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Bare, Valuable and Curious Old Books,

Comprising his Stock ; selected from the best Libraries recently dispersed in

England and Abroad.
All books are in fine library condition, and are warranted perfect.


1853 2 ANDREWES (G.) Dictionary of the Slang and Cant Languages, ancient and modern, 8vo. coloured frontispiece, 5s

1809 3 BAKERS (A. E.) Glossary of Northamptonshire Words and Phrases, with the Customs of the County, 2 vols. 8vo. (published at 24s) cloth, 158

1854 4 BARETT (J.) Alvearie, or Quadruple Dictionaire, containing foure sundrie tongues ;

namelie English, Latine, Greeke, and French, sm. fol. woodcut title, 24s 1580 5 COOPER's Glossary of the Provincialism in use in the County of Sussex, 12mo. second edition, cloth, 3s 6d

1853 6 CRABB's English Synonymes explained, stout 8vo. 904 pp. hf. calf neat, 78 1818 7 CRAVEN DIALECT in the West Riding of the County of York, with a copious GlosSARY and Dialogues, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 20s) cloth, 14s

1828 8 CUMBERLAND Dialect. RELPH's Miscellany of Poems, containing pastorals in the Cumberland Dialect, with Glossary, 8vo. calf, 6s

Glasgow, 1747 9 DUCANGE ANGLICUS : the Vulgar Tongue, a Glossary of Slang, Cant, and Flash

Words and Phrases, used in London, from 1839 to 1859, Flash Songs, Essays on Slang, and a Bibliography of Canting and Slang Literature, second edition, improved and much enlarged, 1 vol. 12mo. cloth, 3s 6d

1859 10 - - another copy, 12mo. printed on ONE SIDE ONLY, and interleaved, intended for the Editor of a future edition, half morocco, 20s

1859 PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. This, the second edition, has the two separate Glossaries of the first arranged into One Alphabet, with a few authenticated additions. Added to the little volume are several Slang Phrases, and articles on Slang, which will be amusing to the general reader, and of interest to the critical philologist.

The Bibliography at the end, shows that already in 1674, in a second edition of the Canting Academy, the author speaks of " Old Words," and such as are now most in use. This refutes the assertion of modern writers that Slang is an article of recent growth.

The present edition, like the first, has been confined to 250 copies.

A favourable review of the first edition appeared in the Athenæum.* For this second edition the indulgence of critics is asked, as it lays no claim to critical supervision, being simply a reprint of the materials entrusted into the editor's hands ;-the issue of a careful critical edition must be the task of a painstaking scholar.

*“Now that Slang is everywhere fashionable,-in the street, on the platform, in the drawingroom—this curious little handbook of The Vulgar Tongue' cannot fail of success. Our fair readers who wish to captivate our bold sex may here find the prettiest phrases, and our country cousins who would perfect themselves in the flash words principally used in London,' as now and then made public through the medium of those very interesting police reports, cannot do better than 'nab the chance' and buy this · leary little book."-Athenæum, Jan. 1, 1859.

A Dictionary of Slang Words and Phrases, collected in London, from
1839 to 1859

pp. 1-41

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Flash Terms for Money .

Slang Words and Phrases
Specimens of Flash .
A Tailor's Handbill, in Slang, with Translation

. 48–49
The House-breaker's Song .


. 50-51 The Leary Man, a Flash Song .

. . 52–55 Slang, an Essay, reprinted from Dickens's Household Words .56—75

Bibliography of the Canting and Slang Literature, from 1674-1826 .77-80 11 FORBY (Rev. R.) Vocabulary of East Anglia ; Norfolk and Suffolk, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. portrait (pub. at 21s), bds. 163

1830 12 GRADUS AD CANTABRIGIAM, or a Dictionary of Terms, academical and colloquial, or

Cant, which are used at the University of Cambridge, 12mo. 38 6d Lond. 1803 13 [GROSE's (Captain)] Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 8vo. first edition, - rare, 208

. 1785 Of this edition an illustrated issue exists, with the title changed to “Blackguardiana," or a Dictionary of Rogues, Bawds, Pimps, etc. illustrated with 18 portraits (of bad characters) by Caulfield, interspersed with Anecdotes and Flash Songs (reprinted from "A new Canting Dictionary, 12tno. 1725,") 8vo. 8. a. 14 the second edition, corrected and enlarged, 8vo. 108

1788 the third edition, corrected and enlarged, 8vo. 78 6d

1796 16

[the fourth edition) revised and corrected, with the addition of numerous Slang Phrases, collected from tried authorities, by Pierce Egan, 8vo. port, of

Grose, and a biographical sketch, illustrated by woodcuts, half calf, 98 1823 Motto : “ A kind of cant phraseology is current from one end of the Metropolis to the other, and you will scarcely be able to move a single step, my dear JERRY, without consulting a Slang Dictionary, or having some friend at your elbow to explain the strange expressions which, at every turn, will assail your ear.”Corinthian Tom-Life in London. 17 HALLIWELL'S (J. O.) Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete

Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, illustrating early English Authors, from the
XIVth Century, 2 vols. 8vo. (original price £2. 2s) bds. 12s

1855 18 - the same, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. calf gilt, 158

This useful work begins with a History of the English Provincial Dialects, of 36 pp. ; to every Word in the whole Dictionary an Ancient or Provincial poet or other source is given, and when purely Provincial, the name of the County is added, where the Word or Phrase is used.

An indispensable book to the reader of our old Poets, Dramatists, Theologians, and other writers, whose works abound with allusions of which explanations are not to be found in ordinary Dictionaries and other books of reference.

The exact number of words in this dictionary is 51,027, many of which have never appeared even in scattered glossaries, and are illustrated by original authorities. 19 HOLYOKE's large Dictionary, English-Latin, Latin-English, and Proper Names, 3 parts in 1 vol. folio, calf, 12s

1677-6 20 HULOET (Richard) Abcedarium Anglico-Latinum, pro Tyrunculis, Ricardo Hu

loeto Excriptore, folio, first edition, fine copy, half calf, £7.78 Riddell, 1552 This first edition is, next to the Promptorium Parvulorum, the most valuable early English dictionary known to philologists. The second and only other edition, issued in 1572, is so mo. dernised and altered as to be almost another work. No copy of the first edition is cited by Lowndes, and the present is the only one I have seen for sale. It was not well described in the sale catalogue, and I obtained it for a mere trifle, my commission for it being however no less than Twenty POUNDS,Halliwell's MS. note. 21 HUNTER's Hallamshire Glossary, 8vo. 192 pp. LARGE PAPER, 8vo. cl. uncut, 12s 1829

Only TWELVE COPIES were printed on Large Paper. Hallamshire is on the southern border of Yorkshire. 22 JAMIESON'S Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language, 2 vols.; Sup.

plement, 2 vols.-together 4 vols. 4to. rare, calf, £5 58 Edinburgh, 1808-25 23 JAMIESON'S (Dr. John) ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE SCOTTISH LAN.

GUAGE, illustrating their Significations from ancient and modern Writers, shew. ing their Affinity to other Languages, and elucidating National Rites, Customs, and Institutions, in their Analogy to those of other Nations, with the Supplement, 4 vols. 4to. (pub. at £8. 8s) £5. 58

Edinb. 1808-24 This is universally admitted to be one of the most important lexicographical works published in any country, and has long maintained a high price in the book market.

An admirable Dictionary, which has been of great use to me.”-R. Nares. This valuable work is rapidly getting scarce ; the second edition of this book, 2 vols. 4to. 184), price £3. 38, advertised as including " The Supplement,” contains only a selection of the words from the Supplement, with short Explanations, but without the many quotations in the original Supplement. 24 JAMIESON'S Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language, SECOND EDI

TION, with the additional Words in the Supplement incorporated and their sig.

nifications briefly given, 2 vols. 4to. (pub. at £3. 3s) cloth, £2. 2s Edinb. 1810 25 JARRETT's New way of marking the Sounds of English Words, without change of

spelling, applied in a series of progressive lessons for children, teachers, and foreigners, 8vo. 40 pp. stiff cloth covers, new, ls

Quaritch, 1858 26 –

- the Holy Gospels and the Aots, in English, so printed as to show the Sound of each word, without change of Spelling, with Tables representing English Sounds by each of the Alphabets of nineteen of the Languages of Europe and Asia. By the Rev. Thomas Jarrett, M.A., Regius Professor of Hebrew, and late Professor of Arabic, in the University of Cambridge, 8vo. cloth, new, 7s 6d

Quaritch, 1857 For the use of those whose native tongue is not English, this work is preceded by tables in which English sounds are represented by foreign words. These tables embrace the following languages: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, Gaelic, German, Hindustani, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Persian, Polish, Romaic, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Welsh.

This method will be found simple and efficient; it does not change the spelling of words, and therefore does not obscure their origin, and he who learns to read by book's printed in this way will have nothing to unlearn when he proceeds to books printed in the ordinary manner.

The rules for pronunciation are also very simple, and will be readily acquired by any one who has learned to put letters together. 27 JENNINGS' Observations on the Dialects of the West of England, particularly

Somersetshire, with Glossary, poems, and other pieces, 12mo. rare, 10s 1825 28 JOHNSON'S (Dr. Samuel) Dictionary of the English Language, with numerous

corrections and with the addition of several thousand Words, by the Rev. J. H. Todd, 3 vols. 4to. best edition, calf gilt, £4. 10s

1827 In spite of the numerous rivals of Johnson's Dictionary, Todd's edition still remains “ The Standard English Dictionary." 29 JUNII Etymologicum Anglicanum, edidit accessionibus multis E. Lye, cum vita

Auctoris et Grammatica Anglo-Saxonica, folio, portrait from Vandyke by Vertue, old calf, 30s

Oxon., 1743 “ Ouvrage très recherché, mais difficile à trouver, 60 à 80 fr. Vend. 4 liv. 4 sh. Heber ; en Gr. Pap. 6 liv. Sykes ; 41 flor. Meerman.Brunet. A valuable comparative and etymological Dictionary. “A work of uncommon erudition and vast merit."-Clarke. 30 KENNETT (Bp. White) Glossary to explain the Original, the Acceptation and Obsoleteness of Words and Phrases, 8vo. cloth, 5s

1816 31 LEXICON Balatronicum: A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, University Wit, and

Pickpocket Eloquence, by a member of the Whip Club, assisted by Hell-Fire
Dick, 8vo. bd. 8s6d

1811 32 Moor's (E.) Suffolk Words and Phrases; or an attempt to collect the Localisms of that County, 12mo. rare, 16s

Woodbridge, 1823 33 MURRAY's English Grammar, 2 vols. 8vo. fourth edition, hf. cf. neat, 9s York, 1819 34 NARES'S (Robt.) Glossary, or Collection of Words, Phrases, Names and Allusions

to Customs, Proverbs, &c. illustrative of the works of English Authors, parti. cularly Shakspeare and his Contemporaries, 4to. hf. bd. calf, 30s

1822 “ Nares's Glossary is contined to the Elizabethan period, a valuable work, chiefly compiled from the notes to the variorum edition of Shakespeare."-HALLIWELL. " Mr. Archdeacon Nares' Glossary is admirably adapted to make the study of our lingual archaisms popular."'-Hunter's Hal. lamshire Glossary. 35 PARKER (Geo.) Life's Painter of variegated Characters in public Life, 8vo. portrait, 12s

1789 A work which must have enjoyed an immense popularity to judge of the extensive list of subscribers, which is prefixed. Chapter XIV. contains: Original Cant Songs; the Slang Language in its modern terms; a Glossary, and a Key to the same. Chapter XV. Glossary. 36 PICKERING's (John) Vocabulary, or collection of Words and Phrases peculiar to the United States of America, 8vo. 10s

Boston, U. S. 1816 37 POTTER (H. T.) New Dictionary of all the Cant and Flash Languages, both ancient and modern, 8vo. 62 pp. 10s

Printed by W. Mackintosh, s. a. (? 1790) 38 RICHARDSON'S Dictionary of the English Language, combining explanations

with Etymology, and illustrated by quotations from the best authorities, 2 vols. with the SUPPLEMENT, 4to. (pub. at £4. 16s) bds. £3. 16s

1856 39 - the Supplement separately, for possessors of the earlier issues, 4to. 126 pp. cloth, 108

1856 Richardson's Dictionary appeared in 1833-7; since then there have been numerous issues with fresh titles and later dates. The book being stereotyped, there is no difference in the copies. The above Supplement should go with every copy, it is printed in such a manner as to correspond with each volume of the Dictionary, and to bind up with them. 40 ROGET's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, fourth edition, thick 8vo. cloth,

1856 41 SCOUNDREL'S DICTIONARY (The), or an Explanation of the Cant Words, used

by Thieves, Housebreakers, Street Robbers, and Pickpockets about Town, with Flash Songs, and a proper Glossary, sm. 8vo. 32 pp. frontispiece inserted (with the Coachman's and Footman's Catechism, eight pages), hf. bd. extremely rare, 368

J. Brownnell, 1754 A copy fetched, 1857; at Sotheby's, £3. 78 42 SKINNER (S.) Etymologicon Linguæ ANGLICANÆ, seu explicatio vocum Anglicarum Etymologica ex 12 Linguis, folio, calf neat, 21s

1671 An early and valuable Etymological Dictionary of the English Language. 43 SMITH's (Capt. Alex.) History of the Lives and Robberies of the most notorious

Highway-men, Foot-Pads, Shop-Lifts, and Cheats, Vols. II. and III. only, 12mo. bd. 255

London, Briscoe, 1719, and Morphew, 1714
At the end of Vol. II. by the same author: “ The Thieves' new Canting Dictionary of the
Words, Terms, Proverbs and Phrases, used in the modern Language of the Thieves, etc. 1719."
44 SPORTSMAN'S SLANG, a New Dictionary of the Terms used in the affairs of the

Turf, the Ring, the Chase, the Cock-pit, with those of Bon-Ton, and the
Varieties of Life, forming an original and authentic Lexicon Balatronicum et
Macaronicum, by Jon Bee, 12mo. coloured frontispiece, 7s 6d

1825 45 STERNBERG, the Dialect and the Folk-Lore of Northamptonshire, 12mo. (pub. at 58) cloth, 2s 6d

1851 46 THOMSON's (John) Etymons of the English Language, 4to. (pub. at 188) 98 1826 47 TOOKE (J. H.) Epea Pteroenta, or the Diversions of Purley, with the author's additions, and notes by Rd. Taylor, stout 8vo. cloth, 98

1840 48 t he same, 8vo. hf. morocco, 12s

1840 • What an epoch in many a student's life has been his first acquaintance with The Diversions of Purley.'"-Trench on the Study of Words. 49 Vaux. Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux, written by himself, 2 vols. small 8vo. 12s

1819 Pages 147-227 contain, by the same author, a new and comprehensive VOCABULARY OF THE Flash LANGUAGE. “The author (a prisoner under sentence of transportation for Life) compiled the above work during his solitary hours of cessation from hard labour, 1812.”—Preface. 50 WESTMORELAND and Cumberland Dialects ; Dialogues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, with a Glossary, 8vo. cloth, 103

1839 51 WITHALS (J.) A Shorte Dictionarie for yonge beginners, gathered of good

authores, specially of Columel, Grapald, and Plini, sm. 4to. Black letter, title mounted, and a few leaves mended, calf extra, gilt leaves, rare, £2. 128

London, Henry Wykes, in fleetestrete, 1568 Collation : Title and Prologue, 4 leaves ; the English-Latin Dictionary, arranged according to subjects, 83 leaves. Withals' Dictionarie was printed by Wynken de Worde, in the late house of William Caxton, without date, 4to. Herbert, p. 203. Printed again at London, in Fletestreete, by Henry Wykes, 1566, 4to. In the Bodleian imperf. ; not known to Herbert. Again by Wykes, 1568, the present. Priced, 1840, Thorpe, £2. 128 6d. 52 ARABIAN NIGHTS' ENTERTAINMENTS (The): a new and greatly improved

translation, with very copious Notes, illustrative of the Language, Manners, and Customs of the Egyptian Arabs, by Edward William Lane, Esq., many years resident in Arabia and Egypt, 3 vols. royal 8vo. ORIGINAL AND BEST EDITION, illustrated by upwards of one thousand woodcuts, by the inost eminent artists, after designs by W. HARVEY; a superb copy, bound in VELLUM, most tastefully inlaid with green and red morocco leather, and embellished with elaborate

tooling, gilt and gauffré edges, one of the finest specimens of HAYDAY'S ARTWORKMANSHIP, £6. 68

1839-41 “ Much of the nightmare which has oppressed our judgment as to the supposed extravagance and impossibility of this collection has vanished with the darkness of past hours; the fidelity of the descriptions has been recognised as giving the best picture possible of Eastern manners; and this adherence to the truth on one, and so material a point, gives earnest of accuracy on others upon which we cannot be so well informed. Much of this information, however, Mr. Lane has supplied, and no one who is acquainted with his unrivalled and delightful volumes on Egypt, can doubt that he was ABSOLUTELY THE FITTEST OF WRITERS for the task he has undertaken. The doubtful and obscure becomes truth and elucidation in his hands; we are improved in spite of ourselves, and even by the very means we seek to avoid it; and customs, and manners, and habits of thought, become familiarised to us, even as amongst the chosen playthings of indolent recreation. The grossness, too, of Eastern manners is entirely avoided in this beautiful and useful edition of a work which must have readers so long as the heart is human. The parent need no longer fear, the maiden no longer blush, to take up the work, or place it in the hands of a child. Were this the only praise, it would be no ordinary recommendation; but the beauty of type, correct pictorial embellishment, and faithful expression, render this one of the most delightful of works :-& walking dream, to soothe and wile the listless and vacant hours that creep along during the long siesta of a summer's day!'"

Foreign Quarterly Review, July, 1838 “These three royal octavo volumes will satisfy and charm the most delicate and correct taste, and wherever they are seen they will be bought. The work will be a splendid addition to any library in the kingdom, and a complete treasure of Oriental lore. The conception of such a book is so excellent that we are only surprised that something of the sort should not have been undertaken long ago. The illustrations are most exquisite, and go to place Mr. Harvey still bigher than he has hitherto stood. He is indisputably the first of book illustrators! We do not believe that there is a liying artist in England, or in all Europe, that could equal some of these little gems ! and in our eyes their effect is wonderfully heightened by their perfect truth and accuracy in costume, and all the accessories.”Metropolitan Mayazine, July, 1838... 53 ARIOSTO, Orlando Furioso, translated into English Verse, with notes by W. STEWART ROSE, 8 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £4.8s 6d in bds.) 20s

1823-31 54 ARTHUR (King): The Byrth, Lyf and Actes of Kyng Arthur; of his noble

Knyghtes of the Round Table, theyr merveyllous enquestes and adventures, Chachyenyng of the Sanc Greal; and in the end LE MORTE DARTHUR, with an introduction and notes by Robt. SOUTHEY, 2 vols. 4to. (pub. at £6. 6s) bds. uncut,

scarce, £4. 4.s London : printed from Caxton's edition, 1485, for Longmans, 1817 " This is goode stuffe for wise men to laugh at, or honest men to take pleasure at.”

Roger Ascham. “ Sir Thomas Malory compiled from various French authorities his celebrated · Morte d'Arthur, indisputably the best prose romance the language can boast.”-Sir Walter Scott. 55 BACON (Francis) Twoo Bookes of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning,

small 4to. first edition, autograph of Rev. W. Maskell, cf. rare, 16s Tomes, 1605

On the margins are numerous valuable MS. notes, evidently by some learned lawyer, as is apparent from a mixture of court and round hand. See particularly folio 20, which exhibits the letter p in three distinct forms. 56 BADESLADE's Chorographia Britanniæ, or a set of Maps of all the Counties in Eng.

land and Wales, with a Chart of the Sea Coast, a general map, map of the Roads, account of the cities, market towns, rivers, etc. and an alphabetical Index, first compiled into a pocketbook for George I. all engraved, 16mo. salf, 3s 6d

1742 57 BANNATYNE CLUB: ROLLAND (John, of Dalkeith) The Seven Sages (or Wise Mas.

ters of Rome) in Scottish Metre, 4to. reprinted (from the edition of 1578) for the Bannatyne Club, at the expense of JAMES IVORY, Esq. morocco gilt, uncut, from Utterson's library, £2.

Edinb., 1837 " Only 100 copies printed. 58 BORROW (George) Works : the Gypsies of Spain, with a collection of their songs

and poetry, etc. and a copious Dictionary of their language, 2 vols.—The Bible in Spain, 3 vols.-Lavengro; the Scholar, the Gypsy and the Priest, 3 vols.The Romany Rye, 2 vols.-together 10 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2.

1843-57 59 Brady's Clavis Calendaria, a compendious analysis of the Calendar, with ecclesias

tical, historical and classical Anecdotes, 2 vols. 8vo. cuts, bds. 9s 1812-13 60 BRITISH ESSAYISTS, with Prefaces, critical and biographical, by Alex. CHALMERS,

45 vols. 12mo. portraits, calf gilt, marbled edges, a remarkably nice fresh set, contents lettered, £6. 10s

1808 Published at £10.108, cost of binding £7.178 6d.

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