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with very close attention, After the meet- me if you say anything." I am sure he
ing was closed one and another of the would wish me to say just what I am say.
older members of the bar came to thank ng.
me for what I had said, and one leading “To him.the future life was all uncer-
citizen, not of our profession (there were tainty. With all his imagination he could
many citizens present outside of the bar), not see beyond the veil and fill the seem-
asked me to give him my speech, taking ing void with realities. And so he came
it for granted that I had it written. I to dread that life. He loved this life-
told him that it was wholly extempora- this green and beautiful earth—its intellec-
neous and that I had not a line of it in tual enjoyments, its social delights, not a
writing. He then asked me if I could not little its mere animal life, and did not
write it out. I told him that I thought I want to leave it for another world of which
could without difficulty while it was fresh he knew and could conceive nothing. He
in my mind. He then begged me to do has often told me this. A few summers
so, and to put in every word that I said ago he spent some time at Newport, taking
with regard to Governor Hubbard's atti- with him his family and his equipage.
tude toward religion and the future life. On his return he said to me: “Hooker, I
When I got home I at once wrote out my have had one of the pleasantest summers
remarks, and found no difficulty in follow- of my life, but over it all there hung a
ing both my line of thought and the shadow. The question kept coming into
language I had used. My reinarks (not my mind, How long will this last? and
including the introductory part of my what then?' In commenting a few months
address) were as follows:

ago upon a poem of mine which appeared
“I now come to a subject which I in the papers, in which I had expressed
approach with much hesitation, and which a longing for the other life, he said : How
I think I should not have ventured to can anybody, with this green earth around
touch but for the way having been opened him, be wanting to go over into the un-
for me by an allusion made by our Brother known world?' To me that world does
Sill a few minutes ago, in the closing part

not seem like an unknown one. I live in of his address. He spoke of the “ halting it, it seems to me, more than I do in this. faith” of our friend. I have long and It is as real to me as this, sadly known of Mr. Hubbard's want of "Now with that world so near and so religious faith, and have endeavored to real to me, my mind has been filled, ever lift him up into a clearer perception of since I heard of Mr. Hubbard's death, spiritual truths.

The spiritual part of with the thought of his experiences over his nature he had never cultivated. He there. I could not dwell on his eloquence, had a reverential spirit, but it was towards or his legal ability, or any of the things objects worthy of his admiration and which his eulogists are so eloquently say. reverence that presented themselves to ing of him. I have been able to think his sight or vividly to his imagination. only of where he is in that spirit world Always an anxious questioner of the in

that was so uninviting to him. What has finite, he seemed to get no response that he found there? What is his condition he could interpret. He was pre-eminently there? I have wished, with inexpressible a truth-loving man; he hated shams and desire, to be there with him. It seems to pretenses; and if he could speak to us me that I could hold his hand and steady to-day he would say, “Tell the truth about and guide and comfort him there; that

he would not seem so much to be in a to be welcomed over there by a bright strange place if I were there with him. spirit, which, if I do not recognize it in

“Well, I should not have thought of its new form, will say to me: “Why, I am saying all this if I had not been prepared your old friend, Dick Hubbard." to follow it up with words of comfort and Governor Hubbard was buried on Monhope. I was brought up on a stern old day, the ad day of March. On the Suntheology that, in considerable part, I day preceding I wrote and sent to the utterly repudiate. I believe profoundly, Courant of Monday morning, where they it seems to me that I know as if God him- appeared, the following verses, with which self had revealed it to me, that our proba- I close these reminiscences of my friend : tion does not end with this life. As a

To R. D. H. - MARCH 1, 1884. progressive religious thinker has well said : "We are placed in this world to be trained,

Silent thou liest in death's solemn calm, not to be tested.' All bitter experiences

Shaming the tumult in our breasts; in the other world I believe to be refor

For 'tis the shadow of the lofty palm, matory. They may be of long continu- Not cypress, on thee rests. ance, but I believe there will be sweet From earthly pain set free and earth's fruit in the end. It is a dreadful mistake defilence, to lay up a burden of sin in this world ; Thou liest with thy dear hands folden ; its weight will be terrible upon the soul Thy speech in life was silver, but thy silence over there. But our friend had a great To-day is more than golden. soul-reverential, truthful, just, generous, The halls which have so oft thy triumphs affectionate—and such a soul will soon

seen, find something in that spiritual world, to

Mourn their great victor passed away; which it will be drawn and which it will

Yet in triumphant life thou ne'er hast been draw to itself. His progress may be slow, Such victor as to-day. but it will be constantly an ascent.

He had the most important elements of a

Oh, questioner! who found in earth's dim great character, and character there be- ways

No answer to thy mind's deep quest; comes everything. I do not believe in any doctrine of imputed righteousness. Art thou not lighted now by the clear rays The soul must work its slow way up into

That shine upon the blest? a high spiritual character of its own. And Hast thou not found th' immortal stream that such a soul as his will do this I feel that flows sure. So I think of our friend with sad- To heal the earth-stained souls of men ? ness, but with a calm trust and an expec- And Him, who for us went to death, and tation only of good, and if I shall tarry rose, much longer upon the earth I shall expect And loves all souls as then?








Sept. 8 Infant Child of Joseph Phillips.

Robert Chapman, aged 46.
The wife of Jared Skinner, aged

William Smith (Baptized Oct.

29, 1730; son of John and Anna

(Allwood) Smith), aged 63. 13 The wife of Elias Morgan, de

posited in tomb [Lavinia, daughter of David Bull], aged

18. 16 James Bunce, aged 46. 16 The wife of Jonathan Taylor

[Sarah), aged 60. Oct. 8 William Burr (son of William

and Mitta (Steele) Burr),

aged 19. 14 William Nichols [ Baptized Oct.

11, 1741; son of Capt. William and Mary (Farnsworth) Nich

ols), aged 51. Nov. Thaddeus Barnot (Infant Child.)

8 Eleasur Swetland's Wife, aged 22.

Child of William Laurence.
Infant Child of Eleasur Swet-

land. Dec. 25 Infant Child of Everard Benja

min. 26 Mrs. Collyer, burial charged to

Samuel Marsh [Thankful Goodwin, Baptized Feb. 28, 1708–9; daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Easton) Goodwin; mar. ried (1) Nathaniel Marsh; (2) May 21, 1736, Daniel Collyer),

aged 85. 1793, Jan. 7 Infant Child of Jeremiah Barret.

9 Infant Child of Jonathan Chap

15 Capt. Aaron Bull, laid in tomb;

(son of Daniel and Mary (My.

gatt) Bull], aged 82. 25 Susannah Goodwin [Born Aug.

12, 1704; daughter of William and Elizabeth (Shepard) Good

win), aged 82. Mar. 6 The wife of Samuel Beckwith,

aged 32. 12 The wife of Michael Bull [Eliza

beth, daughter of Moses and Sarah (Howard) Butler, born

Sept. 17, 1770), aged 22. 15 Jonathan Taylor (Baptized

March 20, 1719-20; son of

Stephen Taylor), aged 73. Mar. 17 John Fowler, a Stranger, aged 65

years. Apr. 3 The wife of Ashbel Wells, aged

31 years. 9 Medad Webster, aged 70 years

[Son of Ebenezer and Hannah

(Webster) Webster]. 13 Infant Child of Amasa Jones. 23 John Steele's Child, aged 2 years.

(George). 29 Child of John Cable, aged 1

month. May 11 Daughter of John Wells, aged 29

years. 19 Dr. Dwell Morgan's Wife, aged

22 years, [Elizabeth, dau. of
Daniel and Elizabeth (Smith)

Son of William Hosmer, aged 13

man. Feb. 8 Infant hild of Sa iel Beck


years. (David). June 7 Child of Caleb Woodworth, aged

4 years. Child of Peter Colt, Esq., aged

4 months. Died with Small

Pox. 15 Child of Elisha Vibbert. (Infant) I year.





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5 Sarah Flagg aged 62 years.
19 Infant Child of John James.
25 Infant Child of Thomas Sloane,

Aug. 3 Child of Thomas Hildrup, aged

4 mo.
4 Niel McLean, aged 47 years (Son

of Dr. Neil and Mrs. Hannah
(Stillman) [Caldwell] Mc

21. Ebenezer Morse's Child, age 172

Sept. 4 Child of Jonathan Bull, aged 3

mo. (John).
Son of Willoughby Lowell, aged

4 years.
13 The mother of Joseph Barnot,

aged 86 years.
Child of Hezekiah Seymour, aged

I year.
15 Child of Josiah Hemsted, aged i

year. [Benjamin).
16 Child of James Taylor, aged 2

years. (Wealthan].
Child of Amos Wheeler, aged i

year. [Clarissa).
Timothy Spencer's Wife, aged 42

years. Died with Small Pox.
18 The wife of John Mc Alpin.

Alen Bebee's Child, aged 2 years.
22 Timothy Spencer, aged 45 years.

Died with Small Pox.
Child of John Allen. (William],

aged 1 year
24 Son of Widow Anna Wilson, aged

8 years.
Infant Child of Abijah Harring-

26 Child of Benjamin Wood, aged i

Infant Child of Jonathan Bigelow.

2 Ponwell [Pownal]

Child, aged 2 years.
14 Shadrack Johnson's Child, aged

I year.
15 Child of Charles Camburgh, aged

16 Child of Charles Shepard.

[Fanny), aged 1 year. 23 Child of Theodore Olcott, aged

I year. 30 Infant Child of Peter Buffington. Nov. 6 Child of Ephraim Root. (Infant).

12 Peleg Howe, aged 52 years. Dec. Charles Seymour (born June 9,

1742, Son of Daniel and Mabel (Bigelow) Seymour), aged 51

years. 3 Child of John Jeffrey, aged 2

years 9 Child of Justin Lyman, aged i

year. 15 Daughter of Widow Susanna

Dodd. [Susannah], aged 19

17 Rachael Nichols died with Small

Pox. [Dau. of Cyprian and
Agnes (Humphreys) Nichols.
Bapt. Nov. 18, 1733], aged 62

29 Widow Agnes Seymour. Small

Pox. (Widow ist of Cyprian Nichols, who died in 1745, and ad of Capt. Isaac Seymour. Dau. of Nathaniel and Agnes (Spencer) Humphreys, bapt.

Feb. 17, 1711-12, aged 82 years. 31 Child of Mr. Gobdet (Gallandet)?

Infant. 1794. Jan. 2 The wife of Gurdon Wadsworth.

[Gurdon Wadsworth of Hartford, and Mehitabel Wright of Wethersfield, married Oct. 17, 1775. Wethersfield Church

record]. Aged 42. 18 Child of John Jackson, aged 5

years. 28 John Bunce. (Son of John and

Anna (Bunce) Bunce), aged 44

years. Feb. 6 Daniel Phelps. (Son of Timothy

and Sarah (Brown) Phelps, born Oct. 13, 1726), aged 68

years. Child of Thomas Lloyd. (Delia),

aged 8 mo. Mar. Child of Timothy Dodd, aged i

year. 9 Daughter of William Adams,

aged 19 years.


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I 2

daughter of George and Mary (Woodbridge) Wyllys. Bapt. May 13, 1750. Wife of Judge Jedediah Strong of Litchfield),

aged 42 years. 29 Child

of Richard Butler. [George), aged 8 mo. 30 Child of Joseph Grist, aged 5

years. June 3 Eunice Waginers Child, aged 1

year. Williamı Hooker, aged 76 years.

Infant Child of John Bolles, 2d. 13 Infant Child of James Hosmer.

Infant Child of Elisha Vilbert.

25 Infant Child of William Skinner. July 4 Mrs. Elizabeth Cook, aged 91

years. 6 The wife of Timothy Shepard,

aged 41 years. Child of Samuel Bolles, aged 9




Wife of Daniel Skinner. [Ruth

Spencer), aged 47 years. 14 Joseph Sheldon. (Born 1729, Son

of Deacon Isaac and Elizabeth (Pratt) Sheldon), aged 64 years. Nathaniel Treadwell, aged 24

years. 15 Child of William Pratt, Jr., aged

I year. 18 Daughter of Jacob Ogden, aged

15 years. 19 John Skinner. [Born March 29,

1726, son of John and Mary (Turner) Skinner), aged 68

years. 24 Child

of Richard Seymour. (Rhoda), aged 18 mo. 30 Child of Daniel Curtiss, aged 2

years. 31 Child of Richard Shepard, aged

5 years. Apr. Child of Asa Bunce. [Theron),

aged 1 year. Son of Mrs. Sally Bunce, widow

of Join (John), aged 6 years. 3 Son of Richard Shepard, aged 3

years. Child of Gurdon Wadsworth,

aged 9 years. 13 Child of Capt. Caleb Bull, aged

2 years. 16 Child of Joshua Leffingwell, aged

I year. 19 Eunice Nichols. [Widow of

George Nichols), aged 48 years. 20 Infant Child of Thomas Mason.

Roswell Butler. Died with Small

Pox, aged 23 years.
Child of Amos Bull. [T. Parkin),

aged 3 years.
30 Child of Allen McKee, aged 5

years. May Child of Matthew Chandler, aged





The mother of David Wadsworth,

aged 73 years. Daughter of Patrick Malone,

aged 8 years. 16 Child of William Anderson, aged

2 years.
" Infant Child of John Bolles.
24 Capt. John Olcott. (Son of

Jonathan and Sarah (Collyer)
Olcott. Bapt. July 27, 1735),

aged 59 years.
Daughter of Oliver Clapp, aged

5 years. Daughter of Justin Lyman, aged

6 years. Aug. 3 Son of Jonathan Butler,

the burying lot.

Child of Hallen, aged 1 year. 15 The Mother of Jesse Marsh, aged



88 years.


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19 Jesse Choate's Child, aged 2

years. Child of Reuben Wadsworth,

aged 1 year. 25 John Burkett, aged 31 years. 27 Child of Samuel Coomes, aged 1

year. 30 Child of Uriah Shepard. [Nancy]

aged 10 years. Child of

Frederick Stanley. [Patty), aged 6 years.

To be Continued.

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