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Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

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Speedily will be published, handsomely Mr. G. Dyer, has in the press, in two printed, in three octavo volumes, the volumes, a series of Poems, and disquisiletters of Junius, Philo-Juvius, and the tions on Poetry ; intended as a sketch of letters of Sir William Draper and Mr. the author's studies and pursuits in difHorne to Junius. With a great variety ferent periods of his life. of letters written by Junius, which ap- Mr. Adams, of Albemarle-street, bas peared under many other signatures in in the press, a treatise on the Morbid the Public Advertiser from the year 1767 Affections of the Eye and its Appendages. to 1772, and the author's private and Dr. Crombie's Work on Latin Synoconfidential correspondence, from the nyms, is nearly ready for publication, year 1769 to Jan. 1773, with the late Miss. Vandell has in the press, in a Mr. H. S. Woodfall, the original pub- quarto volume, the Pleasures of Human lisher of his works, with notes biogra- Life, a poem. phical and explanatory of the Political Mr. 'Burns speedily will publish, a History of one of the most interesting second part of his Inquiry into the Moperiods of the present reign. To which ral Tendency of Metbodism. will be prefixed a preliminary essay on

Lord Byron's Satires are in the press, the writings of Junius, and observations including hints froin Horace, and the on the pretensions of the many persons curse of Minerva, never before published. to whom these celebrated letters have The Rev. Thomas Belsham, has just been attributed. The whole illustrated sent to press, Memoirs of the late Theoby fac-similes of the hand-writings of philus Lindsey, which will be comprised Junius, Mr. Wilkes, Mr. Horne, Mr. in an octavo yolume. Dunning, and several other gentlemen, Mr. Barber's Fac-simile of the text whose names have been mentioned as of the Greek Psalter, as it is preserved the author of the letters.

in the Alexandrian M.S. is expected to A British Cabinet Bible, will be pube appear next month. lished in the course of a few months, Professor Stewart of the East India embellished with engravings from draw- Company's College, is preparing a Hisa ings, by R. Westall, Esq. R. A.

tory of the Kingdom of Bengal, from Sir Humphrey Davy, professor of che- the earliest period of authentic antiquity, mistry at the Royal Institution, has in to the conquest of the country by the the press, a volume of the Elements of English, in 1757. Chemistry.

China, its Costumes, Arts, ManufacMiss Maria Edgeworth has in the tures, &c. from the French of M. Butiu, press, a fourth and fifth volume of Tales minister and secretary of state in the of Fashionable Life.

two preceding reigns, is in the press, in 'The Rev. J. Joyce is printing two vo- four octavo volumes, with seventy-nine lumes of Dialogues on the Microscope, plates. uniform with his Scientific Dialogues. A Dictionary of all the living authors

Dr, Stokes, of Chesterfield, will shortly of Great Britain, is preparing for the publish, a Botanical Materia Medica, in press, containing biographical particufour octavo volumes,

lars of each writer, and a catalogue of A new octavo edition of the whole their respective works, with remarks. works of Dr. Watts, as published by Edward Wakefield, Esq. has nearly his executors, is now in the press, and is ready for publication, a Statistical and intended to be published by subscription Political account of Ireland, in two in volumes, the first to appear in July quarto volumes. next.

Mr. Charles Phillips, Barrister, has in Mr. James White, of Exeter, has the press, the Emerald Isle, a poem, with nearly ready a third volume on the notes, founded on the Consolations of Diseases of the Horse.



Charles Butler, Esq. shortly will pub- tended to promote the interests of relilish, some account of the life and writingsgion and literature,

" of the “ PeaMeaux, in a small octavo volume. Also, sant's Fate," &c. &c. &c. is about to a Succinct History of the revolutions of publish a poem, with notes, entitled the principal states that composed the The COUNTRY PASTON ; or, Rural PhiEmpire of Charlemagne, from his coro«!' lanthropist.”. nation in 814, to it dissolution in 1806. . Mr. Ogle of Edinburgh, means soon

Translations of the popular Comedies of to publish an additional volume of Trail's Aristophanes, are preparing for the press, works, from bis manuscripts. by a gentleman of Cambridge.

Captain George Thomas, of the third The ninth volume of the Harleian regiment of Royal Bucks, Local Militia, Miscellany, which is the first supple- is printing a work entitled “The Local mentary volume of the new edition by Militia Pagmaster," comprehending the Mr. Park, will appear in the course of most essential abstracts of the new Local this month.

Militia Laws, together with tables of A second edition of Mr. Ritson's En, calculations for the non-training and glish songs, with their music, and with training periods, pay and attendance for additional songs and notes by Mr. Park, all ranks, &c. in three crown octavo volumes, is nearly Mr. Maxwell proposes to publish the ready for publication.

Aquatic Tourist, being a particular de. Mr. Edgeworth is printing an im- scription of the towns, villages, country proved edition of Professional Education, seats, places of amusement, antiquities, in oclavo.

&c. froin Westminster Bridge, to Windo Mr. Heywood has sent to press, a very much improved edition of his Digest of Mr. Hooker's expected work on the the Law relating to County Elections, British Junger-manniæ, containing co.

In a few days will be published, in Joured fignres, with descriptions of this octavo. The Planters Kalendar; or the most beautiful, but neglected branch of Nurseryman and Forester's Guide. By British Botany, is about to appear in the late Walter Nicol. Edited and com- monthly numbers. pleted by Edward Sang, Nurseryman, An eminent member of the Church of

To be published on the 1st of May. England, is engaged on a work on the The first volume of a new edition of the Characters of Caiaphas and Barnabas, Biographical Dictionary, in octavo; edi- in which an attempt is made to exculted by Alex. Chalmers, F.S.A. Vol. 2. pate the Jews from the charge of having will be published on the 1st of June, and crucified our Saviour, and prove the the other volumes in succession monthly. same to have been wholly and solely the

Miss Burney has nearly ready for pub- act of the Roman government. lication, a novel in five volumes, entitled W. Richards, Esq.ol Lynn, is engaged « Traits of Nature."

in a work to be entitled the Welsh NonA new edition of Chateaubriand's conformist's Memorial. Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, &c. Mr. Edward Malton, is preparing for will be ready in a few days.

the press, a work entitled, A 6 Review Mr. Shoberl is proceeding diligently of the Financial Operations of the Court in the translation of Chateaubriand's of Brazil; with Obseryations on the Spirit of Christianity, or Beanties of the State of Public Credit in that Country, Christian Religion. It will be accom- and on the measures of Count d’Aguiar panied by a preface and notes, from the and M. Targini.” pen of the Rev. Henry Kett, of Trinity Keith Hall, has in great forwardness College, Oxford.

" A Translation of Michae. Several copies of Graham's Review of lis's celebrated work on the Mosaic Law," Ecclesiastical Establishments in Europe, which several eminent Biblical scholars have lately been found in the hands of a have strongly recommended to the atprivate individual, to wbich a preface, tention of Theological 'students, as conwith introductory-remarks, adapted to taining the most coinplete view of the the present time, has been added by Mr. Jewish Polity, that has ever been given. Shoberl, and the ook will be ready for The first part we understand will soon be sale some time in May.

published. On the 1st of May will be published, A critical account of the life, characNo. 1, of a new Quarterly Publication, ter, and disconrses of Mr. Alexander entitled, The Christian Philosopher, jua Morus, the celebrated preacher and pro

for the press

fessor in Geneva and Holland, and after- will, together, make a small octavo vowards minister of Charenton in France, lume, and will be published in the spring. is in preparation': in which the attack The Rev. C. Latrobe has in the press, made upon him in the writings of Mila letters on the Nicobar Islands, written to ton, will be particularly considered. To the Editor, by L. 'G. Haensel, seven which will be subjoined a translation of years a Missionary of the United Bresome select serinons of Morus into En- thren at that station. glish. By a minister in Scotland. They


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A general view of the Coal Trade of Scotland, chiefly that of the river Forth. and Mid Lothian. By J. Bald, octavo, 6s.

Observations on the circulation of Individual Credit, and on tbe Banking System of England, octavo, 4s.


An account of the systems of Husbandry, adopted in the more improved districts of Scotland ; with some obser vations on the improvements of which they are susceptible drawn, up for the consideration of the Board of Agricultare, with a view of explaining bow far those systems are applicable to the less cultivated parts in England and Scotland. By the Right Hon. Sir Jobn Sinclair, Bart. President of the Board of Agriculture, with sixteen engravings, octavo, 18s,

Memoirs of the Caledonian Horticula tural Society. Number 1, to be continued quarterly, octavo, 3s,


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The Origin, Nature, and Object of the New System of Education, 5s,

An address to the Public, in recommendation of the Madras System of Education, as invented and practised by the Rev. Dr. Bell, F.A.S. F.R.S. Ed. With a comparison between his schools and those of Mr. Joseph Lancaster. To which is added, the third edition of a Sermon on the same subject, preached in the Parish Church of Hartlepool, in the County of Durham, on Sunday, August 26, 1810. By the Rev. J. N. Hollingsworth, A. M. Perpetual Curate of Hartlepool, and Vicar of Haltwhistle, in Northumberland, 2s. Gd. The Address separate 1s. 6d.

The Barrington School; being an Illustration of the Principles, Practices, and Effects of the New System of Instruction, in facilitating the religious and moral Instruction of the Poor. By Sir Thomas Barnard, Bart. octavo, 4s. Printed for the Society for bettering the condition of the Poor.

Impartial Considerations on the present state of the question between Dr. Bell and Mr. Lancaster : with remarks on the brst article of the Thirty-seventh Number of the Edinburgh Review, 29. 6d.

COMMERCE. An epitome of Foreign Exchanges, exhibiting the nature of exchange with all parts of the world, and the manner of calculation. To which is added, a correct table of moneys of the world, real and imaginary, with their value in British sterling,, 18mo. 2s. stitched. 2s. 6d. bound.

Hints and Observations respecting the negociation for a renewal of the East India Company's exclusive privileges, extracted from the papers printed by order of the Court of Directors, 1s.

The History of European Commerce with India. To which is subjoined a review of the arguments for and against the trade with India, and the management of it by a chartered Company, with an appendix of authentic accounts. By David Macpherson, author of the Annals of Commerce, &c. with a map, quarto, 1l. 165.


Picturesque Representation of the Manners, Customs, and Amusements of the Russians : illustrated by one hundred copper-plates, beautifully coloured from the original drawings ; with an accurate explanation of each plate in Engglish and French. By John Augustus

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Atkinson, 3 vols. imperial folio, 151. A Collation of an Indian copy of the 15s.

Hebrew Pentateuch, collected by the

Rev. C. Buchanan, D.D. By Mr. Yeates, GEOGRAPHY.

quarto 9s. 6d. A general Atlas of the World; con

A Greek Grammar, and Greek and taining distinct maps of all the princi

English Scripture Lexicon, containing pal Empires, States, Kingdoms, and all the words which occur in the Sep Principalities, throughout the World ;

tuagint and Apocrypha, as well as in engraved and carefully selected from the

the New Testament. By Greville Erring, most approved authorities. By James Minister of the Gospel, Glasgow, royal Wallis. With the maps coloured, folio

octavo, 15s.
21. 2s. half bound.
A Geographical Exercise Book, de-

signed for the Use of Schools and priyate

Lecturez upon Portions of the Old Families. By C. Robertson, Surry-house

Testament, intended to illustrate Jewish
Academy, Kennington-cross, 3s.

History and Scripture Characters. By
George Hill, D.D. F.R.S. E. Principal

of St. Mary's College, St. Andrews, one A new Chart of History, exhibiting of the Ministers of that City; and one the most material Revolutions that have

of his Majesty's Chaplains, octavo, 12s. taken place in the principal · Empires, Sermons on Important Subjects. By Kingdoms, and States: from the earliest

Owen Manning, B.D. Late Prebendary authentic records, to the commencement of Lincoln, Rector of Peperharrow, of the present year. With a description :

Vicar of Godalming, and Author of a in which are contained some strictures History of Surrey, and also of a Saxon and remarks on Dr, Priestley's Chart.

Dictionary, 2 vols. octavo, 16s.
By Francis Baily, price coloured 10s. 6d.

The Rights of Conscience, asserted

and defended, in Reference to the moMISCELLANEOUS.

dern Interpretation of the Toleration Three letters on the Subject of the Act: A Discourse delivered at EssexBritish and Foreign Bible Society; ad. Street Chapel, February 5, 1812, being dressed to the Rev. Dr. Marsh, and the Day appointed for a General Fast. John Coker, Esq. By the Right Hon. To which are annexed Notes, and an Nicholas Vansittart, 2s.

Appendix illustrative of the Toleration
An Examination of Dr. Marsh's In- Act. By Thomas Belsham, octavo, 2s.
quiry relative to the British and Foreign The Seripture Atlas; or,'a series of
Bible Society, in a series of letters to Maps to illustrate the Old and New
the Rev. Dr. Clarke, Professor of Mine- Testainent; drawn from the best Autho-
ralogy in the University of Cambridge. rities, ancient and modern, by eminent
By the Rev. William Dealtry, A.M. Artists, royal quarto, 21. 2s. half-bound
F.R.S. Fellow of Trinity College, and -coloured 21. 12s. 6d.
Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of
Bristol, 3s. 6d.

Tracts, Philosophical and Mechanical.

Some account of a Journey Into Al-
By John Whitehurst, F.R.S. Author of

bania, Roumelia, and other Provinces an Inquiry into the Formation of the

of Turkey, during part of the years Earth. With a portrait and four folio

1809, and 1810. By J. C. Hobhouse, plates, quarto 9s.

quarto, 11. 5s. An Analysis of the Genealogical His

Observations and Remarks during fonr tory of the family of Howard, with its different Excursions made to various Connections, 4s. 6d.

parts of Great Britain, in the years 1810 Temper; or, Domestic Scenes; a and 1811. By Daniel Carless Webb, Tale. By Mrs. Opie.

octavo, 10s. 60.

A Narrative of a Passage from the PHILOLOGY.

Island of Cape Breton across the AtlanA Dictionary of the Idioms of the tic Ocean, in the Winter of 1799, with French and English Languages.- 3y a other interesting Occurrences, in a LetSociety of Masters, 12mo. 7s. bound. ter to a Friend. By John Luce, 2s. 6d.

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FOR JUNE; 1812.

Art. 1. Correspondance inedite de Mad. du Deffund avec d'Alembert

Montesquieu, le President Henault, la Duchesse du Maine, Mesdames de Choiseul, de Staal, le Marquis D'Argens, le Chevalier D'Aydie,

&c. 3 vols. 8vo. à Paris. 1810. Art. II. Letters of the Marquise Du Deffand to the Hon. Horace Walpole,

afterwards Earl of Orford, from the Year 1766 to the Year 1780. To which are added, Letters of Madame du Deffand to Voltaire, from the Year 1759 to the Year 1775. Published from the Originals at

Strawberry-hill. 4 vols. 12mo. Longman and Co. 1810. THESE volumes possess various claims to public no

tice; but are chiefly interesting as they furnish materials for drawing the picture of that state of society which existed in France, during the fifty years which immediately preceded the Revolution, and while the seeds of that great event were growing up to maturity.

It is well known, that in France, during the last century of the monarchy, the pleasures of company, as the phrase runs, bore a higher value, and were more carefully studied, than under any other modification of social life with which we have yet become acquainted. The causes of this it would not be uninstructive to trace, were this the proper place for the inquiry. It is essential, however, to remark, that the mode in which these pleasures were cultivated in France, set the vogue, at that time, to all the other nations of Europe. Nothing was so much admired as the charın of French manners. French wit, and French breeding, were the wit and breeding which every body praised, and copied after. The admiration which Frenchmen saw foreigners thus liberally bestowed upon this feature of their social character, contributed to beighten their own passion towards it. Circles of visitation occupied a great portion of the time of the superior and instrucied classes, and a knowledge of these circles gives a Vol. VIII.

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