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volumes, with maps of the seat of war, History of Sumatra, a Grammar of the &c.

Malayan Language. Mr. Alexander Chalmers is engaged Proposals are issued for publishing on a new edition of the Biographical by subscription, A History and TopoDictionary, in octavo, which is ex- graphical Description of the Isle of pected to extend twenty-one Axholme, and parts adjacent. volumes.

Mr. Diy is expected to publish the W. Dyke, esq. of Lincolns Inn, has first volume of Elements of the Pniin the press, the Practice of the Court losophy of Chemistry in the course of of Chancery; with copies of the rules next month. and orders, and precedents of bills of Mr. Beloe will shortly publish the costs.

fifth volume of Anecdotes of Litera'ure, To be published in a few days, The sixth and last, with complete handsomely printed in four large Index to the whole is in great forwardvolumes Svo, (in a uniform Size with Mr. Malone's Edition of the Prose Among the valuable MSS. of the Works, the late Editions of Spencer, Oriental Library of Monte-Casino, a Milton, &c) with a Portrait, The Greek MS. of Apollonius-Evauder, Poetical Works of J. Dryden. With (the Nephew of Apollonius of Rhodes) notes and illustrations by the late Dr. has recently been discovered, In this MS. Joseph Warton, the Rev. John Warton, is contained among other interesting and others, and his Life by Dr. Samuel subjects a detailed account of the ErupJohnson.

tion of Vesuvius in the reign of Titus. Mr, T. Leybourn, editor of the A learned Hellenist will soon give a Mathematical Repository, intends to trans ation of this work, with the Greek publish by subscription, in 8vo., A in an opposite columu. Collection of all the Mathematical Nearly ready for publication, The Questions and their Answers, which Bequest from a Father to his Son, with have appeared in the Ladies Diary an elegant engraving, in foolscap 8vo. froin its commencement in 1704 to the Also a superfine Edition in post 8vo., present time; with some valuable ad- on superfine Bath vellum paper. ditions by several ingenious mathema- Mr. King, drawing-master of Chi. ticians, including (by permission) those chester, has issued proposals for pulsby Dr. C. Hutton, given in a similar lishing by subcription, under the pawork in 1773.

tronage of the Bishop of that Diocese, Mr. Nicholas Carlisle, is preparing a print from a large painting of the bis Topographical Dictionary of Scot- Bishops of Selsey and Chichester, from land and the Islands in the British Seas, St. Wilfred, the first prelate A. D. 681, which will complete his work on the down to the Reformation. This picture, United Kingdom.

containing fifty-eight Portraits with A translation of La Mythologie en inscription, is in the south transept Estampes, ou Figures des Divinités of Chichester Cathedral, and fabuleuses, &c., is in the press, with painted by Bernardi in 1519. critical, historical, and explanatory R. Wharton, esq. M. P. has in the notes, and illustrated by plates.

press in a 4to volume, Roncesvalles, a Mr. Nichols will publish the seven- poem in twelve books. teenth and last portion of his History A work has just been announced, on of Leicestershire early in next month. the ancient costume of England, from

Mr. Trotter, author of Memoirs of the design of Charles Hamilton, esq. the latter years of Mr. Fox, has to be executed in aqua-tinta by Mr. made considerable progress in the Pub- G. A. Atkinson and Mr. Merigot. lic Life of Mr. Fox, which will include Each plate will represent one, two, or the verified substance of his principal more objects accurately coloured, and speeches, and the history of parties, in the back ground will generally be ilthree 8vo. volumes.

lustrative of the subject. The figures Mr. Jopp will shortly publish, His- will be represented in the attitudes of torical Reflections on the Constitution life, and in a style of improved drawing, of Eng

whenever the original demands it; the Speedily will be published by Wil- author pledging himself to give the liam Marsden, F. R. S. Author of the exact costume of his prototype, without

was ex

confining himself to the attitudes of Winter and Spring, the following Lisepulchral monuments or the hard and

brari: s. disproportioned lines of Anglo-Saxon The Duplicates of some Miscella. and Nornian illumirations.

veous Books selected from the Library Mr. Nichols' Literary Anecdotes of of his Grace the late Duke of Grafton, the Eighteenth Century, in six octaro &c. volumes, with portraits, may be

A Collection of Duplicates from the pected the end of next month.

Stock of Mr. W. Lunn, of the Classical Dr. Alex. Monro, junicr, will shortly Library, Soho-square; among which publish, in royal octavo, the Moroid are many valuable and rare Articles Anatomy of the Gullet, the Stomach, imported from the Cotinent, the whole and the Intestines, illustrated by of which will be submitted to the Publie twenty engravings.

without the least reservation. Lord Berners' translation of Frois. The Library of the late John Thorpe, sart's Chronicles, in two 4to, volaines, M. D. F. R. S. author of the Registrum, is expected to appear this inonth.

Reoflense', &c. Will be published speedily hand- The Library of the late Rev. Mathew somely printed in 4to., with engravings, Raine, D. D, F. R. S. and F. A. S. head price 11.11s. 60., or on fine paper, price Master of Charterhouse School, Senior 21. 2s, boards. The Life of the Rev. Feltow of Trinity College Cainbridge, John Hough, D. D. successively Bishop and Preacher to the Hon. Society of of Oxforii, of Lichfield and Coventry,

Gray's lun. and' of Worcester; formerly President Mr. Wintle of Brightwell, author of of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford, a Cominentary on Daniel, has now in in the Reign of James II., containing the press of the University of Oxford, many of his Letters and Biographical a work entitled Christian Ethics, conNotices of several Persons with whom sisting of Discourses on the Beatitud s, he was connected. By John Wilinot, with some preliminary and consequent esq.

discourses all of which are designed to Messrs. Leigh and Sotheby, will explain, recommend or enforce the submit for Public Sale, during the duties of the Christian Life.



in the most impartial and authentic manner. From the French, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 11s. 60.

Londina Illustrata, Number XI : consisting of four Plates, and a Sheet of Letter-press, the History of the Pie-powder Court, the Plate of which was given in a former Number, 8s.


Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce
Books. By the Rev. William Belve,
Translator of Herodutus, &c. Vol. 5,
8vo. 12s.

Hortus Kewensis; or, a Catalogue of the Plants cultivated in the Royal Boianical Garden at Kew.

By the laie William Aiton. The Second Eddition, enlarged by William Townsend Aiton, Gardener to his Majesty, vol. 3, 8vo. 125.


EDUCATION A Regular Book for the Answers to be entered by the Pupils to the Questions given as exainples for Practice in the Introduction to the use of the Globes. By the Rev. W. Field. 2s.

The Lives John Selden, esq. and Archbishop Usher, with notices of the prigcipal English men of letters with whom they

were connected, by J. Aikin, M. D. 10s. 6d.

Biograpbie Moderne ; or Lives of Remarkable Characters who have distinguished themselves from the Com-mencement of the French Revolution to the present Time, in which all the Facts which concern them are related


Petralogy, a Treatise on Rooks. By John Pinkertou, esq. Author of Modern Geography, &c. With twenty-five Engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. 21. 2s.


The Organic Remains of the Former and Questions ; also new ones proWorld. Containing the Remains of postd to be answered next Year ; tóge. Insects, Shells, Amphibia, Lund Ani- ther with some original philosopbical mals, &e. With 53 coloured Piates, Papers and useful Extracts.

The representing nearly 400 Fossil Specimens. Diagrains on Wood, by Berryman. The Third and concluding Volume, by

2s. 6d. James Parkinson, 4to. 31. 135. Gd.

Au Elementary Investigation of the

Theory of Numbers; with its Applica. HISTORY

tion to the Indeterminate and DiophanA New Analysis of Chronology in

tine Analysis, the Analytical and Geothree volunes 4to. By William Hales,

metrical division of the Circle, and D. D. The second volume, in two

several other curious Algebraical and books, 4to. 41. 48.

Arithmetical Problems. By Peter A Concise History of the Moors in

Barlow. of the Royal Military Academy. Spain, from their Invasion of that

8vo. 14s. Kingdom until their final expulsion from it. By Thomas Bourke, esq. 4to.

Mechanical Exercises; or, the Ele11. Is.

ments and Practice of Carpentry, JURISPRUDENCE.

Joinery, Bricklaying, Masonry, Slating, Jurisconsult Exercitations, volume Plastering, Painting, Smithing, and I. and II. By Francis Hargrave,

Turning. Containing a full Descripesq. One of the King's Counsel in the

tion of the Tools belonging to each Lav. Vol. 1 and 2,4to. 41. 12s.

Branch of Business, and copious DiA Treatise of Equity; with the

rections for their Use: with an ExplaAddition of Marginal Notes and Re

nation of the Terms used in each Art; ferences. The fourth edition, corrected,

and an Introduction to Practical Geoto this edition are added, Francis'

metry. By Peter Nicholson. 8vo. 39 Maxims of Equity. By John Fonblan- plates. 18s. que, esq. Barrister at Law, 2 vol. royal 8vo. il. 12s. A Practical Treatise on the Law

Practical Observations on Cancer. relative to Apprentices and Journeymen,

By the late John Howard, Fellow of the and to the Exercising Trades. By

Royal College of Surgeons, and Surgeon Joseph Chitty, esq.

Extraordinary to the Cancer-ward in A Treatise on the Game Laws, and

the Midilesex Hospital. Now first on Public and Private Fisheries. Com- published from his Papers. Should this prising a Digest of the Law, and an

work admit of any profit, it will be apAppendix, containing every Statute propriated for the benefit of the said and Case on the Subject. By Joseph

Hospital. 8vo. 5s. Chitty, esq.

An Essay on the Yellow Fever; with Tracts on Legal and other Subjects, Observations conceraing Febrile ConBy the Hon. Sir W. C. Snith, Bart. tagion, Typhus Fever, Dysentery, and LLD F.R.S. &c. M. R.I.A., third Baron the Plagre; partly delivered at the of the Exchequer in Ireland.

Part I.,

Gulstonian Lectores before the College Svo. 4s. 6d.

of Physicians, in the Years 1506 and 1807. By Edward Nathaniel Bancroft,

M. D. Fellow of the Royal College of Elements of Geometry, Geometrical

Physicians, Physician to the Army, Analysis, and Plane Trigonometry.

and late Physician to St. George's Hos. With an Appendix, and copious Notes

pital. 8vo. 11. ls. and [Hlustrations. By John Leslie,

Observations on the Surgical AnaF. R. S. Ed. Professor of Mathematics

tomy of the Head and Neck, illustrated in the University of Edinburgh, the

by Cases and Engravings. By Allan second edition, improved and enlarged,

Burns, Member of the Royal College of 8vo. 12s.

Surgeons, London, and Lecturer on Number XV, (continued Annually),

Anatomy and Surgery, Gasgow. Davis' Gentleman's Mathematical

Vaccination Vindicated; or, Companion, for the Year 1812. Con

Address to the People of England upon taiping Answers to the last Years

the important Subject of Vaccine Enigmas, Rebuses, Charades, Queries,

Inoculation, with Remarks on the and Health, introduced into a Course of Dragoons. Elucidated by twenty ele


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cap 8vo. 7s.

Necessity in its Behalf of Legislative Tracts on the most interesting and enterand Clerical Interference; written with taining Subjects; selected from various a View to remove some Prejudices public and private libraries, particularly inimical to its Progress, and to guide that of the late Lord Somers. Revised, the Public to a right Consideration of augmented, and arranged. By W. Scott, its great and real Merits. By James esg. Vol. VI. 4to. 31. 3s. Cooper, Norwich, one of the Society Advice to all who bathe for Amuseof Friends. 2s.

ment, Health, or who are desirous of acquiring the Art of Swimmin. By W. H. Mallison, 6d.

Anecdotes of the Manners and CusObservations on the Present State of

toms of London, from the Roman Inthe Portuguese Army, as organized by

vasion to the Year 1700; including the Lieutenant-general Sir William Carr

Origin of British Society, Custom, and Beresford, K. B. Field Marshal and

Mavner; with a General Sketch of the Commander in Chief of that Army.

State of Religion, during that Period. With an Account of the different Mili.

By James Peller Malcolm, F. S. A. tary Establishments and Laws of Por

An octavo edition, with eighteen Enlugal, and a Sketch of the Campaigns

gravings, 3 Vol. 21. 2s. of the last and present Year, during

A Looking-Glass for the Ladies. which the Portuguese Army

Which possesses not only the Property brought into the field, against the

of showing what they are, but what Enemy, for the first Time, as a regular

they onght to be. 12mo, 5s. Force. To which is subjoined, a Re

Leisure Hours; or, Morning Amuseturu of British Officers serving with

ments; consisting of Poems ou various the Portuguese Army on

the 16th

interesting Subjects, moral, religious, July, 1811. By Andrew Halliday,

and miscellaneous, By W. Steers, foolsM. D. With Plans of Battles, &c. 4to. 15s.

De la Literature, considerée dans ses Explanation of the Review Mance

Rapports avec les Institutions Sociales. uvres of a Regiment of Cavalry ; par

Par Madame de Stael Holstein, Auteur ticularly, intended for the Instruction

de Corinne ou l'Italie, &c. Precedé de of Young Officers.' Ву William

Memoires sur la Vie de l'Auteur. 2 vol. Hackett, Captain and Adjutant, 4th

small 8vo. 14s. East York Local Militia ; late Quarter-master

Bionomia, or Opinions concerning Life in the 21st Light


Lectures on the Physiology of Sentient gant Engravings. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Beings. By A. P. Buchan, M. D. of the
College of Physicians of London. post

8vo. 5s. 6d. Histo’re des Feinmes Francaises, les plus celebres, et de leur Influence sur la Litterature, &c. Par Mad. De Genlis. An Attempt to simplify the Notation 2 Vol. 12mo. 10s.

of Music, illustrated by Examples both The Dairyman's Daughter; an au. Sacred and Secular. By B. S. Bootsey, thentic and interesting Narrative, in F. L, S. 4to. 10s. 6d. five Parts. 6d. The Projector; a Periodical Paper,

ORIENTAL LITERATURE. originally published in Monthly Numbers, from January 1802, to November The Eleventh Volume of the Asiatie 1809; revised and corrected, by the au- Researches; or, Transactions of the thor, 3 Vol. 8vo. 11. 7s.

Society instituted in Bengal, for inquirA Selection of Articles from the Gen- ing into the History and Antiquities, tleman's Magazine. Vol. IV. 8vo. the Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Asia, 14s.

4to. 21. 2s. An Abridgement of Locke's Essay,

PHILOLOGY. concerning Human Understanding. By Touissa Capper, 4to. 11.

A Vocabulary in the English, Latin, A collection of scarce and valuable German, French, Italian, Spanish, and



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Portuguese Languages; exhibiting at critical and explanatory. By the Rev. one View in Classical and Alphabetical Wm. Goode, Rector of St. Andrew, Order; shewing the Analogy between Wardrobe, and St. Ann, Blackfriars; one Langnage and another. A con- Lecturer of St. John, of Wapping, &ć, siderable Number of Military Terms 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 1s. and on fine royal are inserted, for the use of Gentlemen

paper, 11. lls, 60. in the Army. By J. Boardman, 12mo. 7s. Dr. Whitby's Discourse on the Five

A Hebrew and English Lexicon ; to Points, abridged. 12mo. 35. 6d. which is added, a compendious Gram- Canticles; or, Song of Solomon. A mar of the Hebrew Language. By the New Translation, with Notes, and an Rev. W. H. Barker, A. B.

Attempt to interpret the Sacred Alleedition, 8vo. 108. 6d.

gories contained in that Book. To A Grammar of the Persian Language; which is added, an Essay on the Name comprising a Portion of the Elements and Character of the Redeemer. By of Arabic Inflexion ; together with some the Rev. John Fry, A. B. Rector of Observations on the Structure of either Derford in Leicestershire, and. ChapLanguage, considered with Reference lain to the Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount to the Principles of general Grammar. Ranelagh. By M. Lumsden, LL. D. Professor of Sparkles of Glory; or, Sume Beams Arabic and Persian in the College of of the Morning Star : wherein are many Fort William, in Bengal, 2 vols. foolscap Discoveries as to Truth and Peace, to folio, 41. 4s.

the Establishment and pure EolargeA Dictionary of the Malayan Lan- ment of a Christian in Spirit and in guage, in two Parts, Malayan and Truth. By John Saltmarsh, 12mo. English, and English and Malayan. 3s. 6d. By William Marsden, F.R.S. Author Holy Discoveries and Flames, adorned of the History of Sumatra. 4to. 21. 2s. with Emblems, and an engraved Frontis

piece. 12mo, 3s. 6d. By John Saltmarsh. POETRY

Lectures on the Pastoral Character. The Curse of Kehama, a Poem. By By the late George Campbell, D. D. Robert Southey, the second edition, F. R. S. Ed. Principal of Marischal 2 vols. 12mo. 14s.

College, Aberdeen, Edited by James POLITICAL ECONOMY.

Fraser, D. D, Minister of Drumoak. 8vo.

78. Gd. An Essay on the Good Effects which

A Review of Mr. J. A. Haldane's may be derived in the British WestIndies, in Consequence of the Abolition

late publication, entitled, “ Observations of the African Slave Trade ; including

on Forbearance;" in which the leading

Principles of that Work, and their an Inquiry into the present Insular Police of those Colonies.

Tendency, are examined. By Samuel
By Stephen

Jones, 12mo. Is. 6d.
Gaisford, Esq. 8vo. 7s.
Remarks on a Bill, for the better

Observations on some iinportant Points Regulating and Preserving of Parish

of Divinity, chiefly those in Controversy

between the Arminians and Calvinists. other Registers. Addressed to the

Extracted from Authors of the 17th Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Sarum. By the Rev. Charles Daubeny, LL. B.

Century. By Ely Bates, Esq. Second Archdeacon of Sarum. 2s.

Edition, with Additions.

Norum Testamentuin Græce cui præPOLITICS,

fixæ Lexiones Variantes Præcipuæ, necHistorical Refleetions on the Con- non amplius quam Septingentæ voces stitution and Representative System of ellipticæ subjectæ sunt. E recensione England, with Reference to the Popular Millii et Griesbachii, Edinburgi : E Propositions for a Reform in Parliameut. prelo Academico. To which are preBy Jamess Jopp, Esq. 8vo. IOs. 6d. fixed, the various Readings which Gries

bach considers genuine, and nearly 800

elliptical Words subjoined at the Bottom An Entire New Version of the Book of the Page. By A. Dickinson, of the of Psalms; in which an Attempt is University Press, Edinburgh. 12mo. 4s. made to accommodate them to the bound. Worship of the Christian Church, in 'a Two Sermons, preached at the VisitaVariety of Measures, now in general tion of the Rev. the Archdeacon at Use; with original Prefaces; and Notes, Leicester, in the Years 1805 and 1811.


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