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Account of a pious child, by his father, 315
Addison, Mr., his reflections in Westminster Abbey, 273
Agesilaus, life of, 203
Agus, Elizabeth, of Barford, near Norwich, Obituary of, by

the Rev. W. Stones, 419
Alexander the Great, sketch of his actions, 309
Alnwick-Castle, account of, 181

Of a Jewish Girl, 239
Of Cyrus, 381
Of the late Marquis Cornwallis, 355
Of the Tiger, 424
Courtesy exemplified, 32
Divine Omniscience, 308
Evil-speaking rebuked, 201
Fraud detected, 130
Generous Sympathy, 275
Religious Liberty, 308
The Black Ewe, 199
The Collier-Boy's Candle-box, 379
The Confectioners' Sabbath, 341
The Noble Tar, 61
The Orphan's Mite, 131
The Palace of Creesus, 240
The Way to Happiness, 200

Treachery punished, 274
Animal-flower, account of, 135-further account of, 205
Astronomical Notices, 34, 69, 106, 141, 177, 213, 251, 284,

321, 356, 393, 429.
Bamborough Castle, account of, 397
Baptismal covenant, remarks on the obligations of the, 291
Barwise, John, of Seaton Iron-Works, obituary of, 135
Bees, on the swarming of, 134
Be merry and wise, 20
Boyd, H. S., Esq., his lines on a young lady who was gone to

visit a foreign country, 429
Bridges, London and Blackfriars, account of the number of
persons who passed over in a given day, 62

2 P

Brothers, Maria, of Dursley, obituary of, 138
Brown, Sarah, of Heaton, near Bolton, memoir of, 170
Browne, Mr. W. of Kettering, his observations on youthful

piety, 383, 414
Buckingham, Mr., account of his journey from Jerusalem to

Jericho, 145—of his visit to Tiberias, 253.
Cards, remarks on playing at, 86
Carrick, John, of Gransmoor, account of, by the Rev. W.

Stones, 63
Cato, Major, life of, 56
Cave of Fingal, account of, 37
Chambers, Miss Mary, of Howsley-Hall, near Sheffield, obi-

tuary of, 417
Characters, ancient, 56, 126, 203, 309, 421
Characters, British, 165, 241
Children, duties of, to their parents, 301, 337, 374
Chinese generosity, instance of, 427
Clarendon, Lord Chancellor, account of, 241
Coffee-tree, description of, 391
Coliseum at Rome, account of, 353
Collier-boy's candle-box, the, 379
Colton, Rev. C. extract from his “ Lacon,” 306
Companions, bad, danger of, 408
Confectioners' Sabbath, the, 341
Conversion, remarkable instance of, 269
Cornwallis, Marquis, anecdote of, 355
Cotton, progress of a pound of, 314
Courtesy exemplified, 32
Creation, reflections on the works of, 410
Crete, or Candia, account of, 6
Cross, origin of its use in writing, 167
Cyrus, anecdotes of, 381.
Dale, David, Esq. sketch of his life and character, 289
Damascus, account of, 330
Discretion, essay on, 343
Dover Castle, account of, .73
Dying Father's last command and legacy, 380.
Early piety, remarks on, 125
Elephant and Tiger, combat between, 427
Evil-speaking rebuked, 201
Examples of attachment to the Holy Scriptures, 345
Eyes in the beetle and horse-fly, number of, 275.
Fall of the Rhine, brief account of, 350
Fitzclarence, Lieut.-Col., account of his visit to the Pyramids of

Egypt, 258
Forgiveness of injuries, a striking instance of, 233
Foster, Mary-Ann, of Keighley, Yorkshire, obituary of, 100
Praud detected, 130.

Generous Sympathy, 275
Grey, Lady Jane, her attachment to the Holy Scriptures, 345.
Haswell, Rev. P. his account of a conversation with a Sundays

school girl, 412
Hint to young persons who profess attachment to evangelical

religion, 308
Honesty rewarded, 97
Horse, sagacity of a, 98.
Infidel, dying confessions of a, 408
Innes's “Domestic Religion," extracts from, 301, 308, 374.
Jay, Rev, W., extracts from his “ Address to Youth," 125
Jeremiah the Prophet, history of, 42, 77, 115, 157, 184, 219,

Jewess, the death of a, 88
Jordan, River, account of, 217
Jubb, Rebecca, of Camblesforth, 277
Judah, history of the kingdom of, 1
Justice Illustrated, 240
Juvenile Naturalist, 32, 68, 104, 140, 175, 211, 250, 283, 320,

355, 392, 428.

Lacedæmonians, the, account of, 421
“ Lacon,” by the Rev. C. Colton, extract from, 306
Lake, wonderful, account of, 314
Laplanders, and their Rein-Deer, account of, 109, 151
Lefevre's letter, extracted from “ No Fiction," 16, 47
Liar, awful judgment on a, 60
Liberty, religious, 308
Libraries, circulating, 167
Lilly, Elizabeth, of Colchester, memoir of, 243
Little Edward, memoir of, 13
London and Blackfriars Bridges, account of persons who passed

over in a given day, 62
Lord's Prayer illustrated, 307.
Manchester manufactures, 62
Matté, description and use of the plant so called, 23
Meek, Thomas, of Woodhouse-Grove School, obituary of, 279

Of a pious child, by his father, 315
Brown, Sarah, of Heaton, near Bolton, 170
Carrick, John, of Gransmoor, 63
Lilly, Elizabeth, of Colchester, 243
Phillips, John, of Lewes, in Sussex, 347
Price, Ann, of Whitchurch, 209
Rawling, Sarah, late of Manchester, 28
Raybone, Elizabeth, of Tipton, Staffordshire, 317 ..
Wintle, Miss Eliza, of Derby, 389
Memory, prodigy of, 97

Mermaid, description of one, said to be caught on the North

coast of China, and lately brought to London, 361
Millman, John, of Biggleswade, obituary of, 249
Monro, Mr. seized by a tiger, 425
Mother's prayer answered, 305
Mordaunt, Sir Philip, account of, 387
Murray, Andrew, of Lofthouse, obituary of, 388.
Negro-boy, sick, 24
New River, London, history of, 312
“No Fiction,” extract from, 16, 47
Norris, Rev. J., extracts from his “Paternal Counsels,” 193, 226
North Cape, account of, 351,
Number of eyes in the beetle and horse-fly, 275
Number of pores of the human body, 276.
OBITUARIES. (See also Memoirs.)

Of a pious Child, 315
Agus, Elizabeth, of Barford, near Norwich, 419
Barwise, Jolin, of Seaton Iron-Works, 135
Brothers, Maria, of Dursley, 138
Chambers, Miss Mary, of Howsley-Hall, near Sheffield, 417
Foster, Mary-Ann, of Keighley, Yorkshire, 100
Jubb, Rebecca, of Camblesforth, 277
Meek, Thomas, of Woodhouse-Grove School, 279
Millman, John, of Biggleswade, 249
Murray, Andrew, of Lofthouse, 388
Reynolds, Miss Martha, of Deptford, 102
Robinson, Edward, of Newark, 172
Taylor, William, of Shiney-Row, Durham, 98
Timmis, Miss Lydia, of Wybunbury, Cheshire, 66.
Observations of a Youth who had just recovered his sight, 401
Omniscience, Divine, 308
Orphan's mite, the, 131.
Parental admonitions, 123
Parental anxieties, 122
“ Paternal Counsels,” extracts from, 193, 226
Phillips, John, of Lewes, in Sussex, memoir of, 347
Pithy maxims, 63, 132, 169, 276
Address to an Infant, 69

to a Snow-drop, 106

to his Candle, by a sick man, 324
Against cruelty to Animals, 324
Astronomical contemplation, by T. Rood, 394
Christmas Hymn, by Mr. Montgomery, 431
Day in April, 143
Epitaph on a Young Woman, 179

on Elizabeth Wallbridge, “The Dairyman's Daughter,"

on Lawrence Polwhele, 108

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Epitaph on “ Little Jane,” 395
“ Follow Me,” 36
Heaven, 396
Human Frailty, 358
Hymn for Spring sung at the Sunday-school anniversary in
Hull, 216

on the Crucifixion, 142

sung by the Children at the Sunday-School Anniversary
in Hull, 283

sung by the Teachers at the Sunday-School Anniversary
in Hull, 288
Hymns sung by Jewish children, 215
Immortality, by Mrs. Caroline Fry, 395
Inscription on an old apple-tree, 394
Lines addressed to Miss Margaret G, 71

applicable to the month of June, 213

by Dr. Doddridge, supposed to be spoken by a
Skull, 36

on Falsehood, by the Rev. W. Stones, 179
.... on hearing a robin sing in a place of worship, 35

on a young lady, who was gone to visit a foreign
country, by H. S. Boyd, Esq., 429

on the Bible Society, 322
on the death of Miss A. C., of B 285
on the Nativity of Christ, 431

written by a young person on ber recent separation from
affectionate relatives, 107
... written in a stormy day in November, 431

written in prospect of a severe trial, 144
..... written whilst thinking on the 34th verse of the 104th

Psalm, 322.
Messiah's conflict and triumph, 142
Mortality and Immortality, 35
Reflections on the month of May, 180
Safety in the storm, 214
Sonnet on a blighted Rose-bud, by Miss Caroline Symmons,

on the Harebell, by ditto, 178
Spring, by ditto, 178

description of, 144
The Dying Christian, 359
The Flowers, by Bishop Horne, 252
The Ivy, by Bernard Barton, 357
The Lily, 286
The Peace of God, 214
To the Memory of “ Little Edward," 72
What is Man? by Mrs. Caroline Fry, 358

Winter, 34
Pores of the human body, their number, 276
Prayer, social, advantages of, 90
Price, Ann, of Whitchurch, Memorial of, 209

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