Penmanship, Wood

carving, Painting, Mosaics, Frescoes, Miniatures, etc. edited by Roca, 2 vols. 4to. 14 plates, hf. od. 20s

ib. 1784-1801 5412 BRONGNIART, TRAITÉ DES ARTS CÉRAMIQUES ou des poteries considérés dans

leur pratique et leur théorie, 2e édition, 2 vols. 8vo. 1548 pp. and 4to. atlas of 60 plates of Vases, Jars, fc. showing also the Machinery and the Mechanical Process in the Manufacture of Pottery in Ancient and Modern Times, half bound morocco, £2. 2s

1854 5413 the same, 3 vols. new, sd. 32s

Paris, 1854 The best book on Pottery. The first edition, on Vellum Paper, 1844, sold, 1854, at Sotheby's, King Louis Philippe's copy, £6. 158. 5414 BRONGNIART (A.) et D. RIOCREUX. Description méthodique du musée céramique

de la manufacture royale de porcelaine de Sèvres, 1 vol. impl. 4to. accompagné d'un atlas de 80 planches, dont 67 coloriées avec le plus grand soin, et représentant plus de 1000 objets, entre autres 10 planches de vitraux, sd, new, £5.58 Par, 1845

By auction, copies sold : 1853, Baron Taylor's £6. 58 ; 1855, Bernal's £8. 128 6d. 5415 BRULLIOT (Fr.) Dictionnaire des Monogrammes, Marques figurées, Lettres

Initiales, etc. des Peintres, Graveurs, et Sculpteurs, qui ont designé leurs noms, 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. last edition, sd. €2.

Munich, 1832-4 5416 BUCK (Sam.) VIEWS OF THE RUINS of the most noted Abbeys and Castles in

ENGLAND and WALES, COMPLETE, in 5 vols. royal folio, 15 engraved titles and 420 beautiful Views, SUPERB ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, old blue morocco extra, gilt edges, one volume is slightly stilted, and in modern binding, a splendid set of books, £30.

1721-42 The coppers of this book have been worked by three subsequent proprietors, the acquisition of a genuine copy is therefore a great desideratum. 5417 BURGKMAIER’S (Hans) Turnierbuch, herausgegeben von J. von HEFNER,

folio, coloured title and 35 fine large plates of KNIGHTS IN ARMOUR, richly exe

cuted by hand in GOLD AND COLOURS, hf. bd. morocco, £4. 4s Frankfurt, 1853 5418 BUONAROTTI. Vita di Michelagnolo Buonaroti, pubblicata mentre viveva dal suo

scholare Ascanio Condivi, seconda edizione corretta, folio, portrait, half bound, 7s 6d

Firenze, 1746

5419 CACIALLI, Collezione dei Disegni di nuove Fabbriche e Ornati, I. Regia Villa

del Poggio IMPERIALE, II. Ornamenti aggiunti al Palazzo Pitti-2 parts in 1 vol. folio, 69 fine plates of Architecture, Paintings and Ornaments, with an Italian and French text, half bound, £2. 108

Firenze, 1823 5420 CEAN-BERMUDEZ, Diccionario historico de los mas illustres Professores de las

Bellas Artes en España, 6 vols. 12mo. calf neat, Lord Orford's copy, rare, £2. 16s

Madrid, 1800 The best Spanish account of Spanish artists. With this book as his guide, Soult plundered the Spanish galleries. 5421 CEAN-BERMUDEZ, description artistica de la Cathedral de Sevilla, 16mo. hf. bd. 3s 6d

Sevilla, 1804 5422 CHOISEUL-GOUFFIER (Comte de) Voyage Pittoresque de la GRÈCE: avec la

Continuation par M. M. Barbié du Boccage et Letronne, 3 vols. impl. folio, complete, numerous very fine plates of the Architecture of Greece, its Islands, Colonies, &c., of Costume, Landscape, &c. earliest and finest impressions, calf gilt, £3. 38

Paris, 1780-1824 This copy was previously priced £10. 108 ; other copies were priced, 1836, Weale, £10. 108 : Rodwell, £10. 108; 1848, Payne and Foss, russia, £12. 128. In 1855, Bernal's copy fetched, mor. £5. “M. de Choiseul is the author of the delightful Travels in Greece and Asia," made for the benefit of science and of art, calculated to amuse the lightest, and to instruct the gravest." Lady Morgan's France, vol. 2, p. 265. A very interesting work. The engravings of the first volume (129 in number, exclusive of the two maps and the frontispiece), are beautifully engraved. “ This magnificent work is appropriated to a geographical and historical description of the most celebrated spots of Greece. In the second are also given the author's researches relative to Phrygia, in the days of Homer ; and a description of Constantinople, with the different Turkish costumes. Tbe whole is remarkable for its style, the veracity of its descriptions, and the elegance of its Type and Engravings." —Revue Encyc. vol. 25, p. 819-820. 5423 CICOGNARA, Catalogo ragionato dei Libri d'Arte e d’Antichità posseduti da lui, 2 vols. 8vo. half morocco, uncut, rare, 36s

Pisa, 1821 A valuable Catalogue, with notes, of the Author's splendid collection of Works of Art. 5424 Arte della Scultura Antica, 8vo. vellum extra, 3s 6d

Ven. 1817 5425 CICOGNARA (L.) STORIA DELLA SCULTURA, dal suo Risorgimento in Italia sino

al Secolo di Napoleone, per servire di Continuazione alle Opere di Winckels mann e di D'Agincourt, edizione seconda riveduta ed ampliata dall' autore, 7 vols. 8vo. and royal folio Atlas of 228 plates, Italian vellum gilt, a nice copy, £7. 10s

Prato, 1824 The first edition, 3 vols. folio, Venezia, 1813-18, contains only 180 plates. “ Cet ouvrage est un des meilleurs que l'Italie ait produit sur les Beaux Arts."--Brunet,

CICOGNARARA's Architecture of Venice-see post under “ ARCHITECTURE." 5426 CONSTABLE (John, R. A.) Memoirs of the Life of, composed chiefly of his Letters,

by C. R. LESLIE, sm. 4to. portrait and 4 plates (pub. at 21s), cloth, 12s 1845 5427 COSTUME. GERMAN COSTUME: Deutsche Volks-Trachten, 4to. 60 bold and

nicely coloured plates of Male and Female Peasantry in all parts of Germany, hf. bound morocco, 20s

Leipzig, s. a. (? 1840) 5428 MALLIOT (J.) Recherches sur les Costumes, les Mæurs, les usages des Anciens

Peuples, 3 vols. 4to. numerous outline engravings, calf extra, £2. Paris, 1809 5429 NURNBERG FAMILIES: Geschlecht Buch der Heiligen Reichs Stat Nurn.

berg, darin alle alten und neue Adelich Geschlet, daraus der Rath von 300 Jahr her erwehlt, folio, illuminated title and 83 full length Portraits of Nurnberg Nobles, in their Costume of the time, and their Coats of Arms, told designs, rather rudely executed in colours and gold ; all the Drawings mounted on tinted paper, in a folio volume, hf, bd, £5.

exec. 1551 This interesting Series gives a lively picture of the rich Costume of the 16th Century. 5430 TURKISH ARMY: Collezione compléta di Costumi Militari delle Truppe OTTOMANE, small folio, 30 plates, hf. bd. 10s

Constantinopoli, 1830 See also Montfaucon, Willemin; and under WOODCUTS: Ammon's Works. 5431 COSTERII (H.) Vita S. Joannis Baptistae, smallest 4to. engraved title and 21 fine

plates, engraved after M. DE Vos, by Collaert and Jac. de Weert, vellum, gilt edges, 188

(Antwerp, s. l. e. a.) The volume appears to have belonged to an “ English Priory at Augsburg.” The Latin words under the plates, are rendered below in a neatly written German version.

Cruikshank Publications. 5432 BOTTLE (The) in 8 plates, designed and etched by Geo. Cruikshank, imperial folio, an early copy, sd. 3s 6d


5433 DEFOE (D.) Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 2 vols. 8vo. engravings after designs by George Cruikshank, calf, marbled edges, 16s

1831 5434 FABLES, fifty-one original, with morals and ethical index by NORTHCOTE, 8vo.

with 85 original designs by R. CRUICKSHANK, engraved on wood by Slader, Dodd, S. Williams, Bonner, and others, cloth, 108

1833 5435 FERDINAND and Franck; an auto-biographical sketch of a musical student, 18mo. with amusing illustrations, cloth, 5s

1831 5436 MONSIEUR MALLET ; or my daughter's letter, illustrated by R. Cruikshank, 12mo. amusing cuts, ls

1830 5437 POINTS OF Humour ; illustrated by the designs of George Cruikshank, 10 points,

in 2 parts, many singular cuts, 1823-24-Illustrations of Popular Works, part 1, published for the artist, singularly fine Etchings on India Paper, n. d.-in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. bd. with autograph from George Cruikshank to his friend John Auldjo, August, 1830,” very rare, 20s

1823, etc. 5438 CUMBERLAND (R.) "Anecdotes of eminent Painters in Spain, 2 vols. 18mo. half bound, 4s

1787 5439 DAHLBERG, SUECIA ANTIQUA ET HODIERNA, 3 vols. in 1, royal folio, a splendid

Series of 353 fine large plates of Views of Swedish Towns, Palaces, Castles, Gardens, Scenery, &c. with the Coats of Arms of the Nobility, very fine impressions,

an excellent copy in old calf, from Lord Walpole's library, £5.5s Holmiae, 1701-12 5440 DE LA GOURNERIE, Rome Chretienne, ou tableau historique des Monumens chrétiens de Rome, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d

Paris, 1843 5441 DELICES de l’ESPAGNE et du Portugal, 6 vols. 12mo. maps, and 166 pretty plates, comprising Views of all the principal Towns, Churches, etc. old calf gilt, 18s 6d

Leide, 1715 5442 DELICES de la Grande Bretagne et de l'Irlande, par J. Beeverell, 8 vols. in 5, 12mo. map and many pretty Views, calf gilt, 20s

Leide, 1725 5443 DELICES (Les) des Pays-Bas, ou Description des XVII Provinces Belgiques,

5 vols. 12mo. with numerous engravings, comprising correct Views of all the

principal Old Buildings in Flanders and Brabant, calf gilt, 12s Liège, 1769 5444 DESCAMPS, Vies des Peintres FLAMANDS, ALLEMANDS, et HOLLANDOIS ; et

Voyage Pittoresque de Flandres, 5 vols. 8vo. numerous Portraits, fine impressions, sd. uncut, 28s

Paris, 1753 Priced, 1839, Payne and Foss, £3. 38; 1848, calf, £4. 48 ; 1845, Bossange, £3.; 1855, Bernal's copy, wanting the last volume, £2. 14$. 5445 DIDRON et Durand. Manuel d'Iconographie Chrétienne, grecque et latine ;

avec une introduction et des notes par Didron ; traduit du Manuscrit Byzantin

“Le Guide de la Peinture" par Paul Durand, 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 10s 6d Paris, 1845 5446 DODWELL'S (E.) Classical and Topographical Tour through GREECE during

the years 1801, 1805, and 1806, 2 vols. 4to. embellished with 67 fine plates, mostly engraved by Charles Heath, (pub. at £10, 10s) calf neat, 36s

1819 Dodwell's Tour in Greece is universally admitted to be a work of the most sterling merit, and the best executed of all the accounts yet published of this interesting country. Stevenson (in his Catalogue of Voyages and Travels,) says that "it displays great research, aided and directed by much preparatory knowledge, sound judgment, and good taste," and the late Dr. E. D. Clarke, than whom no man was more competent to give judgment on this subject, pronounced it “ by far the best book on Greece," and in a letter to the publisher requested that his name might be made use of, in recommendation of the work, in any way the most likely to promote its sale. 5447 DOMINICI (Bernardo de) Vite de' Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti NAPOLETANI,

3 vols. sm. 4to. a title to the third volume was, I believe, not published ; a portrait

to the second volume appears to be wanting, hf. bd. calf, RARE, 36s Napoli, 1742-43

" It is extremely scarce, and but for the kindness of friends both in Italy and England, I should have been unable to refer to it. The first volume of a reprint (quite void of notes) appeared in 1840. The work is a storehouse of information respecting the Neapolitan artists of the sixteenth and seven. teenth centuries, and many citations are also given verbation from the MS. collections of the painters Giovanni Angelo Criscuolo, Massimo Stanzioni, and others, respecting the history of art at Naples."

O Lord Lindsay's Christian Art, Vol. II. p. 148. 5448 DOMINICI [Bernardo de] Vite dei Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti Napolitani, 4 vols. 8vo, sewed, 10s

Napoli, 1840-46 Respecting the first edition, the editor says in the preface : “ Alla ristampa di questa opera, ci ha spinto la rarita sua ; e quasi l'impossibilità di poterla avere, anche a carissimo prezzo." 5449 DONATI, de' Dittici degli Antichi, profani e sacri, small 4to. with 5 plates of Dypthics, hf. bd. 10s

Lucca, 1753

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