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of the Art to the present time, and a list of their most esteemed Works, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. with the Cyphers, Monograms, and Marks used by each Master, and specimens of the performances of the most ancient Artists, hf. bd, morocco, uncut, £3. 38

1785 Priced, 1824, Arch, £4.48 ; 1828, Thorpe, £4. 148 60; 1836, Arch, £3, 138 6d; 1837, Macpherson, bds. £4. 48; 1837, Payne and Foss, bds. £5. 58 ; 1840, Nattali, £3. 108; 1848, Payne and Foss, £5. 58: by auction, 1855, Baker's, £7.108.

LARGE PAPER copies were priced : 1824, Rivington's, bds. £6. 168 6d, and russa, £8.88. Fetched by auction: 1856, Sir John St. Aubya's, £7. 108; resold afterwards by auction, £10. 108; 1857, Sotheby's, old russia, £8. 12s 6d.

ILLUSTRATED COPIES fetch high prices : 1824, Rivington's offered one with near 5000 specimens of various masters, in 32 vols. russia, £210.; 1856, B. Blood's copy, illustrated with about 7000 engravings, bound in 37 vols. impl. folio, russia, fetched £97. 5683 STRUTT's Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, including the Rural

and Domestic Recreations, May Games, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions and Pompous Spectacles, from the earliest period to the present time, roy. 4to. frontispiece and 39 COLOURED PLATES of old English Sports and Games, from ancient Miniatures, calf neat, £2. 58

Priced, 1840, Jas. Bobn, bds. £3. 38 ; 1847, £2. 128 6d. A performance, which has attracted the notice and admiration of readers of almost every class.”—Chalmers. 5684 STRUTT (J.G.) SYLVA BRITANNICA, or Portraits of Forest Trees, distinguished

for their Antiquity, Magnitude, and Beauty, impl. folio, 50 beautiful Etchings, with descriptive text, (pub. at £9. 9s) half bound; green morocco extra, gilt edges, £5.

1826 This is one of those works of art which do not merely charm the eye, but appeal forcibly to the imagination, and delight the mind. Of all the productions of nature, there are none with which so many agreeable and even affecting feelings are associated as with the trees of the forest, and especially with those remarkable specimens which historical or romantic circumstances have caused to be distinguished from their venerable compeers. Forty of such trees in England, and eight in Scot. land, are figured in this publication, from very clever drawings, which are admirably etched, in a style well calculated to preserve their characteristics and perpetuate their remembrance, when old Time shall have mowed them down, like the Hainault Oak, or that of Epping Forest, under which generations of gipsies spread their canvas, and generations of citizens enjoyed their annual festival. The local details and anecdotes attached to many of these subjects are extremely curious and inter. esting. SOME OF THE ETCHINGS RESEMBLE THE PAINTINGS BY WATERLOO VERY STRIKINGLY ; BUT TAE WHOLE ARE VARIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, AND INTERESTING ; GIVING PERFECTLY THE CHARACTER OF EVERY SPECIES.”- Literary Gazette. 5685 TABLEAUX Historiques de la REVOLUTION FRANÇAISE, contenant les gravures

de différentes scènes de la révolution, depuis l'assemblée des notables jusqu'au 18 brumaire, avec une texte historique et les portraits des personnages les plus remarquables, (par Fauchet, Champfort, Ginguené et Pagès) 3 vols. royal folio, PAPIER VÉLIN, containing 160 fine engravings of Revolutionary Scenes, and 65

Ports. EARLY IMPRESSIONS, a good copy in French calf, gilt edges, £9. 1791-1804 Priced, 1845, Bossange, 300 fr. ; 1855, Tross, 300 fr. Lord Stuart de Rothesay's copy fetched, 1855, hf. bd. £9. 158. The re-issue of 1817 is of little value. 5686 TENIERS. Amphitheatrum Picturarum [Italicarum]: Schilder-Thoonel van

David Teniers, in't welck vertoont worden ITALIAENSCHE principale Schilderyen, etc. folio, title, preface and list of the Artists, 4 leaves, engraved frontispiece and 211 fine engravings on 198 plates, UNDOUBTED FIRST IMPRESSIONS BEFORE THE NUMBERS, original calf binding of the period, with the Coat of Arms of Archduke Leopold William, to whom the work is dedicated, £5. 58

Brussel, tot costen vanden Aucteur, 1660 Really the First issue of the first edition ; after that were issued copies with Spanish title, Brusselas, 1660, and with French title, Bruxelles, 1660. Copies sold, 1857, at Sotheby's, 243 plates, £8. 158 ; Utterson's copy, sold as complete, £13. The SECOND edition of 1684 was priced, 1830, Thorpe, 216 plates, £5. 58 ; 1814, Rodd, £4. 48 ; 1847, H. Bobo, £7.78; Talleyrand's copy fetched, £3. 198. The Third edition is of Amst. 1755. See Beckmann's Literatur der Reisen, Vol. I. p. 643. 5687 TERTII BERGOMATIS (Fran.) Austriacae Gentis Imagines, 5 parts in 1 vol. atlas

folio, 57 magnificent plates, comprising the Emperors, Archdukes, Empresses and Archduchesses in their exact Costume, skilfully arranged, with Ornamental Ar. chitecture in the background, original old black morocco, £5. Oeniponti, 1569

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5688 Ticozzi, Dizionario dei Pittori, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 3s 6d

Milano, 1818 5689 TOILES PEINTES et TAPISSERIES de la ville de REIMS, ou la mise en scène du

théatre des confrères de la Passion, planches dessinées et gravées par C. Leberthais, études des mystères et explications historiques par Louis Paris, 2 vols. 4to.—Toiles peintes et tapisseries de la ville de Reims, reproduisant les principales scènes des mystères du XVe siècle, dessinées et gravées par Cas. Leberthais, large atlas folio, with 32 beautiful plates-together 3 vols. hf. bd. morocco, £4.


Siècle, peintes par Corneille Troost, oblong atlas folio, a series of 32 magnificent plates in the style of Hogarth, engraved by Houbraken, Tanjé, Fokke, etc. hf. bd.

Amsterdam, Maaskamp, 1811 Nagler speaks in the highest terms of praise of Troost's works. 5691 TURNER and his Works, illustrated by Examples from his Pictures, and Re

marks by J. Burnet, the Memoir by Peter Cunningham, atlas 4to. LARGE PAPER,

INDIA PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, only 50 thus printed, hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, • £2. 128

1852 5692 VASARI, Vite de' Pittori, Scultori, e Architetti, con correzioni per Della Valle,

11 vols. 8vo. complete with many portraits, hf. bd. vellum, £2. Siena, 1791-94 5693 - OPERE : Vite de' piu celebri Pittori, Scultori e Architetti, dal 1200 al

1568; Pitture del Palazzo Vecchio e della Cupola del Duomo di Firenze; Lettere pittoriche; Vite degli Artefici Greci e Romani, etc. 6 vols. in 12, 8vo. 155 portraits, sd. uncut, £2.

Firenze, 1827 This is the first complete edition of the works of Vasari. “ Vasari is the father of the history of painting, and has transmitted to us its most precious materials. Educated in the most auspicious era of the art, he has in some measure perpetuated the influence of the golden age. In perusing his Lives, I fancy myself listening to the individuals of whom he has collected the traditions and the precepts. It was thus, think 1, that Rafaello and Andrea imparted these facts to their scholars ; thus spoke Buonarroti ; the friends of Giorgio heard this from Vinci and Porta, and in this manner must have related it to him. I am delighted with the facts, and also with the luminous, simple, and natural manner in which they are expressed, interwoven with the technical terms that originated in Florence, and worthy of every writer whose subject is the fine arts."-Lanzi's History of Painting. 5694 VATICANO (II) descritto ed illustrato da Erasmo PISTOLESI, con disegni a con.

torni diretti dal Pittore Camillo Guerra: The Vatican described and illustrated by Erasmus Pistolesi, with fine Plates, in Outline, of all the Ornaments, Frescoes, Paintings, Statues, Marbles, etc, contained in that celebrated Edifice, including all its Architecture and Details, 86 parts forming 8 vols. royal folio, containing upwards of 850 large and beautiful engravings, FINE ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS

(pub. in parts at £60.) elegantly hf. bd. russia, uncut, £30. Roma, 1829-38 “ Description la plus étendue, et la plus exacte, que l'on ait donnée, de ce magnifique edifice."

Brunet. This magnificent book has now become scarce; the above copy is a remarkably beautiful one, its impressions have all the vividness of Proofs. 5695 VELASCO, las Vidas de los Pintores y Estatuarios EspañOLES, 8vo. cf. 2s 6d 1744 5696 Venice. BOSCHINI, Descrizione delle Pitture della citta di Venezia, 12mo. hf. bd. uncut, 6s

Venezia, 1733 5697 the same, 12mo. green morocco, 6s

1733 5698 CANALETTI (Antonii) Vrbis Venetiarum Prospectus celebriores, 3 parts in

1 vol. royal folio, two portraits, engraved frontispiece, and 38 beautiful plates by Visentini, VERY FINE IMPRESSIONS, a splendid copy in red MOROCco, gold borders and gilt edges, £6. 68

Venet. 1751 1853, Ď. Turner's copy fetched £7. 108 ; recent impressions are selling at £3. or less. 5699 CARLEVARIIS, Le Fabriche e Vedute di Venetia, disegnate et intagliate da

Luca Carlevariis, oblong folio, 103 plates, with MS. list of the Palaces represented and of the architects or builders, old binding, 36s

Venezia, 1703 5700 another copy, oblong folio, hf. bd. 308

1703 CICOGNARA, Fabbriche di Venezia--see post, ARCHITECTURE. 5701 DELLA PITTURA Veneziana, e descrizione de' Musaici della Chiesa di S. Marco, 2 vols. in 1, 16mo. half vellum, 4s

Venezia, 1797

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5702 HABITI d'Huomeni et Donne Venetiane con la processione della serma. Signoria

et altri particolari, cioe Trionfi, Feste, Ceremonie publiche della nobilissima citta di Venezia, folio, 36 very elaborate plates of Costume, Pageants, Amusements, &c. by FRANCO FORMA, bds, very rare, £2. 16s

Venezia, (? 1600) 5703 MARIESCHI (M.) Prospectus Urbis Venetiarum, prae caeteris magnifica, royal folio, a splendid Series of 21 Views in Venice, fine impressions, half bound,

Venet. 8. d. 5704 PALATII (Io.) Fasti ducales, ab Anafesto I. ad Silvestrum Valerium Venetorum

ducem, 4to. with the Portraits, Medals, and Coats of Arms of all the Doges, calf, 158

Venetiis, 1696 5705 VERSAILLES. Les plans, profils et elevations des Ville et Chateau de Versailles,

avec les Bosquets et Fontaines, en 1714 et 1715, impl. folio, 47 plates, early impressions, hf. bd. 20s

Paris, 1715 5706 VIARDOT, les Musées d'Espagne, d'Angleterre et de Belgique, 12mo. bd. 2s 6d. 1843 5707 - les Musées d’Allemagne et de Russie, 12mo. hf. calf gilt, 3s 6d 1844 5708 VILLA BORGHESE : Sculture del Palazzo della Villa Borghese detta Pinciana,

2 vols. 258 plates—Monumenti Gabini della Villa Pinciana, descritti da E. Q.VISCONTI, 1 vol. 59 plates, together 3 vols. 8vo. fine impressions of the plates, elegantly hf. bound morocco, £2. 16s

Roma, 1796-97 5709 VINCI (Leonard de) Traité de la Peinture, 12mo. plates, old red mor. gilt edges, fine copy, 9s

1716 5710 VISCONTI (Ennio Quirino) OPERE DELLA HISTORIA DELLE BELLE ARTI: IL MUSEO Pio CLEMENTINO, 7 vols. portrait and 426 plates

1818-22 IL MUSEO CHIARAMONTI, 1 vol. 50 plates

1820 ICONOGRAFIA ROMANA, 2 vols. in 1, 40 plates

1818-19 ICONOGRAFIA GRECA, 3 vols. 169 plates

1823-25 MUSEO WORSLEJANO, 1 vol. portrait and 78 plates

1834 MONUMENTI GABINI della Villa Pinciana, 1 vol. 22 plates


1837 OPERE VARIE Italiane e Francesi, 4 vols. 80 plates

1827-31 -together 20 vols. 8vo. in 19, upwards of 900 plates (pub. at about £12. 12s in parts, value of binding £7. 78), uniformly and elegantly bound in Roman vellum, contents lettered, £10. 10s

Milano, 1818-37 A complete set of Visconti's works, comprising an immense amount of Ancient and Early Italian Art. 5711 VIVIAN'S (G.) Scenery of PORTUGAL and Spain, impl. folio, title and 31 beau

tiful lithographs, by L. Haghe (pub. at £4. 4s) hf. bd. £2. 2s 5712 WAAGEN'S Kunstwerke und Künstler in England und in Paris, 3 vols. stout 12mo. sd. 58

Berlin, 1837-9 5713 - the same, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, 7s 6d

1837-39 5714 - the same, 3 vols. in 2, 12mo. calf, 10s

1837-39 5715 - Kunstwerke und Künstler im Erzgebirge und Franken, 12mo. hf. calf,

Leipzig, 1813 5716 WELCKER (G. A.) alte Denkmäler, Vol. I. die Giebelgruppen und andere grie

chische Gruppen und Statuen; vol, II. Basreliefe und geschnittene Steine; vol. III. Griechische Vasengemälde, 3 vols. 8vo. with 36 folding plates of Greek: Art, sd. 21s

Göttingen, 1849-51 5717 WILLEMIN (N. X.) MONUMENS FRANÇAIS INÉDITS pour servir à l'Histoire des

Arts, des Costumes civiles et militaires, Armes et Armures, Instrumens de Musique, Meubles et Decorations des Maisons, depuis le VI. S. jusqu'au XVIIe. 2 vols. large folio, with 300 beautiful plates, many elaborately executed in gold and colours, exhibiting the most beautiful specimens of Art-Workmanship of the Franks and the French ; designed and coloured from the originals existing in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, etc. hf. bd. morocco, uncut, M Borluut de Noortdonck's copy, £20.

Paris, 1806-39 Rechercher les titres de notre art national, tenter de dresser son histoire avec des preuves irrëcusables et certaines, tel a été le but de M. Willemin. Infatigable travailleur, laborieux chercheur, M. Willemin est parvenu à force de peine et de soin à donner à son ouvrage un mérite incontestable de vérité qui le rend indispensable aujourd'hui ; jamais, peut-être, à aucune époque de notre bistoire, les artistes n'ont recherché avec un plus grand soin l'exactitude des costumes et de l'ameublement. Ils n'avaient, avant la publication des Monuments inédits de Willemin, aucun ouvrage


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spécial qui pût leur faciliter leurs recherches ; Montfaucon avait tenté ce travail, mais l'inexactitude quelquefois grotesque de ces planches n'avait pas permis à son livre de faire autorité; c'était avec méfiance que le peintre ou le sculpteur le consultaient, l'archéologue, pourvu qu'il eût quelque peu étudié, avait reconnu son insuffisance et ses défauts. Une place importante restait donc à prendre, Willemin, naturellement porté vers les études de ce genre, comprit cela, il s'en empara. Pour arriver à ce but, il employa les moyens les plus certains pour réussir ; difficile pour lui-même, cherchant à s'éclairer de tous les travaux partiels de ses devanciers. Il demanda aux cuvres elles-mêmes leurs certificats origine, leurs diplômes d'authenticité, et, chose bien rare et bien louable, il sut conserver assez longtemps les trésors qu'il avait rassemblés, pour ne les publier que lorsqu'il fut parfaitement satisfait de ses découvertes, et lorsqu'il fut suffisamment éclairé pour ne rien sacrifier au hasard, et pour ne donner que des monuments dont il fut parfaitement sûr. C'est à cette condition seule que I'ont fait un bon livre, un livre utile et impossible à refaire. Quiconque a consulté les Monuments inédits de Willemin, a reconnu comme nous l'exactitude des objets reproduits. Miniatures, meubles, ornements, costumes, orfèvrerie ou émaux, rien n'a été ni négligé ni sacrifié. Confiée à des artistes spéciaux, l'exécution de ces planches a été surveillée par Willemin lui même, et aucune épreuve n'a été publiée sans avoir passé sous les yeux du maître qui en corrigeait lui-même les défauts. Un texte explicatif que la mort avait empêché Willemin de rédiger, fut confié à l'éruditon variée d'un ami du defunt, M. André Pottier, de Rouen ; le choix était heureux, et fut pleinement justifié : il est difficile, en effet, de faire moins parade d'érudition que M. André Pottier, il est difficile aussi de mieux rapporter à Willemin le mérite de l'ouvrage entrepris, mais il est difficile aussi de faire preuve d'un savoir plus sûr et plus profond. 5718 WOOD'S (R.) Antiquities of PALMYRA and BALBEC ; 2 vols. in 1, impl. folio, 103 fine engravings, hf. red morocco, uncut, £2.

1837 “When I endeavour to do justice to the editions of Palmyra and Balbec, I would not confine my encomiums to the sculptures. The modest descriptious prefixed are standards of writing; the exaet measure of what should and what should not be said, and of what was necessary to be known, was never comprehended in more clear diction, or more elegant style. The pomp of the buildings has not a nobler air than the simplicity of the narration.”-Lord Orford. 5719 WYATT’S (M Digby) Metal Work and its Artistic Design-Specimens of Orna

mental Art Workmanship in Gold, Silver, Iron, Brass, and Bronze, from the Twelfth to the Nineteenth Centuries, impl. folio, 50 large plates of the choicest examples, exquisitely printed in gold and colours, with a History of the Art in Italy, England, France, Germany and Spain, together with its Theory and Practice, (pub. at £6. 6s) elegantly bound in cloth, 368

1852 This most beautiful and interesting work exhibits in fifty plates, mostly illuminated in gold and colours, some hundred specimens of the most admirable relics of the Middle Ages, and of the period of the Renaissance. Among them are Italian Chalices and Ciboria, rich Processional Cross, Reliquaries, Pastoral Staff, Pendant and Bracket Lamps, rich Gold Drinking Cups, specimens of Jewellery, Silver Dagger and Coins by Benvenuto Cellini, Wrought Iron Doors, Screens, elaborate and elegant Locks, Keys, Hinges, &c. 5720 WYATT'S (M. Digby) INDUSTRIAL ARTs of the 19th Century, a series of Illus

trations of the choicest specimens produced by every Nation at the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry, in 1851, 2 vols. impl. folio, illustrated with 168 large lithographic plates of the choicest Statues, Bronzes, Bijouterie, richlydecorated Furniture, Stained Glass, Manufactures in Metal, Silk Fabrics, Embroidery, Pottery, Porcelain, &c. &c. most exquisitely printed in colours, (pub. at £17. 178) half morocco, gilt edges, embossed sides, £8. 158

1853 This beautiful work forms in itself a perfect cyclopædia of Design in all branches of Art. The plates have the appearance of original paintings, and have never been equalled in gorgeousness of colouring. 5721 WOODCUTS.- ALT-VAETER. Das Buch der heiligen Altväter, mit seinen

beyspilen; das zu latein genant ist “ Vitae patrum,” very stout sm. folio, numerous verg quaint woodcuts, wanting page 67, original binding, £2. 158

Augspurg, Sorg, MCCCCLXXXII. Slightly wormed at the end, otherwise a remarkably fine copy of this rare book, in which are very numerous woodcuts, executed, in all probability, at a much earlier period than the date of this work. 5722 AMMAN'S (Jost) Works:

LONICERI (P.) Chronica Turcica, 3 vols. in 1, many hundred spirited woodcuts by Jost Ammon calf, 288

"Francof. S. Feyrabent, 1578 The third volume is almost exclusively devoted to the Life and Adventures of Scanderbeg. Goldsmith's copy fetched £2. 48 ; 1855, Lord Rothesay's copy, mor, fetched £2. 128, and was sold afterwards for £3. 38.

5723 AMMAN, Stam und Wapenbuch hochs und niders Standts, small 4to. 246 very

beautiful woodcuts of COATS OF ARMB, COSTUME, and ALLEGORICAL FIGURES, fine

impressions, hf. bd. vellum, £2. 16s Franckfurt am Mayn, S. Feyerabend, 1579 5724 - CLERI TOTIUS ROMANÆ ECCLESIÆ subjecti, seu Pontificiorum Ordinum

omnium omnino utriusque sexus, Habitus, artificiossimis figuris, quibus Francisci Modii singula octosticha adjecta sunt, nunc primum a JUDICO AMMANNO expressi ; addito Libello singulari ejusdem Fr. Modii de origine et vestitu cujus. que ordinis Ecclesiastici; 4to. with 103 fine woodcuts, calf gilt, £2. 28

Franc. ad Mænum, 1585 Fetched, 1855, at Sotheby's, £3. 16. 5725

Idem, 103 woodcuts, 1585—GYNAECEUM, sive Theatrum Mulierum, in quo praecipuarum omnium per Europam imprimis Nationum cujuscunque dignitatis FOEMINEOS HABITUS videre est, 122 beautiful woodcuts of Female Costume, splendid impressions, Francof. 1586—the 2 works in 1 vol. smallest 4to. vellum, £4. 4ks

1585-86 " These plates give a faithful picture of the Dresses and Costume of Ladies of Rank throughout Europe 300 years ago.” 5726 –

- Künstliche wolgerissene new Figuren von allerlat Jagt und WEIDWERCK, smallest 4to. portrait and 40 pretty plates of every kind of sport, with German verses below, fine copy in calf, £2. 2s

ib. 1592 5727 AMMAN'S BOOK OF TRADES, the woodcuts used for the work : GARZONI, Piazza

Universale : das ist, allgemeiner Schawplatz aller Professionen, Künsten und
Handtwercken, thick small 4to. with upwards of 100 woodcuts, vellum, 15s

Franckfurt, M. Merian's Erben, 1659 5728 BECKER's (C.) Jobst Amman, Zeichner und Formschneider, Kupferätzer und Stecher, sq. 8vo. with 17 woodcuts, new, hf. morocco, 10s

Leipzig, 1854 A most carefully got up Bibliography of 138 works illustrative of Jost Amman. 5729 ARS MORIENDI: Ein loblich und nutzbarlich BUCHELEIN DEZ STERBEN wie

ein itzlich cristen mensch recht yn warem cristen glauben sterben szal und der anfechtung des boszen geystes wid stehē Durch manche nutzbarliche lere der lerer der heyligen schrifft, smallest 4to. 16 leaves, with 13 Early woodcuts, the size of the page, morocco, gilt edges, VERY BABE, £5. 58

Leyptzigk, without name of the printer, (Mcccc) XCIIII

A beautiful and very early specimen of the Leipzic press. 5730 BARBAROSSA. Eine schöne und warhaffte Beschreibung des Lebens und der

Geschichten Keyser Friderichs I. gennant Barbarossa, durch Johannem Adelphum, folio, pp. 32, 38, 50, 57, 61 wanting, otherwise a remarkably fine copy, with many fine bold woodcuts, hf. calf, 20s

Strassburg, Grüninger, 1535 5731 BECKER (R. Z.) et H. A. VON DERSCHAU, Collection des Gravures en Bois des

anciens Maitres Allemands, tirées des Planches originales, avec un Discours de la Gravure en Bois, Allemand et Francais, 3 vols. atlas folio, containing on 123 sheets near 300 fine LARGE WOODCUTS, some upwards of four feet long, printed

from the ORIGINAL BLOCKS (pub. at £11. 11s) bds. £7. 10s Gotha, 1808-16

This curious and splendid series of woodcuts by the Old German Masters has become very scarce; and after a severe fall copies are now selling again near the original publishing price ; which in course of time will no doubt be exceeded. 5732 BEWICK (T. and J.) SELECT FABLES ; with Memoir and descriptive Catalogue

of the Works of Messrs. Bewick, 8vo. with about 300 woodcuts, designed and engraved by the Bewicks previous to the year 1784, fine clean copy, RED MOROCCO, richly gilt, gilt edges, £2. 12s

Newcastle, 1820 5733

the same, LARGEST PAPER, impl. 8vo. red morocco, richly gilt, gilt edges, £3. 8$

1820 Bewick's Landscapes are absolute facsimiles, his animals are whole length portraits. You may buy dear books, but if you want to know what a bird or quadruped is, to Bewick you must go at last.

For Bewick's Quadrupeds and Birds-see Nos. 4688.91. 5734 BIBLE CUTS. Figure de la Biblia, illustrate de Stanze Tuscane, per Gabriel

Symeoni, 12mo. very fine woodcuts (by Le Petit Bernard) French calf, beautiful copy, 218

Lyone, Gulielmo Rovillio, 1565 5735 BLÄRRORIVO (Petri de) Liber Nanceidos: Insigne Nanceidos Opus de Bello

Nanceiano (Carmen historicum), hac primum exaratura elimatissime nuperrime in lucem emissum, small folio, numerous very beautiful and spirited woodcuts,

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