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5560 MICALI, Monumenti Inediti della Storia degli Antichi Popoli Italiani, royal

folio, 60 large copper plates, some coloured, containing many hundred fine engravings of Vases, Sculptures, Bronzes, Urns, Masks, Arms, Gems, Ornaments, Bas-reliefs, &c. of Tuscan and Early Italian Workmanship, with an 8vo. vol. of letterpress (pub. at £3. 3s), bds. 21s

Firenze, 1844 5561 the same, 2 vols. neatly hf. bd. calf, 32s

1844 The Archæological labours of Micali have thrown a considerable light upon the early history of Italy. Sir William Betham says, “ Micali is the most philosophical, candid, and intelligent, as well as the most recent Italian writer on the origin of the ancient People of Italy ; he exposes the fabrications and falsifications of the Greeks and Romans, as well as the dreaming abilities of Passeri, Lanzi and Gori, with considerable effect."-Etruria Celtica. 5562 MICHIELS (A.) Histoire de la Peinture FLAMANDE et HOLLANDAISE, avec le

Supplément, 4 vols. 8vo. half green morocco, 22s . Bruxelles, 1845-48 5563 - the same, 4 vols. 8vo. Papier Vélin, hf. bd. calf, 32s

1845-48 5564

— les Peintres Brugois, 1816-Delepierre, Guide de Bruges, 1847—Ta

bleaux à Bruges, 1845—in 1 vol. 12mo. hf. bd. 3s 6d 5565 MIDOLLE, peintre, Alphabet de Lettres Initiales historiques, avec Bordures et

Fleurons d'après le 14 et 15 Siècle, royal folio, 25 superb plates, richly executed in gold and colours (pub. at £4. 4s) hf. morocco, £2. 12s

Gand, 1846 5566 MILLIN (A. L.) Dictionnaire des Beaux-Arts, 3 vols. 8vo. vellum, 158 Paris, 1806 5567

Galérie Mythologique, 2 vols. 8vo. 190 plates in outline, comprising upwards of 800 Ancient Monuments of Arts, such as Statues, Bas-reliefs, Gems, Medals, Frescoes and Paintings on Vases, etc, with text, calf gilt, marbled edges, 24s

Paris, 1811 5568 MILLINGEN (Jas.) Peintures Antiques de VASES Grecs de la Collection de Sir

John COGHILL, Bart. impl. folio, 52 fine plates in outline, with text, calf extra,
Westmacott's copy, 32s

Rome, 1817 5569 Misson Voyage d'Italie, 4 vols. 12mo. many plates of objects of Art and Antiquity, calf, 5s

Paris, 1743 5570 - nouveau Voyage d'Italie, 3 vols. 18mo. with numerous fine plates of - Antiquities, Architecture, Art, &c. old calf gilt, 6s

La Haye, 1702 Addison, in his preface to his Remarks on Italy, says, " Monsieur Misson has written a more correct account of it, in general, than any before him, as he particularly excelled in the plan of the country, which he has given us in true and lively colours." 5571 MONTFAUCON, L'ANTIQUITÉ EXPLIQUÉE et Representée en Figures, avec le

SUPPLEMENT, together 15 vols. roy. fol. LARGE PAPER, original edition, upwards

of 1300 plates, fine impressions, oli French calf gilt, £12. 12s Paris, 1719-24 Askew's copy fetched £17. 178; Hibbert's £17.; Stevens' £20.; Towneley's £40. 108; Dent's, mor. £50. ; Nassau's £32. 118 ; North's £30. ; Pau's £20.; at Payne and Foss's, 1837, mor. £69.

Priced, 1828, Payne and Foss, calf, £26. 58.; 1829, Longman's, £27; 1845, Rodwell, mor, €45. ; 1840, Jas.. Bohn, £18. ; 1841, Rodwell, £21.; 1847, £16. 168, £18. 188 ; 1854, £18. 188.

An immense variety of every object of Classical Antiquities, such as Arms, Costume, Implements, Ornaments, etc. is carefully represented in this stupendous work.. 5572 MONTFAUCON, les Monumens de la MONARCHIE FRANÇAISE, Vol. I. II. III.

folio, large paper, many fine plates of Antiquities, clean in old calf, from the Earl of Orford's library, £5.

Paris, 1729 A liberal price will be given for volumes IV. and V. 5573 MORGHEN, Opere d'Intaglio, da Palmerini, 8vo. 6 plates, bds. 3s 6d Firenze, 1824 5574 MOYEN-AGE (le) MONUMENTAL et ARCHÉOLOGIQUE, avec une Introduction

generale par D. Ramée, 2 vols. royal folio, 300 fine Lithographs of Mediaeval Art and Architecture, selected from Churches and other Buildings in France, Belgium and Germany, strongly half bound pale morocco, £8. 8s

Paris, Hauser, 1843 5575 MÜLLER (K. O.) Handbuch der Archäologie der Kunst, 8vo. hf. mor. 78 6d 1848 5576

- Ancient Art and its Remains, or Manual of the Archæology of Art, new edition, with Welcker's numerous Additions, translated by Leitch, stout 8vo. (pub. at 18s) cloth, 8s 6d

1852 5577 MÜLLER (L.) Description des Medailles et Camées Antiques du Musée Thorwaldsen, 8vo. plates, hf. calf, 30s

Copenhague, 1847 5578 MÜNTER (F.) Sinnbilder und Kunstvorstellungen der Alten Christen, 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. with 13 plates, hf. calf, 28s

Altona, 1825


with 100 fine plates of Architecture, Ornaments, etc. by Le Keux and others (pub.

at £42.) whole bd. MOROCCO super extra, gold border, gilt edges, £8. 88 1813 5580 MURR (Chr. T. de) Bibliothèque de Peinture, de Sculpture, et de Gravure, 2 vols.

12mo. with alphabetical Index of authors, hf. bd. uncut, 10s Francfort, 1770 5581 MUSÉE FRANCAIS, ou, COLLECTION COMPLETTE DES TABLEAUX, STATUES

ET Bas-RELIEFS, qui composent la Collection Nationale, avec l’Explication des Sujets et des Discours sur la Peinture, la Sculpture, et la Gravure par S. C. Croze, Magnan, Robillard, Peronville, Laurent, Visconti et David, 4 vols. atlas folio, 343 superb plates, ORIGINAL EDITION, with very brilliant impressions of The Laocoon, The Transfiguration by Raphael, St. Cecilia, Infant Hercules, etc. hf. bound russia, uncut, £52.

Paris, 1803-11 The present copy was carefully selected by Mr. Dawson Turner, while in Paris in 1808.

Published in 80 livraisons of 48 francs each, being 3840 fr.; priced, 1824, Rivington's, £190.; 1829, J. Bohn, £105., mor. £130. ; 1831, H. Bohn, £120.; 1840, Payne and Foss, £105. ; 1847, £52. 108.-By auction copies fetched at Sotheby's, 1832, £56. ; 1855, Southgate's, mor. £51.; 1856, Sotheby's, russia, £63.

Proofs before Letters were published, 96 francs the livraison, being 7680 fr. ; priced, 1829, Longman, £180.; 1831, H. Bohn, £150.-By auction copies fetched, 1855, J. Wilks's, £81.; 1855, Baker's, £86. 28. 5582 MUSÉE ROYAL, Recueil de Gravures d'après les plus beaux Tableaux, Statues

et Bas-reliefs de la Collection Royale, par LAURENT, 2 vols. atlas folio, brilliant impressions of the 161 beautiful plates, hf. morocco, fine original copy, £21.

Paris, 1816-18 These 2 works, the MUSÉE FRANÇAIS and Musée Royal, form ONE SET; they were priced, 1840, the 6 vols. £100.; the RE-ISSUE of both Works, 6 vols. can be supplied for about £30. Proofs before Letters, the 2 Series were priced, 1847, H. Bohn, £168. and morocco, £200.

L'un des plus beaux monumens élevés aux arts est, sans contredit, cette vaste collection d'estampes, commencé en 1802, sous le nom de Musée Français, continuée et terminée sous le titre de Musé Royal, par MM. Laurent père et fils. A l'exposition de 1819, la médaille d'or fut décernée à Mr. Henri Laurent, le jury considérant cet ouvrage comme le plus parfait qui ait eu lieu depuis l'existence de la gravure.

This very interesting publication is undoubtedly the most magnificent work that has issued from the Parisian Press; and will perpetuate the matchless collection which formerly graced the Louvre, combining, as it did, nearly all the excellence of which the various countries on the Continent could boast in painting and sculpture. And although a chain of wonderful events has restored many of the brightest gems of art to their original owners, so much of excellence still remains, that the gallery of the Louvre is yet, to the man of taste, the greatest attraction in Paris; and the very circumstance of the dispersion of so many wonderful productions, gives additional value to the work which describes them in a collected state.

It is necessary to observe, that this work is not a mere collection of Prints, as it contains many luminous and masterly dissertations upon the state of the arts in different ages, observations upon the style, excellence, and defects of the various schools of painting ; a minute description of every painting, &c. drawn with extreme care and correctness. 5583 MUSEI ETRUSCI quod Gregorius XVI. P. M. in aedibus Vaticanis consti

tuit Monimenta, 2 vols. atlas folio, 238 fine large plates, containing MANY THOUSAND OBJECTS OF ETRUSCAN ART, with text, hf. bound red morocco, £12.

In aedibus Vaticanis, 1842 Rare in England, probably only printed for the Pope's friends. 5584 MUSEO BORBONICO (Real), fasc. 8-40 inclusive, 4to. many beautiful plates, £4.

Napoli, 1827-34 5585 MUSEUM Cortonense, in quo Vetera Monumenta comprehenduntur, folio, mith 84 plates of GEMS, Antiquities, hf. bd. uncut, 10s

Rome, 1750 5586 MUSEUM DISNEIANUM, being a description of Ancient Marbles, Speci.

mens of Ancient Bronze, and various Ancient Fictile Vases in the possession of

John Disney, Esq. impl. 4to. with 127 fine plates, many in colours, hf. bd. 183 1849 5587 MUSEUM OF PAINTING AND SCULPTURE, or Collection of the Principal Pictures,

Statues, and Bas-Relief, in the Public and Private Galleries in Europe, drawn and etched by Reveil, with Descriptions, English and French, by DUCHESNE, 17 vols. 12mo. containing 1150 outline plates by Reveil, with Descriptions in French and English by Duchesne (pub. at £17. 178) cloth, uncut, £4. 108

Paris, 1820-33

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5588 MUSEUM OF PAINTING AND SCULPTURE-another copy, 17 vols. 12mo. with all

the plates, later impressions, with Italian names (besides the French) under the plates, cloth, £3. 108

. 1829-33 This valuable work contains 1200 outline engravings, executed in a masterly style of art, and will be found extremely useful as a book of reference to the amateur and print collector. 5589 MYLLERI Ornatus ecclesiasticus, hoc est compendium præcipuarum rerum quibus

quaevis rite decenterque compositae Ecclesiae exornari ac redimiri debent, sm. 4to. with upwards of 100 wood engravings of every kind of Church Ornament, stained, limp vellum, 168

Monachii, 1591 Livre fort rare et très recherché des amateurs d'objets d'art du moyen-âge. Il donne les figures des objets nécessaires au service et à l'ornement des églises, des Robes des prêtres etc. dans le genre du fameux livre de Sanctuaires de Lucas Cranach. 5590 NAGLER'S (G. K.) Dictionary of Artists : neues allgemeines Künstler-Lexicon,

oder Nachrichten von den Leben und den Werken der Maler, Bildhauer, Baumeister, Kufperstecher, Formschneider, Elfenbeinarbeiter, &c. 22 vols. 8vo. cloth, £7.78

München, 1825-52 The best book of its kind, originally published at £7.68 6d in parts but now scarce. 5591 NEALE'S VIEWS OF THE SEATS OF NOBLEMEN and GENTLEMEN in England,

Wales, Scotland, and Ireland ; FIRST SERIES in 6 vols. and SECOND SERIES in 5 vols., complete-together 11 vols. royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, containing 737 fine

plates of Views, INDIA PROOFS (pub, at £55.) bds. uncut, RARE, £18. 1818-29 The small paper edition was published £26. 88 in parts; priced 1847, H. Bohn, mor. £14, 148.

Large Paper, India proofs, are very seldom met with, the second series being generally wanting. Priced 1847, H. Bohn, £21., hf. morocco, £22., morocco, £38. 5592 NEALE's Views, Large Paper, India Proofs, New Series, Vols. I. II. impl. 4to. 124 fine plates, bds. £2. 10s

1824-26 - the same, New Series, Vol. V. in parts, (part 54 wanting) 368 1828-29 5594 Ornaments. BEAUVALLET et NORMAND. Fragmens d’Ornemens, dans

le Style Antique, 16 plates, 1826-Modèles de Serrurerie choisies, 55 fine plates in outline after Bury and Hoyan, 1820-together 2 vols. folio, hf. bd. 21s

Paris, 1820-26 A very interesting book on Iron Manufactures, Machinery, Railings, Staircases, Houses, etc. 5594*Asmus, Neue Ornamente, royal folio, 30 plates printed in colours, serving as pat

terns for Architects, Manufacturers, and Artists, bds. 18s Berlin, 1844 5595 BORSATO (Gius.) OPERE ORNAMENTALE, pubblicate per cura dell' I. R. Acca

demia di Belle Arti di Venezia ; con cenni Storici dell' Ornato Decorativo Italiano di VALLARDI, royal folio, with 60 highly finished Etchings of Monuments, Altars, Chimney Pieces, Candelabra, Lamps, Tables, Seats, Pilasters, Beds, fc. (pub. at £4. 4s) bdş. 358

Milano, 1831 5595*_ the same, roy. folio, hf. bd. £2.

1831 5596 KOLB (J. C.) neu inventertes Laub Bandl und Groteschgen werck, vor Mahler,

Bildhauer und Stucator, obl. folio, 10 elegant plates of Arabesque Ornaments in the style of Raphael, 12s,

s. l. e. a. (? Augsburg, 1600) 5597 LE POTRE's Ornaments : a useful Series of loose plates, including : Portraicture

de diverses Vases inventés par Jean Le Potre, Amst. f. de Witt; Ornements d'Architecture, Paris, N. Langlois ; another Series, Paris, P. Mariettein all 94 plates, small folio, 12s

S. a. (p 1650) 5598 PEYRE, Orfèvrerie, Bijouteries, Nielles, Armoiries et Objets d'Art divers, impl. folio, 80 very elegant plates, hf. bd. red morocco, £2. 12s Paris, 1844, etc.

A beautiful book for Jewellers, Gold and Silversmiths. 5599 PRANGEY (Girault de) Choix d'Ornements Moresques de l'Alhambra, large folio, 30 plates on India paper, by Peyre, hf. morocco, 21s


XVIII. Siècles, recueillis par Ovide Reynard, et gravés sous sa direction par les meilleurs artistes, roy. folio, containing 120 finely executed engravings of Or. naments, Cups, Vases, Candelabra, Mosaics, &c. of the Ancient Masters, on India paper, hf. bd. morocco, gilt top, uncut, £4. 4s

Paris, Hauser, 1844 An important collection of Early and very exquisite Ornaments, the name of the Master is added to every plate. The original editions being all of extreme rarity, and only accessible in Public collections, M. Hauser has conferred a boon upon all practical Artists by this faithful reproduction.

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5601 ZAHN'S Ornamente aller Klassischen Kunst Epochen, oblong folio, first series,

50 very beautiful plates of every variety of antique ornaments, printed in colours, (pub. at £4. 10s) bds. £2.

Berlin, 1843 5602 PAGEANTS. GULDIN Flüss. (Zehendtner) Beschreibung mit was statt

lichen Ceremonien die Röm. Kay. May. den Orden des Guldin Flüss zu Prag und Landshut empfangen, 1585, very small 4to. 6 plates mounted, German bds.

Dilingen, 1587 5603 KÜCHLEIN (B.) Representatio der fürstlichen Auffzug und Ritterspil: Repre

sentation of the Princely Display at the Marriage of John Frederick Duke of Wurtemberg and Barbara Sophia Margravine of Brandenburg, 6 Nov. 1609, oblong folio, 240 plates of Men in Armour, on foot and horseback, many in grotesque Costumes, calf neat, £2.

Schwabisch Gmünd, 1610 5604 MAROT (Jean) l'Entrée triomphante de Louis XIV. et Marie Therese d'Au

triche, son epouse, dans la ville de Paris, roy. folio, superb portrait by Poilly, and 22 fine plates of Paris Architecture, Processions in rich Costume, etc. old calf, 208

Paris, 1662 5605 REMY DU PUys, la triomphante et solennelle entrée de Charles prince des Hes

paignes, Archiduc d'Autrice, Duc de Bourgongne, Coce de Flandres, etc. en sa ville de BBUGES, 1515, folio, many very beautiful woodcuts, the full size of the page, hf. bd. 218

Paris, Gilles de Gourmont, 1515 (facsimile edition :

Bruges, Société d'Ëmulation, P 1850) 5606 WAGNER (Hanns) kurtze Beschreibung des Fürsten WILAALMEN, Pfaltzgraven

bey Rhein, Hertzogen inn Bairen und derselben Gemahel der Fürstin RENATA, Hertzogin zu Lottringen gehalten Hochzeitlichen Ehrenfests, large folio, with 13 large folding plates of the Entry, Marriage Ceremony, Festivities, Tournaments, &C. ALL COLOURED, SHOWING THE EXACT COSTUME OF THE PERIOD, one of

the plates loose at the end, bds. rare, £7. 10s München, Adam Berg, 1568

This is one of the most beautiful volumes in commemoration of a MARRIAGE ever published, no other book of Pageants was issued with coloured plates. A somewhat similar publication is edited by H. Wirre, Ordentliche Bescbreibung, etc. folio, Augspurg, Ulhart, 1568, in verses ; to this book coloured woodcuts were issued (? the same as in Wagner's work); priced, 1856, Weigel, 65 Thalers. 5607 PALISSY (B.) Oeuvres, par Cap, 12mo. hf. od. 38

Paris, 1844 5608 PETTER (N. Ringmeister) der künstliche Ringer, oder Anleitung zu der fürt

refflichen Ringe-Kunst, 4to. upwards of 70 very spirited engravings of every kind

of WRESTLING, engraved by Romeyn de Hooge, vellum, 368 Amsterdam, 1674 5609 PÍTTURA: G. B. ARMENINI de' 'veri Precetti della Pittura, Ravenna, 1587-

Ben. Varchi due Lezzioni, nella prima si dichiara un Sonetto di Michelagnolo
Buonaroti; nella seconda si disputa quale sia piu nobile arte la Scultura, o la
Pittura, Fiorenza, 1549—ROMANO ALBERTI della citta del Borgo S. Sepolcro,
Trattado della nobilta della Pittura, Roma, 1585 ; 3 very RARE TREATISES, in

fine condition, bound in 1 vol. small 4to. vellum, 258 5610 PLANCHE, Etudes sur l'Ecole Française (1831-52): Peinture et Sculpture, 2 vols. 12mo. hf. bd. As

1855 5611 PLOOS VAN AMSTEL. Opera aeri incisorum Extyporum, quasi manu exarata

et delineata excellentissimorum inter Belgas Pictorum imitantium, folio, THE ORIGINAL EDITION, COMPLETE, Dedication and 61 inimitable Engravings, mounted on 59 leaves, executed in an unique manner, reproducing the designs of the Flemish Masters so as to resemble the originals (15 of them are variations, Artists' Proofs,) calf, £18.

1765 A perfect copy of the original edition. Josi's edition, London, 1821, has more plates, but much inferior impressions. - Mr. Corneille Ploos van Amst I a inventé une manière tout à fait particulière pour gr..ver des desseins, tellement qu'il n'est pas aisé d'en comprendre le procédé, c'est à dire le mechanisme.”Heineken, Idée, p. 109. 5612 POMPEI: RAOUL-ROCHETTE et BOUCHET, Maison du Poëte Tragique à Pompéi,

impl. folio, with 27 beautifully coLOURED plates, hf. bd. red morocco, gilt top, uncut, £3. 58

Paris, s. a. (? 1845) 5613 POMPEI, décrite par Bonucci, plates, Naples, 1830—Jovio, Plan de Pompéi, plates,

ib. 1828-in 1 vol. 8vo. vellum, 3s 6d

5614 PORTRAITS. BESZE (Theod. de) les vrais Pourtraits des Hommes

illustres en pieté et doctrine, small 4to. a series of Portraits of the Protestant REFORMERS, engraved on wood, within cartouches, followed by 44 pretty EMBLEMS,

with French verses beneath, very fine clean copy, vellum, 27s Geneve, 1581 5615 BULLART, Academie des Sciences et des Arts, contenant les Vies et les Eloges

historiques des Hommes illustres, 2 vols. in 1, folio, with 274 Portraits, 86 of them those of Artists, engraved by Boulonnois, Larmessin, Hollar, etc. russia, 36s

1695 5616 CELLII Imagines Professorum Tubingensium, 1577-96, smallest 4to. a series of

35 circular woodcut-portraits of the Professors of the Tübingen University, all in elegant cartouches, sd. 278

Tubingae, 1596 5617 Crasso, Elogii d'Huomini letterati, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. many portraits of Italian Authors, hf. calf, 10s

Venetia, 1666 5618 GOOL (J. van) de nieuwe Schouburg der Nederlantsche Kunstschilders, 2 vols.

8vo. many very fine portraits of Dutch Painters, calf neat, 20s Gravenhage, 1750 5619 HOFMAN (Tycho) PORTRAITS Historiques des Hommes illustres de DANNE

MARK, avec les Mémoires du Grand Chancellier Griffenfeld, &c. 7 parts in 1 vol. 4to. quite complete, FINE PAPER, containing upwards of 100 fine Portraits, (several Euglish), and Vignettes, by Burford, Folkema, Wille, and other firstrate artists of the time, FINE IMPRESSIONS, also GENEALOGICAL TABLES of Illustrious Families in Denmark, a beautiful tall copy in blue MOROCCO, gilt edges, by Lewis, very rare, £7. 108

Copenhagen, 1745 5620 LODGE'S (E.) Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, 3 vols. larg ?

mustione Personages of Great Britain, 3 vols. 1418 folic, containing the entire series, engraved on the large-size coppers, 180 fine Por. traits, after original Paintings, BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS, half bound russia, £8. 10s

1821-28 Priced, 1836, Arch, f42. ; 1837, Payne and Foss, £42.; 1840, £21. Large Paper, proofs, 3 vols. russia, fetched, 1855, at Sotheby's, £15. 58; 1856, £15. 108 and £16. 158.

This is the grandest collection of engraved portraits ever published in this country, and subscription copies have long been at a premium. The folio series is to be distinguished from the 8vo. and 4to. now publishing, the portraits being on a much larger scale and of superior execution. This work can never be depreciated by succeeding impressions, as the coppers were regularly destroyed after the publication of each number. 5621 MANDER (K. van) het Schilderboeck, waerin vooreerst de jeught den grout der

Edele vrye Schilderkonst wort voorgedragen, daer na in dry deelen t'leven der doorluchtighe Schilders des ouden ende nieuwen Tydts, 1618–Uytleggingh op den Metamorphosis Ovidii, 1616, 2 vols. in 1, stout sm. 4to. frontispieces and 68 portraits, remarkably fine impressions of the plates, calf, 32s Amst. 1616-18

Leven der Nederlandsche en Hoogduitsche Schilders. vermeerderd en vollediger gemaakt door J. de Jongh, 2 vols. 8vo. 51 plates, containing 150 Portraits of celebrated Dutch and German Painters, hf. bd. uncut, 16s Amst. 1764

Priced, 1847, Bohn, €1. 48. 5623 MYLIUS (Arn.) Principum et Regum Polonorum Imagines, small folio, port. of

Cardinal Radzivil, and fine series of 43 Portraits of the Kings of Poland, engraved by HOGENBERG, with text, fine copy, hf. of. £2. 6s

Colon. 1594 5624 NEUGEBAUER (Sal.) Icones et Vitae principum ac regum POLONIAE, small 4to. numerous portraits, original calf, 105

Francof. 1620 On the title is written “Liber Willmi Buxton de Lindley Com : Leic : 1623.” 5625 PRIOBATO (G. G.) Scena d'Huomini illustri d'Italia, 4to. numerous portraits and couts of arms, calf, 7s 6d

Venezia, 1659 5625*RESTOUT, GALERIE FRANÇOISE, ou Portraits des Hommes et des Femmes

célèbres qui ont paru en France, gravés en taille-douce par les meilleurs artistes sous la conduite de M. Restout, peintre ordinaire du Roi; avec un abrégé de leur vie, folio, 40 fine portraits, engraved by Voyer, Henriquez, Lorraine, Bossé, Migér, Le Vasseur, etc. calf, RARE, 30s

Paris, 1771 Very scarce, not mentioned by Brunet, nor in the Catalogues consulted by me. 5626 SANDRART (J. de) Academia nobilissimæ Artis Pictoriæ, folio, several hundred

portraits of Artists and a few other plates, most elaborately engraved, FINE IMPRESSIONS, old calf gilt, tall copy, £2.

" Norimbergæ, 1683 5627 SOPRANI (Raf.) Vite de' Pittori, Scultori, ed Architetti GENOVESĮ, 2 vols. 4to. portrait, slightly wormed, hf. bd. 14.s

Genova, 1768

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