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This noble youth, thy well-beloved son.
Oh, fair thou art, Griselda, passing fair,
Yet not so fair as noble. Say, was ere
Daughter of Eve, who could so far forget
Herself, her children, all save loyalty
To her espoused lord? who patient thus
Could brook to see her children wrenched

And cast unto the wolves, nor yet complain,
Nor utter word of tenderest reproach?
Nay, that which saints and angels could

not do, Griseldt, thou hast done; therefore to me Dearer thou art than all the world beside; And once more I do greet thee here before Th' assembled burghers of this city fair The partner of my crown, my bed, my life. And here in token of my words, I vow, This day unto the very end of time Hallowed shall be through all my wide

domains; And thou, Griselda, saint and wife in one, Shalt stand in marble in our city's streets, Patient Griselda, lair, and good, and great. Much have I wronged thee; but 'tis thine

to cast A tender eye, forgiving all that wrong. It is for man to err; but to forgive Belongs to woman and high Heaven alone."

And is Griselda but a thrice-told tale? And can we read no lesson in'her life? Yes, such a thing there lives as biding faith, Undoubting and unswerving loyalty,

In wedded love, yes, and in friendship too.
Be it a man's, be it a woman's heart,
Let time go on, let months roll on to years,
And years to ages, yet he conquers who
Ever endures and patiently abides,
Till Heaven doth righteously '' defend the

In every sufferer in the sacred cause
Of loyalty and love, Griselda lives;
For pure affection '' seeketh not her own,
Is not provoked by trifles, evil none
Doth think, but bideth patiently, all

things Suffereth, endureth, beareth," to the end.

Yes, years may come, and years may glide

away, Fashions and forms may change, and raven

locks Turn grey with care, and hearts grow dull

and cold That once did beat responsive to our own; But loyal friendship, friendly loyalty, Holds on its even course, steers to the port Of peace and rest, though storms may rage

without. Then fret not, loyal and devoted soul. The fiery torment that long time did wrack Griselda's heart, may wrack thine own;

and yet There is a silvery lining to each cloud, And who "in patience doth his soul

possess" Or soon or late he will the victor be. ADDISON, Joseph. Page



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