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Pocket Book Co., of Hartford, and the reading matter and generous illustrations, famous Ingersoll Watch Co., of New York Follow our advice on this point and you City. The pocket books are always useful help the merchant, you help us, you benefit articles, and are put together with great yourselves.

The Harriet Beecher Stowe Souvenir Spoon is work of art and makes a

AWARD OF PRIZES, beautiful historical souvenir. The Inger

In response to our offer of a prize of soll Watches are a marvel, and keep good ten dollars made in cur January number time. The manufacturers give the follow

of this year for the best article on Major ing guarantees to the trade :

General Israel Putnam by any pupil of a that if, without abuse, this watch fails to

high or college-preparatory school in Conkeep good time, they will, upon its return

necticut, we have received a large number to them within one year from date of

of articles by pupils in those schools in receipt, repair orr eplace it with a new

different sections of the state. We are one.

gratified to note the uniformly high THE CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE COMPANY

standard of excellence of several of them guarantees that each subscription given as

which speaks well for the teaching in our a premium will be filled promptly each

schools. Although on account of this month.

excellence it was difficult for the judges Any one who wants a good reliable

to choose the best, yet we are pleased to present should make an effort to send us

state that after careful readings the same five new subscribers. Send in each sub

decision was reached by each judge inscription as soon as taken and state that dependently of the others. We therefore you are working for a premium and we

feel that the decision is as fair and will give you due credit for each.

equitable as we could hope to reach, in

awarding the prize to the article signed PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS.

“Rose Standish." Our policy is to encourage those who Upon opening the sealed envelope we encourage us.

found “Rose Standish” to be Miss F. To our readers we ask, just look over Greye Bragg of 117 Catherine Street, our advertising pages ; notice the little line Bridgeport, Conn., who is a pupil in the at the bottom of each page—“ Please Bridgeport High School, to which place mention The CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE the picture of General Putnam offered in when you write to advertisers.” If any connection with the prize will be sent. ad reminds you, or induces you to buy of Miss Bragg's article will be published in any of our advertisers, please state to that an early number of this magazine. merchant that you saw his ad. in The The articles submitted in response to CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE. He likes to have

our second prize offer were few in number you do so, for then he knows that his ad.

and we regret to say not such as to justify with us is seen and is productive. Pat- an award. Therefore in accordance with ronize him if you can. The merchant by our statements in connection with the his ad. is helping us to give you good offer we cannot publish any of them.

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BRISTOL, CONN., Nov. 12, 1898. Ms. E. C Linn, Secoy and Treas., The Connecticut Building and Loan Association,

Hartford, Conn. Dear Sir; I am just in receipt of the check of the Association for $1,091.00, in payment of the maturity value of ten shares (insured class), held by my late husband, which also includes the reserve Accumulations of the shares.

I wish to thank you for your promptness in the settlement of this claim Yours truly,

Clara J. Clayton. $10 a month for 120 months produces $2,000, wbich will be paid in cash upon maturity of shares, or at prior death the proceeds of the life insurance will be paid to heirs together with cash withdrawal value of shares. Assets, OVER,

$850,000.00 GUARANTEE FUND, (paid in Cash), 100,000.00

The Connecticut Building and Loan Association, 252 Asylum Street, Hartford, Conn.

Please mention THE CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE when you write to advertisers.

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Please mention The CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE when you write to advertisers.

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Paid-up Capital,


ISSUES ACCIDENT POLICIES Covering Accidents of Travel, Sport or Business, at home and abroad. Yearly, or premium paid-up in Ten Years with return of all premiums paid, and running till 70. Death Only, or Death and Weekly Indemnity. No medical examination required. Not forfeited by change of occupation, but paid pro rata. No extra charge for foreign travel or residence.


Granting stated sums of indemnity for disability caused by sickness.

Will Forms of

The liability of Manufacturers and other Employers to strangers who may be injured
upon their premises. The liability of Contractors to Employees and to strangers for
injuries sustained upon buildings or other works under contract. The contingent liability
of Owners having buildings or other works under contract. The liability of Owners of
buildings for accidents (including Elevator). The liability of Owners of Horses and
Vehicles for driving accidents.


All Forms, Low Rates, and Non-Forfeitable. ITS INCREASING LIFE PLIN affording options of conversion into temporary or life annuities, with liberal surrender values, is offered by no other company.

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$25,315,442.46 $21,209,625.36 $4,105,817.10

Returned to Policy Holders since 1864, $36,996,936.27

S. C. DUNHAM, Vice-Pres't.

JOHN E. MORRIS, Secretary

H. J. MESSENGER, Actuary.

l'lease mention The CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE when you write to advertisers.

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