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ers, and taking our goods and gear as if we were out-
laws. I canna say I tak it kind at their hands."

“ It would be very strange if you did," answered
Morton, with suppressed emotion.

“ And what I like warst o'a'," continued poor Cud-
die,“ is thae ranting red-coats coming amang the las-
sies and taking awa' our joes. I had a sair heart of
my ain when I passed the Mains down at Tillietudlem
this morning about parritch-time, and saw the reek
coming out at my ain lum-head, and kenn'd there was
some ither body than my auld mither sitting by the in-
gle-side. But I think my heart was e'en sairer when I
saw that hellicat trooper, Tam Halliday, kissing Jenny
Dennison afore my face. I wonder women can hae the
impudence to do sic things; but they are a' for the red-
coats. Whiles I hae thought o' being a trooper mysel,
when I thought naething else wad gae doun wi? Jenny

and yet I'll no blame her ower muckle neither, for
maybe it was a' for my sake that she loot Tam touzle
her tap-knots that gate.”

“For your sake?” said Morton, unable to refrain from
taking some interest in a story which seemed to bear a
singular coincidence with his own.

E'en sae, Milnwood," replied Cuddie; “ for the
puir quean gat leave to come near me wi' speaking the
loon fair, (d-nhim, that I suld say sae) and sae she
bade me God speed, and she wanted to stap siller into
my hand ;-i’se warrant it was the tae half o’ her fee
and bountith, for she wared the ither half on pinners
and pearlings to gang to see us shoot yon day at the

66 And did you take it, Cuddie?” said Morton

« Troth did I no, Milnwood; I was sic a fule as to
ding it back to her-my heart was ower grit to be be-,'
hadden to her, when I had seen that loon slavering and
kissing at her. But I was a great fule for my pains; i

70.15 - KC 13042



Ahora bien, dixo el Cura, traedme, senor huésped, aquesos libros, que los quiero ver. Que me place, respondió el, y entrando, en su aposento, sacó dėl una maletilla vieja cerrada con unan cadenilla, y abriéndola, halló en ella tres libros grandes y unos papeles de muy buena letra escritos de mano.--Don QUIXOTE, Parte I. Capitulo 32.

It is mighty well, said the priest ; pray, landlord, bring me those books, for I have a mind to see them. With all my heart, answered the host; and, going to his chamber, he brought out a little old cloke-bag, with a padlock and chain to it, and opening it, he took out three large volumes, and some manuscript papers written in a fine character.- JARTrs's Translation.




My bounds may a'rin masterless,

My hawks may fy frae tree to tree,
My lord may grip my vassal lands,

For there again maun I ne'er be!

Old Ballad.

We left Morton, along with three companions in captivity, travelling in the custody of a small body of soldiers who formed the rear-guard of the column under the command of Claverhouse, and were immedi. ately under the charge of Sergeant Bothwell. Their route lay towards the hills in which the insurgent presbyterians were reported to be in arms. They had not prosecuted their march a quarter of a mile ere Claverhouse and Evandale. golloped past them, followed by their orderly-men, in order to take their proper places in the column which preceded them. No sooner were they past than Bothwell halted the body which he commanded, and disencumbered Morton of his irons.

" King's blood must keep word,” said the dragoon. 6 I promised you should be civilly treated rested with me.--Here, Corporal Inglis, let e a bride man ride alongside of the other young fel' Gabriel prisoner ; and you may permit them to the inside gether at their pleasure, under their brez

70.15 KC 13242

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with three companions in

custody of a small body of
ar-guard of the column
verhouse, and were imme!

Sergeant Both well. The
s in which the insurgent pres-
o be in arms. They had not
quarter of a mile ere Claver-
loped past them, followed by
jer to take their proper places
ceded them. No sooner were
halted the body which he com-
bered Morton of his irons..

keep word,” said the dragoon.
uld be civilly treated :
e, Corporal Inglis, let ie a bride
f the other young fel? Gabriel
may permit them to the inside
ure, under their brez

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