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(Celebes Island); Javanese ; Thibetan ; Mongolian ; Mandchu ; Armenian ; Georgian ; Greek; Greek abbreviated ; Modern Greek; Cyrillian; Glagolitic; Croatic-Glagolitic; Russian, Russian Cursive; Servian; Illyrian ; Wallachian ; Polish ; Wendish ; Bohemian ; Hungarian ; Lettisb; Danish ; Swedish ; Anglo-Saxon ; Irish; Gothie; Runic ; German. 1034 BIONDELLI, Studii Linguistici, 8vo. 388 pp. sd. 6s


Matthew, translated into 72 European Languages and Dialects, and printed in
Roman Letters : PARABOLA DE SEMINATORE ex Evangelio Matthæi, in LXXII
Europaeas Linguas ac Dialectos versa, et Romanis characteribus expressa, 1 vol.
8vo. each version printed separately on stout paper, with many peculiar letters

expressly cast for this work, 20s Lond. impensis Ludov. Luciani Bonaparte, 1857 1036 - the same, 8vo. hf. morocco, uncut, 228


36. Rhætice, dial. Oberlandica. 1. Vasconice, dial. Guipuscoana.

37. Rhætice, dial. Inferioris Engadinæ.
2. Vasconice, dial. Biscaina.

38. Rhætice, dial. Superioris Engadinæ.
3. Vasconice, dial. Superioris Navarræ. 39. Valachice.
4. Vasconice, dial. Lapurdensi.

5. Vasconice, dial. Inferioris Navarræ. 40. Theotisce.
6. Vasconice, dial. Solensi.

41. Theotisce, dial. media inter Francicam et PARS II.-LINGUÆ FINNICÆ.

42. Germanice.

(Saxonicam. 7. Finnice.

43. Neo-Saxonice. 8. Finnice, dial. Carelica Tverensi.

44. Neo-Saxonice, dial. potius Coloniensi. 9. Esthonice.

45. Neo-Saxonice, dial. potius Hollandica. 10. Esthonice, dial. Dorpatensi.

46. Hollandice. 11. Lapponice, dial. Norvegica.

47. Dial. Hollandica Creolensi. 12. Lapponice, dial. Suecica,

45. Dial. Anglo-Hollandica Surinamensi.. 13. Syrjæne.

49. Anglo-Saxonice. 14. Ceremissice.

50. Anglo-Saxonice, dial. Northumbrica. 15. Mordvinice.

51. Anglice. 16. Hungarice.


53. Neo-Frisice. 17. Gaelice, dial. Hibernica Connaciæ. 54. Islandice. 18. Gaelice, dial. Ilibernica Momoniæ. 55. Dial. Farensium Insularum. 19. Gaelice, dial. Scotica.

56. Suecice. 20. Gaelice, dial. Mannica.

57. Danice. 21. Cambrice.


58. Slavonice. 23. Armorice dial. Trecoriensi.

59. Russice. PARS IV.-LINGUÆ GRÆCO-LATINÆ. 60. Illyrice, dial. Bosnensi. 24. Epirotice.

61. Serbice. 25, Græce.

62. Slovenice, dial. Carniolica. 26. Neo-Græce.

63. Slovenice, dial. Blatensi. 27. Latine.

64. Bulgarice. 28. Italice.

65. Polonice. 29. Dial. Pedemontana.

66. Bohemice. 30. Hispanice.

67. Slovacice. 31. Dial. Hispanica Curassoæ. .

68. Sorabice. 32. Lusitanice.

69. Sorabice, dial. Inferioris Lusatiæ. 33. Dial. Lusitanica Ceilanensi.

70. Lithuanice. 34. Gallice.

71. Lithuanice dial. Samogitica. 35. Catalane.

72. Lettice. Printed in the House of his Highness the Prince Louis-Lucien Bonaparte. The edition has been limited to 250 copies, of which only a portion are intended for sale.

Mr. Quaritch has been charged by His Imperial Highness to sell this very curious Polyglott, and he recommends the speedy purchase to his Customers, as the small edition will soon be exhausted. Many of the Versions are in Dialects almost unknown to Philologists, and have here been printed for the first time. 1037 BOPP, GLOSSARIUM SANSCRITUM, omnes radices et vocabula explicans, et cum

vocabulis Græcis, Latinis, Germanicis, Lithuanicis, Slavicis et Celticis comparans, 4to. 20s

Berolini, 1847 1038

VERGLEICHENDE GRAMMATIK des Sanskrit, Zend, Griechischen, Lateinischen, Litthauischen, Altslawischen, Gothischen und Deutschen, 6 parts in

1 vol. sm. 4to. BEST EDITION, in russia, gilt edges, rare, £3. 16s Berlin, 1833 1039

die Verwandtschaft der malayisch-polynesischen Sprachen mit den in-. disch-europäischen, 4to. sd. 5s

Berlin, 1841

1851 1851

1040 BOPP, Comparative Grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian,

Gothic, German, and Sclavonic Languages, translated from the German by Lieut. Eastwick, conducted through the press by H. H. Wilson, 3 vols. 8vo. second edition, complete, (pub. at £3. 78 6d) cloth, £2. 2s

1856 Professor Bopp gives numerous and undeniable proofs of the close connexion which subsists between the sacred language of the Hindus and the languages of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as those of the Celtic, Teutonic, and Sclavonic nations. 1041 Davy, Conjectural Observations on the origin and progress of Alphabetic Writing, 8vo. plates of characters, calf neat, 58

1772 1042 DIEFFENBACH, Lexicon Comparativum Linguarum Indo-Germanicarum :

Vergleichendes Woerterbuch der Gothischen Sprache, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Romanischen, Lithauisch-Slavischen und Keltischen Sprachen, und mit Zuziehung der Finnischen Familie, 2 vols. 8vo. 1320 pp. (pub. at 36s) sewed, 20s

Frankfurt, 1851 1043 - the same, 8vo. hf. bound, 22s 1043*— the same, 8vo. calf gilt, 24s

“Whoever may desire to trace Etymology will do well to consult Dieffenbach's very valuable Woerterbuch."-S. W. Singer. 1044 DRECHSLER, Wissenschaftliche Konstruktion des gesammten Wörter- und Formenschatzes, 8vo. bds. 2s 6d

1830 1044*ECCARDI Historia studii Etymologici Linguæ Germanicæ, ubi Scriptores recen

sentur qui in Origines et Antiquitates Linguæ Teutonicæ, Danicæ, Suecicæ, et Islandicæ, veteris item Celticæ atque Anglo-Saxonicæ inquisiverunt; acc, Catechesis Theotisca, 12mo. 10s

Hannover, 1711-13 1045 EICHHOFF, Parallèle des Langues de l'Europe et de l'Inde, ou étude des prin

cipales langues Romanes, Germaniques, Slavonnes, et Celtiques, comparées entre elles et à la langue Sanscrite avec un Essai de transcription générale, 4to. hf. bound red morocco, uncut, 27s

Paris, 1836 1046 ELLIS' (R.) Contributions to the Ethnography of Italy and Greece, 8vo. sd. 2s 1858 1047 ETHNOLOGICAL Society of London, Journal of, Vol. 4 only, 8vo. cloth, 10s 1856 1048 FORSTER (Rev. c.) the one Primeval Language, traced through Ancient In

scriptions in alphabetic characters of lost Powers from the four Continents, 3 vols. 8vo. and Chart of Harmony of Primeval Alphabets, (pub. at £3. 38) cloth, 32s

1851-57 1049 FRY (Edmund) Pantographia : accurate copies of all the known Alphabets in the

World, royal 8vo. calf gilt, 14s 1050 GARNETT's (Rev. R.) Philological Essays, 8vo. (pub. at 10s 6d) cloth, 8s 6d 1859

Contains interesting articles on the Celtic languages, and on the English language, and its dialects. 1051 HERVAS (L.) Arithmetica della Nazione e divisione del tempo fra l'Orientali

Origine, formazione, meccanissimo, ed Armonia degl' Idiomi-Catalago delle Lingue conosciute, e notizia della loro Affinita e Diversita, 3 vols. in 1, 4to. hf bound, scarce, 30s

Cesena, 1786-85-84 An extremely learned series of Philological Researches, with Comparative Vocabularies, in many hundred languages, some of them American. 1052 - → CATALOGO DE LAS LENGUAS de las Naciones conocidas y Numeracion,

Division, y Clases de estas, segun la diversidad de sus IDIOMAS Y DIALECTos. 6 vols. sm. 4to. Spanish calf, £4.

Madrid, 1800-5 Priced, 1831, Bohn, £4. 48; fetched 1839, Klaproth's sale, 75 fr. 50 c. - the same, Vols. 1-3, 4to. calf, 16s

Madrid, 1800-2 A very learned work, similar in its object to Adelung's Mithridates. Contents : Vol. 1. Lenguas y Naciones Americanas.-Vol. II. Lenguas y Naciones de las Islas de los mares pacifico e indiano austral y oriental, y del continente del Asia.-III. IV. V. VI. Lenguas y Naciones Europeas.

1. The Abbé Hervas published his Catalogue of Tongues and Arithmetic of Nations, part of a large and remarkable work, the Saggio del Universo.' His data be collected by means of an almost unlimited correspondence with the Jesuit missionaries of the Propaganda."- Latham.

The works of Hervas are: Catalogo delle Lingue-Vocabolario Polyglotto—Trattado delle Grammatiche-Arithmetico delle Nazione conosciute.

“ Ouvrages qui, malgré beaucoup de défauts et d'erreurs, dûs en partie à l'epoque où ils furent redigés et en partie au manque d'une saine critique dans le choix des matériaux, n'en contiennent pas moins des trésors précieux pour l'histoire et la science des langues, surtout à l'égard de celles du Nouveau Monde." - Balbi.


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1054 HUMBOLDT (W. von) Ueber die Kawi-Sprache auf der Insel Java, nebst

Einleitung über die Verschiedenheit des menschlichen Sprachbaues, Vol. 1, 4to. comprising the very valuable Introduction on the diversity of the Organism of Languages, bds. uncut, 208

Berlin, 1836 Vols. 2 and 3, completing the work, may be had new. 1055 JAMIESON (J.) Hermes Scythicus : or the radical affinities of the Greek and Latin languages to the Gothic, 8vo. (pub. at 12s) cloth, 58

Edinb. 1814 1056 JOHNES (A. J.) Philological proofs of the original unity and recent origin of the

Human Race, derived from a comparison of the languages of Asia, Europe,
Africa, and America, 8vo. (pub. at 12s 6d) 68

1843 1057 KENNEDY (Colonel Vans) Researches into the Origin and Affinity of the

principal Languages of Asia and EUROPE, 4to. with 11 plates of Alphabets and facsimiles, bds. scarce, £2.

1828 1058

Researches into the Nature and Affinity of Ancient and Hindu Mythology, 4to. (pub. at £2. 12s 6d) 34s

1831 1854, Dr. Hawtrey's copy, fetched, 368. 1059 KEYSLER, Antiquitates Septentrionales et Celticae, 12mo. plates, old calf, 58 1720

Contents: Stone-Henge, de Visco Druidum, de Mulieribus fatidicis vet. Celtarum, etc. 1060 KRUSENSTERN, Wörter-Sammlungen aus den Sprachen einiger Völker des

Oestlichen Asiens und N. W. Küste von America, 4to. sd. 4s St. Petersb. 1813

A rare volume, comprising Vocabularies of Languages not elsewhere to be met with. 1061 Massias, Influence de l'Ecriture, sur la Pensée et sur le langage, 8vo. sewed, 2s 6d

Paris, 1828 1062 MEIDINGER, Vergleichendes Etymologisches Wörterbuch der Gothisch

teutonischen Mundarten, 8vo. an interesting Polyglott Dictionary, cl. 10s 1833 1063

Dictionnaire des Langues Teuto-Gothiques : Gothique, Anglo-Saxon, Saxon, Islandais, Suedois, Danois, Flamand, Anglais, Allemand, 8vo. cloth,

1833 Both are the same book, the one with a German, the other with a French title; priced, 1840, Jas. Bobn, calf, 258. 1064 MICHÆLER, Tabulæ Parallelæ Antiquissimarum Teutonicæ Linguæ Dialec- torum, Moso-Gothicæ, Anglo-Saxonicæ, Runicæ, Islandicæ, etc. small thick 12mo. 158 Priced in 1847, 248.

Oeniponte, 1776 1065 MINSHEU, Ductor in Linguas. The Guide into (Eleven) Tongues, viz. English,

British or Welsh, Low Dutch, High Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugueze, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc. folio, calf, 18s

1617 Best edition of this curious old Polyglott, the 2nd edition omits the Welsh and Portugueze,

“ Minsheu's Guide is a very important work, and has furnished great assistance to subsequent lexicographers.”- Todd. 1066 MISZELLEN: HUMBOLDT, Ortsadverbien, 1830 — DIEFFENBACH, Romanische

Sprachen, 1831–GRIMM, Hymnorum Vet. Eccl. 26, interpr. Theotisca, 1830-
Roman von Fierabras, provenç, 1829–De Fontibus Adami Bremensis, 1834

in all 13 Tracts in 1 vol. 4to. cloth, 78 6d 1067 MONBODDO (Lord) on the Origin and Progress of Language, second edition, with additions, 6 vols. 8vo. bds. uncut, scarce, 258

Edinb. 1774 A book still occupying a respectable position in a philological library. 1068 MÜLLER (Dr. Max) Survey of the Languages of the Seat of War in the East,

8vo. second edition, map by Aug. Petermann, FINE PAPER, only 25 printed, (pub. at 25s) cloth, 108

1855 1069 NEBSETIS (Si. Clajensis) Preces, 24 linguis editae, 12mo. port. calf gilt, 5s 1837

The 24 languages in this volume are ; Ethiopic, English, Arabic, Armenian, Chaldee, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Iberian, Illyrian, Italian, Latin, Persian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Syriac, and Turkish. 1070 Nott and GLIDDON, Indigenous Races of the Earth, or new chapters of Ethno

logical Inquiry, including monographs contributed by Maury, F. Pulszky, and Meigs, with fresh investigations, etc. stout large 8vo. plates and cuts, cloth, 16s"

Philadelphia, 1857 1071 - the same, LARGE PAPER, impl. 8vo.maps, woodcuts and plates, sd. 218 1857 1072

Types of Mankind, or Ethnological Researches, based upon the Ancient Monuments, Paintings, Sculptures, and Crania of Races, and upon their geographical and philological History, stout royal 8vo. many woodcuts, cloth,

Philadelphia, 1857

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1073 ORATIO DOMINICA plus Centum linguis, Versionibus, aut characteribus reddita et expressa, thin sm. 4to. calf, rare, 78 6d

Lond. 1713 Giving the authorities whence the versions are obtained. It is curious as a specimen of foreign types in London at the period. Some of the versions such as the Malabar, Brachman (Sanscrit), Chinese, Georgian, Estrangelo, for want of proper founts, are engraved. 1074 PALLAS, Linguarum totius orbis Vocabularia comparativa, Sectio I. Linguae Europae et Asiae, pars prior, 4to. bds. uncut, 58

Petropoli, 1786 1075 PARSONS (Jas.) Remains of Japhet, being historical enquiries into the Affinity

and Origin of the European Languages, 4to. plates of Alphabets, last two leaves mended, hf. bound calf, 12s

London, printed for the Author, 1767 Particularly interesting on account of the Author's knowledge of the Celtic Languages. Pp. 278-309, contain a List of Irish and Welsh Words, showing their affinity, notwithstanding their several alterations. 1076 PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY. PROCEEDINGS of the PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY

for 1842-53, 6 vols. 8vo. (subscription price 12 guineas), cloth, £2. 12s 6d 1854 1076*- -, the same, 1842-53, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, £3.

1844-54 To give some notion of the valuable Papers contained in these proceedings, we print a short extract from the list of contents :

Vol. I. On Welsh Names, by Guest—Sanscrit Literature, by Wilson-Pápuan Languages, by Latham-Dialects of the British Islands, by Garnett-Picts and Gael, by Garnett-Berber Lan guage, by Newman-Indo-European Languages, by Trithen-Herodotus, by Donaldson.

II. Languages of Abyssinia, by Beke-North-Anglian Dialect, by Kemble-Lapp and Finn Tongues, by Key.

III. Galla Verbs, by Newman-English Etymologies, by Wedgwood-Elements of Language by Guest_Written Language of China, by Watts - Ethnography of South America, by Schore. burgk-Tumali Language, by Tutshek.

IV. Anglo-Saxon Terminations, by Kemble-North-American Vocabularies, by Howse Fazoglo, Avekvom, Loucheux, Maiongkong Vocabularies-Sclavonic Population, by Latham.

V. Egyptian Alphabet, by Wedgwood-Slavonic Dialects, by Trithen-Anglo-Saxon Idioms, by Guest-African Vocabularies, by Hodgson.

VI. Stonehenge, by Guest - Keltic Words in Early English Writers, by Davies-CircassianEnglish and English-Circassian Dictionary. 1077 PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY's Transactions for 1854, 1855, 1856, 8vo. (pub. at £3. 38) cloth, £2. 88 .

1854-56 1078 POTT, Etymologischer Forschungen auf dem Gebiete der Indo-Germanischen

Sprachen, mit Bezug auf die Lautumwandlung im Sanskrit, Griechischen, La

teinischen, Littauischen und Gothischen, &c. 2 stout vols. 8vo. 22s Lemgo, 1833-36 1079 POUGENS (C.) Tresor des Origines et Dictionnaire grammatical raisonné de la

Langue Française, specimen, 4to. 244 pp. bds. a very learned work, 4s Paris, 1819 1080 PRIČHARD (Dr. J. C.) Researches into the Physical History of Mankind,

5 vols. 8vo. plates, several coloured, (pub. at £4. 4s) cloth, £3. 68 1841-51

“A profoundly learned, elaborate, and in all respects excellent work."-MacCulloch. 1081

Natural History of Man, comprising Inquiries into the Modifying In. fluence of Physical and Moral Agencies on the different Tribes of the Human Family, fourth edition, edited and enlarged by NORRIS, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. illustrated with 62 coloured plates of all the Races of the Earth, and 100 wood engravings of Heads, Skulls, etc. (pub. at 388) new in cloth, 32s

1855 “ Ethnology may be now regarded as established on a purely inductive basis. The • Races of Man' must be taken into accouni in all future historical investigations, as supplying the facts from which are derived the most certain and simple principles under which the manifold phenomena of history may be reduced and classified.”—Dublin University Magazine. 1082 PRICHARD's (J. C.) Six Ethnographical Maps, coloured, with letterpress, illus

trating the “Natural History of Man ” and “ Researches,” atlas folio, (pub. at

218) sd. 158 1083 the same, atlas folio, cloth, 16s

1848 1084 SCHMELLER'S Akademische Abhandlungen: Ueber die Nothwendigkeit eines

ethnographischen Gesammtnamens für die Deutschen, etc.-Ueber der Quantität im bayrischen und andern oberdeutschen Dialekten, etc.-Ueber Wolfram von Eschenbachs Heimat Grab, und Wappen, with coloured plate of arms-Ueber den Versbau in der alliterirenden Poesie, besonders der Altsachsen-München unter der Vierherzog-Regierung, 1397-1403-Epistola Roscelini ad P. Abaelardum-Ueber Valenti Fernandez Alemā und seine Sammlungen von Nachrichten über die Entdeckungen der Portugiesen bis zu 1508-Ueber einige ältere

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handschriftliche Seekarten-Ueber die Endung ez (es) spanischer und portugiesischer Familiennamen-Ueber Raphael Sanzio als Architecten–10 vols. in 1, 4to. hf. morocco, uncut, 20s

Münschen, 1833-45 1085 Schott, das Zahlwort der Tschudischen Sprachen-classe, 4to. 2s 6d Berlin, 1853 1086 VATER (J. S.) Literatur der Grammatiken, Lexika und Wörter-Sammlungen, zweite Auflage von Jülg, 8vo. sd. 3s 60

Berlin, 1847 1087

Proben Deutscher Volks-Mundarten; Sprachforschungen und Sammlungen, besonders über Ostindien, 8vo. comprises a large Series of valuable Vocabularies, nowhere else published, bds. 6s

Leipzig, 1816 1088 VOCABULARY in Six Languages: Russian, Greek, Latin, French, German, Eng. lish, 8vo. 2s 6d

St. Petersb., 1763 1089 WEST OF ENGLAND JOURNAL, Nos. I–V, 8vo. hf. calf, 78 6d Bristol, 1835-6

Containing interesting articles, as, Ethnographical Memoir on the Slavonian Nations, comparative Philology, Newman on the Berber language, Archaeology of the West of England, etc. 1090 WINNING's Manual of Comparative Philology, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

1838 1091 WÜLLNER, die Verwandtschaft des Indo-germanischen, Semitischen, und Tibetanischen, 8vo. hf. calf, 3s 6d


cations, to be sold a bargain, 25s

The collection includes : Siebold, Musées Ethnographiques, 1843; Hüllman, der Keltischgermanische Volks-stamm, 1798; Hoefer, Vergleichende Grammatik, 1839; Manget, formation des Langues, 1809; Kellgren, finnische Sprache, 1847; Forbes, Languages of Gaul, Britain, and Ireland, Edwards, Races Humaines, 1829; Dupont, Noms propres, Paris, 1710; Steinthal, Entwicklung der Schrift, 1852; Forster's Primeval Alphabets ; Grimm, Ursprung der Sprache, 1852; Leo Feriepschriften, 1847 ; Lepsius, linguist. Alphabet, 1855 ; Sketches of the Aborigines of New Wales, 12 curious plates, Sydney ; etc. 1093 ALBANIAN or EPIROTIC. BLANCHUS (R. D. Franc.) Dictionarium Latino Epiroticum, 12mo. hf. russia, rare, 78 6d Romae, 1635

Pages 207-217 consist of Proverbs, Epirotic and Latin. 1094 HAHN'S Albanesische Studien, impl. 8vo. map and facsimile, 790 pp, german bds. 28s

Wien, 1853 This work is divided in 3 parts: Geography and Ethnography of Albania, 347 pp. ; Grammar, Songs and Proverbs, 169 pp.; Dictionary, 244 pp.

A glance at the numerous interesting subjects illustrated in these · Albanian Researches' will suffice to prove their interest. Much valuable information will be found on classic topography and mediæval history; on the via egnatia, and on the Sclavonic colonization of the Eastern empire which corresponded with the Gothic conquest of the West : on the history of Skanderberg, and on the present political position of the Albanian race, who will probably very soon take a prominent part in the history of the East in opposition to the Hellenic people and the Greek kingdom. A work which ought to be found in all those public libraries which profess to pay attention to the departments of classic geography and philology."- Atheneum, April, 1854. 1095 LECCE (F. M. da) Osservazioni grammaticali nella Lingua Albanese, sm. 4to. hf. bd. rare, 128

Roma, 1716 -1096 BASQUE. ASTARLOA, Apologia de la Lengua Bascongado o Ensayo

critico-filosofico de su Perfeccion y Antiquedad sobre todas las que se connocen, sm. 4to. 452 pp. calf neat, 7s 6d

Madrid, 1803 Priced, 1831, Bohn, 248. A very learned antiquarian and philological work, proving the antiquity and isolated position of the Basque Language. 1097 DISSERTATION critique et apologetique sur la Langue Basque, 8vo. sewed, 6s 6d

Bayonne, (? 1830) 1098 GUIRISTINOKI Bicitceco eta Hiltceco Moldea, 18mo. calf, 4s B ayonan, 1833 1099 INCHAUSPE, le Verbe Basque, 4to. sewed, 15s

Bayonne, 1858 Ouvrage publié par le Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte. 1100 IZTUETA (J. Ign. de) Guipuzcoaco Dantza gogoangarrien condaira edo Historia, 8vo. 22 and 186 pp. calf, rare, 12

Donostian, (i. e. San Sebastian) 1824 The title translated into English is : “ History of the ancient Dances of Guipuzcoa with the corresponding airs and words,i. e. the poetry sung during the dances, " alid also directions for their due performance. A work of great value and importance to the preservation of the good manners and original customs of the ancient times of Spain, by the revival of the innocent sports of Guipuzcoa.” A portion of the book has a Spanish translation along with the Basque, in parallel columns. 1101 KEMPIS (Th. à) Jesu-Christoren Imitacionea, 16mo. cf. 108 Bayonne, 1825

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