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5778 TERENCE. Le grant Therece en Francoys tāt en Rime que en Prose, nouuelle

ment imprimé à Paris, Marc Theréce Varro, liure trés plaisant y joyeulx, &c. stout folio, lettres gothiques, with many very fine woodcuts, beautiful copy in old French calf, marbled and gilt edges, £7.78

Paris, MDXXXIX. 5779 THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS (The), commonly called, in England, the Arabian

Nights Entertainments ; a new translation from the Arabic, with copious notes, by LANE, 3 vols. royal 8vo. upwards of 1000 woodcuts by W. Harvey, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, cloth, £3. 108

. 1841 Best edition ;-the impressions of the woodcuts in the subsequent editions cannot be compared in beauty to the above; the last edition (though an excellent one regarding the text) has naturally the worst impressions of the cuts. 5780 TOPFFÈR (R.) Voyages en Zigzag, dans les Cantons Suisses, impl. 8vo. nume

rous beautiful and very amusing woodcuts, half calf, marb. edges, 258 Par. 1846 5781 VIE (la) de nostre Seigneur Jesu Christ, par figures, selon le texte des quattre

Evangelistes, avec toutes les Evangiles, Epistres et Propheties de toute l'année, “par grace et privilege de la Majesté Imperiale,” 12mo. lettres gothiques, several hundred very fine woodcuts by an eminent Flemish artist, olive morocco extra,

gilt edges, £2. 28

The volume ends - Le jour de la dedecasse, Apoca xxi.a ; the colophon being apparently wanting. The prologue is signed “Escript dempres Gund, aux Chartreus, le xxo de Decembre l'an MDXXXVII. 5782 VIGERII (M.) Decachordum christianum Julio II. Pont. Max. dicatum, sm. fol.

many very curious woodcuts, some within borders, the full size of the page, fine copy, olive morocco, gilt edges, £3.

Fani, 1507 CATALOGUES of Picture Galleries and Museums – 5782*THE ROYAL ACADEMY, from 1755 to 1858, not consecutive, 4to. sd. 1775-1858 5783 - the same, from 1808 to 1859; wanting 1809, 11-13, 44, 48, 54, 55, 57 8, otherwise consecutive, 41 Catalogues, 20s

1808-56 5784 BRITISH INSTITUTION (The), from 1818 to 1841, with the second exhibitions for

1813-17, 1819, 1822, 1826, 1830, 1837-8; wanting 1821, 1831, 1833-5; together 30 parts, 4to. 20s

1813-42 5785 Society of British Artists, from the commencement in 1824-47, not consecutive,

with the Winter Exhibitions, 1832-3, 13 parts, 4to. 10s 5786 SOCIETY of Painters in Water Colours, from 1829 to 1857, not consecutive, 12

parts, 4to. 105 5787 DRAWINGS, Exhibition and Sales of: Willett's sale, priced, 1808; etc., together 9 Catalogues, 4to. 58

V. Y. 5788 MISCELLANEOUS Exhibitions of Paintings : Orleans Gallery, 1793 ; Orleans

Italian Pictures, 1798: European Museum, 1797 ; Liverpool Academy; Royal
Scottish Academy; Rev. Jno. Sandford's Pictures, 1847; Etty's Pictures and

Studies, 1849; and 21 others : together 30 catalogues, 4to. and 8vo. 10s 1793-1858 5789 GOODWOOD : its House, Park and Grounds, with a Catalogue raisonné of the Pictures, by W. H. MASON, 8v0. plates, cloth, 58

1839 5790 HOUGHTON HALL: Aedes Walpolianae : or a description of the Pictures at

Houghton Hall in Norfolk, 4to. bds. with prices paid by the Empress of Russia, 3s 6d

1767 5791 Catalogues of Picture Sales in England, including: Bertel's Col

lection, 1775 ; Orleans' Italian Pictures, 1798, with the prices and the purchasers' names ; Purling's, 1801; Hulse's, 1806; Sir G. Yonge's; Lord Rendlesham's; A. Wilson's; Schmidt, 1811; Lord Kinnaird's; Willett's ; Hope's ; Duke of Lucca's ; Countess of Blessington's; Duchess of Bedford's; Lord Townshend's; Birch's ; Dennistoun's ; etc. in all 43 catalogues of important sales, mostly priced and with the purchasers' names, 30s

1775-1858 5792 GALERIE de DRESDE, Catalogue des Tableaux de la, 8vo. old calf gilt, 3s 6d 1765 5793 GALERIE de VIENNE. Mechel, Catalogue des Tableaux, 8vo. maps and vignettes, calf neat, 5s

Basle, 1784 5794 French Galleries. Guides to and Sale Catalogues of Pictures, Sculptures,

Architecture and Antiquities : Catalogue d'Estampes des écoles d'Italie de
Flandre et de France du Cabinet du Roi, etc. with prices, Paris, 1808; Galerie
Giustiniani; Delessert, Tableaux ; Erard, Tableaux ; Denon, Tableaux, Dessins
et Miniatures; Soult, Catalogue de la Vente ; Musée de Lyon; Musée de

Nantes; Hotel de Cluny; Musée Royal, 1816-47: Louvre, Luxembourg ; Palais Royal ; Tuileries ; Visconti et Clarac, Antiques ; Musée de Rouen; etc. in all 30 catalogues, 128

1816-55 5795 German Galleries : Klemm, Geschichte der Sammlungen für Wissenschaft

und Kunst in Deutschland, Zerbst, 1837; Dresden-Galerie ; LeuchtenbergGallerie; Dillis, Müller und Schorn, Munich ; Nürnberg, Konigl. Bildersaal zu; Wien-Gallerie ; Mechel, Galerie de Vienne; Gallerie des Fürsten Esterhazy ; in all 15 catalogues, 108

1784-1844 5796 Holland, Galleries in: Amsterdam ; Rijks Museum ; Musée Royal ; Cabinet de M *** ; Antwerp; Bruges ; Bruxelles ; La Haye ; in all 9 catalogues, 5s

1761-1850 5797 Italian Galleries. Carteggio inedito d'Artisti dei Secoli XIV-XVI.,

pubbl. da Gaye, Tomo II., 1500-57, 8vo. facsimiles, Firenze, 1840; Guides to Pictures, Sculpture, Architecture and Antiquities : Genova, 1780; Ratti, Genova, 1780; Milan Cathedral, 1846 ; Pinacoteca di Brera, 1838; Tableaux de Brera, 1841; Venezia, 1733; Adami, Venise; Venezia, 1824; Ruta, Parma, 1752; Parma, privately printed, 1825; Florence, Almanaco Pittorico Anni II., V., 12mo. 24 fine portraits of Painters in the 'Real Galeria,' with biographies, Firenze, 1795-6; Firerze, 1805-25; Galerie de Florence, 1804-40; Colzi, Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze, 1817; Inghirami, Palazzo Pitti, 1832; Mucci, Siena, 1822 ; Titi, Roma, 1721-43; Fea, Roma, 1819; Vatican, 1841; Musée Chiaramonti, 1822-39; Tofanelli, Capitole, Campidoglio; Galerie du Cardinal Fesch, parts 2, 3, 4, Rome, 1844-5; Museo-Borbonico, 1824-31 ; Musée Bourbon, 1823-31; De Licteriis, Bourbonic Museum, 1824 ; together 35 vols.

8vo. and 12mo. numerous plates, views, maps, and plans, £2. 10s 5798 Engravings. Adam von Bartsch, Anleitung zur Kupferstichkunde, Band t

I, Wien, 1821; Robert-Dumesnil, le Peintre-Graveur Français, tome I. 1835;
Barnard's sale, 27 days, with the prices, 1798; Sir J. W. Lake's British Portraits
and Historic Prints, 12 days, priced, 1808; Annesley's Prints, priced, 1809;
Manson's Prints, Drawings, etc. priced, 1812; Bindley's, 1819; Geo. Baker's,

1825 ; together 7 vols. 12s 5799 MORSE. Sale Catalogue of R. Morse's Collection of Prints, Portraits, Painters'

Etchings, etc. 28 days' sale, with prices, 4to. Large Paper, half bound, uncut, 78 6d

1816 5800 ANTIQUITIES, Sculpture and other miscellaneous Art Catalogues, viz. Beckford's

sale, 1817 ; Brocas' Ancient Arms and Armour, 1834; Strawberry Hill, 1842;

Marquis of Abercorn's, 1853; and others-together 12 catalogues, 58 1817-56 5801 ARCHAEOLOGY, SCULPTURE AND DECORATIVE ART : Tod on the Hindu and

Theban Hercules; Quatremère de Quincy sur la statue de Vénus ; La Venere di Canova; Pisiani, Opere di Scultura; Gerhard, Athenens Geburt; Forch. hammer, die Geburt der Athene; Letronne sur la Peinture Murale ; Oldham on ancient Irish Pavement Tiles ; Stackhouse, Lectures on Ancient or Pagan Britain, 2 parts, containing 40 etchings; and others—in all 26 tracts, with numerous plates, 20s


trations, issued 1848-49, 1849-50; 6 parts, folio, numerous fine plates, sowed, £2. 10s

March 1849—Febr. 1851 These early volumes are out of print. 5803 Besson, Teatro de los Instrumentos y Figuras Matematicas y Mecanicas: large

folio, title mounted, with 60 very curious plates of Machinery, poor copy, limp

vellum, 108 5804 BOISSEREE'S Denkmale der Baukunst, vom 7 ten bis zum 13 ten Jahrhundert

am Nieder Rhein : Memorials of the Architecture of the Lower Rhine, from the Seventh to the Thirteenth Century (in German), complete, impl. folio, 72 fine tinted lithographic engravings, (pub. at £7. 108) hf. bd. morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 58

München, 1833 5805 BOWMAN and CROWTHER’S Churches of the Middle Ages in England,

2 vols. impl. folio, 125 large and very elaborate plates from actual admeasurement, with the scale of sizes to each, (pub. at £9. Is), half morocco, £4. 15s 1841

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5806 CALLIAT (Victor) die Architectura der Wohnhæuser in Paris, royal folio, 125

plates, comprising plans, façades, and details of the Ornament of the Mansions recently erected in Paris, cloth, £2. 28

Brüssel, 1851 5807 CANINA (L.) L'ARCHITETTURA ANTICA, descritta e dimostrata coi Monumenti:

opera divisa in tre sezioni risguardanti la Storia, la Teorica e le pratiche dell' Architettura EGIZIANA, GRECA e ROMANA, 9 vols. 8vo. text and 3 vols. atlas folio, 621 large plates of the famous Buildings of Antiquity, hf. bd. red morocco, £21.

Roma, 1843 This grand work is divided into 3 Classes ; I. Egyptian Architecture, 197 plates ; II. Greek Architecture, 168 pilates ; III. Roman Architecture, 256 plates. 5808 CAUMONT (M. de) Histoire de l'Architecture religieuse, 8vo. with 4to. Atlas of 20 plates, sd. 10s 6d

Paris, 1841 5809 CAÚS (Salo. de) les Raisons des Forces Mouvantes, avec diverses Machines,

numerous woodcuts and plates of Machinery, one of them showing the action of Steam Power, also engravings of Musical Instruments-Grotes et Fontaines pour l'Ornement des Palais et des Maisons de Plaisance, plates--La Fabrique des Orgues—3 parts in 1 vol. folio, old calf neat, rare, 36s

Paris, 1624 Marion de Lorme relates in her Memoirs, that Sal. de Caus died in a Lunatic Asylum in Paris for having first propounded the idea of the power of motion by steam. 5810 CEMENT: LORIOT (le Sr. Mecanicien) Mémoire sur une découverte dans l'Art

de Bâtir: la Méthode de composer un Cement tant pour la construction que pour la Decoration, Paris, 1774 ; La Faye, sur la Préparation que les Romains donnoient à la Chaux, 1777 ; La Faye, Suite à la Préparation de la Chaux, 1778; Faujas de Saint-Fond, sur la Pouzzolane, sur la Theorie de la Chaux et sur la Cause de la Dureté du Mortier, Grenoble, 1778–4 rare tracts on the prepara

tion of Cement and Mortar, in 1 vol. 8vo. calf, 7s 6d 5811 CICOGNARA, LE FABRICHE piu cospicue di VENEZIA, 2 vols. atlas folio, Second

Edition, 250 fine engravings of Buildings, with Architectural details, including all the best specimens of Venetian Architecture, (pub. at £24.) hf. bd. £10.

Venezia, 1838 Priced, 1840, Payne and Foss, £21.; 1847, hf. bd. £13.138 ; Bunsen's copy, 1854, £13.13s. 5812 –

another edition, also called : seconda edizione con notabili aggiunte e note ; the TEXT 2 vols. in 1, 4to.; the ATLAS, 259 large platesthe 2 vols. hf. bd, russia, £7. 10s

Venezia, 1840 “Quvrage capital, contenant 250 pl. avec des descriptions pour lesquelles MM. Ant. Diedo et Ant. Selva ont été les collaborateurs de M. Cicognara.Brunet. 5813 DIETTERLIN (Wendel, Maler zu Strassburg) ARCHITECTURA, von Auss

theilung, Symmetria und Proportion der Fünff Seulen, und aller darauss folgender Kunst Arbeit, folio, 209 plates (including the titles, the portrait and text), comprising most spirited designs for WINDOWS, FIREPLACES, PORTALS, FOUNTAINS, MONUMENTS, etc. hf. vellum, a very clean sound copy, RARE, £10.

Nürnberg, C. Weigel, (1598) Various issues exist of this useful work of Ornamental Architecture, all slightly differing; the above has EVERY PLATE published.

“ Cet ouvrage est très recherché depuis quelque temps, comme le sont presque tous ceux qui se rapportent à l'architecture du 16me siècle; de plus il est fort rare en France, ce qui lui donne du prix. Un exemplaire complet, mais mal conservé a été payé 331 fr. à la troisième vente Boutourlin. L'Auteur était peintre, et à ce qu'il paraît, doué d'un esprit inventif. Son recueil nous présente nombre de modèles surchargés d'orriaments compliqués et bizarres, lesquels n'ont probablement eu d'autre execution que celle de la gravure.”Brunet. 5814 Dilettanti Society: The Unedited Antiquities of ATTICA, comprising the

Architectural Remains of Eleusis, Rhamnus, Sunium, and Thoricus, edited by Wilkins, Gandy, Deering, and Bedford, impl. folio, 79 plates, with text, hf. bd. calf, 25$

1817 Priced, 18+7, Bohn, £5. 158 6d, £5. 58, and £6. 168 6d ; fetched, 1856, Lane's copy, 388. The second edition, 1833, is in no demand. 5815 DURAND ET LEGRAND, Recueil et Parallèle des Edifices en tout genre,

anciens et modernes, remarquables par leur Beauté, par leur Grandeur, ou par leur Singularité, dessinés sur une mème Echelle, 1 vol. atlas folio, containing 86 large plates, comprising 1000 Examples of celebrated Buildings, Details, Ornaments, Arabesques, Vases, Furniture, &c. accompanied by an explanatory

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volume of text in roy. 8vo. entitled, “ Essai sur l'Histoire generale de l'Archi

tecture,” (pub. at £10. 10s) hf. bd. morocco, in good condition, £2. 10s 1839-42 Interesting to every man of taste, and indispensable to the architect; usually priced £6. 68. This celebrated work exhibits representations, on a uniform scale, of every celebrated edifice, ancient and modern, including the Temples at Balbec and Palmyra; Mosques, Pagodas and Gothic Churches; Bazaars, Town Halls, Porticoes and Exchanges; Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Turkish, Persian, Romish Tombs; Triumphal Arches, Bridges and Aqueducts, etc., Harbours, Towers, Fountains, Arsenals, Prisons, Hospitals, Baths, Theatres, Castles, Palaces, etc. 5816 Essex's Illustrations of the Architectural Ornaments and Embellishments and

Painted Glass of the Temple Church, London, with descriptive account by
Sydney Smirke, Architect, impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, with 30 very elaborately
drawn engravings, many of which are highly coloured, and produced by Owen
Jones, &c. in the best style of art, (pub. at £3. 3s) cloth, 18s

1845 5817 GOETGHEBUER (J. P.) Choix des Monuments, Edifices et Maisons, les plus

remarquables du royaume des Pays-Bas, royal folio, GRAND PAPIER VÉLIN, avec 150 planches ombrées, hf. bd. green morocco, £2. 12s

Gand, 1827 The only work giving designs of the best Modern Buildings in Holland and Belgium. 5818 GRUBER'S CHRISTIAN ARCHITECTURE : Vergleichung Christlicher Bau-Denkmale, 2 vols. in 1, folio, 92 plates of Ornaments and Details, hf. bd. russia,

1839-41 5819 HIRT, die Geschichte der Baukunst bei den Alten, 2 vols. 15 plates, 1821-22–

Vol. III. Die Lehre von den Gebäuden bei den Griechen und Römern, 18 plates, 1827-together 3 vols. 4to. and 2 vols. oblong atlas folio, (pub. at £4. 10s) hf. calf, 21s

Berlin, 1821-27 A standard exposition of Ancient Architecture. 5820 HOPE's (Thos.) Historical Essay on Architecture, 2 vols. royal 8vo. third edition,

with 99 plates, from Drawings made by him in Italy and Germany, (pub. at £2.) cloth, 18s

1840 Much praised in Lord Lindsay's Christian Art. 5821 KALLENBACH'S German Mediæval Architecture : Atlas zur Geschichte der

Deutsch-mittelalterlichen Baukunst, oblong royal folio, 86 fine plates, mostly of Ecclesiastical Architecture, comprising all the great German Cathedrals, (pub. at £4. 4s) boards, 36s

München, 1847 5822 KNIGHS (Henry Gally) Ecclesiastical Architecture of Italy, from the time of

Constantine to the Fifteenth Century, with an Introduction and Text, impl. Mo. folio, First Series and Second Series, containing 81 beautiful and highly in

teresting Views of Ecclesiastical Buildings in Italy, several of which are 'expensively illuminated in gold and colours, (pub. at £10. 10s) hf. bd. morocco, £7.78

1843-44 Bernal's copy fetched, 1855, £7. 158. -5823

über die Entwickelung der Architektur unter den Normannen, mit Einleitung von C. R. Lepsius, impl. 8vo. with 23 plates, and the Appendix, boards, 3s6d

Leipzig, 1841 5824 Landscape Gardening: AGREMENS (les) de la Campagne, ou remarques

particulières sur la construction des Maisons de Campagne, des Jardins de Plaisance, et des Plantages, 4to. plates, calf, 58

Leyde, 1750 5825 CAUSE (D. H ) de Koninglycke Hovenier; Cierlycke Modellen voor de Liefheb

bers van Hoven en Thuynen, folio, the first part comprising 16 plates of Flowers: the second part, 32 remarkably well planned designs of FLOWER-BEDS, hf. bd. vellum, 158

Amsterdam, Doornik, s. a. 5826 DIESEL, Erlustierende Augenweide in Vorstellung herrlicher Garten und Lust

gebäude, 50 plates of Gardens, Cascades, Palaces, etc., August. Vind. Jerem. Wolff-40 Miscellaneous Etchings of German Views - in 1 vol. folio, 90 plates, hf. calf, 368

ca. 1700 5827 NÜRNBERGISCHE HESPERIDES, oder Beschreibung der Citronat, Citronen und

Pomerantzen-Früchte, von J. E. V. ; 4 vols. in 1, folio, with 133 beautifully engraved plates by DEKKER, first impressions, consisting of famous Public Gardens, Views, Country-Houses, Garden Ornaments, etc. the upper part of the plates filled up with elaborate engravings of FRUIT, calf, 255

Nürnberg, 1708 5828 THOUIN (G.) Plans raisonnés de toutes les Espèces de Jardins, large folio, with 57 coloured plates, broken binding, 36s

Paris, 1820 5829 LEUPOLD'S Works on Machinery : Theatrum Machinarum Hydrotechnicarum,

51 plates of Waterworks, 1724-Theatrum Machinarum Hydraulicarum, 2 vols. 107 plates of Hydraulic Machinery, 1724-25—Theat. Mach. (Levers), 56 plates of Pulleys, Presses, Scaffolding, etc. 1725_Theatrum Pontificale, 56 plates of Bridges, 1726–Theatrum Staticum, 4 parts in 1, 57 plates of Scales, Weights, Measures, etc. 1726-Theatrum Arithmetico-geometricum, 43 plates of Mathematical Instruments, etc. 1724-Theatrum Machinarium Molarium, 43 plates of Mills, Wheels, etc. 1734-Supplementum, 40 plates, 1774-together 9 vols. folio, many plates, and German text, old binding, £2.

Leipzig, 1772-74 Priced, 1847, vellum, £5. 58. “Cet ouvrage, le plus considérable que nous ayons sur la Mécanique, n'est pas commun en France.”—Brunet. 5830 NEUFFORGE (De) Recueil d'ARCHITECTURE contenant plusieurs Etudes des

Ordres differents Eutrecolonnements propres à l'Ordonnances des Façades, divers Exemples de Decorations extérieures et interieures, avec le SUPPLEMENT; 3 vols. large folio, quite complete, 900 plates of Architecture and Ornaments, bds. uncut, complete copies are very scarce, £7. 10s

Paris, 1757-68 5831 NORMAND ainé, Paris moderne, ou choix de Maisons, construites dans les

nouveaux quartiers de la Capitale et dans les Environs, 3 vols. impl. 4to. 480 carefully engraved plates, with all the Architectural details (pub. at £9.) hf. bd. red calf, neat, £4. 10s

Paris, 1843-49 5832 PALLADIO (Andrea) Fabbriche e Disegni, raccolti ed illustrati da Ottavio Ber.

totti Scamozzi; 4 vols. 1776-83—Le Terme dei Romani disegnate da Andrea Palladio, e ripubblicate con alcune Osservazioni da O. B. Scamozzi, giusta l'esemplare del Lord Co. di Burlingthon, impressa in Londra l'anno 1732: Via cenza, 1785–5 vols. royal folio, together 235 plates, the text in Italian and French, hf. bd. scarce, £4.

Vicenza, 1776-85 “ Cette édition est la plus belle et la meilleure que l'on ait de cet excellent ouvrage ; vend. 120 fr. Hubert.”— Brunet. The fifth volume is reprinted, with additions, from the rare volume of Lord Burlington. This magnificent edition of Palladin has now become very scarce. 5833 PERCIER, Palais, Maisons et autres Edifices modernes à Rome, royal folio, 100 plates, calf neat, 18s

Paris, 1798 5834 PERCIER ET FONTAINE, Recueil de Decorations Interieures, comprenant tout ce

qui a rapport à l'ameublement, royal folio, engraved title dated 1801, and 72 very elegant plates of Vases, Tripods, Candelabra, Lamps, Fireplaces, Tables, and every other kind of Ornaments and Ornamental Furniture, hf. bd. uncut, 24s

Paris, 1812 5835 PLUMIER (C.) L'Art de Tourner, ou de faire en perfection toutes sortes d'ouvrages

au tour, folio, nearly 80 plates of Tools, Machines, &c. used in Turning, old calf gilt, 12s

Lyon, 1701 5836 PUGIN AND LE KEUX's Engraved Specimens of the ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUI

TIES of NORMANDY; consisting of Plans, Elevations, Views, &c. of several Edi. fices of that Province, with historical and descriptive Letter-press, by John Britton, Esq. F.S.A., &c. the plates are wholly engraved by J. and H. Le Keux, 4to. (pub. at £6. 68) hf. bound morocco, uncut, 368

1827 Large Paper copies were published at £10. 108, and are now reduced to £4. 148 6d.

This publication consists of Eighty Engravings, elucidating the characteristics and peculiar members of several Buildings. Besides serving to illustrate, architecturally and scientifically, the styles and varieties of the Ancient Buildings of Normandy, the work tends to exemplify the variations between the early Architecture of that country and of England ; and thus furnishes data for the Critical Antiquary, and Practical Examples for the Architect.

“Mr. Pugin's work furnishes the most valuable practical instructions--they are standards of taste to which we can constantly refer, and we sincerely liope he will prosecute his lahours with unabated zeal." - Literary Gazette. 5837 PUGIN (A. W.) Vrais Principes de l'ARCHITECTURE Ogivale, ou CHRETIENNE,

sur leur renaissance au temps actuel, avec le text remanié et développé d'après l'Anglaise, par T. H. King, traduit par M. Lebrocquy, 4to. many plates on tinted paper, some in COLOURS, sd. 21s

Bruges, 1850 King's additions to Pugin's Christian Architecture are considerable ; students of Christian Art and Architecture will derive much information from this work. 5838 QUATREMÈRE DE QUINCY, Histoire de la Vie et des Ouvrages des plus célèbres

Architectes, du XIe siècle jusqu'à la fin du XVIIIe, 2 vols. royal 8vo. with plans of the most celebrated Buildings, bds. 18s

Paris, 1830

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