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Page Thou, Jesu, thou my breast inspire 414 Thon Judge of quick and dead Thou Lamb of God, thou Prince of

peace . . . '. 320. Thou, Lord, hast blest my going out 314, Thou, Lord, on wliom I still depend 72 Thou Man of griefs, remember me 176 Thon, my God, art good and wise 236 Thou Shepherd of Israel and mine 221 Thou Son of God, whose flaming cyés 84 Thou, the great eternal God . .237. Thou true and only God, lead'st forth 233 Thus saith the Lord of earth and &c. 004 Thus saith the Lord, Who seek, &c. 110 Thus saith the Lord, 'tis God, &c. 146 Thy ceaseless, uexhausted love 241 Thy faithfulness, Lord, each moment, Thy power and saving truth to show 412 To thee, great God of Love, I bow 272 To the haven of thiy breast . 280 To the hills I lift mine eyes . . 617 Try us, o God, and search the ground 470 Two are better far than one

• 454 Unchangeable, almighty Lord . 472, Upright both in heart and will ...08 Victim divine, thy grace we claim $12 Watch'd by the world's inalignant ey'c 306 Weary of wandering from my God. 181

Weary souls that wander wider 25 > We know, by faith we know I

76 What am I, O thou glorious God. 202 What could your Redeemer do'. 14 What is our calling's glorious hope it w386 What! never speak one evil word Ti348


What now is my object and aim - 365 What shall I do my God to love - 361 What shall we offer onr good Lord 460 When, gracious Lord, when shall it be 159 When Israel out of Egypt came - 216 When, iny Saviour, shall I be . • 365 When quiet in my house I sit . . 312 When shall thy love constrain . .134 Where the ancient dragon lay . . 330 Where shaži my wondering soul begin 33 Wherewith, O Lord, shall I drąw near 124 While dead in trespasses I lie . 132 Who are these arrayed in white . 78 Who can worthily commend

• 400 Who hath slighted or contemn'd 367 Who is this gigantic foe . . .265 Why not now, my God, my God 391 With glorious clouds encompass'd, &c. 125 Woe is me! what tongue can tell 111 Woe to the men on earth who dwell 65 Worship, and thanks, and blessing 263 Would Jesus have the sinner die

36 Wretched helpless and distrest


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Ye neigharaw near, vour Master P

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Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim

518 Ye simple souls that stray

- 25 Ye ransum'd sinners, lear

• 326 Yes, from this instant, now I will 174 Ye that pass by, behold the Man

28 Ye thirsty for God, to Jesus give ear 16 Ye virgin souls, arise

. 67 Vield to me now, for I am weak 138 men and maidens, raise


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Verse excepi the first, in each of the

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