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6502 STEPNER, Inscriptiones Lipsienses, small 4to. with Index of the Names mentioned on the Tombs, hf. vellum, 3s 6d

Leipzig, 1686 6503 STETTEN. Geschichte der adelichen Geschlechter der Stadt Augsburg, 4to. with 12 plates of Arms and Seals, old calf gilt, 10s

Augsburg, 1762 6504 STILLFRİED (R. Freiherr von) Alterthümer und Kunstdenkmale des Hauses

Hohenzollern, atlas folio, 19 plates, some coloured, and woodcuts, cl. 20s († 1848) 6505 STRITTERI (J.G.) Memoriæ Populorum, olim ad Danubium, Pontum Euxinum,

Paludem, Mæotidem, Caucasum, Mare Caspium, et inde magis ad Septemtriones incolentium, etc. cum Indice duplici totius Operis, 4 vols. in 5, 4to. sd. uncut, £2. 2s

1771 6506

another copy, cum Indice, 4 vols, in 6, 4to. hf. bd. £2. 10s Petrop. 1771 Priced, 1857, Asher, Berlin, 4 vols. in 6, sd. 65 francs ; fetched by auction, 1857, Cony beare at Sotheby's, cf. £4. 8s. 6507 STROOBANT, notice histor. et généalog. sur les Seigneurs de Braine-le-Chateau et Haut-Ittre, royal 8vo. plates, sd. 2s

Brux. 1849 6508 - Notice historique et genealogique sur les Seigneurs de Tyberchamps, royal 8vo. map and plates, uncut, 5s

Brux. 1851 6509 SUSSEX Archaeological Collections, illustrating the History and Antiquities of

the County, published by the Sussex Archæological Society, 9 vols. 8vo. upwards of 100 plates of Antiquities, Coins, Facsimiles, etc. with numerous cuts (pub. at £5. 198), cloth, £3. 10$

1848-57 6510 SWEETII Rerum Belgicarum Annales chronici et historici, fol. cf. 10s Franc. 1620 6511 TEUTSCHE REICHS-HEROLD (der), Genealogie der Familien, etc. stout folio, half vellum, 10s

Frankf. 1727 6512 THUANI Historiarum sui temporis libri CXXXVIII, accedunt ejusdem de

Vita sua Commentariorum libri sex et Nic. Rigaltii continuatio, curavit BUCK-
LEY, 7 vols. folio, BEST EDITION, fine copy, calf gilt, £4. 49

Lond. 1733 Priced, 1831, H. Bohn, £7.78; 1832, Payne and Foss, £8. 88; 1834, Jas. Bohn, £5.58 ; 1837, Payne and Foss, £5. 58 and £7.78; 1837, Thorpe, £4. 48. Copies sold by auction: Dr. Heath's, £8. 178 6d; Drury's, £13. 18s.

LARGE PAPER copies were priced : 1837, Payne and Foss, £24. ; 1848, £12. 128 ; 1856, Lilly, £6. 6s. Copies sold by auction : Sykes', £22. 18; the Duke of Grafton's, £13. 138; Talleyrand's, £10. 108 ; 1854, Dr. Hawtrey's, £7. 158 ; 1854, Gardner's, £4.; 1858, at Sotheby's, mor. £ 13. 58.

LARGEST PAPER : priced, 1854, mor. £18. 188.

ILLUSTRATED COPIES fetched, Towneley's, £53. 118; Sykes' Largest Paper, Vols. 1-V. £131.58.

“ If we come to histories of particular periods, that of De Thou, in the History of his own Times,' is alone entitled to enthusiastic admiration. It is a work which can perish only with the tongue in which it is written, and with the nation whose history it developes."- Dibdin.

"Lord Chancellor Hardwick is said to have been so fond of this excellent work, as to have resigned his office and the seals on purpose to read it in the original language."--Dr. A. Clarke. 6513 TIRAQUELLI commentarii de Nobilitate et de Jure Primogenitorum, 2 vols. in 1, folio, hf. bd. vellum, 6s

Basil. 1561 6514 TORFFAEI Orcades, seu rerum Orcadensium historiae, folio, bds. uncut, 20s

Hauniae, 1697 A rare supplement to the Author's History of the Kings of Norway. 6515 - Series Dynastarum et Regum Daniæ, small 4to. calf gilt, fine copy, 10s

"Hafniæ, 1705 6516 TRETER de Episcopatu et Episcopis Ecclesiae Varmiensis, folio, Arms of Polish Bishops, hf. bd. 20s

Cracov. 1685 6517 TRIERS' Einleitung zu der Wapen Kunst und Herolds-Wissenschaft, von Feus. teln, stout 12mo. 142 plates, some coloured, hf. bd. 6s

Leipzig, 1744 6518 TURKHEIM, Tablettes Genealogiques des Ducs de Zaeringen, Margraves et GrandsDucs de Bade, 8vo. fine paper, bds. 2s 6d

Darmst. 1810 6519 - the same, 8vo. VELLUM PAPER, mor. extra, gilt edges, 10s Darmst. 1810 6520 TWYSDENI (Rogeri) Historiæ Anglicanæ Scriptores X. ex vetustis MSS. nunc

primum in lucem editi: adjectis variis Lectionibus, Glossario, Indiceque copioso, 2 vols. in 1, folio, old binding, £4. 10s

Lond. 1652 • A very important collection of Early English Chronicles, viz. :

1. Simeon Dunelmensis. JI. Johannes Prior Hagustaldensis. III. Ricardus Prior Hagustaldensis. IV. Ailredus Abbas Rievallensis. V. Radulphus de Diceto. VI. Joannes Brompton. VII. Gervasius Dorobornensis. VIII. Thomas Stubbs. IX. Guil. Thorn. X. Henricus Knighton. -The learned and ample glossary appended to this admirable collection was prepared by the famous WILLIAM SOMNER. “Hearne tells us that even the Puritans themselves affecting to be Mecenases, with Cromwell at their head, displayed something like a patriotic ardour in purchasing copies of this work as soon as it appeared."-Dibdin.

Collation : it has to be stated that there exist no pp. 2297 to 2310.

Priced, 1843, Payne and Foss, vellum, £6. 68; 1849, Rodd, russia, £6. and £6. 108; at Col. Stanley's sale a copy fetched £13. 108.-LARGE PAPER copies were priced, 1829, Thorpe, £14, 148; 1832, Payne and Foss, £9. 98. 6521 TYNDALE FAMILY. Genealogy of the Family of Tyndale, connected with

the House of Plantagenet, by B. W. GREENFIELD, impl. 8vo. all the Pedigrees mounted on canvas, hf. calf, privately printed, 32s

1843 6522 VALVASOR, Topographia Archiducatus Carinthiae antiquae et modernae: Chro

nik der Erz-Herzogthums Kärndten, folio, with 225 pretty Views, vel. 21s 1688 6523 VARENNES (M. G. de) Le Roy d'Armes, ou l'Art de bien former, charger,

briser, timbrer, parer, expliquer et blasonner les Armoiries, folio, calf, 24s 1640 6524 VIALART, Histoire genealogique de la Maison de Surgeres en Poitou, folio, Coats of Arms, old calf gilt, 328

Paris, 1717 6525 VIGNER, Histoire de la Maison de Luxembourg, stout sm. 4to. pedigrees, fine copy, in old calf gilt, 278

Paris, 1619 6526 VITON, Maisons Souveraines de l'Europe, fol. folding Tables, sd. 28 6d Paris, 1810 6527 VOET, Origine, progres et gestes memorables des illustres Seigneurs de Brederode, traduits du Flamand par Pailhot, 4to. vellum, 158

Amst. 1663 6528 VREDII Historia Comitum Flandriæ, folio, map, calf, 78 6d

Brugis, 1650 6529 WATER (W. te) het hoog Adelyk en Adelyk Zeelant, 8vo. with 2 large plates of Arms, uncut, rare, 10s

Middelburg, 1761 6530 WELEVELD (L. van) algemeen Wapenboek van het Konigryk der Nederlanden,

fol. 213 plates, with nearly 1000 engravings of Coats of Arms, £5. La Haye, 1836 6531 WERLICHII Augsburger Chronica, fol. woodcuts, stamped bdg.58 Frankfurt, 1595 6532 WESTPHALEN (J.) MONUMENTA INEDITA Rerum Germanicarum præcipue

Cimbricarum et Megapolensium, quibus varia Antiquitatum, Historiarum, Legum Juriumque Germaniæ, argumenta illustrantur et stabiliuntur, 4 vols. thick folio, illustrated with numerous curious plates of Idols, Inscriptions, Monu

ments, Costumes, Arms, Portraits, &c. a good copy in vellum, £4. Lips. 1739 6533 WILDEISEN, Brandenburg-Onolzbach. genealogischer Lust-Wald oder fürstlich.

Onolzb. Geschlecht-Register, 2 vols. in 1, royal folio, consisting of Pedigrees, white boards, rare, 158

Onolzbach, 1680 6534 WILLEMENT (T.) Regal Heraldry: The Armorial Insignia of the Kings and

Queens of England, from Coeval Authorities, sm. 4to. 36 plates in colours (pub. at £2. 2s) cloth, 20s

1821 6535 — the same, royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, 36 coloured plates of arms (pub. at 4. 4) bds. 30s

1821 6536 WILLÉMS (T. F.) Belgisch Museum voor de Nederduitsche Taelen Letter

kunde en de Geschiedenis des Vaderlands, 10 vols. 8vo. plates, portraits and facsimile, hf. bd. uncut, £2. 16s

Gent, 1837-1846 Interesting Collection of Treatises about old Flemish Literature and History. 6537 XAUPI, Recherches historiques sur la noblesse des Citoyens Nobles de Perpignan et de Barcelone, stout 12mo. uncut, 10s

Paris, 1763 6538 ZEPKEN, gynaeceum Silesiacum Ligio-Bregense, Bresl. 1626–Historia Herr

George und Caspare v. Brundsberg Vaters und Sons, Ff. 1599, in 1 vol. folio,

Arms, vellum, 6s MINOR WORKS relating to the Topography, Antiquities,

History and Curiosities of the following Countries : 6539 England. 22 Guides and Descriptions of the principal Towns, Abbies and

other places of interest, including 12 views and 8 maps of the English Lakes, the

lot, comprising many maps and plates, 12s

Including : Bath, `1801 ; Blenheim ; Cambridge, 1763; Canterbury ; Fonthill Abbey, 1823 : Gloucester ; Isle of Wight; Jersey and Guernsey ; Kenilworth ; Oxford, 1798, 1821; Rochester; Romsey Abbey; Woburn Abbey ; York; Yorkshire Philos. Socy. Museum. 6540 Wales. 6 Tracts relating to ; and 26 Views by S. and N. Buck, 1742-8; the

lot, 78 6d

6541 France. 15 volumes relating to topography and architecture, with many maps

and plates, 8vo. aud 12mo. 10s Including : Bordeaux, Ville et Province, 3 vols. 1760 ; Chambord ; Dieppe, Eglises de, plates, 1846; Mont-Saint-Michel et Tombelene, par M. Raoul, 14 plates, India proofs, 1833; Nismes, 1724,67; Orange; Puy-de-Dome; Sens par Tarbé ; Tournai, l'Eglise Cathedrale, 2 vols. 1843; Vaucluse. 6542 Germany. 13 Guides and topographical Works, 4to. and 12mo. 58

Including : Cologne, S. Gerson zu Köln; Hadel ; Dresden ; Muggendorf; Munich ; Nürnberg ; Prag ; Regensburg ; Trier. 6543 Holland and Belgium. 7 Guides and topographical Works, 12mo. 28 6d 6544 Italy, Guides and works relating to the Archaeology and Topography of; in all 28 vols. 8vo. and 12mo. with many maps and plates, 20s

1552-1842 Including: Ancona ; Bologna ; Brera ; Cuma, Avanzi dell' antica Città, a map ; Ferrariae, de Praeficis Urnae Sepulcr. ; Firenze, 1790-1825; Genova ; Milano ; Naples ; Isles d'Ischia, de Ponza, Vandoltena, Procida, Nisida, Cap de Misène, Mont Pausilipe; Orvieto; Pisa ; Pozzuoli; Roma, delle Antichita di, da L. Fauno, Venetia, 1552; Bernardini, Roma; Vasi, Roma; Sickler, Plan de la Campagne de Rome, 1816 ; Turin par Paroletti ; Venezia ; Quadri, Venise ; Verona ; Vicenza, Accademia Oimpica di ; etc. 6545 Spain. 7 Guides and topographical Works, 12mo. 108

1804-47 Including : Cordoba por Ramirez; Madrid ; Ramon, Manual de Madrid; Museo del Rey ; Damian Bermejo, S. Lorenzo del Escorial; Cean Bermudez, Cathedral de Sevilla. 6546 Antiquarian Tracts, including: Cockerell's Sculpture in Lincoln Cathe

dral, 1848; Flasschaert, la Noblesse, les Titres et la Féodalité, Brux. 1818 ; J. Winter Jones, Early Slavonic Antiquities, 1848 ; Antiquitates Wiltunenses, 1828 ; Newton's Study of Archaeology, 1850 ; Waldschmidt, de mutatione In

signium et Sigillorum, 1746—in all 23 Tracts, the lot, 3s 60 DIPLOMATICS, MEDIÆVAL LATIN GLOSSARIES.

Penmanship, Cyphers, Shorthand, Cryptography. 6547 ASTLE (Thos.) on the Origin and Progress of Writing, as well Hieroglyphic as

Elementary, illustrated by Engravings taken from Marbles, Manuscripts, and
Charters ; also some Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing, 4to.
SECOND EDITION, with Additions, portrait, and 31 plates of facsimiles of MD2
Alphabets, etc. 35s

1803 Priced, 1843, John Bohn, £2. 128 6d; 1856, Muskett, £2. 28. 6548

the same, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, the plates unfolded (pub. at £10.. in boards) calf neat, £4. 4s

Hibbert's copy fetched £5. To all gentlemen engaged upon original researches of State Papers, Charters, and other Early Documents, Astle's work is indispensable. 6549 BARROIS (J.) Elements Carlovingiens, linguistiques et littéraires, 4to. plates, half calf gilt, 16s 6d

Paris, Crapelet, 1846 6550 CORTICELLI (Lodovico) L'Ozio superato nelle Cifre disciolte e divise in varie Considerazioni politiche di Guerra, 4to. portrait, bds. SCARCE, 12s Bologna, 1702

An interesting book on the writing in Cypher. 6551 Du CANGE (C. Dufresne Domini) Glossarium ad Scriptores mediæ et infimæ Lati

nitatis, 6 vols. portraits and plates, including those of coins, Paris, 1733-36– Carpentier (D. P.) Glossarium Novum seu Supplementum ad auctiorem Glos: sarii Cangiani Editionem, 4 vols. plates, ib. 1766-together 10 vols. folio, old French calf, £7.78

Paris, 1733-66 Priced, 1828, Beckley, £12. 128 ; 1831, H. Bohn, £15. ; 1832 and 1843, Payne and Foss, £15. 158Large Paper, the Duke of Grafton's copy, £16. los ; Jas. Bohn, in 1840, £18. 188; in 1847, £14. 148; Drury's copy fetched £11. 138 ; Brockett's, £13. 138.

The editions, 3 vols. folio, Paris, 1678; 3 vols. folio, Francof. 1681, and Lugd. 1688—are of no value. 6552 DUCANGE et CARPENTIER, Glossarium Scriptorum Medii Ævi, in Epitomen

redactum multisque verbis et dicendi formulis auctum, ab ADELUNG, 6 vols. 8vo: half calf, the Rev. J. Mitford's copy, £3. 10s

Halis, 1772-84 “Dr. Parr gave £12. 12s for this book, and considers it one of the best in his library.”

Bibl. Parriana. “ This is a work in very great estimation. It contains a fund of the most curious, amusing, and useful intelligence.”Dibdin.

Many Antiquaries prefer Adelung's edition even to the original folio edition in 10 vols.


“ Without the Glossary of Ducange nothing can be done satisfactorily in the study of history previous to the sixteenth century; we can hardly decipher a single parchment without having recourse to these pages.”H. L. Jones.

A very useful work to all engaged in Antiquarian studies, giving full particulars about Mediæ. val Ceremonies, Customs, Laws, etc. containing also obsolete Technical Terms of every kind. 6553 DUCANGE. Glossarium Mediæ et Infimæ Latinitatis, conditum a Carlo Du

fresne domino Ducange, unctum a monachis ordinis S. Benedicti, cum supplementis integris D. P. Carpentieri, et additamentis Adelungii et aliorum, digessit G. A. L. Henschel, 7 vols.--Glossarium Latino-germanicum mediae et infimae aetatis, ed. Diefenbach, 1 vol. Francof. 1857-together 8 vols. 4to. sd. £11. 158

Paris, 1840-50-57 6553*- Diefenbach's Supplement, separately, tto. sd. 30s Francof. 1857

Cette nouvelle édition remplace avec avantage et à un prix plus modique l'ancienne édition de Ducange revue par les Bénédictins, et celle du supplément de D. Carpentier, devenue de jour en jour plus rare et plus chère, elle a été revue et augmentée par M. Henschel, d'après les travaux postérieurs. 6554 LE MOINE, Diplomatique pratique, ou traité de l'arrangement des Archives et Tresors des Chartres, 4to. plates, calf, 38 6d

Metz, 1765 6555 MABILLON (Joannis) de Re Diplomatica, libri VI, in quibus quidquid ad

Veterum Instrumentorum Antiquitatem, Materiam, Scripturam et Stilum : quidquid ad Sigilla, Manogromanta, Subscriptiones ac notas Chronologicas: quidquid inde ad Antiquariam, Historicam, Forensemque Disciplinam pertinet, explicatur et illustratur, cum SUPPLEMENTO; tertia editio locupletată a Adi. MARI, 2 vols. in 1, royal folio, BEST EDITION, many plates of facsimiles, hf. bd, calf gilt, uncut, fine sound copy, £2, 12s

Napoli, 1789 Priced, 1829, John Bohn, hf. bd. £8.88. “ In this learned book Mabillon not only gives, in a series of erudite dissertations, a complete account of the principal ancient charters and documents of importance subsisting in Europe, but also lays down a complete code of Palæography, and furnishes also a most ample statement of the different variations which the manner of compiling and of engrossing charters has undergone in various ages. A large portion of the book is taken up by facsimile copies of various royal charters, and the whole may be described as a sine quâ non to the professed antiquary.H. L. Jones, Gents.'s Mag. Dec. 1855. 6556 MACAULAY's Polygraphy, or Short-Hand made easy, 12mo. 119 engraved pp. cloth, 5s

1756 6557 MAFFEI, Istoria diplomatica, 4to. plates, calf, 5s

Mantova, 1727 6558 METHODE facile pour dechiffrer un Ecrit quelquonque, 8vo. plates of Hieroglyphics, hf. bd. 3s 6d

Florence, 1833 6559 NEWDORFFER (Johann) Anweysung einer gemeinen Hanndschrift, obl. 4to. 37

leaves, specimens of Penmanship, including several Reverses for learning the Manner of Writing by tracing over them on the back, a mode of procedure which will enable the Pupil to copy exactly, and shows how he must proceed if he wishes to become an Engraver, bds. scarce and curious, 25s

N urmberg, 1538 6560 PALATINO (G.) Compendio del Gran volume de l'arte del bene et leggiadra

mente Scrivere tutte le sorti di Lettere et Carattieri, sm. 4to. woodcuts (rebus), ornamental letters, etc. vellum, £2. 2s Roma, per li Heredi di V. & L. Dorici, 1566

Fine copy of a scarce book. 6561 PALATINO (Giovambattesta) Liber nelqual s'insegna a Scriver ogni sorte

lettera, Antica & Moderna, di qualunque natione, con le sue regole, & misure, & essempi, sm. 4to. woodcut portrait mounted, ornamental and rognose letters, Illyrian alphabet, rebuses, etc. etc. maroon morocco, gilt edges and ornamented sides, scarce, 30s

Roma, per Valerio Dorico, 1561 The pagination passes from 4 to 7; sheets G. and H. have each only 7 leaves, but the book is thus perfect. 6562 RUSSELL (J.) Complete and Useful Book of Cyphers, obl. 4to. 24 plates, including that of the Emperor Charlemagne's Crown, sd. 18s

1791 6563 SELENI (G.) i.e. August, Herzog von Braunschweig, Systema integrum CRYPTO

GRAPHIAE : Cryptomenytices et Cryptographiae libri IX., in quibus Steganographie a J. Trithemio conscriptae enodatio, folio, fine copy in calf, with the autograph of the Earl of Balcarres" in an old hand (temp. 1650) on the title, RARE, 36s

Lunebergae, 1624 “Ouvrage curieux.”—Brunet. Bindley's copy fetched 378.

6564 SILVESTRE (J. B.) PALÉOGRAPHIE UNIVERSELLE. Collection de facsimile

d'écritures de tous les peuples et de tous les temps, publiés d'après les modèles écrits et peints; accompagnés d'explications histor. et descriptives par MM. Champollion, 4 vols. atlas folio, with about 300 magnificent plates of FACSIMILES OF EVERY KIND OF MSS. many beautifully illuminated, not quite perfect, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £24.

Paris, 1839-41 Published at £75.; usual price at auctions £40. Ouvrage capital exécuté avec le plus grand luxe et dont beaucoup de planches sont coloriées et rehaussées d'or. Il manque trois titres et quel. ques feuillets de texte. L'ordre de quelques planches est inverti. 6565 SILVESTRE, ALPHABET ALBUM, ou Collection de 60 feuilles d'alphabets

historiés et fleuronnés, tirés des plus beaux manuscrits de l'Europe, des docu. mens les plus rares, ou composés par J. B. Silvestre, professeur de calligraphie

des princes d'Orleans, folio, (pub. at £3. 3s) hf. morocco, 308 Paris, 1843-44

Bernal's copy fetched £2. 28. "La grande variété, la beauté des alphabets, la pureté du dessin, la réunion de tous les styles, forment en quelque sorte l'histoire de la lettre artistique de tous les pays, de tous les siècles : c'est une publication vraiment utile en ce que ce recueil deviendra pour ainsi dire le vade mecum de tous ceux qui s'occupent de calligraphie, peinture, gravure, dessin et lithographie." 6566 SPELMANNI Glossarium Archaiologicum continens Latina-barbara, peregrina,

obsoleta et novatae significationis Vocabula ; quæ post labefactatis a Gothis, Vandalisque res Europaeas in scriptoribus, chartis et formulis occurrunt, folio, best edition, portrait, calf, £2.

Lond. 1687 Priced, 1832 and 1837, Payne and Foss, £3. 138 6d; 1848, Payne and Foss, £2. 128 6d ; Brockett's copy fetched £3. 168 ; Bindley's, £2. 178 ; Tooke's, with MS. notes, £3. 178. Large Paper copies have sold for, Heath's, £5. ; the Duke of Grafton's, £3. 58 ; Hibbert's, £4. 148 6d.

This valuable work is particularly directed to the illustration of Early English and Anglo-Saxon Words, Subjects, and Localities; it is indispensable to English Etymologists and Antiquaries. 6567 TAGLIENTE (G. A.) la vera Arte de lo excellente Scrivere diverse varie Sorti

di Litere, small 4to. a most curious book, printed in an immense variety of Lettera apparently imperfect, vellum, 20s

Venegia, 1547-8 6568 TERRY (G.) New and Complete Book of Cyphers on practical Principles, cal

culated for the use of Artists and others, 4to. engraved on 25 plates, sd. 20s 1786 6569 VAINES (De) Dictionnaire raisonné de Diplomatique, contenant les Règles

principales et essentielles pour servir à déchiffrer les anciens Titres, Diplomes, et Monuments, ainsi qu'à justifier de leur Date et de leur Authenticité, 2 vols. 8vo. numerous plates of Medieval Charters, and Facsimiles of MSS. of all Ages, calf neat, 28s

Paris, 1774 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. no plates, calf, 3s 6d

1774 6571 VESIN, Traite d'Obscurigraphie, ou Art de déchiffrer ou traduire les Ecritures en chiffres, Caractères secrets ou imaginaires, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d

1838 6572 WALTHERI Lexicon Diplomaticum, Abbreviationes Syllabarum et Vocum in

Diplomatibus et Codicibus a Seculo VIII ad XVI usque occurrentes exponens, junctis Alphabetis et Scripturae Speciminibus integris, cum prefatione J. H. Jungii, 3 parts in 1 vol. folio, 225 plates of Mediaeval Alphabets and Contractions and 28 plates of Facsimiles, all with explanations, good impressions, calf, fine copy, rare, £4. 4s

Gottingae, 1747 A magnificent volume. In consequence of variations existing between copies, the collation of the above is given. According to Brunet, it is of the second issue, but with the title of the 3rd volume of the Ist issue, after the title comes 'Jungius Lectori,' a Preface of 8 leaves, then Plates 1-110, afterwards a false title to Vol. II and Plates 111-225. At the end follow 28 interesting Facsimiles of early writing, and a very complete Index of 19 leaves. The author expended his wbole fortune upon this undertaking, and was entirely ruined by it. A reimpression of the same plates was made at Ulm in 1756. 6573 WALTHERI Lexicon Diplomaticum, a third issue or reimpression of the above,

3 vols. in 1, folio, 28 plates of Facsimiles and 225 of Mediaeval Alphabets and Contractions, good clean copy, calf, £3. 38

Ūlmae, 1756 Priced, 1834, Thorpe, vellum, £3. 138 6d ; 1830-48, Payne and Foss, wanting a leaf, £4. 48 and £3. 38.

Collation : Title ; Preface • Fratres Schmidii Lectori,' 3 leaves ; Preface, Jungius Lectori, 8 leaves ; 28 plates of Facsimiles ; Plates 1-225; Index, 19 leaves. 6574 WRIGHT's Court-hand Restored, or the Student's Assistant in reading old deeds,

records, etc. with Appendix of the ancient names of places in Great Britain, 4to. 23 plates of facsimiles (pub. at 21s) cloth, 12s 6d


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