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are inserted, but also such which are any ways argumentative, or enforcing (whether by examples, the equity of the things, the nature of God, his approbation, promises, or threatening), or any way illustrating or expounding of it, by whatsoever terms they are expressed : whereof a little use of this treatise will soon give full evidence. But, to prevent prejudices and mistakes, and give some light into

and method the Author hath taken, he proposeth these two things :

1. To prevent prejudice. Do not make a judgment from reading one or two texts at the beginning of any head : for, possibly, they may not at the first sight appear so pertinent to the matter as others do which follow; they may be only argumentative, and not positive: for the Author so placed them on purpose, that they might run in order as they lie in the Bible, that the Reader might go to any text of either Testament, without turning backward and forward; and thence it happens sometimes, that Scriptures least to the purpose first occur to view.

Likewise, pass not sentence upon any text under any head, as impertinent to the subject there, until it be seriously weighed: for possibly in so doing, thou mayest discern something in that Scripture which thou never didst observe before, nor mightest have taken notice of, had not the head or subject there turned thy thoughts upon it.

And then, the Author doubteth not, but that the composure itself, when judiciously considered, will prevent another censure, viz. That it is a needless work, as having been done already by others : this being a performance of another nature than any yet extant, and will be more serviceable in sundry views. For, notwithstanding any other helps, the finding out of apt Scriptures for illustrating or confirming any truth which may be upon our thoughts, has ever been, and still is, a difficult and laborious work; and thence men ofttimes use Scriptures, either not apt, according to the intent of the Holy Ghost; or such, the genuine sense of which is doubted.

And as for the use of concordances herein, each man's memory must record the Scriptures: for they must first occur to his thoughts, then his judgment must fix upon some word therein, under which the text is placed ; and it is possible not to hit the right term under which it is; and ofttimes look a long time ere he comes to it, because of the multitude of words there used; and haply miss it at last too,

and be put upon searching under another term. But here we need only turn to the subject inquired after, and, without any such stops, find. Scriptures full and apt thereto (by whatsoever terms or phrases they are expressed) occur to our eye at an instant; and, mostly, all that the Scripture affords on that subject.

II. To give some light into the method, and the use of this work.

1. Take notice, that, in Chap. XI. [Of the Failings of God's Children], the first texts are to prove each person's title to that appellation, then the next following, his failings : and this is done on purpose, that it might appear these are the Failings of God's Children; and so proper to the Head. : 2. Note also, That the words in a parenthesis, beginning with (or) are the marginal readings.

3. Some generał heads have no particulars following, but the whole placed under that general head. This is so done, either because the texts which the Scripture affords on that subject are but few, and so easily run through; or that the matters are so various, that almost every verse carries a distinct meaning in it, yet still relating to the general head; as in that [The Privileges of the Righteous), each text is almost a distinct privilege: so in that [Of the Character of Saints), and some others of like nature. And here to have descended to particular heads, would have been tedious and unnecessary; for the words being there transcribed, the Reader may presently inform himself in the whole, and in every particular.

LASTLY. A little pains in observing the CONTENTS or TABLE in the front of the book, which doth contain the general and particular heads, and also the references thereto, directing to Chapter and Page where each lieth, will enable us to discern more of the method and usefulness of the work, than can be well expressed in a short Introduction.

This therefore shall suffice, presuming the work itself will shew its own usefulness and advantage; holding a man to one subject, and yielding variety of matter to enforce it upon the mind, and leave impressions there : when the bare reading a chapter or two, which some use to do as a task, proves not effectual for that end; and searching proves laborious, and often discouraging and fruitless too.



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Sect. 1. SHEWING what religion is, and

First. Of his first state


how the knowledge of it is to be at-

Secondly. Of his fall



1 Thirdly. Of man's state by nature,

Sect. 11. The necessity of searching the

since sin entered



ib. Sect. I. Corrupt, unclean, and despe-

Sect. II. Of the Scriptures, their au-

rately wicked

thority, use, end, and excellency 2 See more of sin, chap. xiv.
See preaching of the word, chap. xxv. Sect. 11. Ignorant, opposing the true
CHAP. II. Of God: his nature, attri-

God, and adoring idols


butes, and works


See more of ignorance, chap. xxxvi.

Sect. I. His names, and titles ib.

Sect. Ill. In servitude to Satan and

Sect. it. He is a Spirit




Sect. iii. His excellency, majesty,

Sect. iv. The sad fruit aud end of such

a state


greatness, Perfection, glory, and

sovereignty, and absoluteness. His

See more of God's judgments against



sinners, chap. xiv.

See more in the duty of fearing God,

Fourthly. Under what case the law

concludes men


chap. xiv.

Sect. iv. He is invisible


Sect. 1. Under sin and guilt


Sect. v. He is incorruptible

Sect. II. Under the curse thereof 40

Sect. vi. He is the most strong, al-

Seet. III. The deeds of the law, or

mighty, and omnipotent God; a

sacrifices under it, cannot justify



or purge from sin, but still leave

Sect. vii. Heis omniscient, omnipre-

sinners under guilt, condemnation,

sent, immense


and wrath

Sect. Viit. He is most wise

19 Chap. V. Of man's salvation and re-

Sect. IX. He is most holy


demption; how it came, and by what

Sect. x. He is most just



Sect. xi. He is compassionate, piti Sect. 1. From God only, and no
ful, and merciful

otherwise -

See chap. xxxi.

Sect. 11. Who he is, and by whom

Sect. xii. He is long-suffering, and

this salvation is conveyed, and



wrought: Jesus Christ


Seet. XII. He is gracious, good, and

Sect. III. The excellency of this Sa-



viour, his fulness, and dignity in

Sect. xiv. He is faithfulness and

his person and authority




Seet. xv. He is unchangeable -

Sect. iv. The excellency of this Sa-


viour, his fulness, and dignity in

Sect. xvi. Heis infinite and unsearch-

his nature -


able -

ib: See more in pardon and salvation by

Sect. XVII. He is eternal


Christ alone, chap. viii.

Sect. xvii. He, only, is the true and

living God

ib. Chap. VI. How Christ wrought this sal-

See of worshipping God, chap. xiv. vation for sinners : what he was

Idolatry, chap. xxxviii.

made, and is, and what he did, in

order to it


CHAP. III. Of the one God, Father,

Sect. 1. He is Mediator


Son, and Spirit; or the Trinity 25

See more of Christ's excellency, chap. v.

Sect. 11. He took upon him the na-

ture of man, and humbled himself ib.

sect. iii.

Sect. II. He is made an High Priest 57

See more of the Spirit, chap. xix. sect. i.

Sect. iv. He offered himself to God as
CHAP. IV. Of Man, in his first estate,

a sacrifice; suffered for the sins of
wherein he was created; and of his

mankind, made peace through the



shedding of his own blood, by

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and grace

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which he entered into the holiest

Spirit, which are indispensably ne-


cessary to real saints


Sect. v. He fulfilled all righteousness See more of the fruits of faith, chap. ix.

of the law; bore the curse; took Of the fruits of the Spirit, chap. xix.

away the hand-writing of ordinan-

In duties, chap. xiv. xv. xvi.

ces; is our righteousness

61 In each duty in affliction, chap. XX.

See more of justification, chap viii.

In duties to magistrates, chap. xxii.

Sect. vi. He sanctifieth us: is our

CHAP. XI. The children of God them-



selves may be overtaken in faults; are

Sect. vii. He riseth from the dead ib.

not free from sinful dispositions and
Sect. vult. He ascended into heaven:

inclinations in this life; and there-

is our way to the Father, our advo-

fore may deserve to be chastised of

cate and intercessor there




Sect. ix. He is made our king and

Sect. 1. In general it is affirmed

head, to encounter, and conquer

Sect. II. Particular instances of the

our enemies : to rule for and in us 65

failings of God's children recorded 104

Sect. x. He is our prophet and shep-

Sect. u1. God will punish and correct

herd, to teach, guide, and feed us 66

the righteous for sin


Sect. xi. He is our all, in all things :

See God's threatenings and judgments

our completeness and perfection 68

against sin and sinnets, chap. xiv.

CHAP. VII. God's free choice of us in

CHAP. XII. Of the privileges of the
Christ Jesus to eternal life, and call-

righteous, and their excellency above

ing of us according to his purpose others: what God hath done, doth,


and will do for them, more than for

Chap. VIII. Pardon and remission of others; and what they can do with
sins; reconciliation and peace with God, &c.


God; justification and sanctification See more in the next chapter of union

before God; eternal life and salva-

and relation to Christ.

tion free, through the grace of God, See the advantages of faith, chap. ix.

by the death, sacrifice, and sufferings See privileges in afflictions, chap. xx.

of Christ

74 In times of common calamities, chap. xxi.

In general

ib. See the glory reserved for believers.

In particular


chap. xxxv.

Sect. 1. Pardon of sins

ib. CHAP. XIII. Of the union and relation
Sect. 11. Reconciliation and peace

between Christ and his church, and

with God


their mutual love and esteem; toge-

Sect. III. Justification and sanctifica-

ther with the manifestation thereof 119

tion before God


Sect. iv. Eternal life and salvation 80 Chap. XIV. Of the duties of believers,
See more in chap. ix. sect. i.

especially such as would excel. First.
Toward God

- 121

Chap. IX. How men have the benefit

of this salvation; or by what means

Sect. I. In general, to live to God,

it becomes theirs in particular

not to themselves: to be holy, fruit-


ful, walking in the light, in an

Sect. I. By faith


honest, heavenly, and spiritual

Sect. ll. Of faith, in its riature and

conversation, worthy of their high
object, use, benefits, and advanta-
ges, further than as before, relating

calling : to glorify God, and mind

the things above-

to this salvation


In its nature and object

Sect. II. In particular : to love God


the Father, and our Lord Jesus

Sect. Ill. Farther benefits and advan-

Christ, and set our affections on

tages of faith


things above


See more, trusting ir God, chap. xvi.

Sect. III. As fruits of love to God and

Sect. iv. The effects or fruits, by

which we know a right faith

Christ, to delight themselves in


God, long for, pant after him,

See fruits of the Spirit, chap xix.

make their boast of, glory and re-

Sect. v. The dangerous state and is-

joice in God and Christ, as their

sue of unbelief


portion and rest. And to obey and

CHAP. X. Characters of saints, good

hearken to the laws and words of

men, believers, appearing in word

God and Christ


and deed

94 First. To delight in, long for, pant

Sect. I. That such may be known

after, make their boast of, glory

from others by their fruits


and rejoice in God and Christ,

Sect. 11. The particular fruits of the

as their portion and rest ib.


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Secondly. To obey and hearken to

the laws and word of God in



See more of disobedience, sect. xiv.

subdivision iv.

Sect. iv. Worship God, and sanctify

him therein


See more in chap. xxv. and of idolatry,

chap. xxxviii.

Sect. v. To believe, and be found in

the practice of the things of God,

and his worship, but that which

clearly (according to the precepts,

rules, and examples of the scrip-

tures) appears to be Christ's mind,

upon which we can in faith ex-

pect acceptance


Sect. vi. To pray unto God: of

prayer at large


See more of afflictions, chap. xx. com-

mon calamities, chap. xxi.

Sect. vii. To take especial notice of

the acts of God's goodness and

mercy; keep memorials thereof,

celebrate his praises, extol him,

and stir up others so to do


Sect. viii. To fear God, and none

else; the arguments for it


L. Not to fear any else; or other



LI. Fear God

Sect. ix. To trust in God, and in

none else, in all cases: the argu-

ments thereto

- 162

I. Not in any else


II. In God alone

- 163

See more of faith, chap. ix.

Sect. x. To look with faith, and hope,

and perseverance unto God in alí

cases: the arguments for such be-



See more in the nature and use of faith,

chap. ix.

Sect. xi. To walk humbly before God,

abasing ourselves, opposing all high

thoughts, and avoiding boasting :

the reasons


See more of submitting in affliction,

chap. xx.

See of death, chap. xxxii.

Sect. XII. The excellence of meek-

ness and patience: the encourage-

ments thereto


See more, duties of brethren in the Lord,

chap. xv.

Duties to all men, chap. xvii.
Duties to persecutors, chap. xx.

Sect. XIII. To take heed to our lips,

that our words be not rash, but

true, seasonable, well ordered, and



Sect. xiv. To confess and mourn for

sin, depart from it, and watch

against it: the arguments. God's

complaint against, and reasoning


with sinners : his threatenings and

judgments against sin and sin-



1. What sin is


II. To confess our sins to God;

both our own and others; and

to mourn for them


See more in affliction, chap. xxii.
In common calamities, chap. xxiii.

In prayer, chap. xvi.

III. To depart from sin, and all

appearance of it: hate it, and

avoid the occasions of it: the



See duties in general, sect. i.

IV. God's expostulations, com-

plaints, threatenings, and judg-

ments against sinners, for their

several sins, disobedience, and


- 192

See more of man's state by nature,

chap. iii.

Of God's correcting his children for sin,

chap. xi.

Pardon of sin, chap. viii.

Sect. xv. To own and profess the

true God, and our Lord Jesus

Christ, boldly before men; and to

wait for Christ's second coming 203

1. To own and confess the true

God and our Lord Jesus Christ

before men


See more of owning him in time of per-

secution, chap. xx.

Of perseverance, sect. xvii.

II. To wait for the second coming

of Christ


See more, his coming to judgment,

chap. xxxvi.

Sect. xvi. To walk with God heartily,

uprightly, sincerely, and to follow

him fully and zealously: the rea-

sons thereof


See also hypocrites, &c. chap. xxv.

Sect. xvii. To stick fast to God, and

not to depart from him : to abide

in the faith and practice of his will,

and persevere to the end: the rea-



I. To persevere and abide in faith

and practice, &c.


See more of holding fast to God in time

of affliction, chap. xx.

II. That believers shall have grace

and power to stand


See more of God upholding us in afflic-

tions, chap. xx.

Sect. xvIII. To take care to watch di-

ligently over ourselves, with a

holy jealousy and fear, lest we

should apostatise and depart from

God, his truths, and ways, into

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