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Bracelets, Beads, Gold and Silver Buckles ; Magical Instruments, and other Relics, to which are added Observations on the Celtic, British, Roman, and Danish Barrows, discovered in Great Britain. Douglas may be called the father of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology. 626Ż DU BOUCHET, Histoire genealogique de la Maison de CoURTENAY, folio,

many engravings of Coats of Arms, Seals, and Pedigrees, cf. rare, £2. Paris, 1661 6263

the same, fol. with MSS. Table of Pedigrees added, vel. £2. 12s 6d 1661 6264 DUCHESNE (Andreæ) Historiæ Normannorum Scriptores Antiqui, Res ab illis

per Galliam, Angliam, Apuliam, Capuæ Principatum, Siciliam et Orientem gestas explicantes, ab anno 838 ad 1220, ex MSS. Cod. fere omnes nunc primum editæ, folio, russia, gilt leaves, £6.

Lutet. Paris, 1619 A cheap copy of this valuable set of all the Norman chroniclers. Priced, 1826-8, Payne and Foss, £6. 68 ; 1840-44, James Bohn, £6. 68 ; in 1847, £7.178 6d; the Roxburghe copy fetched £6. 68; Dawson Turner's, 1853, £7.78; Purton Cooper's, 1853, £8. 58.

Large Paper copies sold: The Marquis of Townshend's, £9. 158; Hibbert's, £9. 58 ; 1854, Gardner's, mor. £30. 6265 MASERES, Historiae Anglicanae circa tempus Conquestûs Angliae a Gulielmo

Notho, Normannorum duce, selecta Monumenta, excerpta a magno volumine “ Historiae Normannorum Scriptores antiqui,” a DUCHESNE edito, with ENGLISH NOTES, 4to. hf. bd. russia, 158

1807 6266 DUELLI (R.) Excerptorum Genealogico-Historicorum libri duo, folio, with 60

fine plates of SEALS, Coats of Arms, Costume, and Objects of Mediaeval Art, bds. 258

Lips. 1725 6267 DU MONSTIER (A.) NEUSTRIA PIA, seu de omnibus et singulis Abbatiis et

Prioratibus totius NORMANIÆ, folio, a remarkably fine tall copy, old calf gilt, £4. 4s

Rothomagi, 1663 “ Recherché et peu commun."-Brunet. Since Brunet wrote this, the work has become still scarcer, and has risen proportionately in price. H. Bohn had, 1831, a copy on Fine Paper, which he priced only £3. 38; it would now have a greater value.

This interesting historical volume is of great importance to the scholar, particularly for the Norman period of English History. 6268 DU PAZ (F. A.) Histoire genealogique de plusieurs Maisons illustres de Bretagne,

stout folio, many Coats of Arms, good copy in calf, rare, £4. 10s Paris, 1619 6269 ECKHART (J. G. ab) Commentarii de rebus FRANCIÆ ORIENTALIS et episcopatus

Wirceburgensis in quibus regum et imperatorum Franciæ veteris Germaniaeque, &c. Gesta ex scriptoribus coævis, bullis, et diplomatibus, &c. illustrantur, portrait and plates of Antiquities and diplomas, 2 vols. folio, vellum, fine copy, 36s

Wirceb. 1729 6270 EDMONDSON'S (Jos.) Complete Body of HERALDRY, the Organ and Progress

of Armories aud Heraldry, the proper Method of Blazoning and Marshalling Armorial Bearings, State Achievements, etc. with numerous plates of the Arms of Cities, Towns, etc. ; also Glover's Ordinary of Arms, augmented and improved ; an Alphabet of Arms, containing upwards of Fifty Thousand Coats of Arms with their Crests, portraits and plates, 2 vols. impl. folio, LARGE PAPER, fine copy, in the original russia extra, £6. 6s

1780 Tlie best book on the subject. Priced, 1832, Bryan“, £10. 108 ; 1834, Arch, £9. 98 and £10. 108; 1840, Payne and Foss, £7. 78; in 1843, £6. 68 ; 1843, J. Bohn, £3. ; 1847, H. Bohn, £5. 58 ; 1856, Sampson, £4. 188 ; 1857, £3. 16s-Sold in Edwards's sale for £11. ; Bindley's, £11. 158 ; Brockett's, £14. 3s 60 ; Nassau's, £13. 138 ; Constable's, £12. 178 ; 1853, D. Turner's, £3. 138 ; 1854, Dr. Hawtrey's, £2. 138 ; 1856, at Sotheby's, a copy in russia, £4. 48.-Large Paper copies were priced, 1834, Arch, £16. 168 ; 1840, Payne and Foss, £18; 1843, Jas. Bohn, col. pl. £12. (Dent's copy, having fetched, £16. 168); 1847, H. Bohn, £6.68, and mor. £10. 108; 1854, mor. £15. 158 ; 1851, Nichols, £10. 108 ; Sir Mark Sykes's copy fetched £20.; the Duke of York's, £19.; 1825, at Sotheby's, £19.88 6d ; 1855, the Earl of Munster's, £13. 58 ; 1856, at Sotheby's, mor. £8. 178 6d. 6271 ENGLISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The Fine Series of Chronicles, &c.

as printed under the auspices of this Club, ON FINE LARGE PAPER, which was
restricted to the number of Noblemen and Gentlemen composing the Society.
The complete Series contains the following:
Bedæ Historia Gentis Anglorum et Opera Minora recensuit Stevenson,
2 vols.

1838-41 Chronicon Ricardi Divisiensis de Rebus gestis Ricardi I. R. Angliae, ed. Stephenson


Roger de Wendover. Chronica sive Flores Historiarum cum Append. edidit
H. C. Coxe, 5 vols.

1841-44 Willelmi Malmsburiensis, Gesta Regum Anglorum atque Historia Novella, recensuii Hardy, 2 vols.

1840 Codex Diplomaticus Ævi Saxonici Opera J. M. Kemble, 6 vols. 1839-48 Gildas de Excidio Britanniæ, recensuit Stevenson

1838 Nennii Historia Britonum, recensuit Stevenson

1838 Gesta Stephani Regis Anglorum et Ducis Normannorum ab And. Duchesne, recensuit R. C. Sewell

1846 Florentii Wigorniensis Monachi Chronicon ex Chronicis, edidit Thorpe, 2 vols.

1848-9 Chronicon Walteri de Heminburgh de Gestis Regum Angliæ, recensuit H. C. Hamilton, 2 vols.

1848 Chronique de la Traison et Mort de Richart deux, Roy d'Engleterre, avec un Glossaire, par Benj. Williams

1846 Henrici V Angliæ Regis Gesta, cum Chronicâ Neustriæ, Galliæ, recensuit B. Williams

1850 Adami Murimuthensis Chronica sui temporis cum continuatione, edidit et recensuit T. Hog

1846 Nicholai Triveti Annales sex Regum Angliæ, recensuit Hog

1845 Historia Rerum Anglicarum Willelmi Parvi, S. T. D. Ordinis Sancti Au

gustini Canonici Regularis in Cænobio Beatæ Mariæ de Novoburgo in Agro Eboracensi, recensuit H. C. Hamilton, 2 vols.

1856 together 29 vols. royal 8vo. very elegantly printed, extra boards, complete sets have now become scarce, £18. 188


Bedæ (Ven.) Historia Ecclesiastica, et Opera Historica Minora, 2 vols.
Gildas, de Excidio Britanniæ.
Nennii Historia Britonum.
Willelmi Malmsburensis Gesta Regum Anglorum, 2 vols.
Chronicon Ricardi Divisensis de Rebus Gestis Ricardi I.
Rogeri de Wendover, Flores Historiarum, 5 vols.
Nicolai Triveti Annales.
Henrici Quinti Regis Angliæ Gesta.
Kemble (J. M.) Codex Diplomaticus Ævi Saxonici, 6 vols.

Willelmi de Newburgh Historia Anglicana, ed. Hamilton, 2 vols.
together 22 vols. 8vo. bds. £10. 10s

Typis Societatis, 1838-56 Privately printed. The cost to each member was upwards of sixty Guineas. 6273 KEMBLE, Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici, cum introductione Anglice,

notis, etc. ed. J. M. Kemble, 6 vols. 8vo. plates of facsimiles, boards, BARE,

£5. 6274 - the same, Vols. I. II. 8vo. bds. £2.

1839 6275

- the same, LARGE PAPER, Vols. I.-III. royal 8vo. bds. £3. 38 1839-45 6276 GILDAS de excidio Britanniae ed. Stevenson, 8vo. bds. 78 6d

1838 These valuable and important publications of the English Historical Society are now closed, they deserve the particular attention of Collectors, Historians, and Librarians; they comprise a greater mass of information about our English History, and in a more convenient form, than hitherto published.

We have no space to enumerate the extreme value of each Work separately, or even to notice those that are now for the first time printed ; but it may be sufficient to adopt, as a general view of the several Works, the following from the Preface to the Codex Diplomaticus Ævi Saxonici :: .

“ The extraordinary amount of information to be derived from these documents readers their publication an era in the studies of Teutonic scholars; for law, language, and history, they are full of data, without which no enquiry in this field, however industrious and conscientious, could pos• sibly be successful. Germany and Scandinavia have their part too in the collection; it is in the running comment upon a dark portion of history, in which the greatest nations of the world dimly and indistinctly figure ; and though it belongs to England, it contains many notices which will be valued both north and south of the Elbe. Most valuable is it at a moment like this, when the ngular and exceptional position of our country challenges investigation at the hand of the philophical historian.

"More than fifteen hundred documents have survived the conquests and tramplingsof armies, ae storm of revolutions, the yet more efficient and gradual changes of fashion, and the altered

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forms of public and private life; they have survived not only to show us what our forefathers thought and did, but to prove the marvellous resemblance which, in spite of every influence, we their late descendants, bear to our forefathers.

“ Let us be assured that the Englishman has inherited the noblest and best portion of his being from the Anglo-Saxon ; and by a rare good fortune he has the means of comparing his actual condition with that which lay at the remote foundation. It is in every point of view most extraordinary that documents entrusted to such frail materials as parchment or vellum, often drawn up in a language which has long been unintelligible, should still remain, after eight hundred years of interyal, for our contemplation; but since it is so, let us avail ourselves of the facts they teach."

“We have great pleasure in bearing our testimony not only to the judicious choice and careful execution of their works themselves. Mr. Kemble's Anglo-Saxon Charters, equally important to the philologist and to the legal and constitutional antiquary. Mr. Stevenson's Ecclesiastical History and Opera Minora of Bede. Mr. Hardy's William of Malmsbury. Mr. Coxe's handsome and complete Roger of Wendover-in short, the Society's publications in general, form a series which any man may be glad to place in his library as satisfactory editions of intrinsically valuable books. Nennius would admit of further elucidation by a good Celtic scholar; but the text is a decided improvement, and the notes are sensible and useful as far as they go.”—Garnett's Essays, p. 116. 6277 ERNST (M. S. P.) Histoire du LIMBOURG, suivie de celle des Comtés de Dael

hem, de Fauquemont, etc. avec notes, appendice, et la vie de l'auteur par Lavalleye, 7 vols. 8vo. plates, hf. calf, uncut, fine copy, 30s Liège, 1837-47

The 7th volume contains the “ Annales Rodenses," not yet continued. 6278 FARNESE FAMILY: Reales Exequias de Senora Donna Ysabel Farnesio, Prin.

cesa de Parma y Reyna de las Espanas, celebradas en la Santa Iglesia Cathedral en la Imperial Corte Mexicana, 27 y 28 Febrero 1767, y Laudatio funebris

-in 1 vol. small 4to. with the large folding plate, and very roughly executed cuts, vellum, rare, 32s

Mexico, 1768 With numerous sonnets, emblems, &c. 6279 FERNE'S (John) Blazon of Gentrie, divided into two Parts: the first, named

the Glorie of Generositie, the second, Lacyes Nobilitie, small 4to. the title could be improved by washing, fine copy in old calf, rare, 288

Windet, 1586 Priced, 1832, Bryant, £2. 28; 1837, Payne and Foss, 318 6d; 1843, J. Bohn, 368. Sold by auction, 1855, Bernal's, with Lord Burghley's autograph, £3. 6280 FLORENCE. Eccelenze e Grandezze della nazione Fiorentina, con descrizione

alfabetica dei Nomi e FAMIGLIE NOBILISSIME, 8vo. 30 plates of Arms and Antiquities, hf. bd. 9s

Firenze, 1780 6281 MIGLIORE (Ferd. Leop. del) Firenze illustrata, 4to. plates, hf. bd. 58 Fir. 1684 6282 FOLIETE (Überti) Historiæ Genuensium Libri XII. folio, portrait, fine copy in

old French red MOROCCO, gilt marbled edges, with the LOMENIE arms on the sides, 168

Genuæ per Hieronymum Bartolum, 1585 6283 FONTANINI (J.) Historia Literaria Aquilejensis cum dupl. Indice, 4to. vellum, 4s 6d

Romæ, 1742 6284 FRANCQUEN (C. de) Recueil historique, généalogique et nobiliare des Maisons et

Familles illustres et nobles du royaume, Vol. I. 4to. all published, the Coats of
Arms coloured, hf. bd. 9s

Brux. 1826 6285 FRENCH (G. J.) The Origin and meaning of the early interlaced Ornamentation

found on the Ancient Sculptured Stones of Scotland, Ireland, etc. 8vo. with 8 plates, 3s 6d

Manchester, printed for presentation only, 1858 6286 GALE ET FELL, SCRIPTORES RERUM ANGLICARUM VETERES, 3 vols. folio, fine copy in calf, £10.

Oxon. 1684-91 Vol. 1.-1. Ingulphi Croylandensis Historia. II. Petri Blesensis Continuatio ad Historiam Ingulphi. III. Chronica de Mailros. IV. Annales Monasterii Burtonensis. V. Historiae Croylandensis Continuatio.

Vol. 2.-I. Annales Marganenses. II. Chronicon Thomæ Wikes, aliter Chronicon Salisburiensis Monast. 111. Annales Waverleienses. IV. Itinerarium Regis Anglorum Richardi et aliorum in Terram Hierosolymorum, auctore Gaufrido Vinisauf. V. Chronica Walteri Hemingford de Gestis Regum Angliæ.

Vol. 3,-1. Gildas. II. Eddius. III. Nennius. IV. Asserius. V. Higden. VI. W. Malmesburiensis. VII. Anonymus Malmesb. VIII. Historia Ramesiensis. IX. Historia Eliensis. X. Thomas Eliensis. 'XI. Joan. Wallingford. XII. Rad. de Diceto. XIII. De Partitione in Schiras, etc. XIV. Fordun Scoti Chronicon. XV. Alcuinus.

Priced, 1840, J. Bohn, russia, £12. 128 ; 1841, Bohn, morocco, £13. 138 ; fetched, 1853, Cooper, £9. 10s. “As in every Monastery there was some curious mind, fond of noting the great incidents of his day, every country in Europe has such Chronicles. But I think with Dr Henry, that, upon the whole, our annalists are superior to those of any other nation at this period. Such a series of regular chronology and true incident; such faithful, clear, and ample materials for authentic history, have scarcely appeared before the public. Nothing could be more contemptible as compositions; nothing could be more satisfactory as authorities.Turner. 6287 GALLAND (Auguste) Mémoires pour l'histoire de Navarre et de Flandre, contenans

les droits du Roy sur ces pays, etc. folio, LARGE PAPER, map, old red morocco gilt, with arms on the sides, 21s

Paris, 1648 6288 GAMURRINI (Don Eug.) Istoria genealogica delle Famiglie nobili Toscane et Umbre, 5 vols. fol. numerous Coats of Arms, calf, VERY RARE, £5.

1668-85 Excessively rare, not mentioned by Brunet. No copy has been sold in London for years.

The first volume of this very valuable and rare work is unfortunately in a very poor state ; the set is therefore sold not subject to collation; Vol. V, is the scarcest of all. 6289 GARIEL (P.) Series Praesulum Magalonensium et Montpeliensium, variis Guillel.

morum Montpelii Dominorum, Comitum Melgoriensium historiis locupletata, 451-1665, 2 vols. in 1, folio, calf, 258

Tolosae, 1665 6290 GASTELIER DE LA Tour, Généalogie de la Maison de Preissac tirée du nobiliare historique de la province de Languedoc, 4to. old calf, 158

Paris, 1770 6291 Gaya, Histoire genealogique des Dauphins de Viennois, 18mo. with folding plates of Coats of Arms, old calf, 10s

Paris, 1683 6292 GESCHLECHTER-BUCH, darinn der löbl. Kaiserl. Reichs-Statt AUGSPURG, SO

vor 500 und mehr Jaren hero daselbst gewonet und biss auf 8 abgestorben, etc.
m. eines jeden Geschlechts Wappen, Zeichen, Schilt und Helm, etc., an Tag
gegeben durch Sigm. Feyrabend, folio, title, 162 pp. and 1 leaf with the colophon,
comprising 160 woodcuts, representing Knights in various costumes, executed in
a spirited and masterly manner by Jost Amman, with coats-of arms of the
Augsburg families, old calf gilt, scarce, 36s

Franckfort am Mayn, 1580 6293 GESTEL (C. van) Historia Sacra et Profana Archiepiscopatus Mechliniensis, 2 vols. in 1, folio, portrait and plates, vellum, 5s

Hagæ Com. 1725 6294 —

the same, folio, Large Paper, numerous plates, calf gilt, 16s 1725 6295 GETTY'S (E.) Notices of Chinese Seals, sm. 4to. with 19 plates of Chinese Seals, cloth, 3s

Dublin, 1850 6296 GHENT. Supplément, Généalogique, historique, à l'histoire des Evêques de S.

Bavon à Gand, 8vo. MS. additions by the Baron de Croeser, calf, 58 Gand, 1777 6297 GLAFEY, Decas Sigillorum, historiam Italiae, Galliae atque Germaniae illustrans, 4to. with 12 plates of Seals, and others in the text, sd. 7s 6d

Lips. 1749 6298 GOLDASTI (M. H.) Scriptores rerum Alemannicarum, Editio 3, cura Senckenberg, 3 vols. in 1, folio, hf. bd. calf neat, 7s 6d

Francof. 1730 6299 GUICHENON. Histoire généalogique de la royale maison de Savoie, justifiée

par titres, fondations, etc. enrichie de portraits, sceaux, monnoies et armoiries, par Samuel Guichenon, 5 large vols. fol. with portraits and many engravings of Arms, Coins, Monuments, Thurneysen, speckled vell. £2.10s Turin, 1778-80

“ Cet ouvrage est rare et estimé.”—Du Fresnoy. “ Rare."--Moule.

“Duvarge peu commun."- Brunet, 6300 GUILLIM'S Display of Heraldry, stout folio, sixth edition, many plates, tall copy, in old calf, £3. 108

1724 6301 GULER VON WEINECK, Raetia d. i. Beschreibung der dreyen grawen Bündten u,

Rätischen Völcker, fol. maps. woodcuts, and coats of arms, bds. 8s Zürich, 1616 6302 GUAGNINI (Al.) SARMATIAE EUROPEAE descriptio, quae regnum Poloniae

Lituaniam, Russiam, Moscoviam, etc, complectitur, editio cum additamentis, folio, in the text a large folding woodcut of an assembled council, the size of two pages ; a separate table, - Genealogia Regum Poloniae ;' series of woodcuts-portraits, calf, £3.

Spirae, 1581 Not mentioned by Brunet er Ebert, nor have I traced copies sold by auction. 6303 HAECHT (L. van) Chroniicke vande Hertoghen van Brabant, small folio, 42 fine plates of the Dukes of Brabant, all full size in their Costume, old calf, 12s

Antwerpen, 1612 6303*HAGECII (W.) Böhmische Chronica : von Ursprung der Böhmen, von irer

Hertzogen und Könige Graffen Adels und Geschlechter Ankunfft, vom Jahr 833, aus Böhmischer in die Deutsche Sprache transsferiret durch SANDEL, 2 vols. in 1, thick folio, woodcut titles and portraits, old stamped calf, sound copy, RABE, 308

Prag, 1596 6304 HAGENBUCH de Diptycho Brixiano Boethii Consulis, large folio, with 2 fine large plates, vellum, 128

Turici, 1749 6305 HAMELMANN's Oldenburgische Chronicon, folio, with numerous Portraits, Coats

of Arms, also the celebrated Horn, and Pedigrees, hf. russia, 7s 6d 1599 6306 HARAEI Annales Ducum seu Principum Brabantiæ totiusque Belgii, Tomi III. :

quorum primo solius Brabantiæ, secundo Belgii uniti principum res gestae ; tertio Belgici Tumultus usque ad 1609, 3 vols. in 2, small folio, full length portraits, old calf gilt, 188

Anto. 1623 Heath's copy fetched £2. 128. 6307 HARO (Lopez de) Nobiliario genealogico de los Reyes de España, 2 vols. folio, many coats of Arms, £4.

Madrid, 1622 6308 - the same, Vol. II. only, folio, the Coats of Arms emblazoned, cf. 208 1622

The Second Volume is extremely scarce. 6309 HARTARD VON HATTSTEIN, die Hoheit des Teutschen Reichs Adels, 3 vols. stout

folio, including the Supplements, numerous Coats of Arms of the German Nobility, with the Pedigrees, bds. 208

Fulda, 1729-1740 Complete copies are very rare ; the above has all the Supplements, and the general Index. 6310 HARTKNOCH, Alt- u. Neu-Preussen oder Preussischer Historien, 2 vols. in 1,

folio, maps, and many plates of Prussian Antiquities, full-length portraits of the Teutonic Knights, and Views, engraved in the style of Hollar, fine copy in vellum, 218

Frankfurt, 1684 The first chapter contains a treatise on the Old Prussian Language. . 6311 HEINECCIUS (J. M.) de Veteribus Germanorum aliorumque nationum Sigillis, folio, first edition, plates of Seals, calf, 78 6d

Francof. 1709 6312 HEMRICOURT (Jacques de) Miroir des Nobles de Hasbaye, où il traite des

généalogiques des l'ancienne noblesse de Liége et des environs depuis 1102 jusques 1398, publ. par De Salbray, folio, numerous Coats of Arms, fine copy in old calf gilt, 30s

Bruxelles, Fricx, 1673 Meilleure édition, devenue bien rare. 6313 HENNINGES. Theatrum Genealogicum ostentans omnes omnium ætatum

Familias, Monarcharum, Regum, Ducum, Marchionum, Principum, Comitum, atque illustrium Heroum et Heroinarum, item Philosophorum, Oratorum, Historicorum, quotquot a condito mundo usque ad hæc nostra tempora vixerunt, quorumque memoria literis consecrata habetur, collectum ingenio et labore M. Hieronymi Henninges, 4 vols. in 5, folio, numerous cuts of arms, old calf gilt, rare, £3. 158

Magdeburgi, 1598 *.* Distinct portions of this valuable work are allotted to the genealogies of the principal families of England and Scotland; it is the first book that was ever published on the subject. « Ce grand ouvrage d'Henninges sur les genealogies est regardé comme un des plus savans et un des plus achevés parmi ceux qui ont été mis au jour sur cette partie. Il est non seulement remarquable par les dissertations intercessantes qu'il renferme, mais encore par la vérité qui les charactérise. Il est difficile d'en trouver des exemplaires complets ; et quand on est parvenu à rassembler toutes les parties qui les composent, c'est un ouvrage qui devient alors précieux." - De Bure. 6314 HEYLIN's Help to English History, edited by Wright, 8vo. with 2 frontispieces

and 54 plates of Coats of Arms, neatly EMBLAZONED by its late proprietor Lieut.Col. Hamilton Smith, calf, 108

1773 6315 HOPF (Karl) Historisch-genealogischer Atlas, seit Christi Geburt bis auf unsere Zeit, Abtheilung I. Deutschland, folio, cloth, £2. 5s

Gotha, 1858 I have been informed by an eminent Genealogist, that Dr. Hopf is a most laborious and able man, adding, “ If carried out in conformity with the scheme sketched in the prospectus, it will be a most valuable, indeed indispensable book of reference for students of history, embodying information as to dynasties and successions, royal and seignorial, secular and ecclesiastical, European and extra-European, pagan and Christian, which at present is only to be found in very large and expen. sive, and in some cases very scarce, works." 6316 HOFFMANN (C.G.) Scriptores Rerum LUSATICARUM antiqui et recentiores in quo

Lusiaticae Gentis Origines, Res gestae ad Slavicarum Lusaticarum gentium Antiquitates et Historiam pertinentia Monumenta recensentur, 4 vols. in 1, folio, plates of Slavonic Antiquites, vellum, 15s

Lips. 1719 6317 HOHÊNECK [G. A., Freyherr von] die Stände dess Ertz-Hertzogthumb Oester

reich ob der Enns, als Prälaten, Herren, Ritter, und Städte, 3 vols. folio, portrait, arms, and genealogical tables, old calf gilt, 28s

Passau, 1727.32 The last volume of this Genealogical work is seldom attainable.

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