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On the 1st of Jane will be published Mr. E. II. Barker, of Trinity ColPart I, Price 5s. to be continued lege, Cambridge, has in the press, in Monthly, and Number I, Price Is, of a an gctavo volume, a Commentary on New Edition of the Holy Bible; con- the Germany of Tacitus, with Stric, taining the Old and New Testaments, tures on the Editions of Gronovius, according to the Pablic Version; with Ernesti, &c. withi other interesting Bxplanatory Notes, Practical Observa. matter. tions, and copious Marginal References. Mr. John Bellamy is preparing a His. By Thomas Scott, Rector of Aston Sand- tory, of all Religions, containing an acford, and formerly Chaplain to the Lock count of their rise, decline, descent and Hospital.

changes, from the earliest times to the On the first of July next will be pub- commencement of the Christian Relilished, Price 2s. 6d. Number 1, of an gion. entirely new Work, to be continued Mr. John Mitford is.preparing for the Monthly, which will be entitled, The press the Achilles of Statius, with seMirror of Philanthropy and Compen veral collations; and it is intended to be dious Magazine.

followed by the Thebais.


or, the

AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL ECONOMY. and Minutes of Conversations between Observations on the Influence of Soil

the late King and Lieutenant-general and Climate upon Wool; from which

Sir John Moore, General Brune, &c. is deduced a certain and easy Method

Translated from the Swedish. With a of improving the Quality of English

portrait of the late King of Sweden. Clothing. Wool, and preserving the

8vo. 10s, 6d. boards.

Some Account of the Life and WritHealth of Sheep: with Hints for the Management of Sheep after Shearing;

mgs of James Benigne Bossuet, Bishop

of Meaus. an Inquiry into the Structure, Growth

By Charles Butler, Esq, and Formation of Wool and Hair; and

post 8vo. 78. Remarks on the Means by which the

COMMERCE. Spanish Breed of Sheep may be made

The Question as to the Renewal of the to preserve the best Qualities of Fleece unchanged in different Climates. 8vo. 7s. East India Companyos Monopoly exaThe Planter's Kalendar;

mined. Ss. 6d. Nurseryman and Forester's Guide in

DRAMA.. the Operations of the Nursery, the Fo. rest and the Grove. By the late Wal- The Tragedies of Maddalen, Agater Nicol. Edited and completed by memnon, Lady Macbeth, Antonia, and Edward Sang, Nurseryman, 8vo. 15s. Clytemnestra. By John Galt. Sro. 14s.

A few Copies in quarto, price i l. '1s. AXTIQUITIES.

EDUCATION. The Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, represented and illus- Gymnasium, sive Symbola Critica; trated in a series of Views, Elevations, containing Syntactical Rules and CriPlans, Sections, and Details of various tical Observations, intended to facilitate ancient English Edifices, with historical the Attainment of a correct Latin Prose and descriptive Accounts of each, By Style. By the Rev. Alexander Crombié,. John Britton, F.S. A. The Third Vo- LL. D. 2 vols. 8yo. 11, Is, lume, quarto, price 51. 5s. half-bound, imperial quarto, price 81. half-bound. ,

A Suecinct History of the Geogra-

phical and Political Revolutions of the A Historical Sketch of the last Years Empire of Germany, or the principal of Gustavus Adolphus, late King States which composed the Empire of of Sweden; including a Narrative of the Charlemagne, from his Coronation in Cauzes, Progress, and Termination, of 814 to its Dissolution in 1806; with he late Revolution; and an Appendix, some account of the Genealogies of ontaining official Documents, Letters, the, Imperial House of Hapsburg, an


of the Six Secular Electors of Germany, of Commons; or, Voter and Candidate's and of the Roman, German, French, Pocket Companion; in Three Parts; and English Nobility. By Charles But- comprising all the Acts relative to ElecTer, Esq.'8vo. 12s.

tions, arranged 'in pari materia. State

of Representation, &c. of all the CounMEDICINE AND 'CHIRURGERY.

ties, Cities, Boroughs, &c. of the United A Series of Plates on the Brain, with, Kingdom. Forms of Writs, Oaths, References, exhibiting the Appearances Certificates, Notices, &c. . used at the of that Organ in the different Stages of Hustings and the House of Commons. Dissection, accompanied with a Des. With occasional Notes. By a Gentlecription of the Plates. By Alexander man of the Inper Temple, 12mo. 6s. Ramsay, M. D. 'Lecturer on Anatomy The History of Printing in America, and Physiology, Edinburgh, 4to. 11. 1s. with a Biography of Printers, and an

Account 'of Newspapers : 'to which is MISCELLANEOUS.

prefixed, a concise View of the DiscoPapers respecting the Negociation very and Progress of the Art in other for a Renewal of the East India Com. pårts of the World. By Isaiah Thomas, pany's exclusive Privileges. Parts 1, Printer, Worcester, Massachusetts. 2 and II, to be continued uniform, as or- "vois. 8vo. 11. 8s. dered to be printed.' 8vo. 3s. 6d. each., Public Disputation of the Students of

The History of the Royal Society. the College of Fort William, in Bengal, By Thomas Thomson, M. D. F. R. Ş. before Lieut. Gen. George Hewett, ViceAuthor of the System of Chemistry. president and acting Visitor of the Colquarto, 21. 2s. A few copies on large lege, in the Absence of the Governorpaper, 31. 12.

general; together with the Eieut. Ge. An Answer to the very false '

and mis- neral's Discourse, 17th August, 1811, represented Account in the British Cri- Svo: ls. 6d. tic for December last, of a Work entitled, An Essay on Morality. is. 6d.

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Observations on the Character, Cus

Outlines of Natural Philosophy; be. toms and Superstitions of the Irish;

ing Heads of Lectures delivered in the and on some of the Causes which have retarded the moral and political Im- University of Edinburgh. By John

Playfair, Professor of Natural Philosoprovement of Ireland., ByDanjel, Dewar, A. M. 8vo. 10s.' 62.

phy, in the University of Edinburgh, History of the Origin and Progress of

Felow of the Royal Society of London, the' Meeting of the Three Choirs of

and Secretary to the Royal Society of Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford,

Edinburgh. Vol. I, 8vo. 9s.
and of the Charity connected with it.
To which is prefixed, a 'View of the
Condition of the Parochial Clergy of

A Grammar of the Malayan Lanthis Kingdom, from the earliest Times.

guage, with an Introduction and Praxis. By the Rev. Daniel Lysons, M. A.

By William Marsden, F. R. S. Author F. R. S. F. S. A. Rector of Rodmarton,

of the Malayan Dictionary, and the in the County of Gloucester. 8vo. 78,6d.

History of Sumatra. quarto, 11. 1s. A few Copies on fine Paper, Price 12s.

The Works of the Rev. W. Huntingdon, S. S. Minister of the Gospel at Faery, a Poem ; illustrating the OriProvidence Chapel, Grays Inn-lane,

gin of our marvellous Imagery, as decompleted to the Close of the Year

rived from the Gotbic Mythology, 4to. 1806. 20 vols. 8vo. 121.

16s. View of the Political State of Scot. The Rosary; or, Beads of Love: with land at Michaelmas, 1811:: compre

the Poem, of Sula. In Three Cantos hending the Rules of the Freeholders,

103, 6d. an Abstract of the Sets or Conditions of Neglected Genius: a Poem. By W. the Royal Burghs, and a State of the

11. Ireland. Author of the Fisher Boy,. Votes at the last Elections throughout

Sailor Boy, Cottage Girl, &c. 8vo. 8s. Scotland; to which is prefixed, an Ac

The Pleasures of Hunan Life: a Poem. count of the Forms of Procedure at By Anna Jane Vardill. 4to. 15s. Elections to Parliament from the Counties and Burghs of Scotland, 8vo. 15s.

POLITICAL ECONOMY. A Guide to the Hustings and the House Observations upon the past and pre.



sent State of our Currency. By a Citi-, has been the Means of preaching the zen of Dublin. 3s. 6d.

Gospel. Now published as an Appen, A Further Defence of Abstract Care dix to a late Pamphlet, entitled, an Inrencies, By Glocester Wilson, Esq. quiry into the Consequences of neglectF, R.S. 3s, 6d.

ing to give the Prayer Book with the Essays toward illustrating some Ele- Bible. By Herbert Marsh; D. D. F. R.S. mentary Principles relating to Wealth Margaret Professor of Divinity in Camand Currency. By John Peter Grant, bridge. 4s. Esq. 6s.

The Force of Contrast; or the PrinAn Answer to a Letter from Mr. John ciples and Effects of the British and Merritt, on the Subject of Parliamentary Foreign Bible Society, compared and Reform, By William Roscoe. 2s. 6d. contrasted with those of the Society for

The Claims of the Roman Catholics Promoting Christian Knowledge: A Serconsidered, with Reference to the Safety mon, preached at Laura Chapel, Bath• of the Established Church, and the wick, April 12, 1812. By the Rev. E. Rights of Religious Toleration. 5s. W. Grinfiefd, M. A, Minister of Laura

Chapel. 1s.

Sermons on various Subjects, and LetThe Fathers, the Reformers, and Pub- ters to an Undergraduate at the Univerlic Formularies, of the Church of Eng- sity. By the late Rev. William Al.

iu Harmony with Calvin, and phonsus Gunn. To which are prefixed against the Bishop of Lincoln. To Memoirs of his Life, by Isaac Saunders, which is prefixed a Letter to the Arch

A. M. 8vo. 10s. 6d. bishop of Canterbury, on the Subject Four Sermons, preached before the of this controversy. By a Laymay. University of Cambridge in November, 8vo. 6$.

1811, on the Excellency of the LiThe Design of God in Blessing us: a turgy; prefaced with an Answer to Sermon, preached at Salter's Hall, Feb. Dr. Marsh's Inquiry, respecting “ The 23, 1812, for the Benefit of the Royal neglecting to give the Prayer Book Lancastrian Institution for the Educa- with the Bible." By the Rev. Charles tion of the Poor: with an Appendix, Simeon, M. A. Fellow of King's Cole containing Notes and Illustrations from lege, Cambridge. various Writers. By Jobn Styles. 8vo. 2s. 60.

TRAVELS A History of the Translations which A Sketch of the Present State of have been made of the Scriptures, from Caracas, including a Journey from Ca. the earliest to the present Age; through- racas through La Victoria and Valencia out Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. to Puerto Cabello. By Robert Semple, Composed chiefly with the View of as- Author of Two"Journeys in Spain, &e. certaining in how many new Languages &c. 8vo. 6s. the British and Foreign Bible Society


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To CORRESPONDENTS. The consideration of the Controversy on the subject of Education, is unavoidably

postponed to our next Number.

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