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Through every aye illuminates the mind,
And brings celestial treasures to maukiud;
O bid the sanctifying waters filow
Der Miriain's soul, and life and grace bestow.
When on thy blessed and mysterious book,
In search of truth, her eyes intently look,
May the stupendous subject fill her soul,
Each thought direct, each earth-born wish controul !
Cheist, and his great salvation, claim her care:
May Carist alove her thoughts, her feelings share!
And as a tender plant, to which is given
To court the breeze, and drink the dew of heaven;
So may her mind, her heart, her soul, inherit
The copious dew of thy all-quickening Spirit !
May beams divine her growing graces nourish,
And her increasing virtues ever flourish!
And as the stem, which bears the blushing rose,
Resigns its brilliant pomp at summer's close,
And seems to die; but when fair spring returps,
And, wrapt in flame, the sun's bright chariot burns,
Unfolds its beauties to the light again,
And through another season decks the plain ;
E'en so may she, the grave's long winter past,
Cloth'd with immortal spring, revive at last,
Lift her fair head above the withering tomb,
And in yon heaven's eternal summer bloom!


Written in a Stormy Day in November.
THERE is a land serene and bright,

Where tempests never
Nor does the ocean ever dash

Its burden on that shore.
The sky is ever calm and clear,

And ever pure the air ;
No winter chills the genial year,

Spring reigns inmortal tħere !
Peace, gentle spirit, driven from earth,

Finds there a resting place;
And breathes unutterable charms,

On every angel face.
Delightful region! when shall I

This flecting breath resign ;
And call yon blooming bowers of bliss,

With all their pleasures, mine!

P. M.

[blocks in formation]


Antra from the realms of glory,

Wind your flight o'er all the earth ;
Ye, who sang creation's story,
Now proclaim Messiah's birth :

Come and worship,

Worship CHRIST, the new-born King.
Shepherds, in the field abiding,

Watching o'er your flock by night,
God with man is now residing ;
Yonder shines the infant light.

Come and worship,

Worship Christ, the new-born King.
Sages, leave your contemplations,

Brighter visions beam afar ;
Seek the great Desire of Nations ;
Ye bave seen the Natal Star :

Come and worship,

Worship Christ, the new-born King.
Saints, before the altar bending,

Waiting long with hope and fear,-
Suddenly the LORD descending,
In his temple shall appear :

Come and worship,-

Worship Christ, the new-born Kina.
Sinners, wrung with true repentance, 4.1
Doom'd for

guilt to endless pains, TT
Justice now repeals the sentence ;
Mercy calls you, -break your chains :

Come and worship,
Worship CARIST, the new-born King.

Ye shepherds, who your floecy care

Were watching o'er by night,
Were not your bosoms chill'd with fear,

When round you shone from heaven a light
Hark! to the news the herald angel bringa!
Hark! to glad tidings from the King of Kings.
"Hosanna, on this blest auspicious morn,
To yoii, in Bethlehem, ia & Saviour horn:
A SAVIOUR who is CHRIST thợ Lonpl"
And lo, in honour of th' incarnate WORD,

Angels descending from the sky,
Ascribing glory unto God on high ;
Glory to God on JESU's birth,
Good will to men, and peace from heaven to earth.

But where's the Prince of GLORI laid ?
In spring's ambrosial tints be earth array’d;
What temple's worthy to receive
Him, in whom all created beings live?
Behold a rack supports his infant head;
A manger is his cradle and his bed ;
Scarce shelter'd from th’inclement blast,
That lays the face of nature waste.
A stable is his room of state,
And lowing herds around him wait:
Rude howls the wintry wind ;-the pride of spring
Fades in the

presence of the new-born King ; The pride of earth, unworthy to appear, Astonish'd hides its head, when the CREATOR's gear. Lo! where his star illumes the sky, Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, The Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Shall be his name, his throne shall never cease, But he shall reign in righteousness, the LORD, When time is swallow'd in eternity. Rejoice, ye saints, th’incarnate WORD,

JESUS, the Saviour, reigns.
Strengthen the weak of hand,

Confirm the feeble knec ;
Jesus is come! at whose command

The deaf shall hear, the blind shall see,
The lame shall walk, the dumb shall sing,
And waters in the wilderness shall spring.
The anointed Holy One is come,
To lead us weary wanderers home,
To preach good tidings to the meek,

The broken heart with care to bind,
The iron yoke of sin to break,

And liberty proclaim to the confin'd.
Instead of mourning, oil.of joy,
Instead of ashes, beauty shall appear :

Garments of praise the saints shall wear,
The Saviour's praises shall their hearts employ;

They shall be called the trees of righteousness, The planting of the Lord most high;

They shall inherit everlasting bliss :
And beaven and earth our God shall glorify.

Printed by T. Cordeux, 14, City-Road, London,


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