Veblen in Plain English: A Complete Introduction to Thorstein Veblen's Economics

Cambria, 2006 - 144 páginas
This comprehensive introduction to Thorstein Veblen's economics, written by distinguished economist Dr. Ken McCormick, is intended for the student and the non-specialist. A complete interpretation of Veblen's work is presented and includes an analysis of instincts and institutions, technology, social and institutional change, and capital and business enterprise. In addition, consumer behavior, conspicuous leisure, status-driven consumption and its implications are also discussed in detail. The work also includes a Foreword by Dr. Rick Tilman, a noted Veblen scholar.

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This is a wonderful book! It reads very well gives you the basic outline for different topics that Veblen wrote on. Each topic will cover material from anything he wrote, not just looking at the theory of leisure class or the theory of the business enterprise in isolated. This book is especially import since Veblen's own way to right things can be very confusing, but McCormick makes Veblen easy to understand. 


Part I
The Last Train Runs the Fastest
Consumer Behavior
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