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for two months one hundred and ten dollars, and

one hundred and fifty dollars for the full season of three months. The Camp Council is composed of seven college bred men, whose duty it is to supervise every department of camp life. There is a resident physician who supervises all taught to become thoroughly familiar with sanitary arrangements, and is responsible rowing and swimming. for the health of the boys.

Closely allied with the aquatic life is the Every boy enjoys boating and bathing, athletic, and it is difficult to determine and yet many boys grow to manhood which has the stronger hold upon the without learning to properly handle them- average boy. Most boys demand outdoor selves while on and in the water.

games, in order that they may in such To meet this need boats of every de- games work off superfluous animal life. scription are provided, and experts teach At camp the boys enjoy base ball, tennis, the boys how to handle a boat in case of tether ball, basket ball, polo and quoits. emergency, how to row single, double, Contests are held among themselves, and and in ten-oared barge, also to paddle and also with other teams about the lake. scull. The boys are taught to swim, dive, Running, jumping and all the forms of and give aid to those needing help. The field athletics are participated in under aim is to have the boys gain perfect con- the supervision of a trained expert. The trol of themselves while on the water, result of all this life is to give the boys not and that this may be possible they are only great pleasure, but to also properly

and systematically
develop the body.

Lake Winnepe
saukee being almost
thirty miles long,
and from four to
twelve miles in
width, and having
in it some 278
islands, gives op
portunity for many
excursions, and the
boys enjoy spend
ing a night on one
of the many islands,

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where they build a camp fire and live in listening to illustrated talks of travel. regular Indian fashion. The lake is almost Sometimes the boys themselves give a surrounded by mountains, and the boys minstrel entertainment, and friends about make trips to the summits of these moun- the lake are invited to attend. tains, camping all night, and signalling On rainy evenings a fire is built in the with colored lights to the boys remaining large open fire place and the boys gather in camp. The group picture shows the about it and tell stories, propound conunboys ready to start on such a trip.

drums, and generally enjoy themselves. The short evenings are spent in the re- One of the later features of Camp Idleception hall playing games, singing, or wild is what is known as the Tutoring

Department. This department was the result of requests from parents in order that their boys might be able to do a little studying each day. There were boys who, be. cause of sickness or other reasons, were behind a little in their studies, and still others who were preparing for college examinations, and who desired to this unique“ Island Summer Home" for tutor during the summer, thus to combine boys, but after perusing the book descrippleasure and profit.


tive of the camp life, and while interviewTo meet this demand, Mr. Dick eaching Mr. Dick concerning this work which year provides university graduates to tutor, is so close to his heart, we found ourselves and for the past three seasons much has saying in the words of another, “Ah! been accomplished in this line.

happy years ! once more who would not It is impossible to fully present in our be a boy?" limited space all the attractive features of





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aged 77

Apr. 24 Edward Dodd [ Baptized Aug. 27,

1749; Son of Edward and Re-
becca (Barnard) Dodd), aged

25 Daniel Goodwin [Baptized July

28, 1745; Son of Daniel and
Abigail Olcott ( Bigelow) Good-

win], aged 44.
26 Mrs. Butler, aged 76.
27 The wife of Capt. Samuel Wads-

worth (Meliscent, ] aged 67.
29 The wife of Joseph Bigelow (Mr.

Joseph Bigelow of Hartford,
and Mary Wells of Wethers-
field, married Mch. 12, 1745.
Wethersfield Church Record),

aged 71.
29 Barnibas Hinsdale [Born Feb.

23, 1737-8; son of Daniel and
Katharine (Curtiss) Hinsdale ),

aged 52.
May Daniel Smith, aged 28.

6 Leodamia Goodwin [Born Jan.

28, 1728-9; widow of Samuel
Goodwin, and daughter of
Moses and Mary Merrill], aged

9 The wife of Jonathan Steele

[ Anna, daughter of Zebulon
and Keziah Bull) Seymour,

born Sept. 19, 1752), ageil 38.
18 Elizabeth Cadwell, aged 64.

31 Rebecca Dodd (supposed wife of

Edward, and daughter of Sam

uel Barnard], aged 67. June

8 Daughter of John Laurence, Esq.

[Marian], aged 25. 17 Child of Hezekiah Merrill, aged 1 July 9 Ashbel Steele [Born 1732; son of

Jonathan and Dorothy (My

gatt) Steele), aged 58.
18 John Benton, Jr., aged 38.
24 Daughter's Child of Capt. Thos.

Hopkins, aged —
Sept. 13 James Nichols [ Baptized July 10,

1757; son of Capt. William and
Mary (Farnsworth) Nichols),

aged 33.



Nov. 24 Child of Samuel Webster, aged 2.

5 Nathaniel Jones' (Infant Child.)
Child of Samuel Beckwith, aged

14 Sarah Tucker, aged 12.
Feb. 6 Michael Burkett, aged 29.

15 Ruth Cadwell, aged 59.
16 John Endicott's Infant Child

Infant Child of Aaron Bradley

The wife of William Hooker,

aged 67.





Mar. 9 The mother of John Benton

(widow of Ebevezer Benton),

aged 96. Apr. 6 Mary Burk, aged 61.

12 Child of Joseph Woodbridge. May 2 John Olcott [Baptized Dec. 13,

1741; son of Joseph and Eunice

(Collyer) Olcott), aged 50. 26 Child of William Ware, aged 1. June 3 Mr. Clark, burial charged to

town. 3 Child of Freeman Seymour [Hor

ace), aged 5. 26 Infant Child of Neil McLean. July 17 Son of Benjamin Bigelow, aged

13. 18 Son of Richard Skinner, aged 20. Aug. 10 Daughter of John Jeffrey (Abba),

aged 15. 15 Child of William Andross, Jr.,

aged 1. 16 Child of Hezekiah Seymour,

aged 1. 17 Child of Nathan Brooks, aged

6 mo. 22 Mrs. Mary Day, aged 84. 23 Infant Child of Joseph Boying

ton. 30 Child of William Olcott, 2d,

aged 4. 31 Child of Russell Hills, aged 1. Sept. 5 The wife of Jolin Skinner (Hep

sibah, daughter of Captain Thomas and Hepsibah (Merrill) Seymour; born May 27, 1738, and widow of Dr. Na

thaniel Ledyard], aged 34. 7 Infant Child of Theodore Olcott. 8 The wife of Thomas Ensign, Jr.,

aged 20. 18 Child of Theodore Olcott, aged

Dec. 9 John Bunce [Baptized June 22,

1718, son of John and Abigail

(Sandford) Bunce), aged 74. 27 The wife of Daniel Cotton [Eliza

beth), aged 49. 1792. Jan. Amos Hinsdale ( Son of Barnabas

and Martha (Smith) Hinsdale,

born Aug. 24, 1710], aged 81. Son of Ralph Pomeroy, Esq.

[Ralph Pomeroy, Jr. ), aged 20. 15 Moses Burr [Baptized Jan. 30,

1714-15, son of Thomas Burr),

aged 77 18 Infant Child of Elisha Vibbert. 26 Mr. Wyman [Solomon), buried

at expense of town; aged 57. Feb. 19 Child of Benjamin Dyer, aged

6 mo.

Infant Child of Samuel Filley. 23 Samuel Burr (Born Jan. 14, 1745,

of Thomas and Sarah (King) Burr.] This in Wethers

field, aged 47. 29 Infant Child of Jonathan Chap






Mar. 6 The mother of Roswell Taylor,

(widow Jemima Taylor], aged 67. Infant Child of Phineas Shepard.

Child of George Spencer, aged 1. Apr. 23 Theodorus Clark, son [Chaun

cey], aged 5.
25 Mary Olcott (widow of Capt.

Samuel Olcott, Baptized Sept.
12, 1731; daughter of Capt.
James and Abigail (Stanley)
Church, and also widow of

John Caldwell], aged 61. May 7 Child of Daniel Cotton, aged 1.

15 Son of Robert Sloane, aged 18.

18 Elisur Warren, aged 43. June 24 Daniel Merrill, aged 43. 28 Infant Child of John Trumbull,

Esq. July 4 Son of Pelatiah Turner, aged 15. 25 Child of Thomas Clapp [ Nabby),

aged 2. Aug. 5 Daughter Riell Hessell (Sophia

Howell], aged 19.

Infant Child of Thomas Sloane. 27

Mrs. Duborn from St. Domingo,

aged 38.

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