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SECT. V.—Of the occurrents between the rejection of Saul and his death 113

SECT. VI.—Of such as lived with Samuel and Saul; of Helen and Hercules, and of their issues, upon occasion of the Dores, with the Heracli.1se, entering Peloponnesus about this time 123

SECf. VII.—Of Homer and Hesiod, and many changes in the . world that happened about this age ,....12S


Of David. ,

SECT. I,—Of David's estate in the time of Saul.., .....132

SECT. II.—Of the beginning of David's reign, and the war

made by Abner for lshbosheth 136

SECT. 111.—Of the death of Abncr, slain by Joab; and of

lshbosheth, by Rechab and liaanah »~— 138

SECT. IV.—Of the flourishing time of David's kingdom; the

taking of Jerusalem; with two overthrows given to the Phi.

listines, and the conduction of the ark to the city of David 140 SECT. V.—The overthrow or the Philistiues and Moabites...l42 SECT. VI.—The war which David made upon the Syrians...144 SECT. VII.—Of David's troubles in his reign, and of his

forces 148

SECT. VlII^—Of the last acts of David; Adonijah's faction; .

the revenge upon Joab and Shimei 159

SECT. IX.—Of the treasures of David and Solomon 165

SECT. X.—Of the Philistines, whom David absolutely mas

tered; and of sundry other contemporaries with David... .171


Of Solomon.

SECT. I.—Of the establishing of Solomon ; of birthright; and of the cause of Adonijah's death ; and of Salomon's wisdom 177

SECT. II.—Of Solomon's buildings and glory 180

SECT. III.—Of Solomon's sending to Ophir; and of some seeming contradictions about Solomon's riches; and of Pi. neda's conceit of two strange passages about Africa .... 185 SECT. IV.—Of the fall of Solomon, aiid how long he lived.. 190

SECT. V.—Of Solomon's writings 194

SECT. VI.—Of the coatempoiiries of Solomon !9ii CHAP. XIX.

Of Solomon's successors until the end of Jehoshaphat.


SECT. I.—Of Rehoboam's beginnings; the defection of the ten tribes; of Jeroboam's idolatry 198

SECT. II.—Of Rehoboam's impiety, for which he was punished by Sesac ; of his end and contemporaries 202

SECT. III.—Of the great battle between Jeroboam and Abia; with a corollary of the examples of God's judgment 205

SECT. IV,—Of Asa and his contemporaries 207

SECT. V.—Of the great alteration falling out in the ten tribes during the reign of Asa 210

SECT. VI.—A conjecture of the causes hindering the reunion of Israel with Judah, which might have been effect, ed by these troubles 213

SECT. VII.—Of Jehoshaphat and his contemporaries 220


Of Jehoram, the son of Jehoshaphat; and Ahaziah.

SECT. I.—That Jehoram was made king sundry times 226

SECT. II.—Probable conjectures of the motives inducing the old king Jehoshaphat to change his purpose often, in making his son Jehoram king 229

SECT. III.—The doings of Jehoram when he reigned alone; and the rebellion of Edom and Libna 231

SECT. IV.—Of the miseries falling upon Jehoram, and of his death - 235

SECT. V.—Of the reign of Ahaziah, and his business with the king of Israel 239

SECT. VI.—How Ahaziah perished with the house of Ahab; and how that family was destroyed by Jehu 241


Of Athaliah, and whose son he was that succeeded unto her.

SECT. I.—Of Athaliah's usurping the kingdom, and what pretences she might forge....................................... 216

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