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Página 61 - They ought rather to reflect, that he who falls by a mistaken sentence, may be considered as falling for his country ; whilst he suffers under the operation of those rules, by the general effect and tendency of which the welfare of the community is maintained and upholden.
Página 426 - ... the National Council has deemed it the best guarantee of common justice and ot future peace to abide by and maintain the existing laws upon the subject of slavery, as a final and conclusive settlement of that subject, in fact and in substance.
Página 32 - first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.
Página 354 - That the Democratic party will resist all attempts at renewing, in Congress or out of it, the agitation of the slavery question, under whatever shape or color the attempt may be made.
Página 331 - THE wild November comes at last Beneath a veil of rain ; The night wind blows its folds aside, Her face is full of pain. The latest of her race, she takes The Autumn's vacant throne : She has but one short moon to live, And she must live alone.
Página 327 - LEAF by leaf the roses fall, Drop by drop the springs run dry, One by one, beyond recall, Summer beauties fade and die; But the roses bloom again. And the springs will gush anew In the pleasant April rain, And the summer's sun and dew. So in hours of deepest gloom, When the springs of gladness fail, And the roses in their bloom Droop like maidens wan and pale, We shall find some hope that lies Like a silent germ apart, Hidden far from careless eyes...
Página 139 - This last table affords a striking illustration of the social condition of Russia. In the United States, for instance, a country much newer than Russia, and with only about one-third of her population, there are thirty towns of 20,000 and upwards, whose aggregate population is 2,291,609.
Página 521 - Physical Geography of the Sea," in which he computes the effect of a single inch of rain falling upon the Atlantic ocean. The Atlantic includes an area of twenty-five millions of square miles. Suppose an inch of rain to fall upon only one-fifth of this vast expanse.

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