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Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

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The Rev. S. Barrow, Author of Ques- the use of Merchants, Officers, and tions on the New Testament, has in the others concerned in this branch of the press a compilation under the title of the business of the Customs. Poor Child's Library. It is calculated A new Grammar of the Spanish Lanto bc put into the hands of children guage, designed for every Class of Learnwho have received an eleemosynary edu- ers, and especially for such as are their cation,

own Instructors, by L. J. A. Mc Henry, Mr. Shulher is printing the Triumphs a native of Spain, and teacher of the of Learning, a Poem.

Spanish, French, and English LanMr. Reynolds, master of the Lambeth guages, will be published early this Boys Parochial School, has in the press month. The Appendix to the Grammar a small tract, entitled the Teacher's will contain an explanation of the PrinArithmetic, containing a set of sums in ciples of Spanish Prosody, and an eluNumeration and simple Addition, Part cidation of the rules, nature, rhythm, the First: principally intended for the and various kinds of Spanish verse : guidance of youth, who are the con- dialogues, with reference to the rules in. ducting agents of a system (the Rev. the Grammar; and a few specimens of Dr. Bell's) “ resting on the principle of letters, and other commercial docutuition by the scholars themselves." ments. And, if encouraged to proceed, the se- Dr. Cogan, of Clapton, has in the press cond Part will comprehend simple Sub- an octavo volume on the Jewish Dispentraction, Multiplication, and Division.- tion. The third part, compound Addition and Two volumes of Sermons on various compound Subcraction; and the fourth important Subjects, by the late Rev. Part, compound Multiplication and Owen Manning, Vicar of Godalming, in compound Division.

Surrey, author of a Saxon Dictionary, Mr. Bramsby, of Ipswich, will, in a few. and a history of that county, are in the days, publish a correct Delineation of press. The Path of the Comet, and a full and Mrs. West is preparing for publica. distinct account of its elements, &c. In tion a novel, on the subject of the civil the plate will also be exhibited the path wars in the seventeenth century, in which of the Comet of 1807.

our present civil and religious dissenThe Rev. T. Castley has in the press sions are taken into consideration. Essays and Dissertations on Subjects in Mr, T. L. Peacock, author of the GePhilology, History, Politics, and common nius of the Thames, and other poems, Life.

will shortly publish, in a quarto volume, Speedily will be published, the whole the Philosophy of Melancholy, a poem; Proceedings in the important Case late- and the Spirit of Fire, a mythological ly decided by the Court of King's Bench, ode. between the Rev. Dr. Povah and the A work is announced, under the title Lord Bishop of London, from authentic of Cambrian Popular Antiquities, conDocuments, and under the inspection of taining a full detail and comprehensive Dr. Povah and his Friends.

view of the ancient customs, legends, Mr. James Smyth, of the Custom- and superstitions of the ancient Britons, house, Hull, intends shortly to publish, shewing the manners of remote ages, as in one volume, 8vo. a Treatise on the well as those now existing, among the inPractice of the Customs in the Entry, habitants of the principality, with a cirExamination, and Delivery of Goods and cumstantial account of their weddings Merchandise, imported from foreign and courtships, with their preparations Parts, with a copious illustration of the for weddings, biddings, and their cele warehousing System, being intended for bration of marriage; their prophetic VOL. VIII.

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forebodings, or signals before death ; splendid volume, consisting of 24 engrartheir burial and attendant customs; ings, and an ample portion of lettersome account of their saints and heroes, press, entitled the Fine Arts of the Engviz. the history of King Arthur, divested lish School, edited by J. Britton, F.S.A. of fable; Merlin and his prophecies, &c.; The plates are engraved by Scott, J. St. Daviu and his miracles, &c. The Pye, Carden, Scriven, Le Keux, Bond, whole collected from ancient records &c. froin pictures by Sir Joshua Reyand local traditions of the country, with nolds, West, Gainsborough, Romney, notes, by the editor.

Westali, Howard, Shçe, Tarner, NorthProfessor Bonnycastle, of Woolwich, cote, &c.; others from scnlpture, by will speedily publish, in two octavo vo- Banks, Flasman, and Nollekens: also lumes, a Treatise on Algebra, in prac- four plates illustrative of the architectice and theory, with notes and illustra- ture and construction of St. Paul's tions. This work is designed to form the Church. The literary essays are, a me.. second and third parts of the author's moir of Sir Joshua Reynolds, by James, intended general course of mathematics, Northcote, Esq. R.A.; a memoir of G.., of which some succeeding branches are Romney, by T. Phillips, Esq. R.A., a nearly, ready for the press.

memoir of the Marquis of Granby, by J. Dr. Lipscombe is preparing a Gram- M. Good, Esq.; a memoir of Dunning, mar of the Elements of Medicine, in- Lord Ashburton, by John Adolphus, tended to serve both as a book of in- Esq., and other essays by Edm. Aikin, struction and reference.

Esq. R. Hunt, Esq. Prince Hoare, Esq. Dr. David Brewster will shortly pub- and the editor. The volume is distinlish, in one octavo volume, a Treatise on guished for its elegant appearance,

beaunew Philosophical Instrumeuts for va- tiful embellishments, and excellent typorious purposes in the arts and sciences, graphy. illustrated by plates.

Mr. John Marve; the author of a treaMr. Charles Butler proposes to publish tise on the Mineralogy of Derbyshire, iş by subscription, in two octavo volumes, aboại to publish a Narrative of his Voyan easy Introduction to the Mathema- age to the Rio de la Plata, and of his tics, being a complete system of ele- Travels in Brazil, during a period of six mentary instruction in the leading years, from 1804 to 1810. The principal branches of the science.

part of this work relates to the interior Mr. Goodacre, of Standard-hill Acade- of Brazil, where no Englişbman was ever my, near Nottingham, has in the press, permitted to travel, and particularly the an impartial Review of the new System gold and diamond districts, which the of Education, generally ascribed to Dr. author investigated by order of the Prince Bell and Mr. Lancaster. He is also pre- Regent. paring for the press, Outlines of an Eco- Mr. Saumarez will shortly publish a. nomical Plan for the Education of the work on the Philosophy of Physiology Poor on rational and solid Principles., and of Physics, comprehending an exa

Alexander Whyte, Esq. Barrister, has mination of the modern systems of pbiin the press, Velina, a moral tale, in two losophy: 8vo. volumes.

Speedily will be published, bandsomely The Rev. Mr. Hart, of Bristol, bas in the printed on fine wove demy, in five vols. press, Miscellaneous English Exercises, in 8vo. embellished with a head of the auProse and Poetry, written in false gram- thor, from a painting by Opie, and en, mar, false spelling, and without stops. graved by Heath, price 31. in boards,

* The Rev. J. Joyce is preparing a Sys- the complete Works of Peter Pindar, tem of Algebra and Fluxions, practically Esq. adapted to the use of schools.

Mr. Macpherson, author of the Annals The Rev. T. Castley has in the press, of Commerce, has nearly ready for pub, Essays and Dissertations on Philology, lication, the History of the European History, Politics, and Common Life. Commerce with India, with a review of

Major Price's second volume of Me. the arguments for and against the mainoirs of Mohammedan History is ex- nagement of it by a chartered compapected to appear early in May.

ny, an appendix of authentic accounts, Mr. Thomas Ashe will speedily pub- and a map appropriated to the work, lish, in three volumes, the Liberal Cri- Dr. Cheyne, of Dublin, late of Leith, tic, or Memoirs of Henry Percy.

has in the press, in an octavo volume, In a few days will be published, a Cases of Apoplexy, and Lethargy, with


Observations on the Comatose Diseases, ty's preachers at Whitehall, late assistillustrated by engravings.

apt to the preacher at Lincoln's lon. Mr. Quintin, the author of the new To be published in a few days, in two English Grammar, has in the press a vols. with plates, Debrett's Peerage of new edition of his French Grammar. the United Kingdom ; a new edition,

Miss F. A. Rowden, the author of the improved and corrected to the day of Pleasures of Friendship, will publish, in publication, the beginning of next month, the second To be published shortly, in three vols. edition of her Poetical Introduction to super-royal 8vo, double columns, printed the Study of Botany, with seven copper- in the most clegant manner by Ballanplate engravings,

tyne, Tales of the East, collated with the A splendid engraving of the Death of original or early translations, and now Sir Ralph Abercrombie, in Egypt, was first arranged in one uniform edition, by undertaken by the late Mr. Legat, from Henry Weber, Esq. a picture painted for the purpose by Mr. In a few days will be published, Childe Stothard, in which is introduced all the Harold's Pilgrimage, å poem: written principal officers who were engaged in during the author's travels in Portugal, that inem able campaign. Mr. Legat Spain, Albania, and some of the most had worked constantly upon this piate interesting parts of Greece; with notes. for about three years, and fell a sacrifice To which are added, a few Miscellaneous to his exertions just as he was bringing Poems and Translations of modern Greek them to a close. The plate has been Songs, written chiefly abroad ; and a recently purchased by Mr. Bowyer, of short Appendix, containing illustrations Pall Mall, who intends bringing it out of modern Greek literature, with a catavery shortly. It is exactly of ihe same logue of Romaic authors. By Lord Bysize, and, from the circumstances attend. Handsomely priated in 4to. ing it, must be, of course, a proper com- Mr.T. Leybouri, editor of the Mathepanion either to the Death of Nelson, matical Repository, has issued proposals dow publishing by Messrs. Boydell, or for publishing by subscription), all the that by Mr. West,

Mathematical Qaestions and their AnA splendid and highly interesting ori- swers, from the commencement of the ginal work, in 4to. entitled the Border Ladies' Diary to the present time. BeAntiquities of England and Scotland deli- sides the valuable notes given in Dr. neated, is in great forwardness, the first Hutton's edition, the present editor inpart of which will be published on the last tends to give others; and in particular day of this month (March). It is intend- he means to give, as far as he can, brief ed to comprize, in this work, the whole notices of any circumstances he may be of the antiquities of the Borders; exhi- able to learn respecting such authors of biting specimens of the architecture, the answers to the questions as are dead, sculpture, and other restiges of former and even of such as are alive, when it ages, from the earliest times to the union can be done with propriety. of the two crowns, accompanied with In a few days will be published, the descriptive sketches and biographical re- third volume of Mr. Britton's Architecmarks; together with a brief historical tural Antiquities of Great Britain, with account of the principal events that 70 engravings. Among other subjects, have occurred in this interesting part of it comprises historical and descriptive Great Britain. The whole of the plates accounts, with numerous illustrative enwill be engraved by J. Greig, from paint- gravings of plans, views, elevations and ings made expressly for this work' by details of the following edifices, viz. Mr. G. Arnold, A.R.A.; Mr. A. Nas- Castle Acre Priory Church; Norfolk ; myth, Edinburgh; and Mr. L. Clennel. Waltham Abbey Church; Hedinghain

A translation of Depping's History of Castle; St. George's Chapel, Windsor; Spain is in a state of forwardness.

Roslyn Chapel, Scotland ; St. Nicholas's Dr. Irvine has issned proposals for Chapel, and the Red Mount Chapel, publishing a volume of Letters on Sici- Lynı; Priory Church, at Christ Church; ly, by subscription.

Norwich Cloister; St. James's Tower, Shortly will be published, in 8vo. Ser- and the Abbey Gateway, Bury; School's mops preached at Lincoln's Inn, in the Tower, Oxford ; the curious door-way to years 1806 and 1807. By J. B. Holling- Lullingtou Church. worth, M. A. Fellow of St. Peter's Col- Preparing for publication, the Book of lege, Cambridge, and one of his Majes- the Church; describing, 1 The religions


of our British, Roman, and Saxon an- collected, with occasional notes, and a cestors, and the consequences resulting critical and biographical memoir of the from their respective systems. 2. A view author, will speedily appear in six octavo of Popery and its consequences. 3. A volumes. picture of Puritanism. 4. A picture In the press, and speedily will be pubof Methodism, concluding with lished, the sixth edition of Richardson's account of what the church is, how it Essays on Shakespeare's Dramatic Chaacts upon us, and shewing how insepa- racters, evlarged and corrected. .rably it is connected with the interest of Talavera, a poem, with notes. The the country ; interspersed with interest- ninth edition, corrected and enlarged. ing biographical sketches. Neatly print- To which are now added, Trafalgar, and ed in small octavo.

other Poems, elegantly printed in 4to. In the course of this month will be with a portrait of Lord Wellington, from published, a Voyage round tne World, in a bust in the possession of Johu Wilthe years 1803-4-5 and 6. By command son Croker, Esq. will be ready in a few of his Imperial Majesty, Alexander I., days. in the ships Nadeshda and Neva, under The Rev. D. Lloyd, of Llanbister, has the orders of Captain A. I. Von Krusen- a volume of Poems at press, on subjects stern. Translated from the German descriptive, theological, and sentimental, (now printing at Berlin), by Richard which will be published, in small octavo, Belgrave Hoppner, Esq. Handsomely early in the ensuing spring. The prin. printed in 4to. with charts, plates, &c. cipal poem is pointedly “ characteristic &c.

of men, manners, and sentiments ;” and Calamities of Authors ; including some the miscellaneous and lyrical pieces inquiries respecting their moral and lite- contain, annid other varieties, some sperary characters, will soon appear. By cimens of Cambrian Border minstrelsy, the author of Curiosities of Literature. The Rev, F.A. Cox, A.M. of Hackney, Neatly printed in two vols, small 8vo. intends to publish, early in March, , a

In a few days will be ready for publi- Sermon on Apostacy, preached in Jacation, the Origin, Nature, and Object nuary, at the monthly association of of the new System of Education, com- Baptist Ministers in London. The proprising the clearest Instructions for adopt- fits arising from its sale to be devoted to ing it in schools or families. In small the Baptist mission. 8vo.

In a few days will be ready, a third John Jackson, Esq. is preparing a edition, enlarged, of Instructions for conGrammar of the Æolo-Doric, or Modern ducting a School, through the Agency of Greek Tongue. To which are added, the Scholars themselves, upon the MaFamiliar Dialogues; a chapter from the dras System. By the Rev. Andrew Bell, Vicar of Wakefield, with the modern LL.D. Master of Sherbourne Hospital. Greek and English text opposite; and a Mr. Bullock's Catalogne, considerably copious Vocabulary. To be published in enlarged, of the London Museum of 4to.

Natural History, removing to the new Shortly will be published, in one vo- building in Piccadilly, will be published lume, crown 8vo., with an elegant por- in a few weeks. trait of the author, Remains of the late In the month of March will be pubRev. E. White, of Chester, from papers lished, to be continued weekly,No. I. price in the possession of the late Mr. Spencer, sixpence-halfpenny, of a new periodical of Liverpool. Edited by the Rev. J. paper, called the Cosmopolite; to conFletcher, of Blackburn, with a Preface, sist of familiar essays on men, manners, by Dr. Collyer.

and literature. The Plays of James Shirley, now first


Hints for the Formation of Gardens
and Pleasure Grounds. Consisting of
Designs for Flower-gardens, Parterres,

Shrubberies, Groves, Woods, Parks, &c.
-arranged in various styles of rural em-
bellishment. Including improved Plans
of Greenhouses, Conservations, Stoves,


and Kitchen-gardens ; adapted to villas collected into one volume, with some adof moderate size, and grounds from one

ditional Notes. With three portraits, perch to 100 acres in extent. Illustrated 4to. 21. 2s. boards. By Dugald Stewart, by plates ; 4to. 21. 2s.

* Esq. F.R.S. Edin. A Review of the Reports to the Board The Life of Richard Cumberland, Esq. of Agriculture from the Eastern Depart- embracing a critical Examination of his ment of England: comprising Lincoln-. various Writings. With an occasional shire, Norfolk, Suffolk, North-east Es- literary inquiry into the age in which he sex, and the inarshes and fens of York- lived, and the contemporaries with whom sbire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire,

he fourished. By William Mudford. Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, Nor. 8vo. 16s. folk, and Suffolk. By Mr. Marshal. 8vo. Memoirs of Joan d'Arc, or Du Leys, 12s,

called the Maid of Orleans. By G. Ann A Treatise on the improved Culture of Graves, 8vo. 7s. the Strawberry, Raspberry, and Goose- The Life of Zwingle, the Swiss Reberry. Designed to prove the present foriner. By J. G. Hess. Translated mode of cultivation erroneous, and to in- from the French, by Miss Aikin. Post troduce a cheap and rational method of 8vo. 10s. 6d. cuitivating the varieties of each genus, Biographia Dramatica ; containing by which ample crops of superior fruit

historical and critical Memoirs of British may be uniformly obtained in all sea- and Irish Dramatic Writers, from the sons, and preserved beyond the usual commencement of our theatrical exhibitime of maturity. By Thomas Haynes,

tions. Also an alphabetical account and of Oundle, Northamptonshire, author of chronological lists of their works. Orian improved system of Nursery Garden- ginally compiled by David Erskine Baing, and a Treatise on propagating hardy

ker, continued to the year 1764, thence American and Greenhouse Plants, Fruit

to 1782. By Isaac Reed, F.A.S. and Trees, &c. 8vo. 75. royal paper 10s. 6d.

brought down to the end of November, Designs for laying ont Farms and

1811, with considerable additions and Farm Buildings in the Scotch Style,

improvements throughout, by Stephen adapted to England ; comprising an ac

Jones. 3 vols. 8vo. 21. Ss. count of the introduction of the Berwickshire husbandry into Middlesex and Oxfordshire; with remarks on the im

Funeral Orations in praise of Military portance of this system to the general

Men. Translated from the Greek of improvement of landed property. By

Thucydides, Plato, and Lysias. With i J. C. Loudon. Illustrated by 40 plates,

explanatory Notes, and some account of descriptive of farm buildings and rural

the authors. By the Rev. Thomas improvements, neatly executed. 410.

Broadhurst. 8vo. 15s. 51. 5s.

Euripidis Phænissæ ad fidem Manuscriptorum emendata, et brevibus Notis

emend tionum potissimum rationes red. The Antiquarian and Topographical

deutidis instructa, in usum studiosæ JuCabinet, 10 volumes, 500 plates, foolscap

ventutis. Edidit Ricardus Porson, A.M. 8vo. 71. 10s. in boards, with proof im

Græcarum Literarum apud Cantabrigipressions of the plates, demy 8vo. 121.

enses Préseor. A new edition, with the in boards.

editor's last corrections. 8vo. 3s, sewed. Plan and views of the Abbey Royal of St. Denys, the ancient Mausoleum of the Kings of France ; with an hişto- A Key to a new System of Commerrical account. On six plates, The

cial Calcnlations, practised in the Aca. plates engraved by B. Howlet, from demy in Cateaton-street. By W. Tate, drawings by Major G. Anderson, impe

105. 50. rial 4to. 16s. sewed.

Cartas Mercantiles, Conocimientos, Protestos, Letras de Cambio, &c. Con

upa Lista alfabética de las Voces com. BIOGRAPHY.

merciales en Espanol é Iugies. Por F. Biographical Memoirs of Adam Smith, G. Ferau), Proiessor de Lenguas, y AQLL.D; of William Robertson, D.D., tor de una Gramàtica Espanola é Ingleand of Thomas Reid, D.D. Read before sa, y de su correspondiente Libro de Ex. the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Now ercicios. 12mo. 4s. 6d. boards,




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