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Johnson, Hurd, Carrier, Whitmore, Taylor, Clark, Childs, Simpson, Tibbals, Selden, Smith. Norton, Parker, Foote, Gardner, Griffith, Tallman, Strong, Shepard, Warner, Roberts, and Post have been known to all who know anything of the parish. One incident connected with the name of Johnson, is worthy of relating as showing the ambitions of the sons of these old families. It is related of Capt. Nathaniel Cooper Johnson, now deceased, that he went to work for his father in the shipyard at caulking, on the under side of a vessel that was on the stocks. After working

its early days, the names of Stewart, from the first French and Indian War to the present. So early as Dec. 19, 1774, the citizens assembled in town meeting, passed the following resolve to wit: "That this town do accept and approve of the doings of the Congress, held at Philadel phia in September last, and agree to keep and observe the same and to do our uttermost that the same shall be punctually kept and observed according to the true intent of the Congress." A committee of observation was appointed to see to it that citizens lived up to the requirements of the resolution. When soldiers from Chatham went to duty they were armed

and provisioned according to approved methods of the times of their going. In the town treasurer's book, on the date of June 18, 1780, we find the following record. "State of Connecticut to the town of Chatham Dr. to supplying Captain Brainard's company with provisions and stores to march to West Point in an alarm by order of General Ward, for twenty days.



one day, he told his father that he had worked as long as he wanted to on the under side of a vessel, and that hereafter he would get his living on deck. Proving Proving his word, he very soon became sailing master, and for many years of his life he trod the quarter-deck of some of the finest "London packets" as captain. Among others he commanded "The Sovereign of the Seas." He retired early in life, having accumulated a fortune.

Chatham has ever been noted for the loyalty and patriotism of its citizens. Its citizen-soidiers have been in every war

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28 A Stranger Interred at Expense of Town, aged 23 years.

Child of Elijah Clapp, aged 6 mo.
Leverett Hubbard, N. Haven
[born July 21, 1725, in Killing-
worth. Son of Col. John and
Elizabeth (Stevens) Hubbard],
aged 74 years.

3 Child of Roderick
[Rachel], aged 18 mo.

4 Child of Jacob Cadwell [Laura], aged I month.

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Mrs. Mary Ann Walker [daughter, (Marion) of Robert & Mary (Smith) Nevins, bapt. Oct. 17, 1754], aged 40 years.

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II Child of David Greenleaf, aged 2 years.

9 Child of Tabor Bolles, aged 3 months.

14 Child of James H. Wells, aged 5 years.

15 Asher Goodwin [son of Ozias and Mary (Steele) Goodwin, born May 15, 1768], aged 26 years.

19 Child of Jonathan [and Mary (Chadwick)] Ramsay [Lydia, born April 30, 1794], aged 18

18 Child of David Greenleaf, aged 3

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23 Son of P. Greenwood [Parsons], aged 14 years.

26 Son of Jonathan Flagg [John], aged 15 years.

27 Child of John Caldwell [James Church], aged 1 year.

29 Child of William Wear, aged 8 months.

Sept. 5 The Mother of Richard Butler [widow Mary], aged 67 years. 5 Child of George Goodwin [Jeremiah], aged 9 months.

9 Child of Hezekiah Wyllys [John Palsgrave], aged 4 years.

9 Child of John Cable [George], aged 18 months.

9 Child of Amos Bull, aged 4


Child of Roswell Stanley [Harriet], aged 9 months.

Sister of Caleb Tuttle, aged 33 years.

Mrs. Arnold, Burial charged Selden Chapman, aged 18 years. Child of John Caldwell [Hepzibah], aged 5 years.

15 Son of James Wadsworth, aged 15 years.

16 Child of George Goodwin [Jason, born Jan. 22, 1789], aged 7 years. 18 Child of Nathaniel Skinner, aged 2 years.

Mrs. Edwards, burial charged
Geo. Goodwin [Mary, dau. of
Jonathan Butler and widow of
Richard Edwards], aged 77






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Gideon Carter, aged 44 years.
Child of William Pratt, Jr., aged
I year.

Child of Jeremiah Barret. [In-

23 Child of William Imlay, aged 1


29 Nathaniel S. Benton [son of Ebenezer and Ruth (Seymour) Benton], aged 37 years.

James Bull, aged 20 years.
The wife of William Weare, aged
37 years.

Son of Joseph Loomis, aged 21


27 The wife of Andrew Chapman, aged 40 years.

28 The wife of Elisha Bigelow [Hannah, dau. of Capt. Cyprian and Mary (Spencer) Nichols, bapt. May 8, 1720], aged 75



29 Enos Lias, burial charged the Town, aged 39 years.

4 Jerusha Wadsworth, aged 44


4 Child of Charles Cumbough, aged 1 year.


9 Child of Simon Clark, aged 18 mo. Child of Robert Seymour [James], aged 2 years.

18 The Rev. Calvin Whiting [son of Jonathan Whiting of Needham, Mass., born March 4, 1771; graduated at Harvard College in 1791; candidate for the ministry], aged 24 years. Mrs. Easton, aged 77 years. The Wife of Allen McLean [Mary Sloan of New Haven], aged 49 years.

28 Child of William Andrus, Jr. [Hervey].



I Child of William Hosmer [Maria], aged 5 years.

4 Child of John Babcock, aged 6 months.

4 Infant Child of William Lord. 5 Child of Vine Ames, aged 2 years. 6 The wife of Moses Hopkins [Mary, born Dec. 4, 1735; dau. of Bevil and Lydia (Dodd) Seymour of Newington.]

7 Sylvanus Andrus, aged 71 years. 14 Abigail Whitman [widow of

Rev. Elnathan Whitman; dau. of Col. Nathaniel and Anna (Whiting) Stanley, born July 24, 1719], aged 76 years. 18 Simeon Judd [son of Simeon and Elizabeth (Norton) Judd; born July 9, 1748, in Farmington], aged 47 years.

28 Aaron Seymour [son of Zebulon and Keziah (Bull) Seymour, born March 11, 1744], aged 54 years.










Infant Child of Widow Olive
Judd [and Simeon.]

John Babcock.

Enos Elías, burial charged the
Town, aged 6 years.

26 Child of Thomas Wadsworth,
aged 11 years.

Infant Child of Robert Seymour.
John Spencer [son of John
Spencer, bapt. July 24, 1715],
aged 80 years.

The wife of Hezekiah Cadwell,
aged 43 years.

15 Infant Child of John Barbage (Burbidge.)

March I


Infant Child of David Phippeny. Bathshebah Marsh [widow of Lemuel Marsh and daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca(Whaples) Barrett, born 1718], aged 78 years. Infant Child of Samuel Day, 2d. Mrs. Crocker, aged 46 years. 25 John Haynes Lord [Son of Elisha and Mary(Haynes) Lord, bapt. Dec. 17. 1724], aged 72 years. John Allen's Child. [Infant.] Child of Leonard Kenedy [Leonard], aged 11⁄2 years. 14 Abigail Brown, ["Widow Nabby"], aged 55 years.

25 George Wyllys, Esq., [son of Hezekiah and Elizabeth (Hobart) Wyllys, born Oct. 6, 1710; Secretary of the colony and state of Connecticut, 1734-96], aged 86 years.

29 Theodore Skinner [Son of Daniel

and Abigail (Smith) Skinner, bapt. May 12, 1751], aged 45 years.









30 April 11

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